Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Queer Fan Fiction

Rae Binstock explores the motivation for queer people to write fan fiction.

European Regulation

Leonid Bershidsky argues that Europe hasn't produced a big, successful company like Google or Netflix due to over-regulation of the digital market.

TV Unraveling

Alex Taussig thinks the TV industry will unravel even more quickly than most expect, David Lazurus insists a la carte pay TV is on its way, and Clay Travis notes that ESPN is draining subscribers as cord cutting increases. Meanwhile, Jeff Baumgartner reports that streaming growth is still up but may soon plane off.

Making American Ninja Warrior

Jason Gay says legacy sports could learn a lot about retaining young viewers from American Ninja Warrior.

RIP Michael Dann

Network-era programmer Michael Dann has died.

Fan Debates

Devin Faraci has written an essay about troubling aspects of fan entitlement, which stirred up so much attention that he added a followup. Ceilidh takes issue with Faraci's false equivalences, while Gavia Baker-Whitlaw says the problem in geek culture is harassment. Mark Stewart offers thoughts.

Fight for Viacom

Brian Stelter updates the fight for control of Viacom's future. And there's news of a departure, as Viacom's head of ad sales is leaving for Snapchat...or maybe he isn't.

Equal Airtime Struggle

Michael M. Grnybaum notes that networks are struggling to provide equal airtime balance for the presidential candidates as Donald Trump draws so much attention.

New In Media Res

Topic: Donald Trump

  • Monday, May 30, 2016 - Aaron Sachs (St. Mary’s College of California) presents: The Curious Case of Donald Trump’s Doctor: Metonymy in the Age of Memetic News 
  • Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - Chuck Tyron (Fayettville University) presents: Manufacturing Trumpiness 
  • Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - Elisabeth Glassco (Rutgers University) presents: The Trumpster and the Statesman: Civility/Incivility and the Limits of Good Government 
  • Thursday, June 2, 2016 - Robert Spicer (Millersville University) presents: Trump audiences: Fired up! Ready to rumble! 
  • Friday, June 3, 2016 - Andrew Salvati (Rutgers University) presents: Making America Great Again: Nostalgia, Hucksterism, and the Empty Signifier

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Roots started with 5.3 million viewers across its three channels, while Game 7 of Thunder vs. Warriors set a record for the NBA on cable.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Good TVeets

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Making The Carmichael Show

Todd VanDerWerff praises The Carmichael Show and shares insights from its multi-cam set. Kate Stanhope also delves into the series.

Women at Comedy Cetral

Craig D. Lindsay looks at how women like Amy Schumer and Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson have helped reshape Comedy Central.

Connecticut Wants More TV & Digital Media

Susan Haigh reports on Connecticut's efforts to court more television and digital media production.

Nashville Wants More Nashville

Emily Yahr covers the city of Nashville's desire to keep the show Nashville going.

Friday & Saturday Ratings

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Saturday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spectrum Changes

Harry A. Jessell speculates on what could be ahead for broadcasting after the spectrum auction and repack.

TV Set Photos

David Rosenberg highlights a photography series on the images of mundane rooms reflected in TV set screens.

Spoilers Help

Jennifer Ouellette reports on a new study finding that people enjoy stories when they are spoiled more than when they are unspoiled.


Les Moonves was the second-highest paid CEO in the U.S. last year, followed by Phillipe Dauman.

Hodor & Disability

Spencer Kornhaber talked with a professor about portrayals of disability in Game of Thrones, especially with Hodor.

Australian Drama Financing & Revenue

Sandy George and Bernadette Rheinberger have a deep dive into the financing and sales of Australian prime-time TV dramas in the international marketplace.

Highest-Rated Shows

Daniel Holloway has a list of the top 50 highest-rated network shows in the 18-49 demo for 2015-16.

Roots Coverage

Arizona State University professor Matt Delmont has written a book about the original Roots and covers the aftermath of the series in a NYT op-ed. Bethonie Butler explores what the aftermath of the remake might be. The History channel has announced it is in the process of digitizing post-slavery documents to help families trace their ancestors. The remake is receiving mostly strong reviews, such as these from Alan SepinwallDaniel Fienberg, and James Poniewozik. Eric Deggans covers the remake.

