Sunday, July 31, 2016

Next for Colbert

Dave Itzkoff tried to deconstruct what we saw of "Stephen Colbert" during convention coverage. Michael Schneider considers what's next for Colbert, as does Bill Carter.

Netflix in Asia

Harris Siddiqui covers the challenges Netflix is dealing with in Asia

Convention Ratings

Donald Trump's RNC speech outdrew Hillary Clinton's DNC speech in the ratings, but the DNC won the week overall.


Netflix has ordered a second season of Flaked, and HBO wants a third season of Ballers.

Maker Layoffs

Disney's Maker Studios is dealing with staffer layoffs.

TCA Coverage

Tim Goodman checked in from TCA with a post about PBS's day on Friday and HBO's day on Saturday. HBO's new programming president didn't seem prepared to be challenged by criticism of sexualized violence on its shows. In other HBO news, Game of Thrones has a confirmed end date, while Curb Your Enthusiasm has a confirmed return year. We also learned that Jon Stewart's project for HBO will be an animated parody of a cable news network that will launch in fall. Gwen Ihnat has a summary of HBO's presentations of five upcoming shows. Stacey Wilson hunt shares what was learned about Westworld. Turner's Kevin Reilly took the TCA stage today and touted the benefit of reduced ad loads, while TBS shared new series news. Jason Lynch reports on Turner at TCA. Sundance had Documentary Now! and Rectify news. HLN also took the stage today.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Convention TV

Jim Rutenberg says the DNC has been a much better TV show than the RNC.

Layer3 TV Chicago Launch

Janko Roettgers reports that cable upstart Layer3 TV will launch in Chicago soon.

DNC & TV Characters

Tuesday's events at the Democratic National Convention had Maureen Ryan thinking of cable TV wives, while Wednesday raised the specter of Leslie Knope for Todd VanDerWerff. & Teen Stars

Elspeth Reeve says a new social media app called is becoming a force in teen culture.

Fox News' Toxic Culture

Madeline Berg reports on the toxic culture for women at Fox News under Roger Ailes's stewardship.

Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music

Apple Music will distribute James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segments globally.

Twitter & Live Video

Twitter has announced more livestreamed sports that will appear on the platform. Richard Greenfield wonders if this will court more legacy media companies, and Marty Swant says Twitter is hoping for renewed life from this.

Late-Night Politics

Brian Steinberg covers the encroachment of politics into late-night comedy as the competition gets fierce.

Colbert Character

Stephen Colbert cleverly broke out his Colbert Report persona last night, claiming he was doing so over the objections of Viacom's lawyers.  

MTV Classic

VH1 Classic will morph into a new channel called MTV Classic, which will draw from 35 years of MTV programming, including cult faves like Daria and Clone High.

NBC Upfronts

Broadcast network upfronts are now done, as NBCU became the last to wrap up deals. Brian Steinberg has details of the big volume and CPM increases NBC scored.

Netflix News

It was Netflix day at TCA yesterday, and Ted Sarandos had a lot to talk about, from programming costs to attempts to determine Netflix ratings. Tim Goodman's second TCA journal installment talks about Arrested Development and Mitch Hurwitz. Also at TCA, there was news of Black MirrorLady Dynamite, Real Rob, and Chelsea renewals, and the new Gilmore Girls.

Earlier, Netflix announced a global deal for American Crime Story streaming rights, while Cynthia Littleton offered a deep dive into the troubled production of The Get Down, and Oriana Schwindt assessed Netflix's nostalgia strategy with its originals.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Directing Homeland

Anne Thompson profiles Homeland director Lesli Linka Glatter.

TCA Coming

The summer installment of the Television Critics Association press tour starts this week. Lesley Goldberg lists the major questions that will be directed toward each network, and Tim Goodman offers his first TCA journal entry on the challenge for networks to get noticed.

Discovery Ad-Sales Chief Exiting

Discovery Communications' longtime ad-sales president is leaving later this year.

Big Brother in Fall

Andy Dehnart reports that Big Brother will reappear with a new season in the fall. THR confirms the report.

