Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Coverage

Super Bowl ratings are in; the game didn't set a record, but it's likely to go down as the third-most watched show in U.S. TV history. CBS says the game set a record for Super Bowl streaming audience, though it didn't reach Yahoo's NFL livestream number, plus not everyone's devices worked smoothly, and Dan Rayburn is skeptical about streaming's future in live sports. As far as the game and ads, Todd VanDerWerff identified four winners and three losers, as well as best and worst ads. Brian Steinberg and Sydney Ember also assessed the ads, while Toni Fitzgerald broke down the ads by the numbers of what they were and when they aired. Richard Deitsch wasn't impressed with CBS's game broadcast. Caroline Framke highlights the political nature of the halftime show, thanks to Beyonce. Facebook's Sports Stadium didn't have a good day., and social media activity overall was down. The big TV news last night was CBS announcing the impending end of The Good Wife via a promo. Sam Adams agrees the show's time has come, and Debra Birnbaum talks to the show's executive producers about what's left and next.

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