Chelsea Exit

The showrunner of Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show is leaving only a few weeks in and won't be replaced.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Loss of TV Talk

Josh Kurp laments the loss of water cooler TV talk as audiences fragment and figures Game of Thrones is the only show left to generate small talk around.

Pregnancy & Postpartum Revolution

Joanna Robinson highlights Olivia Colman's role in The Night Manager as part of a trend of Hollywood representing pregnant women, while Libby Hill appreciates how Nashville and Jane the Virgin have represented postpartum depression.

Nashville's Open Ending

Nashville ended on a cliffhanger that Lionsgate reportedly wanted to make the series a more attractive pickup for another outlet.

Ending the Americans

James Poniewozik is glad The Americans is getting a planned ending.

SVOD Impact

Will Richmond and Colin Dixon's podcast this week covers the SVOD reinvention of the TV business.

Roots' Importance & Success

Josef Adalian details the huge ratings success of Roots in 1977, and Matt Zoller Seitz explains why it was the most important scripted series ever aired in the U.S.

The Bundle Business

Michael Wolff covers competing services and philosophies tied to skinny and fat bundles.

Limited Series Benefits

Matt Zoller Seitz explores why limited-run series have made for particularly good shows lately.

HBO's Fall Slate

HBO has announced its new original programming slate for fall, including Westworld and Issa Rae's Insecure.


Bitch Flicks has had a theme week on superheroines, featuring posts on Supergirl, Supergirl and feminism, Buffy the Vampire SlayerDaisy Johnson in Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.Elektra in DaredevilArrow, and superheroines of color.

Apple Eyeing Netflix?

Apple reportedly considered buying Time Warner last year and may now be considering Netflix.

Trailer Editing

Tony Zhou analyzes how editing and framing decisions alter comedic effects in two Ghostbuster trailers.

Rise & Fall of Person of Interest

Kate Aurthur talked with Person of Interest writers about the show's creative and network trajectory.

Netflix Price Increase

Netflix price increases are beginning to take effect.

New Variety Show

Brian Steinberg covers NBC's attempt to revive the variety show genre via Maya & Marty.

New Amazon Pilots

Amazon has announced its next set of pilots up for consideration.

2015-16 Ratings

Anthony Crupi covers the ratings results for the 2015-16 season.

A+E Interview

Nellie Andreeva talked to A+E Networks' CEO Nancy Dubuc about programming on the company's various channels.

Oral Histories

AV Club has an oral history of Cop Rock, and MTV has an oral history of The Hills.

Limitless Cancelled

CBS has declined to pick up Limitless for a second season.

Wednesday & Thursday Ratings

Wednesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Subaru & Lesbians

Alex Mayysai explains how Subaru's popularity among lesbians grew from an orchestrated marketing campaign.

The Viacom Legal Battle

Erik Eckholm covers the legal battle over Sumner Redstone's competency and Viacom's leadership.

Shooting Chef's Table

J. Travis Smith talked with Chef's Table cinematographers about how they shoot the distinctive food documentary series.

British Dramas

Judy Berman highlights the rise of British thrillers on US TV.

Summer Season

Alan Wolk notes that summer has now become a competitive season of network TV programming.

Viewing Habits

A new study finds Internet use while watching TV rising further, and another finds simlar media usage patterns between Boomers and Millennials.

European Streaming Quotas

New European Commission rules would require streaming service catalogues to contain at least 20% European content.

Networks & VOD

Lucas Shaw looks at how the networks are using stacking to keep viewers tuning in.

More Respect Deserved

Bob Sassone praises The Middle as a great, underrated sitcom, while Jeannette Catsoulis says Call the Midwife deserves more respect as a daring drama.

True Detective Done?

It sounds like we won't get a third season of True Detective to kick around.

Morning Battles

Brian Steinberg covers the morning show ratings battle, as rivals advance upon Today and Good Morning America.

Remaking Roots

Marisa Guthrie delves into how producers have remade Roots for the Black Lives Matter era.

Insiders on Casey Bloys

Lacey Rose gets the insiders' take on new HBO Programming president Casey Bloys.

