Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olympics Wrapup

Josef Adalian offers thoughts on why NBC's ratings for the Rio Olympics were so low, and Oriana Schwindt says you can't blame Millennials. Cynthia Littleton reports on NBCU's ratings tallies for the fortnight, and A.J. Katz insists NBC did at least earn a medal, even if results fell short of expectations. Richard Sandomir says NBC must eye the next set of Olympics with some concern, Andrew Wallenstein offers suggestions for changes. Sonia Saraiya reflects on the athletic competition and says at least NBC eventually realized that women were the stars. Phil Mushnik is critical of NBC forcing anchors to shill, while Jenée Desmond-Harris laments the sexism, racism, and homophobia that were on display across the coverage. James Dator is highly impressed with a BBC Olympics overview video. The Rio Olympics were the most-watched Summer Games ever in Canada.

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