Redbox Owner Acquired

Redbox's owner is being taken over by a private investment firm.

Conquering Superheroes

Cory Barker assesses the upcoming superhero landscape in TV, following superhero dominance in film.

Comic-Con Thoughts

THR names winners and losers from the Comic-Con film and TV panels, while Todd Martens assesses Comic-Com in terms of fan entitlement.

Upfronts Updates

Jason Lynch says "ugly" is the word for the 2016 upfronts market. Bill Cromwell assesses the media economy in light of upfronts.

Cancellation & Renewal

AMC has renewed Turn for a final season, while HBO has cancelled Project Greenlight.

Fox News & Ailes

Andrew Wallenstein observes that Roger Ailes may be gone, but the debate over the accusations against him lingers. Michael Wolff says Ailes's next moves could indicate what's next for Fox News. Gerry Smith notes that CNN might have a ratings race advantage now. In apparently unrelated news, another Fox News executive is on his way out.

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 24, 2016

MST3K Revival

Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be revived on Netflix.

Narco Films in Mexico

Ioan Grillo discusses the impact of popular culture about narcos in Mexico on actual narco culture.

Verizon + Yahoo

Verizon is reportedly on the verge of acquiring Yahoo.

Comic-Con News

If you want to catch up on news out of Comic-Con, like the announcement that Vampire Diaries will end with its eighth season, THR has plenty of coverage. Orphan Black's showrunner talked about the decision to end the series with its upcoming fifth season.

BoJack Horseman's Greatness

Caroline Framke calls BoJack Horseman TV's most ambitious show in her review of its third season. Alan Sepinwall talked with the show's creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg, as did Framke.

The Looking Movie

Sonia Saraiya has a review of last night's Looking movie, which wrapped up the series, and Vulture has a roundtable discussion of it.

Covering Trump

Jeff Jarvis offers ideas for how CNN could better interpret Donald Trump for audiences with guests.

More on Ailes

The New York Times has in-depth coverage of the culture of sexual harassment at Fox News. Former Fox News anchor Rudi Bakhtiar is speaking out about her harassment and firing, and Brian Steinberg notes that allegations continue to arise in the wake of Ailes's departure. Isaac Chotiner talked with Ailes biographer, and the reporter who broke much of the recent Ailes news, Gabriel Sherman. Andrew Wallenstein says Rupert Murdoch will have to address Fox News's corporate culture as he takes over from Ailes. Ailes has his defenders, including Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Brian Stelter says Ailes is now working on his autobiography.

Good TVeets

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Good TVeets

Friday, July 22, 2016

TV Advertising's Decline

Shira Ovide and Rani Molla cover TV's fading grip on ad dollars as eyeballs turn toward the internet.

South Asian & Middle Eastern Men

Isha Aran points to dramas like Mr. Robot and The Night Of as helping to redefine the masculinity of South Asian and Middle Eastern men.

UnREAL & Race

Ira Madison III critiques UnREAL's Black Lives Matter storyline.

Comcast Prepaid Internet

Comcast will start offering prepaid, no-contract broadband and cable service at Boost mobile retail locations.

Al Jazeera English Streaming

Al Jazeera English will launch a live video stream on digital platforms in the US starting this fall.

Teen Wolf Ending

Teen Wolf will end with its 100th episode to close out this upcoming sixth season.

The Fall of Roger Ailes

A set of Washington Post reporters offer new info on the harassment allegations that brought about the resignation of Roger Ailes.

TV & AMC's Struggles

Dustin Rowles points to AMC's ratings struggles as a sign of trouble for Peak TV and its prestige dramas.

Amateur Web Series Evolution

Myes McNutt is impressed by the evolution of web series production at Tufts University and what it says about new media evolution.

Year-Round Marketing

Josef Adalian explores why channels now have to market shows even when they aren't airing.


Will Richmond and Colin Dixon's podcast covers Netflix's subscriber growth problems. Last week's KCRW's The Business talked to Fargo creator Noah Hawley.

YouTube Problems

Mike Shields says media companies are starting to shy away from YouTube distribution in favor of Facebook and other platforms.