Tough Time Slots

Anthony Crupi identifies the five toughest fall time slots.

Asian-American Visibility

Amanda Hess talks with a group of actors who are advocating for Asian-American visibility. The actors and others gathered on Capital Hill yesterday for a discussion of the issue.

Political Preferences

Tim Baysinger reports on a survey of Trump and Clinton backers about their TV favorites, which found only The Mysteries of Laura repeated on both lists.

Spanish-Language Upfronts

Media Life identifies trends at the upfronts for the Spanish-language networks.

Empire Tops Season

Empire has claimed the title of highest-rated entertainment series in the 18-49 demo for the 2015-16 network season. Only Sunday Night Football surpassed it overall.

The Americans Renewed

In announcing a renewal for The Americans, FX said the series will end after two more seasons.

Mad Men Auction

1,500 props from Mad Men are being auctioned off.

Pressure at 10

Adam Buckman covers the pressure networks are feeling from affiliates as shows struggle in the 10pm time slot.

Layoffs & Buyouts

Numerous 21st Century Fox employees are leaving the company via buyouts, and Claire Atkinson notes that cable operator employees can expect a wave of labor cuts due to recent mergers. Also, some employees at USA Network and Syfy are being laid off due to NBCU cable restructuring.

Starz Schedule Change

Starting in July, Starz will shift its original programming to Sunday nights, leaving Saturday nights behind, which CEO Chris Albrecht believes will put their shows in more prestige drama conversations.

Viacom's Upfronts

Jason Lynch says Viacom's public battles over its future shouldn't affect its upfront deals thanks to a steady point person overseeing the negotiations.

Old Media Ownership of New Media

Rani Molla and Shira Ovide analyze old media company investment in and ownership of new media companies, complete with a cool chart.

Failed Pilots

Rebecca Iannucci tells us about the 44 pilots didn't make the cut for 2016-17.

CBS's Post-Split Success

Brian Lowry notes how well CBS has done since the Viacom split and how it's even thriving now while Viacom is mired in turmoil.

CBS is #1

CBS will be the 18-49 victor for the 2015-16 season, with NBC slipping to #2, followed by Fox, ABC, and The CW. The only difference in the total viewers ranking is ABC and Fox are flipped.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HBO's Future

As expected, Casey Bloys has been named Michael Lombardo's successor as HBO Programming president. Alyssa Rosenberg offers suggestions for what HBO can do when Game of Thrones is over, and Todd VanDerWerff says HBO really needs is a compelling family drama.

Viacom Turmoil Cont'd

Brian Stelter has the latest on the Sumner Redstone drama at Viacom.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Monday, May 23, 2016

Set-Top Box Debate

The WSJ presents opposing takes on the FCC's new set-top box rules.

Black Time Travel

Charles Pulliam-Moore appreciates that a few upcoming shows are exploring the complexities raised by Black people appearing in time travel scenarios.

Netflix & Movies

Josh Rottenberg interviews Ted Sarandon about Netflix's aggressive moves into the movie business.

Ads Per Hour

Wayne Friedman reports that Fox and Fox News top the list of most commercials per hour on broadcast and cable outlets, while Viacom owns four of the top five cable outlets on the list. ESPN, AMC, and FX are on the opposite end of the list.

More on Upfronts

Jason Lynch names the buzziest trends of this year's upfronts, and Louisa Ada Seltzer also pinpoints trends. Toni Fitzgerald says the networks are expecting better upfronts ad buys than last year, while Anthony Crupi warns that we won't know for sure until checks actually clear.

Bob's Burgers Oral History

THR has an oral history of Bob's Burgers.

Peabody Awards Ceremony

Hilary Lewis covers the Peabody Awards ceremony, which took place on Saturday.

Episodes Out of Order

Myles McNutt discusses the circumstance of sitcoms airing episodes out of production order, as happened with The Real O'Neals, Happy Endings, and Enlisted.

Lombardo & HBO

Matthew Belloni talked to Michael Lombardo on his departure from HBO and what's next.

CW-Tribune Affiliations

The CW and Tribune have come to affiliate agreements with one exception; The CW will switch its Chicago affiliation to Fox-owned WPWR, leaving WGN as an independent station.

