Monday, July 24, 2017

Conservative Media News

Dylan Byers profiles Fox News a year after Ailes' departure, writing that it "remains the most-watched network on cable news and one of the most powerful forces in American politics" and under Murdoch has "consistently served as a booster for the President of the United States." Oliver Darcy notes the channel has also relied heavily on Hillary Clinton-bashing lately. Jeremy Barr reports that Tucker Carlson is getting the highest ad rates on all of cable news. At Comic-Con, Matt Groening said 21st Century Fox asked him to go easier on Fox News after the show made a joke about its racism.

In coverage of other conservative outlets, Alex Kaplan offers a history of Sinclair Broadcasting's right-wing politics, while Armstrong Williams argues recent criticisms of Sinclair's conservatism are alarmist. There are rumors that Bill O'Reilly could join with Sinclair on a news venture, possibly with Sean Hannity too. Steven Rosenfeld traces out how Breibart misinformation helped pave the way for Trump.

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