Viacom's New Ideas

Sahil Patel profiles the Viacom Lab, which is spearheading experiments into live integration of the web and TV. Over in the UK, Viacom-owned Channel 5 is launching a TV channel intended to direct viewers to its video-on-demand outlet.

Longhorn Network Weighed

Matt Yoder solicits opinions as to if ESPN and the Big 12 regret starting the Longhorn Network.

Divergent to TV

The Divergent movie franchise will end on TV on an outlet yet to be determined.

The Pursuit of Netflix Ratings

Michael O'Connell covers the fervid pursuit of accurate viewership figures for Netflix originals.

BoJack Renewed

Netflix wants a fourth season of BoJack Horseman.

Goodbye, VCR

The last remaining VHS manufacturer will cease production of the units this month. Scholar Caetlin Benson-Allott reflects on the legacy of the VCR.

Trump's Ratings

Joe Adalian analyzes the TV ratings for Donald Trump's RNC speech.

Redbox Streaming Service

Janko Roettgers reports that Redbox is testing out a new streaming TVOD service called Redbox Digital.

Dish Losses

Dish Network has reported record subscriber losses; Phillip Swann says numerous programmer disputes have hurt. Alan Wolk also has analysis (#2 in this list).

Emmys Switch

Peter MacNicol is out of the Comedy Guest Actor Emmy category, and Peter Scolari has taken his place, due to the discovery of an error.

RNC Coverage

Wednesday's big RNC moment came courtesy of Ted Cruz offering a reality TV moment or what got coined The Ted Wedding. Ratings for the RNC nights haven't spiked, though. Last night was Trump's featured night, and Todd VanDerWerff says he was reminded of TV characters, including Michael Scott. James Poniewozik offers analysis of Trump's speech. Many were happy to see Jon Stewart back in action and offering a rant about Roger Ailes and Trump. Maureen Ryan names late night's winners and losers during this convention week. Sonia Saraiya says the RNC could have learned from reality TV.

More on Ailes

Brian Stelter and Dylan Byers have updated details on Roger Ailes's departure from Fox, and Stelter has speculated Ailes could go help the Trump campaign now. James Poniewozik looks back on how Ailes changed both TV and politics. Jeanine Poggi expects Fox News to carry on with advertising and business as usual at least through the election, while Tali Arbel notes Fox News's big problem going forward is aging viewership.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ailes Resigns

Roger Ailes has resigned from Fox News and Fox Business Network but will remain with 21st Century Fox as an advisor. Rupert Murdoch will take over his duties. The NYT reports the internal inquiry sealed Ailes' fate. Brian Steinberg sees this as a tipping point for Fox News. John Koblin and Michael M. Grynbaum think Fox News will be fine, and Felix Salmon even sees this as a big positive for Fox News's future. Erik Wemple assesess the PR future for Fox News, and Gabrial Sherman takes note of the silence of Fox publicist Irena Brignati. Sonia Saraiya says none of the Fox News anchors at the RNC are talking. James Poniewozik has analysis.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Emmys & Broadcast Dramas

Maureen Ryan says broadcast networks need to develop bolder, more original dramas if they hope to break into the Emmy nominations.

NBA Twitter Shows

The NBA will air two live programs on Twitter, but not any games.


Peter Kafka notes that a new digital network from ESPN featuring ACC sports will require pay TV authentication. John Ourand says many are skeptical of the chances for adoption of this channel in the current cost-cutting climate.

Tragedy Delays

Lacey Rose talks with TV execs about the tough decisions on when to delay episodes that echo real-life tragedies and violence. Ellen Gray also covers this topic.

Favorite Programs By Political Party

E-Score has released lists purporting to indicate the favorite shows among Democrats and Republicans. Rob Bricken is struck by how well Supernatural ranks with both groups.

Binge Viewing Up

Wayne Friedman reports on ever-rising binge viewing figures.

Colbert Interview

Stephen Colbert talked to Marisa Guthrie about the state of his late-night show.

After-Shows Criticized

Scott Meslow laments that after-shows like Talking Dead aren't worth watching.