Viacom Turmoil Continues

The crisis continues to unfold at Viacom, as Sumner Redstone's competency is in question, a statement from Redstone insists he is competent to oust Phillipe Dauman, and Dauman has now filed suit. Joe Flint has a summary of what's going on.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Good TVeets

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers in here (on the remote chance you haven't been spoiled already).

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Good TVeets

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Popularity of Game of Thrones

Molly Driscoll explores what the popularity of Game of Thrones says about TV viewers and TV viewing today.

Live TV on Xfinity

Jeff Baumgartner reports that Comcast's Xfinity app will offer live viewing of NBC and ABC in O&O markets.

National Geographic Makeover

Felix Gillette look at how James and Lachlan Murdoch are making over National Geographic Channel using HBO as their model.

SNL's Strategies

Brian Steinberg looks at how Saturday Night Live is adapting its sketch programming strategies to new viewing behaviors, while Mark Lieberman laments the overwhelming whiteness of SNL's hosts.

Cable's Summer

Daniel Holloway previews what's coming and what's at stake at a few cable channels this summer.

Noah's Daily Show Denounced

Sophia A. McClennan has had enough of Trevor Noah's Daily Show.

New CST Posts

Check out new Critical Studies in Television posts:

The CW's the Best?

Todd VanDerWerff proposes that The CW could be the best broadcast network.

Fox Schedule Change

Fox has already made a post-upfronts schedule change, moving Pitch to fall and Bones to midseason.

Network Sponsors

Stuart Elliott looks back on the era of program sponsorship in the 1950s and wonders if it could return.

Chicago Production

Nina Metz explains why drama production is proliferating in Chicago.

Roots 39 Years Ago

Mary Jo Murphy looks back on the reception of Roots in 1977.

MADtv Oral History

Vulture has an oral history of Fox's MADtv sketch comedy show.

Upfronts Wrapups

Bill Cromwell breaks down the broadcast upfronts by numbers. Rick Kissell sees the networks playing it safe in the fall, Jeanine Poggi saw stability being touted at upfronts, and Michael Schneider says the networks are acting like networks again, rather than trying to be cable. Jason Lynch names the ten most memorable moments from the upfronts, Elizabeth Wagmeister names best, worst, and weirdest moments, and Jeanine Poggi has a word cloud from the upfronts pitches. Nellie Andreeva says in-season stacking and program ownership were key themes, and Tim Baysinger noted the networks' attempts to battle against digital companies' PR. Harry Jessell says NBC was a network downer at the upfronts. The Masked Scheduler praises the networks for their upfronts efforts. Eight studio heads offer their upfronts reactions.

Peabody at 75

The Peabody Awards has reached its 75th anniversary, and Neil Turitz explains why the awards still matter.

Viacom Turmoil

Sumner Redstone has had Phillipe Dauman ousted from a trust that will eventually have voting control of Viacom. Viacom representatives are calling out Shari Redstone for dirty tactics, and Dauman says the moves are illegal. Shari Redstone insists the decisions are coming from her father.

HBO Shakeup

Longtime HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo is exiting his position. A successor is expected to be announced next week.

Thursday & Friday Ratings

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Charter Wants To Integrate Netflix

Ben Munson reports that Charter is seeking to integrate OTT services like Netflix and Hulu into its channel guides.

TV Actress Roundtable

THR has a roundtable with prominent TV drama actresses.

Gendered IMDb Reviews

Walt Hickey looks at IMDb review data and finds men regularly giving harsher ratings to women-targeted programming than to programming targeted more toward men.

Crying at Jane the Virgin

Kathryn VanArendonk sees the tears that a Jane the Virgin finale scene evoked as revolutionary.

AT&T's Digital Bundle

Mike Farrell covers AT&T's strategy to bundle mobile and premium content to position itself for the future.

Grey's Praise

Rakesh Satyal says Grey's Anatomy deserves more respect for its sustained creative success.

Time Warner Cable Coverage

Shalini Ramachandran looks at how Time Warner Cable's CEO got the company into position for its Charter takeover. The CEO will now depart with an enormous severance package. And Will Richmond says while TWC's name may change, it will be harder to change its reputation.

