Friday, January 1, 2016

Best Good TVeets of 2015

After the jump, you'll find the epic collection of our favorite TVeets from 2015. It's in chronological order, so you can relive the TV year as it happened. And I included links back to the entries for big event days, so if you want to see our Mad Men finale reactions or re-experience the day the llamas got loose, you can. In the previous post, you can find the Top 40 TVeets.

Thanks a bunch to Storify for making this all work so smoothly, and thanks to all of the volunteers who helped me pick these. I encourage you to follow them to reward them for their efforts:
@tmvogel, @arrabin56, @theshoresofme, @frazbelina, @junethomas, @stringertheory, @digifreak642, @iatethetv, @AndrewDaar, @whitneym02, @ronackner, @elenaisawesome, @Rube_Goldberg, @mostlyemotional, @joannekucharska.

Hope you enjoy the read!

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