Sunday, October 23, 2016

AT&T + Time Warner

AT&T has confirmed that it will acquire Time Warner in an $85 million deal. Brian Fung and Drew Harwell explain why this is such a historic deal. Amol Sharma says the deal is a hedge against a changing media landscape, Brian Steinberg sees it as about mobile video and multiplatform content, Brian Stelter looks at the possible synergies, Richard Greenfield says Time Warner is lucky to get out now, Jason Lynch has three questions, and Ted Johnson reminds us of the regulatory scrutiny to come before the deal actually closes. AT&T's CEO says CNN will stay journalistically independent under its ownership. Donald Trump is against the deal and broader media conglomeration. Peter Kafka says the ghost of the 2000 AOL-Time Warner deal lingers. Janko Roettgers thinks the deal could fatten skinny bundles back up.

More analysis: Andrew Ross Sorkin makes sense of the deal. Opposition to the deal has been immediate, and William McConnell says problems with tracking Comcast's compliance with NBCU conditions will have an impact on regulatory decisions here. Reinhardt Krause says with this aggressive move, AT&T has moved ahead of Verizon and Comcast. Todd Spangler reports Time Warner will pay a breakup fee if the deal falls through. Phillip Swann envisions AT&T's possible programming plans with Time Warner on board. Jeanine Poggi considers what the deal means for advertising. Jon Lafayette says Wall Street has doubts about the deal. Will Richmond analyzes the corporate-speak behind the deal.

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