Turner's Edge

Toni Fitzgerald covers upcoming programming on Turner channels, which are trying to move into edgier territory. Leon Lazaroff notes Time Warner is putting a lot of money into Turner's overhaul.

Shocker Overload

Brian Lowry says Empire's season finale shows the dangers of over-reliance on shocking plot twists.

Monitoring Network TV

Tim Goodman reflects on the state of broadcast network television and the importance of covering it.

Frontline's Success

Laura Hazard Owen looks at how Frontline is adapting to the digital video era while maintaining its high bar for reporting.

High Castle Departure

Amazon's The Man in the High Castle has lost its showrunner over a production disagreement.

5-Second Ads

Brian Steinberg covers five-second ads Pepsi placed in Empire pods and featuring Empire character emojis.

TV & Digital Viewership

Mike Shields covers yet another TV and digital viewing comparison -- Pretty Little Liars versus a Fullscreen web series -- and concludes that measuring viewership is an imperfect science.

Set-Top Box Concerns

Republicans have expressed concerns with the FCC's push for new set-top box rules.

Outlander's Sex Scenes

Maureen Ryan talks to Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore about the show's innovative sex scenes.

Moving & Cord Cutting

A media analyst says a major catalyst for cord cutting is people moving to a new address.

The New Roots

Melena Ryzik delves into the production of the Roots remake, which LeVar Burton insists is must-watch.

Google Eyes TV

George Slefo reports on Google's interest in the TV market.

State of Telenovelas

Chris Ariens tracks the development of US telenovelas, as Univision plans to make more and Telemundo less.

White Feminist TV, Black Woman Viewer

Zeba Blay discusses what it's like to watch White Feminist TV as a woman of color.

Value of Spec Scripts

Alex Freedman argues that even with increased preference for original pilots, aspiring writers should still write spec scripts.

ESPN's Reach

At ESPN's upfront, it announced the addition of out-of-home viewing to its ratings metrics, and in an earnings call, Bob Iger expressed confidence about the outlet. Ashley Rodriguez suggests ESPN should stay focused on US sports and not expand global sports coverage.

BitTorrent Live

BitTorrent has launched a live video streaming app.

HBO-China Deal

HBO Asia has made a deal with a Chinese movie channel to develop Chinese-language TV movies.

That's So Raven's Impact

Joshua Alston looks back on how That's So Raven changed Disney Channel.

Identifying Millennial Tastes

Sarah Lyall covers the challenge of figuring out what Millennials will watch on TV.

Cosplay Inventor

Jennifer Culp profiles the woman credited as inventing cosplay.

Diversity Challenges

Todd VanDerWerff says advertising realities work against Univision's pitch that it reaches more diverse demos than the major networks.

Drew & Development

Myles McNutt discusses how expanded coverage of development has helped shape reactions to the failure of the Nancy Drew pilot.

Kelly's Trump Interview

Critics have lambasted Megyn Kelly's toothless interview of Donald Trump. Kelly especially didn't appreciate Trevor Noah's criticism. Maureen Ryan connects Kelly's interview to Morley Safer's death and what the news business is losing. Gabriel Sherman considers why Kelly's boss Rupert Murdoch has decided to support Trump.

RIP Morley Safer

CBS News legend Morley Safer has died.

Upfronts Overviews

Tony Maglio lists each network schedule for fall 2016. Lesley Goldberg and Lacey Rose offer their upfronts takeaways. Robert Bianco identifies what looks good and what doesn't. Jeanine Poggi predicts hits and misses. Brian Steinberg covers the upfronts theme of networks execs telling advertisers that TV is a better option than digital. Matt Roush describes his week at upfronts.

The CW Upfront & Schedule

The CW has released its fall schedule, which will be superhero heavy, and it offered the final network upfront today. CW president Mark Pedowitz talked about his network. Spotted had his questions answered. Daniel Fienberg ranks the CW's three new trailers. Josef Adalian is impressed by The CW's success.

