Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump News

President Trump's press secretary boldly lied and criticized the press during a press briefing yesterday, and today Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway wrote off Spicer's lies "alternative facts." CNN opted to not air Spicer's briefing live, choosing to assess it first.

Michael O'Connell reported on the ratings for Trump's inauguration. James Poniewozik covered the televised inaugural spectacle.

The big news yesterday was huge women's marches across the country to protest Trump, but Frank Scheck observed that Fox News barely covered the events.

A Pew Research Center report on where people got their election news found Trump and Clinton voters significantly divided on that, with Trump voters especially turning to Fox News.

Gene Maddaus sees a conservative media battle coming over how to cover Trump. Eric Deggans says Hollywood will also grapple with how scripted entertainment should deal with political issues in the Trump era. John Koblin also covers this issue.

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