Monday, February 29, 2016

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

New Ad Strategies

Sydney Ember looks at strategies networks are developing to make sure we still see products advertised.

Making a Murderer 2

Making a Murderer may get a second season.

Diversity Reports

Scott Collins has figures from a new UCLA report showing that minorities and women are losing ground in representation and employment in film and TV. And Reid Nakamura compiled data from a range of diversity studies and offers 41 takeaways.

Oscar Boycott

Oriana Schwindt says any Oscar boycott that materializes might hurt ABC, but won't impact the diversity problem.

Mad Dogs Cancelled

Shawn Ryan tweeted today that Mad Dogs won't get a second season from Amazon due to creative differences.

TV Obligation

Alyssa Rosenberg pinpoints a feeling of obligation, rather than love, that many are feeling toward TV watching and bingeing these days and calls for change.

Good TVeets

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Big Bang Theory Love & Hate

Given its ratings and longevity, Kevin Fallon wonders if The Big Bang Theory qualifies as one of the greatest sitcoms ever.Though Michelle Woo noes that the geek community isn't necessarily a fan.

"Fandom"'s History

Lara Rutherford-Morrison tells us where the word "fandom" came from.

Bones To End

Bones will get a 12-episode final season.

Fuller House Coverage

Fuller House is out now, part of Netflix's new family-friendly moves. Margaret Lyons tries to understand why this show exists. Emily Zauzmer says we need this show now. Willa Paskin and James Poniewozik have reviews. Rick Kissell happens to note that ABC's ratings were down Friday night.

Harris-Perry Out at MSNBC

Melissa Harris-Perry has walked away from her MSNBC show and doesn't appear likely to return, as MSNBC has reportedly severed ties with her. Harris-Perry's email to staffers explaining the situation Friday went public. Damon Young explains why we should care about what's happening here. It's official: Harris-Perry won't return to MSNBC.

Thursday & Friday Ratings

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Good TVeets

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Time-Shifted Channels

New data from TiVo on the most and least time-shifted cable channels shows Bravo on the former end and The Weather Channel on the latter end.

American Crime Episode

ABC also featured a special American Crime episode last night, but both Myles McNutt and Ben Travers express concerns about it.

Political Coverage

Nick Corasanti highlights the payoff CNN is seeing from its political coverage investments this election season. And Nicholas Confessore explains how Donald Trump gets so much free airtime in place of paid TV ads.

comScore Info

Diego Vasquez relays answers from comScore to questions about its new multi-platform ratings measurement.

Netflix News

Marty Swant lists six takeaways from Netflix's global mobile expansion in its early days, as Netflix is releasing improved iOS apps. Edgar Alvarez takes note of Netflix's major growth in original and HDR programming this year. And Erik Gruenwedel looks at how Netflix has helped push DVDs into decline.

ABC Daytime

ABC's daytime programming has a new overseer in the wake of Paul Lee's exit, and there are concerns about changes the Dungey regime may bring to daytime and prime-time soaps.

AMC Stock Drop

Brian Steinberg and Cynthia Littleton explain why AMC Networks' profits are up but its stock price is down.

NBCU Selling Programmatic Ads

Jason Lynch says NBCU will start selling programmatic ads across its linear outlets starting in the fall. Will Richmond talks to an NBCU SVP about the move.

Black-ish Episode

Black-ish aired a powerful episode last night featuring the Johnson family's discussion of police brutality. Pilot Viruet says it's a standout episode of the series (she's previously written about representations of Black Lives Matter on TV), and James Poniewozik says it illustrated that sitcoms can still matter. The program's showrunner talked to the NYT and to Daniel Fienberg about the episode. Maureen Ryan talked with the cast on her podcast. Matt Zoller Seitz says Black-ish is in the Norman Lear tradition.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Netflix Global Optimism

A Wall Street analyst predicts Netflix will thrive as it continues to roll out globally.

Fuller House Criticism

Sam Adams sees the scathingly reviewed Fuller House as a test case for TV criticism.

