Friday, May 19, 2017

Upfronts Overviews

Upfronts presentations ended yesterday, so overviews are coming in: Eric Deggans offers a summary, and Lesley Goldberg has fully updated the upfronts scorecard of pickups, cancellations, and renewals. Goldberg notes new series orders hit a five-year low, and she features companies and showrunners with the most material on the air. Goldberg and Michael O'Connnell pinpoint the five biggest narratives coming out of upfronts. Jason Lynch names the ten most memorable moments.

Brian Lowry doesn't see much innovation in network schedules. Kate Stanhope highlights time slot battles. Andy Dehnart outlines the network reality TV scene for next year. Peter Kafka and Rani Molla note that network viewers are draining away but advertisers are still sticking around, while Meg James and Stephen Battaglio cover how the networks are trying to respond to ad-skippers and social media competitors. Daniel Holloway observes that the new 2017-18 shows are heavily white and heavily male. John Koblin sees a lot of musicals, murder, and the military coming.

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