Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump Coverage

Brian Stelter notes that Donald Trump has taken to calling polls that don't favor him "fake news."  Maureen Ryan characterizes Trump as like "a showrunner who doesn't take notes from anyone."

Philip Bump observes that Fox News is helping to back Trump's claims that anti-Trump protesters are violent and illegitimate. John Cassidy considers the problem that Trump seems to have his world view shaped by watching cable news.

Trump claimed the media is underreporting Islamic terrorists attacks; the AP has offered a fact-check. Mike Cavender, executive director of the Radio-TV-Digital News Association, calls it a ridiculous accusation.

CNN has confirmed that it declined a Kellyanne Conway interview. Jim Rutenberg points to her "Bowling Green massacre" reference as a turning point in fake news. But Conway was back on CNN this afternoon in an interview with Jake Tapper.

Rolling Stone talked to John Oliver about crafting comedy in the Trump era. Ian Crouch analyzes types of comedy aimed at hurting Trump.

Tech leaders are speaking out against Trump's immigration ban.

The White House is reportedly searching for a communications director to take that burden off Sean Spicer.

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