Political TV

An ISCAP chart illustrates how much more often TV coverage has mentioned Donald Trump's name compared to the other GOP candidates. And Kate Kaye says data is driving political advertisers to buy time on cable channels that don't seem like obvious buys.

Google Cast TV Set

Janko Roettgers reports that Google and Vizio have partnered on a TV set offering Chromecast-like functionality.

Race & Grey's Anatomy Relationships

Cheyenne Matthews-Hoffman analyzes the configuration of interracial relationships on Grey's Anatomy.

HBO's Disappointments

Kim Masters covers HBO's recent string of troubled projects and pressure from Time Warner.

Moonves' Success

Stephen Battaglio looks at how Les Moonves keeps CBS on top of the TV industry heap in a time of change.

AMC Fighting Piracy

Todd Spangler covers AMC Networks' new attempts to battle piracy of The Walking Dead and other series via watermarking.

MCNs Cool Off

Sahil Patel says YouTube multi-channel networks have declined in influence lately.

Fixing ABC

Toni Fitzgerld offers tips to Channing Dungey on getting ABC back on track.

Diversity Issues

A NYT feature presents minorities in Hollywood sharing their experiences of battling to be represented and employed. Alyssa Rosenberg laments that we're mired in stats and personal stories about Hollywood's diversity problems and not working more toward solutions and reforms. An anonymous agent told Cosmopolitan about how the gender wage gap keeps persisting. Scott Collins says at least TV is better off than film right now.


Baskets is getting a second season, as is Superstore.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Subscriber Losses

Jim O'Neill reports that the six major pay TV providers lost subscribers for the full year for the first time ever.

State of TV Everywhere

Colin Dixon covers the good news and bad news related to state of TV Everywhere within TV's business model.

Streaming Imports in Canada

David Friend says the Shomi streaming service in Canada has been the beneficiary of imports like Empire being dropped by broadcasters.

King of the Hill, the Last Great Bipartisan Comedy

Bert Clere looks back on King of the Hill as TV's last great bipartisan sitcom.

Love Analysis

Pilot Viruet puts Netflix's Love in the context of the "attractiveness gap" between male and female leads. Alyssa Rosenberg laments the show's prestige comedy cliches, as tired as the quality drama's anti-hero cliches. Indiewire's TV podcast covers romcoms across film and TV.

The Underappreciated Good Wife

Danger Guerrero offers appreciation to the underappreciated network drama The Good Wife.

TV Diversity

The FCC has launched an inquiry into TV diversity, and Maureen Ryan covers TV's recent moves into more racially diverse programming. Ryan also praises Black-ish as "the ideal family sitcom for the age of Black Lives Matter." Molly Fitzpatrick covers a police brutality-themed episode of Black-ish.

WB + DramaFever

Joe Flint reports that Warner Bros. is acquiring DramaFever, the Korean drama streaming outlet.

State of the Networks

Josef Adalian checks in on the non-ABC networks and how they've done this season. Jason Lynch notes that CBS is on a recent ratings roll.

No Moonlighting Curse

The Just About Write blog reminds TV writers that the "Moonlighting curse" is a myth and discusses this in terms of current shows like Arrow and Suits.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Representation

Susan Cheng praises Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for its rare representation of an Asian-American man on TV.

American Crime's Importance

Laurence Barber praises American Crime for telling an unprecedented and important story about homophobia and prejudice.

Xena's Progress

Javier Grillo-Marxuach outlines how the process of the new Xena's development has gone and will proceed from here. i09 has an interview with Grillo-Marxuach and co-creator Genevieve Valentine about how things are going.

Netflix's No Ratings

Jason Mittell explains why Netflix doesn't, and doesn't have to, release ratings. Mittell also spoke about this on Marketplace.

PLL's Twitter Dominance

Affinio explores how Pretty Little Liars has been so successful on Twitter season after season.

