Monday, December 18, 2017

Disney-Fox Deal

Rupert Murdoch is selling a big chunk of 21st Century Fox to Disney, with billions in assets changing hands. Todd VanDerWerff says we should be afraid, very afraid.

Niley Patel sees the deal as a stunning retreat for Murdoch. Michael Wolff details the Murdoch family dynamics in play, as does Ken Auletta, and the Guardian calls for a full accounting of Murdoch ethics. Speaking of ethics *cough*, the White House confirmed that Donald Trump chatted with Murdoch about the deal. Democrats want hearings before this goes through, and questioning comparisons to AT&T-Time Warner are being raised.

Josef Adalian sees doom ahead for the Fox broadcast network, while the company's TV station portfolio could still grow. Where key Fox execs will land is anyone's guess. Steven Zeitchik highlights concerns about the future of FX.

On the "plus" side, this will be great for audience targeting and high-tech advertising, so woohoo and yay for that. Josh Spiegel says Disney fans should be concerned, and Bob Scherman says it's a bad deal for consumers.

Cory Barker assesses what the deal means for your TV experience, though the streaming landscape is the real key here: a war with Netflix is coming, and Hulu's place in that battle is now in question, though maybe this is a blessing for Hulu. Hulu is a key in this deal, as analysts speculate on the streaming service's future. There are also questions about how this will affect European telecom firms.

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