Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump Tapes

Brian Stelter reveals how The Washington Post ended up with the Access Hollywood tape with Donald Trump. Stelter also poses some questions he's left with. NBC initially said it wouldn't reprimand Billy Bush for his part in the recorded conversation, but Marisa Guthrie reports concern is growing among people who work there. And NBC has now announced a suspension for Bush. Margaret Sullivan wonders why NBC didn't uncover this themselves, and Paul Farhi reports NBC delayed reporting on the Access Hollywood tapes out of fear Trump would sue.

Many assume there are similar versions of The Apprentice recordings, which Rick Ellis has confirmed with unnamed sources attesting to sexualized and racist comments from Trump behind the scenes of the show, but Ellis says they're not likely to be released for both legal and logistical reasons. Mark Burnett is reportedly threatening legal action against any staffers who lean anything. Josef Adalian assesses what this all means for Billy Bush, NBC News, and Mark Burnett. John Koblin and Michael M. Grynbaum have analysis of the NBC situation.

Now NBC is reportedly thinking of sidelining Billy Bush from Today on Monday morning. Maureen Ryan calls out NBC for its role in Trump's narrative and lists numerous lingering questions.

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