Fox News Suing Charter

Fox News has filed suit against Charter Communications over carriage fees following the Time Warner Cable acquisition.

Hulu's Service Not a Threat

Miriam Gottfried says cable needn't be very worried about Hulu's upcoming online TV service. (Google News link)

Power Renewed, Black Sails to End

Starz wants two more seasons of Power but is done with Black Sails after its next season airs.

TV at Comic-Con

Lesley Goldberg lists the biggest TV shows doing panels at Comic-Con this year.

Summer TV

Toni Fitzgerald grades each of the broadcast networks' summer schedules, and Oriana Schwindt reports on a survey finding very active summer viewing with voluminous original and SVOD offerings.

More Making a Murderer

New episodes of Making a Murderer are on their way.

UnREAL's Problems

Sam Adams explains how showrunner problems are at the root of UnREAL's Season 2 problems. Andy Dehnart makes a connection between the fictional drama and reality TV.

RIP Garry Marshall

Garry Marshall has died. Linda Holmes looks back on his Happy Days legacy, Maureen Ryan offers an appreciation of his comedy work, Daniel Fienberg highlights Marshall's star grooming and storytelling skills, and Joel Keller covers his 1970s sitcom successes. Actor John Stamos offers a reflection.

More on Ailes

It's apparently just a matter of time before Roger Ailes departs Fox News, as his lawyer is at work on exit negotiations. Brian Steinberg covers the details. Michael Wolff comments on this stunning turn of events. Some Fox News talent could leave following Ailes' exit. Margaret Sullivan explains why this is coming now after decades of alleged sexual harassment.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UnREAL Interview

UnREAL's creator and an episode writer talked to Lacey Rose about last night's troubling episode, which Alan Sepinwall points to as evidence the show has gone off the rails in its second season.

Power Premiere

Oriana Schwindt notes Starz switching originals to Sunday night has at least paid off for the Season 3 premiere of Power.

Unpaid Internship Law

Christopher Zara says the legalities of unpaid internships are even fuzzier in the wake of the Fox ruling.

AMC Buyouts

AMC Networks is offering voluntary buyout packages to nearly 6% of its workforce.

Game of Thrones Update

Game of Thrones' seventh season will have seven episodes and premiere in summer 2017, missing the Emmys eligibility window.

Shooter Delayed Again

Yet more violence has prompted USA Network to delay Shooter, this time til fall.

Netflix Gets Star Trek

Netflix has obtained exclusive international (outside the U.S. and Canada) streaming rights for the new CBS All Access series of Star Trek.

Netflix Disappointment

Netflix's Q2 earnings release yesterday revealed disappointing subscriber growth figures, and Emily Steel notes this dents Netflix's image of invincibility. Peter Kafka covers Reed Hastings' spin on the news. Phillip Swann proposes five reasons for Netflix's subscriber slowdown, and Liz Shackleton offers international perspective. Alan Wolk has analysis.

Ailes Out

Gabriel Sherman reported yesterday that the Murdochs have decided to axe Roger Ailes, and he's just reported that the deal-breaker was Megyn Kelly's admission that Ailes harassed her. Brian Stelter says non-disparagement clauses have likely kept other Fox News staffers quiet, and Sherman's report today says Fox is now waving NDAs for the investigation. Brook Barnes and Emily Steel wonder what could come next for Fox News, and Brian Steinberg wonders who could replace Ailes.

Update: Sources report Ailes is out now and is getting a $40 million buyout, but Brian Stelter is seeing conflicting reports.


David Bauder covers the first day of TV's Republican National Convention coverage. Todd VanDerWerff says the convention itself was a mess of a narrative. Sonia Saraiya highlights Donald Trump's entrance a fitting style-over-substance moment. Jim Rutenberg wondered beforehand what role truth would play. Daniel Fienberg notes that Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Report" character returned triumphantly for the RNC. Jon Stewart also returned to late night. Parhi says many are seeing media overkill at the convention. Maureen Ryan reviews the first night. Emily Nussbaum watched and shares her reactions.

Good TVeets

Monday, July 18, 2016

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 17, 2016

News Violence

Katie Rogers explores what constant exposure to violence in the news could be doing to us.