Auction Postponement

A pair of CommLawBlog writers suspect the FCC may be quietly inclined to postpone the spectrum auction.

Sling TV's Challenges

Dish Network's CEO admits growing Sling TV is a challenge, and Will Richmond is skeptical of its appeal.

Pilot Season Update

Lesley Goldberg updates us on network pilot season and series orders, which are especially heavy on in-house buying.

Univision's Voter Efforts

Nick Corasaniti reports on Univision's efforts to register Latino/a voters this election year.

Greenblatt Interview

Jason Lynch talks to NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt about NBC's season and its live musicals.

PBS Kids' Channel

PBS is launching a new digital subchannel dedicated to kids' programming that will include a streaming service.

X-Files Finale

As Good TVeets illustrated, reaction to the X-Files finale was not positive, and Maureen Ryan says the return series was a mess, while Alan Sepinwall is critical of creator Chris Carter. Sonia Sarayiya says the revival failed the series. Carter says there will more episodes and indicates he's not concerned about negative reactions, which Sam Adams notes are voluminous. Todd VanDerWerff also calls for Carter to be replaced.

Viacom's Paramount

Investors are circling to take a stake in Paramount. Paul Bond and Georg Szalai list Paramount's likely suitors.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Monday, February 22, 2016

Failing Diversity

A thorough report from USC on Hollywood diversity and inclusivity hands out many failing grades to studios and networks, and the streaming services are lagging behind in minority and women employment.

Friends in 2016

Bethonie Butler notes that Friends' cultural politics are problematic for 2016.

Rock & The Oscars

Chris Rock tested out some Oscar material at a comedy club a few days ago, and the Academy and ABC are really counting on his success.

ESPN's Fine

Bill Cromwell insists the sense that ESPN is in crisis is overblown; it's just in a period of flux.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Last week's Walking Dead was up in +3 ratings.

Good TVeets

Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers near the end.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Middle East Censorship

Jessica Davey-Quantick discusses what censorship of the press is like in Qatar.

Mom's Sitcom Solution

Todd VanDerWerff appreciates how Mom has overcome the running-time limitation sitcoms face with narrative innovation.

Making & Watching Love

Alan Sepinwall talks to the stars of Love about making the Netflix series. Caroline Framke says Love suffers from a binge-viewing expectation problem.

TV Diversity

Michael Schneider says the film industry should look to TV for lessons on representing racial diversity.

Closed Captioning Rules

The FCC has updated its rules on who is responsible for delivery and quality of closed captioning.

Viacom Moves

Peter Kafka reports on Viacom's investment in Roku. With Viacom under investor pressure, Paul Bond assesses the possibility of a sell-off of Paramount.

Hulu's Ad-Free Ad Growth

Hulu's CEO says adding an ad-free tier has not hurt the service's ad business.

Thur-Fri-Sat Ratings

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Saturday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Vinyl Renewed

HBO has announced a second season order of Vinyl.

James Burrows

Todd VanDerWerff highlights a video spotlighting legendary director James Burrows, subject of a tribute special tonight. Cynthia Littleton talked to Burrows about his career.

Sherwood & Dungey

Nellie Andreeva talks to Ben Sherwood and Channing Dungey about fixing ABC. Debra Birnbaum also has an interview with the pair. THR also has an interview.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Native American Channel

Brian Steinberg reports that a proposed cable channel targeting Native American audiences is seeking distribution outlets.

NBCU Targeting Audiences

NBCU has launched a data management platform to help marketers better target audiences.

Hamilton on NBC

Alex Nagler tells NBC why it should put the Broadway musical Hamilton on TV.

Rebuilding Full House

Producer Jeff Franklin explains why we're getting Full House back.

Netflix's Revamped Global Recommendations

Ben Popper looks at changes to Netflix's global recommendations system.

ESPN's Streaming Deals

ESPN is talking to online streaming services about being part of bundles, but a standalone version isn't planned.