CBS Schedule & Upfront

Melissa Maerz judges CBS's 2016-17 schedule. Todd VanDerWerff says CBS is good at what it does, but finds that dispiriting. Spotted answers his CBS questions. Jason Lynch covers where CBS stands. Critics are on CBS for a lack of diversity, but Les Moonves defends his network. CBS also touted the value of TV dollars over digital dollars in its upfront presentation. Jeainine Poggi notes that comedy is getting renewed focus at CBS. It was confirmed that the Good Wife is getting a CBS All Access spinoff. Daniel Fienberg ranks CBS's new show trailers, and there's also a new teaser for All Access's Star Trek.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Kissell.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Prime-Time's Revitalization

Daniel Holloway discusses how shorter episode-runs are revitalizing network prime time.

Everybody Loves Netflix

A new survey finds Netflix at the top of TV viewing preferences, by a significant margin, for all demographics. And Netflix's CEO says he's not worried about increased competition from Amazon and other streamers.

Chelsea's Technology

Janko Roettgers looks at the encoding technology and translation processes needed to send Chelsea rapidly around Netflix's global network.

Too Much TV Business

Josef Adalian and Maria Elena Fernandez delve into the challenge of producing TV in a time of unprecedented competition. You can also hear a podcast episode on this.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Farewell, TWC

Time Warner Cable will henceforth be called Charter, and its service branded as Spectrum, as Charter formally takes control of TWC and Bright House today.

Upfronts Experience

Sydney Ember takes us through an ad buyer's day at the upfronts.

Survivor's First Alliance

Noel Murray revisits the first time an alliance was formed on Survivor and thereby changed reality TV.

Carmichael Show Negotiations

Mark Harris outlines the complex negotiation process that ended in NBC renewing The Carmichael Show.

Turner Innovations

Turner is offering its upfront presentation right now; Jason Lynch highlights the innovations it will be touting.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Narcos on Univision

Univision will air Narcos' first season in advance of Netflix exclusively airing its second season later this year. Also, UniMás will air the series Narcos is based on plus an El Chapo series that will subsequently stream on Netflix.

House of Lies Cancelled

Showtime's House of Lies will end with its upcoming fifth season.

Super-Producer Dominance

Nellie Andreeva notes that ABC, NBC, and the CW will each have five dramas from one exec producer on the air next season.

Sad Upfronts

Tim Goodman is left with a feeling of sadness at this year's upfronts.

ABC Coverage

ABC had its upfront presentation today, and Channing Dungey had a press call before it. Josef Adalian says ABC's 2016-17 schedule is one of cautious change, Jason Lynch sees some major changes, and Joe Flint notes the reliance on comedies. Lynch also reports on an ABC study about how TV advertising is superior to digital advertising. Daniel Fienberg assesses ABC's new show trailers, and as usual, Jimmy Kimmel had jokes at the upfront presentation, and he also got a new three-year deal.

Toni Fitzgerald gives ABC's schedule a B. Todd VanDerWerff wonders if ABC can turn its fortunes around. The NYT reviews ABC's upfront presentation.

ABC's Strategies

ABC has its upfront later today. In advance of that, Michael Schneider queried new president Channing Dungey about ABC's needs and goals, and Tony Maglio looks at Dungey's challenges ahead, while Jeanine Poggi covered the widened role of ShondaLand at ABC.

Finale Assessments

Daniel Fienberg was not a fan of how Castle went out, while Myles McNutt offers his take on the implications of Jane the Virgin's non-shocking season finale.

Family Sitcoms

T.L. Stanley notes that the family sitcom is thriving again, while Matthew Gilbert laments how formulaic Modern Family has gotten.

NBC & Fox Analysis

More analysis from yesterday's upfronts: Todd VanDerWerff assesses NBC's fall schedule as well as Fox's schedule, Michael Malone covers Fox's upfront, and Brian Lowry says NBC and Fox both show reliance on spinoffs and stability. Emily Steel assesses both NBC and Fox.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Kissell.

Good TVeets

Monday, May 16, 2016

Watching Vanderpump Rules

Emily Nussbaum shares her experience of binge-watching Vanderpump Rules on her phone.

Advertising Strategies

Jim Rutenberg looks at changing TV advertising strategies as viewing habits change.

