Friday, September 29, 2017

Inhumans confuses critics

Marvel facing harsh criticism for Inhumans on ABC

CNN Fills the Jeffrey Lord-Shaped Gap

According to THR and Mediaite, Ed Martin has been hired by CNN as a pro-Trump contributor for CNN. Martin's first weeks have been contentious, as spars have erupted between him and other contributors.

Star Trek: The Next Generation turns 30

Star Trek: The Next Generation turned thirty Thursday. Aaron Couch and Graeme McMillan reflect on watching the show as it came out and its legacy.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Good TVeets

Production Safety

Writer-producer Alexia Hawley calls for greater attention to on-set safety following a Riverdale star's car accident. And TV location scouts are also raising concerns after one of their own working for Narcos in Mexico was found dead.

Fixer Upper Ending

Many are surprised at the news that HGTV's very popular Fixer Upper is ending after its next season.

Skyrocketing Costs

Maureen Ryan and Cynthia Littleton report on skyrocketing TV budgets, and Ryan wonders where this leaves "peak TV" and says those trying to imitate money spent on Game of Thrones are misguided.

Ratings News

Q3 news ratings are in: Fox News' #1 streak continues, and CNN had impressive growth. Meanwhile, network evening news ratings keep declining.

Megyn Kelly is starting slow in the morning ratings, while Jimmy Kimmel's ratings are up.

You may have heard that NFL ratings are down, but Frank Pallotta says there's more to the numbers than initially appears, Kevin Draper warns against reading something into the numbers, and Todd VanDerWerff points to cord cutting as key.

Young Sheldon's ratings were big, and CBS has ordered a full season.

Industry Diversity Initiative

ShortsTV joins members of Congress to push for official industrial initiatives that promote Hollywood diversity.

Hulu enjoys Emmy bump

Hulu has experienced a spike in new subscriptions since the success of The Handmaid’s Tale.

More Skinny Bundles

Satisfaction with pay tv rises, yet dissatisfaction with pricing remains. This has paved the way for further development of less expensive skinny tv bundles.

Netflix has eyes on Aussies & Canadians

Netflix expands its growing investment in Australian media production. Netflix will also invest in Canadian production.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Apple's content strategy

Alan Wolk argues Apple’s best move for their ten original series is free programming and Lacey Rose says that their strategy is becoming clear as stars line up.

Advertising attention: Reruns vs new episodes

Shark Tank reruns out-perform new episodes in ad attention score.

NBC partners with Target for new targeted Ads

NBC has Target as one of their initial investors in an initiative to create data-supported niche targeted linear tv ads.

Party of Five Reboot

THR reports that the original creators of Party of Five are seeking to reboot the show for Sony, with the main characters as first generation immigrants. Lesley Goldberg identifies immigrant stories as a development trend.

Echo Show users lose YouTube access

Tension between Amazon and Google has resulted in Echo Show users losing access to YouTube.

Vox expanding to TV and Podcasts

Vox seeks growth and sets its sights on new TV and podcast ventures.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Few shows getting media buyers attention

Young Sheldon and The Good Doctor are on the radar of media buyers. Other than a few top picks, few agree on the rest of fall's lineups.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Half of Youth Not Watching Linear TV on TV

Jeanine Poggi reports on a study finding nearly half of Americans aged 22 to 45 aren't watching any linear TV on TV sets.

FX+ Service

Andrew Wallenstein talked to John Landgraf about the motivation behind the FX+ ad-free VOD service.

ST: Discovery Streaming

Swapna Krishna argues that CBS is shortchanging Star Trek: Discovery with its All Access platform. The show's linear premiere was followed by record All Access signups but also plenty of piracy. The premiere's ratings were strong.

Idol Ad rates

Jeanine Poggi reports that 30-second ads on American Idol are going for around $200,000.

GOP Propaganda Site

GOP governors are being called out for creating a website that purports to offer news but is more so propaganda.

The State of Amazon

Scott Porch assesses the state of Amazon and its future prospects after its recent Emmys shutout.

Binging & Ending

Eric Thurm questions the status of finales in an age of binge viewing and endless streaming.

Liking Big Bang

Linda Holmes explains why she enjoys The Big Bang Theory despite objections to it.

Sense8 Roundtable

A group of eight scholars discussed Sense8 in a journal roundable.

Riverdale Crash

A car crash involving a Riverdale star has resurrected concerns about working hours and safety.

Writer Power

Brian Lowry sees top showrunners growing even more powerful and rich in the prestige TV era.

Late-Night Politics

Frank Parotta ponders Jimmy Kimmel's impact on the seemingly doomed Cassidy-Graham health care bill. Jim Rutenberg explores the politicization of late-night network TV in the Trump era. And Fox News has scheduled a new live news show at 11.