ComScore Ratings

Bill Cromwell reports on comScore's plan to challenge Nielsen via crossplatform ratings. Kelly Liyakasa reports comScore struck a deal with Twitter to add to its ratings metrics.

Dish & Sling TV Subscribers

Dish Network has acknowledged subscriber declines, while it's estimated that Sling TV has over 600,000 subscribers.

Auction Impact on Low-Power TV

Jim Puzzanghera warns that many small low-power stations, which often serve low-income audiences, will end up as collateral damage in the spectrum auction and may disappear.

Kardashians in People v. OJ Simpson

People are complaining about the Kardashian kids in The People v. O.J. Simpson, but Joe McGovern insists their scenes are crucial to the series' themes.


David Griner says Larry Wilmore seems to have lost the intellectual appeal that defined his time slot predecessor Stephen Colbert. And Michelle Jaworski laments that few are watching Seth Meyers' distinctive show.

SNL's Breaking Updates

Brin Steinberg explains why Saturday Night Live has incorporate breaking news into its Weekend Update segments.

Burrows Tribute, Multicam Wake

Brian Lowry expects the tribute to James Burrows airing Sunday night to feel like a mark of the multi-cam sitcom's passing.

Review to End

The Comedy Central series Review will end with a shortened season.

Cable Box Plan Advances

The FCC voted 3-2 to advance the new cable set-top box plan, a big step toward change. Oriana Schwindt explains what this could mean for you, cable operators, and Google. Brian Barrett has analysis.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted. and O'Connell.

Trump on MSNBC drew less than the GOP Town Hall on CNN.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sundance Channel Ads

SundanceTV has launched a marketing campaign to inform viewers of its channel number on various pay TV lineups.

Directing American Crime Story

Maureen Ryan talks to a director on The People v. O.J. Simpson about working on the show.

Amazon's Unscripted Show

Andy Dehnart traces the development of Amazon's first unscripted series, The New Yorker Presents.

Netflix Subscriber Projections

A research firm projects that Netflix will double its global subscriber base by 2020.

Popcorn Time Returns

Owen Williams points out that Popcorn Time is back, but with enough origin mystery to be wary of it.

Cablevision Offering CBS Livestream

Cablevision and CBS made a deal for the cable operator to make the network available to subscribers via livestream online and on mobile apps.

Bad Word on Cable

People v. O.J. Simpson used a bad curse word last night.

Paid Vevo

Janko Roettgers reports that Vevo may introduce a paid subscription service this year, due to unsustainability of the ad-supported model.

Waiting For Online TV Services

Shalini Ramachandran observes how long it's taking for online pay TV services to develop.

Trump & Political Comedy

James Poniewozik considers the unique challenge that Donald Trump poses for comedians.

Building BuzzFeed

Noah Robischon talks to BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti about building BuzzFeed as a media company for the long haul.

Media Stocks

With media stocks down, Paul Bond says it might be time to buy, while Shalini Ramachandran points out that cable operator valuations are holding steady (Google News link), while media content companies experience declines.

Carpool Karaoke Success

Jason Lynch says CBS hopes to build on the viral success of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segments, as the Adele one has become the most-watched late-night YouTube video ever.

Binge Benefits

Richard Greenfield explains why he thinks binge viewing will eventually supplant live viewing and catch-up viewing that drives people back to live.

Set-Top Box Concerns

Pay TV companies and the MPAA oppose the FCC's set-top box proposal, and minority-led media companies also have concerns about access limitations. Niley Patel points out that Comcast has flip-flopped on this issue.

Netflix is Total-Day #1

A chief research officer for Turner Broadcasting claims Netflix averaged more viewers across a total day than any TV network in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Milch's Losses

Stephen Galloway and Scott Johnson report on David Milch's massive financial losses due to gambling.