Trump's Apprentice Origins

Michael M. Grynbaum and Ashley Parker look back on how The Apprentice birthed Donald Trump the politician.

Mr. Robot's Aesthetics

Matt Zoller Seitz points out Mr. Robot's many film references as key to its aesthetic.

Convention Comedy

Dave Itzkoff covers how the late-night comedy shows are descending upon the presidential conventions. Brian Steinberg notes Comedy Central hopes Trevor Noah's Daily Show will get a boost from its convention coverage.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 15, 2016

Sky 4K Service

European satellite broadcaster Sky will launch a 4K/UHD service next month.

New NBC Affiliate

Boston will get a new NBC affiliate courtesy of Comcast launching a new station and taking away another station's affiliation.

Broadcast-Only Homes

New figures on households with broadcast-only reception and internet-only video subscriptions are out. Oriana Schwindt reports.

Disabled Characters, Able-Bodied Actors

Elizabeth Wagmeister reports on a study finding nearly all disabled characters on TV are played by non-disabled actors.

Pool Video Price Increase

Paul Farhi reports on concerned reactions to the networks raising prices for live "pool" news footage.

HBO's Comedy Dilemma

Brian Lowry writes about HBO's comedy challenges.

Black-ish's Importance

Jarett Wieselman says Black-ish is an important and even necessary show for TV.

Big Brother's America

Ira Madison III explains why Big Brother is a microcosm of the American experience this season.

Netflix Playlists

Netflix has launched a feature called Flixtape that allows for the compilation and sharing of show and movie playlists.

Mr. Robot Ratings

Mr. Robot's second season premiered with low ratings.


Colin Dixon and Will Richmond's podcast covers recent cases of the broadcast networks moving their content online, but not for free access. And the latest episode of KCRW's The Spinoff presents Steve Mosko on his Sony TV departure.

Covering Politics

Brian Steinberg explains why the "town hall" concept is being embraced by networks. ESPN aired an ABC town hall, and Sean Keeley notes the sports outlet is moving further away from political neutrality.

BBC Streaming Service

Jake Kanter reports that the BBC is working on a subscription service for the U.S. featuring vintage British shows.

ION's Big Upfronts

Jeanine Poggi reports on the big upfront CPM deals that reruns outlet ION has been able to close.

Upfronts Battle

Brian Steinberg reports that media-buyer GroupM is holding firm against high upfronts rate demands, delaying the closure of multiple network deals.

A Bad SNL Season

Nathan Rabin covers the 1994-95 season of Saturday Night Live in the My World of Flops series.

Lorre to Netflix

Josef Adalian explains why Chuck Lorre is creating a sitcom for Netflix. Michael Malone says it seems like a disjointed fit.

Convention Comedy

Broam Steinberg covers Bill Maher's special Real Time shows on the Republication and Democratic National Conventions, which HBO will stream for free on YouTube. And Jon Stewart will appear on Colbert's Late Show during the Republican National Convention.

Retrans Decision

Tom Wheeler says no changes will be made to retrans consent rules, which is a victory for broadcasters over pay TV operators.

Trump Favors Fox

Brian Stelter notes that Donald Trump is shunning most other news outlets in favor of Fox News.

Luke Russert's Exit

Brian Stelter tries to explain why Luke Russert is leaving NBC News and the daily grind of the news business.

Apple Interview

Natalie Jarvey interviewed Eddie Cue, Apple's senior vice president in charge of services and media deals, about Apple's future in TV. Peter Kafka has analysis.