Netflix Strategies

Nicole LaPorte talks to Netflix's VP for original content about how she identifies potential hits, and Elizabeth Segran covers Netflix's experiments with the allure of program images to make us click. Andrew Wallenstein sees in Chelsea Handler's new talk show a new direction for Netflix.

Steve Harvey Profile

Jason Lynch profiles the prolific Steve Harvey and how he works on so many successful shows at once.

Drag Race & Acceptance

Jenna Wortham looks at RuPaul's Drag Race through the lens of the LGBTQ acceptance movement.

BBC Netflix Rival

Patrick Foster reports that the BBC is planning to launch a Netflix rival called Britflix.

Dick Wolf & NBC's Comeback

John Koblin looks at Dick Wolf's key role in NBC's attempt to right the network ship.

Preacher on Snapchat

AMC has offered a preview of Preacher on Snapchat.

CBS Decisions

CBS made some final programming announcements as its upfront approaches: Rush Hour is done, while The Odd Couple, Code Black, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will be back. Myles McNutt assesses the "too female" claim about Drew's dismissal

Univision & Telemundo

Media Life assesses the state of Telemundo and of Univision at upfronts time.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Kissell.

Fox Schedule & Upfront

Fox released its 2016-17 schedule, which is filled with reboots, and had its upfront presentation, which stressed the programming of fewer reruns. THR has the new show trailers. Spotted looks at how Fox answered his questions. Toni Fitzgerald gives Fox's schedule a C+.

NBCU Upfront

NBCU had its upfronts presentation this morning; Brian Steinberg and Jason Lynch have coverage. THR has new show trailers. Josef Adalian is impressed by how well NBC's planned schedule works.

Good TVeets

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Eurovision Song

Yesterday's Eurovision featured a loving parody of the typical Eurovision song.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Analysis

Michael Z. Newman assesses Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as "its own world of feminist song-and-dance carnivalesque."

Pretty Dead Blondes

Constance Grady highlights the dismaying TV trope of the pretty dead blonde girl.

Nat Geo Ad Loads

Jason Lynch reports that National Geographic Channel is the latest cable outlet to go with reduced ad loads for some series and specials.

HDR Guide

John Archer offers a guide to the new TV technology of high dynamic range.

OTT Landscape

Colin Dixon and Will Richmond discuss the over-the-top landscape in their weekly podcast.

Top Pay TV Operators

FierceCable has charts of recent market share, subscriber growth, and penetration among pay TV operators.

Marvel's Big-Screen TV

Todd VanDerWerff says Marvel films like Civil War are narratively like TV shows.

NewFronts Coverage

Alan Wolk offers takeaways from this year's NewFronts, and Oriana Schwindt says this year's presentations deviated from the traditions established by TV.

Positives for ESPN

Daniel Roberts identifies the upsides of ESPN's recent talent exodus.

Race, Film, and TV

Liz Shannon Miller and Chris O'Falt look at the increasing migration from film to TV of minority filmmakers who have struggled to find funding for features.

Rona Barrett Profile

Anne Helen Petersen profiles Rona Barrett, one-time gossip maven and TV star.

Showrunner Roundtable

THR has a comedy and drama showrunner roundtable particularly focused on diversity issues.

Underground's Challenge

James Poniewozik praises Underground for its ability to tackle weighty subject matter in an entertaining way.

SNL's Title Sequence

AV Clubbers look back on 40 years of Saturday Night Live title designs.

Finale Ad Rates

Michael O'Connell notes that series finales can charge a premium for ad spots.

Successful Sex

Sonia Saraiya praises The Americans and The Path for the quality of their sex scenes.

Cop Rock

Cop Rock will be released on DVD Tuesday, and Neil Genzlinger looks back on the much-maligned series.

Vine's Decline

Steven Perlberg and Mike Shields note an exodus of stars from Vine spells trouble for the platform.

Huang Profile

Susan Cheng talks with Eddie Huang about his Fresh Off the Boat thoughts and his new Viceland series.


Freeform has cancelled Recovery Road, and MTV is ending Faking It. Agent Carter fans want Netflix to pick up the cancelled series. Myles McNutt analyzes what it would mean for the network if CBS cancels Limitless.