Paul Lee Out

Paul Lee is now the ex-president of ABC, replaced by Channing Dungey, who becomes the first African-American to head up a major network. Josef Adalian looks at what's gone wrong at ABC this season, while Joe Flint says the move was due to internal tension between Lee and his Disney boss Ben Sherwood. Brian Lowry says this shows network jobs aren't built to last, and Tim Goodman says Dungey has an impossible task ahead. THR looks back on hits and misses across Lee's six-year tenure. David Sims wonders if this is a bad sign for innovative and inclusive television. Jason Lynch has an interview with Paul Lee from last month.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Google Fiber Expansion

Andrew Tonner says a coming expansion of Google Fiber is about Alphabet wanting to challenge pay TV distributors.

Set-Top Box Proposal

Sanjay Iyer looks at the FCC's set-top box proposal and what results it could produce. Sean Captain sees the proposal as part of a larger fight for control of TV.

U-verse Ending

AT&T is phasing out U-verse and pushing new pay TV customers toward DirecTV. Colin Dixon says U-verse was broken from the start.

Saul & Netflix

Oriana Schwindt explains why you won't see Better Call Saul's second season on Netflix in the U.S. as it airs on AMC.

The New Hulu

As 11.22.63 arrives, David Pierce frames this as the beginning of a new Hulu, and Cory Barker wonders if Hulu can finally live up to its initial hype.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BBC3 Goes Online

As of today, BBC Three is no longer a television channel.

HBO vs. Netflix

Nathan McAlone says HBO is following in Netflix's footsteps with international expansion and increased original content.

Viacom Fixes

Jon Lafayette proposes five ways Viacom could fix its problems.

Unforgettable Canceled

Unforgettable has been canceled for good this time.

Upfronts Forecasts

Media sellers are predicting improved upfronts results this year, but Jeanine Poggi offers a more skeptical take.

Live Homer

The Simpsons will end a May broadcast with a live presentation of Homer Simpson.

Late-Night Contenders

Diego Vasquez talks with a media analyst about who's winning and losing in the new late-night landscape. Michael Malone looks at the competitive late-night landscape. And Brian Steinberg highlights late-night hosts who act more like journalists than just comedians.

Media Stocks

Andrew Wallenstein explains what's behind recent media company stock declines.

Grammys Coverage

Alyx Vesey offers analysis of the cultural and industrial implications of the Grammys broadcast. Kendrick Lamar's performance was the show-stopper; Spencer Kornhaber has analysis. CBS's stream of the broadcast was marred by technical problems, but it still set All-Access records.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Good TVeets

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Google & TV's Future

Brian Fung covers Google's position on the future of TV and the FCC's set-top box plans.


Daniel Fienberg talks to the showrunner of Hulu's 11.22.63: Part 1 and Part 2. Alan Sepinwall laments what got left out in the adaption.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Pilot Directors

Nellie Andreeva notes that only one woman has been hired to direct a broadcast drama pilot.

TV Everywhere Knowledge

Wayne Friedman reports on a new study that assessed TV Everywhere misconceptions.

AMC Late Night

AMC has ordered a late-night pop culture-focused talk show called Geeking Out.

Karaoke Showdown

James Corden's team thinks an upcoming Spike show called Caraoke Showdown hews too close to Carpool Karaoke.

South Park Analysis

Bob Chipman marks 2015 as the year that South Park got old.

Television Survey

Jonathan Gray invites you to fill out a survey on "how people find the television shows they like, and about whose recommendations matter to you."

Character Death Anniversary

Hank Stuever observes the anniversary of Thirtysomething killing off Gary and notes that surprise character deaths are no longer so shocking.

Project Greenlight Diversity

The studio that produces Project Greenlight has formed an advisory board to address diversity issues.

Sports Coverage

Phillip Swann considers the consequences of the impending sports TV rights bubble bursting. Colin Dixon and Will Richmond's podcast covers Super Bowl streaming. And Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr. delve into the story of how the NFL brought football back to LA.

Apple Show, But No Apple Set

Robert X. Cringely considers why Apple has never come out with a TV set. Apple is working on its first scripted TV series, though, featuring Dr. Dre.