Rick and Morty Trolls

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has bashed fans of the show who have harassed its female writers.

ESPN's Total Audience

Brian Steinberg reports on ESPN's move to report linear and streaming ratings together as one number.

Fall TV

Scott McDonald insists that the fall premiere season is still relevant despite the TV industry's many changes. Michael O'Connell highlights five questions for fall. Tim Goodman and Daniel Fienberg the good, the bad, and the ugly among fall premieres. Jason Lynch has a preview of each network's fall season.

Nielsen Sues ComScore

Nielsen is suing to prevent ComScore from launching an audience data service.

Morning Shows

Megyn Kelly's morning hour at NBC started today; Hank Stuever was not a fan, nor was Maureen Ryan. Bill Carter looks at Kelly's goal to be Oprah, and Brian Steinberg covers her desire to not cover politics. Meanwhile, another morning show debuted today on Twitter from BuzzFeed.

Good TVeets

Spike TV becomes Paramount Net

Viacom goes for prestige by "reinventing" Spike TV as Paramount Net, a new cable channel attempting to enter the market of 'quality' television alongside FX, AMC, and Turner.

CBS broadens investment in Australia

CBS surprised Murdoch and company with their purchase of the Australian channel Network 10.

Big Bang Theory's Franchise Ambitions

Ad Week describes Young Sheldon's role as part of The Big Bang Theory "franchise."

Sky News Launches in the US and Canada

The Next Web reports that 24 hour news channel Sky News has launched for online streaming in the US and Canada today, while Rupert Murdoch's leadership of News Corp is called into question in the UK.

Will and Grace Returns

Will and Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick explain why they want to reboot the series.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Late Night & Trump

Lesley Goldberg notes the number of late-night hosts securing multi-year extensions to keep them busy during the Trump era. Jimmy Kimmel continues to speak out about health care. Meanwhile, Sean Spicer's Emmys appearance apparently didn't redeem him in the eyes of major news organizations, none of whom want him.

Sports Battles

Andrew Wallenstein says ESPN has missed an opportunity with Jemele Hill. Some execs at ESPN reportedly think Fox is helping to target it. Conor Friedersdorf explores why ESPN has gotten more political, while Amanda Lotz tells us that ESPN's subscriber declines are rooted more in industry than politics. Phillip Swann points to ESPN-Altice carriage negotiations as a potentially huge issue.

Meanwhile, NFL ratings continue to slide, sports fees aren't sustainable, audiences for live sports are getting older, and audiences have apparently turned away from's "pivot to video."

New Nielsen Measurements

Brian Steinberg reports on Nielsen generating new criteria for ad buys based on much more than just age and gender.

Comedy Central will begin podcasting

Comedy Central will launch a podcast network.

SNL permanently removing West Coast delay

SNL removing West Coast delays in showing due to popularity. The show will now air live simultaneously across the states.

Television still profitable bolstered by events

Television ad revenue continues to decline but expected to rise overall through 2022 due to key events like the 2018 Winter Games and mid-term political campaigns. Events remain important in offsetting the downward trend, but the majority of revenues are projected to be in retransmission and digital.

NYT review of Star Trek: Discovery

Dave Itzkoff covers CBS's ambitions for Star Trek: Discovery.

Television Advertising Looks for Personal Touch

Television advertisers are trying to modernize their ad system by looking to the personalized standard set by the internet. Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan insists TV remains important but must adapt to this “tailored to us” method to retain relevance.

The Hidden Finances of Reality Competition Shows

Television competition shows advertise tremendous prizes but not the fine print.

Watchmen on HBO

Latest coverage on HBO's Watchmen adaption.

Twitter and Fox Partner for Early TV Premieres

In response to the millennial expectation for convenient content, Fox and Twitter are teaming up to bring Twitter users early access to Fox shows.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nielsen's real-time personalized ads

Nielsen is developing interactive advertisement technology based on their February acquisition of Gracenote, a tech company that creates and collects television data.

HBO prepares Scandinavian series

HBO announces its first Scandinavian series, Gosta, to be released in 2019. It will be a mix “of comedy and Dostoevsky” says Swedish director Lukas Moodysson.

New Service "Philo" Offers Sports-Free Bundle

Philo is offering an affordable sports-free cable package to those with no use for a large sports deal. Will Richmond considers the odds such a bundle could succeed.

Hulu adding 7 new original series

Hulu is estimated to spend 2.5 billion in content for 2017. Since their newfound Emmy success, they have plans to add seven new original series this year.

Amazon collecting cable channels

Amazon wants to buy up smaller cable channels for online distribution. They are interested in indie, niche markets, especially channels popular among millennials.