Emmy Nominations

Emmy nominations were announced yesterday; Lesley Goldberg has series, network, and studio breakdowns by the numbers. History was made, with actors of color nominated in each leading actor category. Tim Goodman says the Television Academy finally got it right, and Maureen Ryan says she even felt joy. Snubs and surprises are identified by Todd VanDerWerff and Caroline Framke, Alan SepinwallJoel Keller, Robert BiancoKate Stanhope, and Oriana Schwindt. Willa Paskin says the nominations look simultaneously stodgy and trailblazing. Adam Epstein notes HBO's ongoing Emmys dominance, while Brian Lowry points out the marginalization of the broadcast networks. The Americans finally broke through, while Master of None was an ecstatic new arrival. Scott Collins says the nominations reflect a nation filled with paranoia. Andy Dehnart highlights the reality TV nominations. Prior to the nominations announcement, Cory Barker wrote about what an Emmy nomination can mean for a channel's future. Tim Goodman and Daniel Fienberg debate Emmy snubs. Todd VanDerWerff addresses the nominations' diversity.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

1970s TV & Today

Noel Murray analyzes how points about television's challenges from a 1971 book echo TV's challenges today.

Roku's Set-Top Box Opinions

Daniel Frankel reports on Roku objections to a cable industry counter-proposal to the FCC's planned set-top box rules.

Emmys Success

Mary McNamara says Emmy nominations have taken on crucial value in the peak TV era, and Brian Lowry looks at how HBO has managed to maintain its strong grip on the Emmys nominations.

Warner Bros. Settles FTC Suit

Warner Bros. has settled with the FTC over not disclosing sponsorship of promotional videos featuring YouTube stars.

Convention Ad Revenue

Jon Lafayette says the cable news channels will enjoy a windfall of ad revenue during the presidential election conventions.

Fox Internship Settlement

Fox has settled a lawsuit over unpaid internships at its film, television and digital divisions.

Cord-Cutter Hesitation

Colin Dixon explains why people who say they want to cord-cut usually don't follow through. BRian X. Chem also covers the downsides to cord-cutting, while Nathan Malone's review of Sling TV explains why he just can't give up cable.

Upfronts Sales

Brian Steinberg reports on Fox's upfront volume gains, and Stephen Battaglio reports on overall network upfronts gains. Rich Goldfarb says this year's upfronts shows a strong marketplace.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Roadies' Offensiveness

Maureen Ryan explains why a depiction of sexual assault in the third episode of Roadies is so offensive.

NBCU's Olympics

Jason Lynch described NBC's "cautiously optimistic" outlook for the Rio Olympics, while Jan Dawson notes the huge rights costs bring risks. Though NBCU's coverage of events will be heavily live, the opening ceremony will be broadcast with a one-hour delay. Todd Spangler says NBCU will offer a lot of content for digital device consumption, but only for pay TV subscribers.

Shooter Delayed

USA has delayed the premiere of its sniper drama Shooter due to the tragedy in Dallas.

Aniston on Celebrity Media

Jennifer Aniston has penned a critique of the celebrity gossip media, but Elaine "Lainey" Lui says Aniston isn't acknowledging her own complicity in the celebrity ecosystem.

Dish vs. Tribune

Phillip Swann doesn't see an end in sight for the Dish Network-Tribune Media fee fight and blackout.

Maron Ending

Marc Maron has declared that his IFC comedy show will end this week with its fourth season finale.

MHP Joining BET

Melissa Harris-Perry is joining BET as a special news correspondent.

Sony's Strategy

Lesley Goldberg talked to Sony TV's new leaders about their strategies for the company.


A WME-IMG-led consortium will acquire the mixed martial arts business UFC. Michael Smith and John Ourand cover what's behind the deal.

Emmy Picks

Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow. Alan Sepinwall reveals what he'd pick if he had a ballot, and Tim Goodman and Daniel Fienberg offer their opinions.

Mr. Robot's Premiere Stream

USA surprised viewers by streaming the first episode of Mr. Robot a few days before its TV premiere, though only for a limited time. Jason Lynch takes us further into the marketing mechanics for Mr. Robot.


Netflix has renewed Bloodline for a third season, while Channel 4 wants two more seasons of Catastrophe, and Amazon has confirmed it will carry them in the US.

Fox Streaming Prime Time

Fox has started streaming its prime-time programming online and via an app, though pay TV authentication is required.

ABC Streaming App

ABC has relaunched a streaming app that now features an archive of older shows, free to watch but ad-supported. The app will also have a handful of original digital series; Alan Sepinwall lists their descriptions.