Megyn Kelly's Prominence

Adam Buckman looks at how Megyn Kelly has become the most prominent newswoman on TV.

Cinemax on Sling TV

Sling TV now offers a standalone Cinemax.

Fox-Dish Ad-Skip Suit Settled

Fox and Dish Network have settled their lawsuit over the Hopper DVR, which will result in ad-skipping of Fox programming being disabled for seven days after first airing.

MTV News Reboot

Brian Steinberg looks at the reboot of MTV News as part of an attempt to revive MTV. Tim Baysinger considers how MTV News is reinventing itself for a new generation of viewers.

HBO's Peak TV Strategy

HBO CEO Richard Plepler says subscribers have to be turned into addicts for the premium channel to thrive in the Peak TV era.

Days Renewed

NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives for its 51st season.

Diverse TV is Better TV

James Poniewozik and Wesley Morris discuss how more diverse TV can make for better TV.

Bullish Ad Market

Steven Perlberg reports that the TV ad market is still looking relatively healthy.

Netflix International Originals

Scott Roxborough notes that Netflix's global expansion is resulting in more original content produced outside the US.

Reality Streaming Service

NBCU will launch a reality TV streaming service in the UK, Ireland, and Australia.

Data & Walled Gardens

Mike Shields says the prospects for data-driven ad targeting are challenged by "walled gardens" at networks and platforms.

Trump Settles Miss USA Suit

Donald Trump and Univision have settled their Miss USA lawsuit.

Snapchat Moves

Viacom and Snapchat have forged an advertising deal, and Nick Cicero and Jesse Redniss have analysis of the partnership. Snapchat is also moving aggressively into news and election campaign coverage.

OTT Interactive Advertising

Matt Pressberg says over-the-top services present new opportunities for interactive and targeted advertising.

Sitcoms & Prejudice

A new study proposes that sitcoms can help reduce prejudice with Little Mosque on the Prairie as its case study.

The Chicago Franchise

Ileane Rudolph profiles Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise and the mark its shows are making in TV.

Pirate Bay Improvement

Joan E. Solsman reports on Pirate Bay's move to make streaming torrent files easier.

Friday, February 12, 2016

CBS's Success

CBS yesterday reported earnings that exceeded expectations, and Les Moonves is optimistic about what upfronts will bring. Oriana Schwindt looks at how Moonves and CBS have positioned the network so successfully in the current challenging TV landscape.

Making a Murderer Ratings

Jason Lynch reports on figures released by Symphony claiming that over 19 million viewers watched Making a Murderer in its first 35 days of availability.

Netflix Black Market

Kaveh Waddell tells us about the black market for Netflix passwords on the dark web.

HBO Now Subscribers

Emily Steel reports on HBO's news that HBO Now has around 800,000 subscribers. Will Richmond considers reasons why there aren't more, as does Karl Bode, and Philip Swann proposes that pay TV operators offering discounts on HBO has had an impact.

Wednesday & Thursday Ratings

Wednesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Good TVeets

Bee on TBS

Samantha Bee's Full Frontal will return next week exclusively on TBS, despite the fact it got higher ratings on an Adult Swim simulcast.

Vice's Challenges

Brian Steinberg delves into Vice Media's upcoming challenges as new backers bring new pressures.

Adapting Limitless

Myles McNutt talked to showrunner Craig Sweeny about adapting the movie Limitless for TV.

CBS's Super Bowl Surge

Toni Fitzgerald reports the Super Bowl ratings have pushed CBS to #1 in 18-49 ratings for the season.

Comcast vs. FCC

Troy Wolverton looks at how Comcast is battling with the FCC over net neutrality.

DraftKings Trouble

21st Century Fox has dropped the value of its DraftKings investment, and ESPN has ended its exclusive advertising deal with the company.

Fuller To Run Trek

CBS's upcoming Star Trek series will be helmed by showrunner Bryan Fuller.

