Friday, May 19, 2017

Roger Ailes Dead

Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes has died. Erin McClam and Brian Stelter at CNN have an obituary. Ahiza Garcia looks at how Fox News covered the news when it broke. Julian Zelizer discusses how Ailes changed the media and the country. Christina Cauterucci says Ailes's legacy lives on in Trump.

Critical reflections are offered by Isaac Chotiner ("He made our country nastier, stupider, cruder, and more bigoted"), Matt Gertz ("the legacy he leaves behind is a propaganda machine he created in his own image that has done incalculable damage to the country, slanting facts and information -- and sometimes completely inventing them -- in service of a vicious, right-wing agenda"), and Matt Taibbi ("He is on the short list of people most responsible for modern America's vicious and bloodthirsty character."). Alyssa Rosenberg looks back on Ailes's work for Richard Nixon as a foundation for Fox News.

Jim Rutenberg looks at how Ailes took advantage of divisions among Americans. Chris O'Falt highlights Ailes's visual storytelling influence, and Nicole Hemmer traces out his Fox News legacy. Emily Steel looks back on Ailes's Fox News exit. Don Kaplan covers Ailes's belief in his own innocence. Jonah Engel Bromwich has cataloged reactions from the right and left, including this from the director of the Peabody Awards, Jeffrey Jones: “no single individual has done more harm to American democracy in the last generation.” Bill O'Reilly blames hatred of Ailes for killing him. Ashley Cullins looks at how Ailes's death could affect the legal issues surrounding his Fox News tenure. Michael Wolff covers the complex Ailes-Murdoch relationship. Andrew Ferguson profiles Ailes. Jeff Greenfield discusses the bubble that Ailes created with Fox News, and Jon Klein describes Ailes's Fox News strategy. Bret Stephens insists Ailes was ultimately bad for conservatism. Biographer Gabriel Sherman looks back on his contentious relationship with Ailes. Oliver Darcy looks back on Ailes's creation of the conservative media celebrity. Monica Lewinsky describes how Ailes helped to make her life a nightmare.

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