Live-Streaming on Social Media

Twitter has announced it will livestream the presidential conventions, and Facebook Live hopes to have an impact there too. Twitter will also livestream some Bloomberg shows. Alan Wolk says Twitter has some work to do to make its livestream interface more viable. Farhad Manjoo says TV news has much to fear from these livestreaming developments, but Peter Kafka disagrees.

Carlson vs. Ailes

Numerous Fox News employees have spoken out in defense of Roger Ailes following Gretchen Carlson's harassment allegations, including female anchors. But Carlson is reiterating her accusations. 21st Century Fox has hired a famed corporate law firm to investigate. Michael Wolff says any decision about what to do with Ailes will rest with the Murdochs, and Peter Sterne and Kelsey Sutton consider what could come after Ailes.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Women's Pictures on TV

Angelica Jade BastiƩn points to shows like Outlander and The Good Wife as examples of the "women's picture" genre on TV.

CBS Diversity Initiative

Ariane Lange reports on a diversity initiative at CBS Entertainment that appears to be bearing fruit, particularly for director hiring.

Defense of Laughter

James Cary defends the audience laughter in multi-cam sitcoms against a claim it has no place in the modern sitcom.

Depictions of Mental Illnes

Samantha Leffler surveys how a number of shows have depicted mental illness.

Password Sharing Ruling

Nigel M. Smith reports on a court ruling that could be interpreted as making password sharing illegal, though that is unlikely to be enforced by companies like Netflix.

Opening Credits History

Katie Ingram offers a short history of TV show opening credits.

Spoiler Poll

Alex Abad-Santos and Javier Zarracina polled people about spoilers and found few like to be spoiled but many don't mind being the spoilers.

Twitter Sports Mess

Todd Spangler says a presentation of Twitter's live-streaming of sports at Wimbledon was a mess, raising questions about what's to come with football.

Writers' Earnings & Employment

Jonathan Handel offers analysis of the WGA West 2015 earnings and employment report.

SNL in Prime-Time Upfronts Package

NBC is packaging Saturday Night Live with prime-time fare in its upfronts deals, rather than with late-night programming as in the past.

Feminists on The Bachelorette

Michelle Ruiz talks to feminists about why they watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Sulu's Sexual Orientation

Actor George Takei objects to Sulu being revealed as gay in the upcoming Star Trek movie, insisting that this doesn't fit with what Gene Roddenberry wanted for the character. Writer Simon Pegg explains why he thinks Takei is wrong. J. Bryan Lowder explains why he's siding with Takei.

CBS Spinning Off Radio

CBS is spinning off its radio business.

CBS Defends Trek Guidelines

CBS is defending the strict guidelines for Star Trek fan films it has imposed along with Paramount, insisting that crowdfunding backer rewards are part of the issue.

Pitch's Marketing Campaign

Jason Lynch covers the marketing campaign Fox is launching along with MLB support for the fall show Pitch.

ABC Upfronts

ABC closed its upfronts deals last week with strong increases and volume gains.

British Media Future

Noah Kulwin warns that media companies could flee London post-Brexit, and Raymond Snoddy sees a troubled future ahead for post-Brexit media companies in the UK. Beyond Brexit concerns, Des Freedman says the BBC has to reinvent itself to survive, while Claire Atkinson says ITV is now looking like a takeover target.

Best & Worst Debate

THR critics Daniel Fienberg and Tim Goodman debate the best and worst of TV at 2016's halfway point.

Walmart's Cord-Cutting Help

Walmart is providing website and in-store guidance to customers who want to cord-cut.

ESPN Streaming Package

Chris Welch reports ESPN is planning to offer an over-the-top package of live sports, but it won't have any major sports or leagues.

NBC & the Rio Olympics

NBC Sports execs are optimistic the Summer Olympics in Rio will go fine despite so many signs it won't.

One-Season Wonders

Two shows have been cancelled after their inaugural seasons: Uncle Buck on ABC and Hunters on Syfy.

Comcast-Netflix Deal

Mathew Ingram explains why Comcast decided to make a deal with Netflix to place the streaming service on its X1 platform, and Jennifer Saba explains the business behind the deal. Richard Greenfield explores who benefits and who loses from the deal. Will Richmond says viewers are the big winners, while Colin Dixon still sees some sticking points.

