Friday, September 16, 2016

Covering Trump

Frustration with news coverage of Donald Trump is peaking; Brian Beutler says the media is botching the job, and Margaret Sullivan calls for the media to stop being Trump's stooge. Today the news pool did opt to erase video of Trump giving a tour of his new hotel following his a brief (but still lie-filled) statement about the Obama birther issue. Brian Beutler insists it's not too late to fix election coverage. James Poniewozik has analysis of Trump's Dr. Oz appearance, at which, Brian Lowry says, Dr. Oz looked out of his depth. Time has a cover story (that looks to be accessible to subscribers only) about late night shows and the election campaign. Sonia Saraiya is critical of Jimmy Fallon for his kid-glove treatment of Trump last night, and it sounds like there was more criticism than ratings payoff. David Sims says Fallon embarrassed himself.

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