Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Conservative News & Trump

Jason Schwartz covers how Fox News has embraced Trump, and Michael M. Grynbaum observes that big ratings have followed. Meanwhile, Shepard Smith angered some of the faithful by debunking the Clinton uranium scandal on his show. Richard Cohen argues that Rupert Murdoch has managed to destroy the Republican party. Two ex-Fox Newsers will speak to the British Parliament over 21st Century Fox's Sky takeover bid.

In other conservative outlet news, David Zurawik calls out Sinclair for yet more biased broadcasting, this time in connection with Roy Moore. Meanwhile, House Democrats want to question FCC chairman Ajit Pai over the Sinclair-Tribune merger.

Michael Wolff says AT&T has misplayed its hand in regard to the Trump White House. Richard Greenfield covers the AT&T/Department of Justice battle. Brian Stelter and Jackie Wattles profile Makan Delrahim, who heads up the anti-trust division at the DoJ.

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