Ailes Harassment Suit

Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit accusing Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment and gender discrimination, and other women are now coming forward with past claims of harassment. Ailes has denied the allegations, but 21st Century Fox says it will launch an investigation. Ailes claims poor ratings for Carlson's afternoon show explain why Fox News has dismissed her, and Michael O'Connell says her numbers could have been better. Ailes's lawyers say Carlson has violated her contract in filing this suit and publicly speaking out, and they're demanding to move the suit to closed arbitration.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fox Problems

Bill Cromwell reports that ad buyers are concerned Fox hasn't fixed some of its troubled time slots for fall.

Hot-Button Issues

Samantha Leffler explores how recent shows are tackling hot-button political and social issues.

NBCU & Dish Settle

The last remaining Hopper DVR suit is now settled, as Comcast/NBCU has settled with Dish Network.

Netflix Deals

The CW and Netflix have announced their new streaming deal, while Comcast has announced the availability of Netflix on its X1 set-top box.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 1, 2016

Snapchat's Comedy Future

Evan Valentine talks to a pair of comedians about Snapchat's potential as an entertainment form to compete with TV.

Disney Stake in MLB Advanced Media

Disney has bought a 1/3 stake in MLB Advanced Media; Ian Casselbury considers what this means for Disney and MLB.

New Podcasts

If you're looking for TV news podcasts to listen to on long holiday drives this weekend, you can catch Colin Dixon and Will Richmond talking about ratings and OTT challenges, Maria Bamford talking about Lady Dynamite on KCRW's The Business, and discussion of HBO's drama problems and the Emmys on KCRW's The Spinoff, plus an interview with departing Sony Pictures Television chairman Steve Mosko.

True Blood Musical

A theatrical musical version of True Blood has reached the New York workshop stage.

Bee Profile

Alex Morris profiles Samantha Bee and her big success with Full Frontal.

Amazon Gets PBS Kids' Shows

Brian Steinberg reports Amazon has picked up exclusive streaming rights to the bulk of PBS's children's programming.

Network Upfronts Almost Done

Anthony Crupi says the broadcast networks could their upfronts deals nearly wrapped up by the Fourth of July.

Premiere Week Matters

Oriana Schwindt analyzes the networks' premiere week scheduling strategies and why they still matter in the on-demand era.

Netflix Lawsuit

A Netflix subscriber has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Netflix over subscription fee increases.

Hulu's Sports Survey

Andrew Bucholtz has news of a survey Hulu has sent to potential subscribers about interest in sports league packages.

Viacom Battle & Depatures

Sydney Ember covers the latest in the battle over Sumner Redstone and the fate of Viacom, and Jeanine Poggi covers the many recent executive departures from Viacom.

Advertising Anniversary

Jeanine Poggi reminds us that the first TV commercial aired 75 years ago today.

Moore on Writing

Todd Aaron Jensen talked to Ronald D. Moore about writing Outlander and more.

Screen Size & Ad Effectiveness

Joe Mandese reports on new research finds less viewer engagement with ads the smaller the screen they're viewed upon.

Daily Show Departure

Jessica Williams has left The Daily Show to work on an upcoming Comedy Central project, and Sonia Saraiya says this points to larger problems with TDS, Aisha Harris reflects on what Williams brought to the show, and Lauren Chval says this leaves TDS without any edge.

AV Club Coverage

Myles McNutt offers thoughts on the AV Club's decision to dial back episodic TV reviews.

Grace Leaving HLN

Seth Abramovitch reports that Nancy Grace will exit HLN when her contract runs out in October.

Summer Winners & Losers

Michael O'Connell has tracked winners and losers in the summer ratings.

Best So Far

Halfway through 2016, Josef Adalian looks at which cable channels are having the best year so far.

Lionsgate-Starz Analysis

Takes on the Lionsgate-Starz merger from Brian Lowry, Cynthia Littleton, Michael Malone, Hollywood Reporter, and Kayti Burt.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.