Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Stuff

For the first time in its publication history, Variety has endorsed a presidential candidate. (Alternate Variety-Slang headline: Trump's Perf Among Competish Earns An Ankle)

Media critics are reflecting on the news media's role this election season: Jim Rutenberg says both politics and news are now contaminated, Jay Rosen considers how the news media can rebuild trust, Sonia Saraiya wonders how we can enforce accountability on news organizations, Olivia Gold relays the view that this is all TV's fault, and Jack Shafer says Trump neutered the press by fighting it.

Tim Goodman explains how and why he avoided most of the election news coverage. Jen Chaney points to scripted shows that pointed the way to this election, and Sonia Weiser discusses the tension of writing for TV in the Trump election season.

Fox News has a fancy, expensive new studio ready for Election Day.

A GOP congressman wants post-election congressional hearings investigating network media bias.

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