Friday, October 21, 2016

Election Coverage

Wednesday night's presidential debate out-rated the second one. James Poniewozik watched and wondered if it was a Trump TV pitch. Chris Wallace drew praise for his moderating, but Carlos Maza said he perpetuated conservative dishonesty. Last night brought the odd Al Smith dinner/roast tradition, and Chris Cillizza says the ugliness there was very Trump. Frank Pollatta notes that late night hosts are united against Trump, while David Uberti sees pro-Trump forces on CNN that are clouding CNN's journalistic orientation, and Gavin Polone says the news media is implicitly helping Trump. Trump isn't spending nearly as much on TV ads as Clinton, which makes this a good test of if political ads matter. The local media is missing the ad revenue, though they're able to charge a lot more for ads specifically targeting Millennials.

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