NBCU Cable Shakeup

Cynthia Littleton covers a big cable executive shakeup happening at NBCU.


Paul Farhi explains why PBS decided to share an upcoming Democratic debate broadcast with CNN.

Viacom Defensive

Emily Steel reports on a combative conference call with analysts as Philippe Dauman defended Viacom's recent economic performance.

Angel From Hell Pulled

Jason Lynch reports on CBS pulling Angel From Hell but staying with the trend of not acknowledging that as an outright cancellation.

Mozart in the Jungle Renewed

Amazon wants a third season of Mozart in the Jungle.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Fox News led the way in primary coverage ratings.

Canadian Unbundling

Starz exec John Penney says successful unbundling in Canada should provide a lesson for the U.S. and global pay TV operators.

Disney & ESPN

Disney CEO Bob Iger insists ESPN is doing just fine financially despite press reports of doom, but Peter Kafka says Disney's take on how skinny bundles could help or hurt is complicated.

HBO Now Subscribers

Josh Kosman and Claire Atkinson report that HBO Now has less than 1 million subscribers, which is under analyst expectations. Peter Kakfa also reports.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

The X-Files is doing especially well on DVRs.

TBS is home base for Samantha Bee's Full Frontal, but more people watched its premiere simulcast on Adult Swim.

CBS This Morning had a good Monday thanks to the Super Bowl.

Good TVeets

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cable Billing

A group of Senators wants the FCC to crack down on what they see as unfair billing practices by cable and broadband companies.

Charter-TWC Merger Assessment

Rich Greenfield covers the likelihood of the Charter-Time Warner Cable-Bright House merger being approved and considers who winners and losers would be.

Netflix News

Philip Swann notes that Netflix's stock price has slid over the last two months. Patrick Frater predicts challenges for Netflix's global expansion too, especially in Asia. Netflix has picked up a German Hitler satire movie as part of its international expansion.

DVR + Netflix + Pay TV VOD Use

Jeff Baumgartner reports on figures detailing that 81% of US households now have a DVR, Netflix, and/or a pay TV VOD service.

First-Down Technology

Vox has a cool explainer on how the NFL's yellow first-down line technology works.

Super Bowl Coverage

Super Bowl ratings are in; the game didn't set a record, but it's likely to go down as the third-most watched show in U.S. TV history. CBS says the game set a record for Super Bowl streaming audience, though it didn't reach Yahoo's NFL livestream number, plus not everyone's devices worked smoothly, and Dan Rayburn is skeptical about streaming's future in live sports. As far as the game and ads, Todd VanDerWerff identified four winners and three losers, as well as best and worst ads. Brian Steinberg and Sydney Ember also assessed the ads, while Toni Fitzgerald broke down the ads by the numbers of what they were and when they aired. Richard Deitsch wasn't impressed with CBS's game broadcast. Caroline Framke highlights the political nature of the halftime show, thanks to Beyonce. Facebook's Sports Stadium didn't have a good day., and social media activity overall was down. The big TV news last night was CBS announcing the impending end of The Good Wife via a promo. Sam Adams agrees the show's time has come, and Debra Birnbaum talks to the show's executive producers about what's left and next.

Good TVeets

Sunday, February 7, 2016

FS1's Ratings

Deadspin reports that Fox Sports 1 is having major ratings problems, with Colin Cowherd's show in particular tanking.

Shades of Blue Renewed

NBC wants a second season of Shades of Blue.

PayPal VPN Bans

PayPal has begun banning VPN and SmartDNS services that enable copyright and geo-blocking streaming bypasses.

FNL Renuion

The ATX Television Festival this summer will feature a Friday Night Lights reunion in honor of the premiere's 10th anniversary.

Friday & Saturday Ratings

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Saturday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

The Saturday night GOP debate on ABC did well.

Viacom & CBS Future

Richard Greenfield explains how the future of CBS and Viacom is dependent on three trustees.

