Saturday, August 6, 2016

Olympics Coverage

NBC's broadcast of the Olympics Opening Ceremony looks to be significantly down in the ratings compared to previous years, especially London 2012, and could be a warning sign for NBC. NBC chose not to show the ceremony live, for reasons some are questioning, and NBC's coverage was also criticized for excessive commercials. David Rooney's review of the ceremony called it sobering and stirring, Brian Lowry said it was ponderously paced, Maureen Ryan saw earnest messages combined with a party atmosphere, and Todd VanDerWerff identified winners and losers. Tim Goodman explains why he can't stop watching the Olympics.

Jason Lynch's discussion of NBCU's Olympics advertising windfall helps explain all the commercial breaks last night. Phil Kurz notes NBC is also taking digital content delivery to new heights. The IOC wants to prevent GIFs, however, and the IOC and USOC are imposing onerous social media restrictions. Jim Rutenberg puts Comcast/NBCU's efforts and spending in the context of the future of TV. Elahe Izadi covers how the Olympic athlete profile videos get produced.

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