Monday, January 1, 2018

Best Good TVeets of 2017

This is very likely to be the last of these posts. TV has changed, Twitter has changed, and life has changed, such that it's no longer practical for me to collect enough funny TV tweets every day to record a snapshot of a year.

This isn't the best way to go out, as this collection of tweets doesn't really capture the year in TV. I only had entries for less than half of the year, and I was asleep during US prime time for five months of it, so the end result is that this collection of best TVeets from 2017 is mostly about Donald Trump rather than our collective TV viewing. (Consider that a trigger warning if you're deciding whether or not to proceed with reading.) But I offer it for the historical record nonetheless.

I might do the occasional Good TVeets post in 2018 if events warrant, but Storify, which I use to catalogue the tweets, is shutting down in May, so it seems like a fitting time to end this thing too. To anyone who ever read a Good TVeets post, thank you for indulging me in this strange pastime. To those who helped me with picking best TVeets in the past or who gathered together in the name of Good TVeets, you have my eternal gratitude and love. I will miss it, along with the TV, Twitter, and life era it represented. (And though Storify is eliminating all its posts when it shuts down, I do now have all the past TVeets posts archived, thanks to the computing genius of Kevin Li, so if anyone ever wants a renewed taste of how we tweeted about Scandal in 2013, let me know.)

After the jump, I have the full year's collection of my favorite TVeets from the year, hundreds of them. If you prefer a much shorter version, the next post will have my favorite 50ish TVeets.

Also, if you're really looking to kill time today, here are links to all the past Best TVeets of the year posts: 2010, 2011, 2012 Top 40 and complete list, 2013 Top 40 and complete list, 2014 Top 40 and complete list, 2015 Top 40 and complete list, 2016 Top 50 and complete list.

Read the best Good TVeets of 2017 list after the jump!

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