CBS vs. Netflix and Hulu

Les Moonves is pushing for CBS All Access to compete with Netflix and Hulu. Reuters says this aggressive digital move will follow from Moonves' new power at CBS.

21st Century Media Issue

The new issue of the journal The Projector focuses on Twenty-First Century Media, featuring open-access essays on the Ooyala online video distribution service, readings of Breaking Bad and audience class status, and The Simpsons as a blockbuster transmedia franchise.

Horace and Pete and Paying for TV

Matt Brennan reflects on the arrival of Louis CK's Horace and Pete in an already crowded TV market, and Sam Adams explores the question of what an episode of TV is worth, as some question what Louis CK is charging.

Apple's TV Struggles

Alan Wolk explains why Apple hasn't made inroads into TV.

Yahoo Ends Smart TV Apps

Colin Dixon considers why Yahoo has shut down its smart TV services.

The New NBCU

James B. Stewart talked to NBCU CEO Steve Burke about the company's recent successes.

The XFL Influence

Sean Creeley credits a lot of recent NFL innovation to the late XFL.

Sports Obsession

Bill Cromwell says a new Nielsen report indicates a rising national obsession with sports via media consumption, especially live TV.

Muslim Representations

President Obama called for wider representation of Muslims in television, and Alyssa Rosenberg says this is part of a larger Hollywood insufficiency of representing the daily practice of religion.


Check out new Critical Studies in Television posts:

Diversity & Peak TV

Ryan McGee says the diversity in shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Master of None illustrates the potential power of Peak TV.

The Value of Live

Harry A. Jessell points to Grease: Live's success and the big Thursday Night Football deal to highlight the power and value of live programming today.

Musical Sponsorship

Alex Nagler notes the value live musicals have for sponsorship and product placement.

Good TVeets

Friday, February 5, 2016

Cable Talk

The Paley Center has posted video of a talk between Cablevision's COO and AMC Networks' CEO about "the intersection of entertainment, advertising and technology in a multi-screen world."

YouTube Plans

YouTube Red will launch original programming next week, and YouTube's head of original content has plans for grooming talent at Red.

Content Explosion Impact

Tal Shachar and Liam Boluk say tastemaker curation will be crucial in the age of abundant media content.

Politics & Programming Preferences

Nielsen has a new report on programming preferences among voters of different political leanings.

Hulu Concerns

Drew McWeeny says Time Warner's plan to have Hulu pull recent episodes would destroy the service's value. Colin Dixon says Hulu should have even more recent content, not less.

Limited Series Changing Drama

Brian Lowry proposes that limited series and season anthologies are changing the rules of TV drama.

Beck's Problems

Lloyd Grove says Glenn Beck's media empire is starting to melt down.

Nexstar-Cox Dispute Resolved

Nexstar and Cox Communications have settled their retransmission dispute.

Murphy's Diversity Plan

Todd VanDerWerff assesses what Ryan Murphy says he's going to do to foster diversity on his shows.

Super Bowl Coverage

Brian Steinberg covers what it takes to produce the Super Bowl as a TV show. Sydney Ember notes that the broadcast brings pressures for advertisers. Peter Kafka details the challenges you could be up against if you try to stream the broadcast. Jason Lynch says the game could break the total viewer record, but probably not 18-49.

Redbox Declines

Profit and revenue at Redbox are declining as DVD kiosk use declines.

Cable Competition & Boxes

The VideoNuze podcast this week talks about the FCC's set-top box competition plan, as well as the cord cutting ebb. George S. Ford questions the FCC's plan, but Tom Wheeler is defending it as enabling competition. The NYT editorial board is in favor of the plan. Adonis Hoffman offers his take.

Netflix Coverage

Andrew Leung covers Netflix's spending strategies. Reinhardt Krause says Netflix's about-face to supporting the Charter-TWC merger makes approval more likely. Vivian Giang delves into Netflix's unique corporate culture and profiles the woman who created it. Netflix would be happy to see the latest figures on the growth in TV streaming viewership.