Saturday, May 21, 2016

Upfronts Wrapups

Bill Cromwell breaks down the broadcast upfronts by numbers. Rick Kissell sees the networks playing it safe in the fall, Jeanine Poggi saw stability being touted at upfronts, and Michael Schneider says the networks are acting like networks again, rather than trying to be cable. Jason Lynch names the ten most memorable moments from the upfronts, Elizabeth Wagmeister names best, worst, and weirdest moments, and Jeanine Poggi has a word cloud from the upfronts pitches. Nellie Andreeva says in-season stacking and program ownership were key themes, and Tim Baysinger noted the networks' attempts to battle against digital companies' PR. Harry Jessell says NBC was a network downer at the upfronts. The Masked Scheduler praises the networks for their upfronts efforts. Eight studio heads offer their upfronts reactions.

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