Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Coverage

Donald Trump met with TV news executives yesterday, offering many grievances, and asked for it to be off the record, but then he turned around and blasted them all to the NY Post. David Remnick is tracking Trump's press criticism.

Alex Kantrowitz is critical of Facebook's role during the election, and Ben Smith has suggestions for how tech companies and the media can battle fake news. John Herrmann says concern over fake news is overshadowing the problem of media distrust, and Ben Shapiro points to the Hamilton coverage as an example of the media's credibility problem.

Jason Mittell and Chuck Tryon bring a media history perspective in pointing out that the problem of partisan media culture and fake news has deep roots. Federic Filloux says the media's business model is to blame.

Analysis of what might come next in various places: Daniel Holloway on PBS, Katie Baker on Saturday Night Live, Michael O'Connell on MSNBC, Dylan Byers on the Fox News talent pool. Caroline Franke talks to Samantha Bee, Brian Steinberg on the Daily Show, Whitney Friedlander on TV diversity, and Aaron Pressman on the FCC, Brian Fung notes the FCC could potentially be dissolved under Trump.

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