Sunday, November 13, 2016

Post-Election Coverage

Sorry again for another unplanned hiatus, was a challenging week. I'll try to get back into the groove yet again this week.

Last week's election night was the second highest-rated such night in US TV history, but James Poniewozik notes that the networks struggled with how to cover the unfolding results. Marisa Guthrie takes us inside Fox News as the night played out. Last-night hosts the next day were somber.

Some are trying to speculate on the future of media under a Trump administration. Stephen Battaglio considers possibilities for cable news, Leon Lazaroff expects more media mergers, but Michael J. de la Merced and Cecilia Kang say the outlook isn't clear yet. April Glaser says net neutrality is in danger.

Jim Tankersley points to TV advertising choices that doomed Hillary Clinton, and Brian Steinberg foresees a TV news fight ahead for ad dollars.

Megyn Kelly's new memoir contains revelations about Roger Ailes and Fox News, as well as Donald Trump. Gretchen Carlson is also speaking out about her sexual harassment.

Last night's Saturday Night Live opened with Kate McKinnon (sort of) as Hillary Clinton singing Hallelujah, while Dave Chappelle delivered a standup set for his monologue. But some viewers in North Carolina didn't get to hear everything, because a station in Raleigh censored parts of the episode. Daniel Fienberg reviews the episode, and Liz Shannon Miller assesses Dave Chappelle's TV comeback.

An Trump-inspired Law & Order: SVU episode has been pushed to 2017.

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