Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Ratings

Michael Schneider ranks 136 television outlets by their 2017 ratings, from highest (CBS) to lowest (Comedy.TV) Fox News finished as the most-watched cable channel, while MSNBC had its best year ever. Joe Otterson identifies cable winners and losers for 2017. Cynopsis has end-of-year viewing stats for broadcast, cable, and syndication.

A.J. Katz lists cable news ad rates for 2017, and Wayne Friedman notes that NFL TV ad dollars rose 16% this year.

Rick Porter has the top 100 highest-rated TV programs of 2017; 60% of the list is sports. Anthony Crupi also highlights how sports, especially the NFL, dominated 2017 ratings.

Spotted explicates his top 10 ratings moments of 2017.

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