Upfronts Coverage

Michael O'Connell offers an overview of where each network stands going into upfronts week. Brian Steinberg fills us in on the ad scene going into the week, as well as looks at the hot children's TV ad market. Oriana Schwindt explains what upfronts week is all about. Brian Lowry notes that the DVR era has changed how upfronts presentations work.

Sleepy Hollow Renewed

Sleepy Hollow will be back for a fourth season, but perhaps without some third-season viewers.

Pilot Testing

Joe Flint looks at the growing pressures wrought by the pilot testing process.

Nancy Drew Rejected

Nellie Andreeva reports that CBS declined to pick up the Nancy Drew series because the pilot tested "too female."

NBC's Fall Schedule

NBC has released its schedule for next fall. Analysis from Josef Adalian and Jason Lynch, and Spotted now has answers for his NBC questions. Lacey Rose talks to NBC execs about the new schedule, Michael Schneider talked to entertainment president Jennifer Salke, and Cynthia Littleton talked to Robert Greenblatt. The Carmichael Show has been renewed for 13 episodes.

Good TVeets

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Good TVeets

Friday, May 13, 2016

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Kissell.

Friday Fun

Hey, it's Friday Fun once again, thanks to Gillian Anderson posting an acne medicine commercial she once did.

Upfronts Questions

Spotted has completed his set of upfronts questions for the networks: NBC, FoxABCCBS, The CW.

Cancellations, Renewals, Orders

Network upfronts are next week, so the annual info dump of cancellations, renewals, and series orders has begun. You can catch up on all the news via network scorecards from Kate Aurthur and Michael Schneider. Lesley Goldberg names the biggest surprises so far, and most of the Good TVeets reaction was around Agent Carter's cancellation and Marvel's Most Wanted not moving forward, Nashville's cancellationAmerican Crime's renewal, Castle's cancellation, the Good Wife's possible CBS All Access spinoff, Galavant's cancellation, The Grinder and Grandfathered's cancellations, and The Muppets' cancellation. Alan Sepinwall covers the bloody day of cancellations, and Nellie Andreeva points to in-season stacking rights as part of the renewal/order/cancellation battleground.

Good TVeets

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Supergirl Moves to The CW

Supergirl will get a second season, but it will move over to The CW.

Olympics Counter-Programming

Jessica Toonkel notes that numerous TV outlets have scheduled new programming to air against the Summer Olympics.

Charter-TWC Order

Details on the FCC's decision and dissension in the Charter-Time Warner Cable merger ruling are available.

Disney Infinity Done

Disney has cancelled its Infinity console games franchise, and Erik Kane is disappointed because he saw potential in it.

NBCU's New Ways

Brian Steinberg describes NBCU's new strategy for its upfront presentation, which will be unveiled on Monday.

Adult Swim Expansion

Jason Lynch has news from Adult Swim's upfront, including expanded daytime streaming.

Comedy Central Conversation

THR offers a conversation about the state of Comedy Central with three channel execs, including the outgoing and incoming presidents, and a Viacom exec.

BBC White Paper

A government document dictating the future direction of the BBC has been released. John Plunkett highlights the key details from the white paper. Robert Peston says these are not trivial changes, and Peter Kosminsky believes they will threaten the BBC's independence. John Ellis says the BBC will have to continue to fight.

Homer Live

Sunday's episode of The Simpsons will end with a live segment.

NFL YouTube Expansion

The NFL and YouTube are expanding their partnership, which means more archival footage and in-game highlights online.

The Future of Skinny Bundles

Daniel Holloway assesses the future chances of skinny bundles in the pay TV world.

SoA Spinoff a Go

A Sons of Anarchy spinoff has moved to the script development stage at FX.

TruTV's Strategies

Tim Baysinger looks at TruTV's strategy for luring younger audiences with comedy programming and reduced original series ad loads.

The Americans & The Emmys

Tim Goodman calls on Television Academy members to nominate The Americans for Emmys.

Renewals & Cancellations

Jason Lynch has an updated roundup of renewals and cancellations, which now includes CSI: Cyber -- and thus the CSI franchise -- coming to an end, while Life in Pieces will get a second season.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.