Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Soap Diversity

Michael Logan grades the four daytime soaps on their diversity in 2015.

Making a Murderer

Jarrett Wieselman talked to the filmmakers of Making a Murderer about producing the documentary. Rich Juzwiak discusses the series and what's at stake.

Political Animals Led To Mr. Robot

Jason Lynch explains how the failure of Political Animals on USA helped pave the way for Mr. Robot's success.

Big Bang Theory Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed over allegations that The Big Bang Theory has been using the verses of a poem without author permission.

Star Trek Lawsuit

Paramount and CBS have filed suit against makers of a crowdfunded film set in the Star Trek world.

Leslie Jones Profile

Andrew Marantz has a profile of Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones.

Sling vs. Comcast

Sling's CEO is accusing Comcast of designing its broadband data caps to hurt rivals.

AT&T Settles Allen Lawsuit

AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV will pick up seven channels owned by Byron Allen following a racial discrimination lawsuit settlement.

AMC & Bundle Threat

Claire Atkinson says a carriage fee standoff between AMC Networks and small cable operators could herald the end of the bundle. An operator in Alaska has already decided to drop AMC's channels and Univision on January 1.

The Year of...

Amanda Marcotte says 2015 was the year women ruled geek culture. June Thomas says 2015 was the year of the queer senior. Tim Stenovec says 2015 was the year of Netflix.

Sports News

Ben Frederick notes that 2015 was a big year for live sports on TV and Twitter. Next year, Spanish-language audiences will be able to watch the Super Bowl on ESPN Deportes, and MLB.TV subscribers will have the option of selecting a single-team stream. One sports venture that has not been a success yet is the Longhorn Network.

Fall DVR Winners & Losers

Matt Webb Mitovich lists the best and worst gainers in DVR playback among fall network shows.

Most-Watched Telecasts

Michael Schneider has another ratings roundup, this one of the most-watched individual telecasts.

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Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Ratings

Michael Schneider has a chart of ratings for every ad-supported broadcast and cable network in 2015 ranked by viewer totals and demos.

TV in 2015

Eric Deggans discusses 2015 TV trends. Whitney Friedlander reports on the most-pirated series of 2015, with Game of Thrones again atop the list. Stephen Battaglio covers how broadcast and cable news fared in the 2015 ratings, and Jordan Chariton parses out median age data for cable news channels this year.

Colorblind Casting

Angelica Jade BastiΓ©n argues that colorblind casting can constitute racial erasure.

Cable Bills Rising

Gerry Smith warns that cable bills are going up in 2016 as rising carriage fee costs are passed on to consumers.

Telemundo's Strides

Bob Fernandez looks at how Telemundo is using Comcast's backing to better compete with Univision.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

DirecTV Adds Revolt

DirecTV has added the Sean Combs-co-owned music channel Revolt to its lineup, and Phillip Swann says this and the upcoming addition of two Bryan Allen-owned channels seem related to Allen's lawsuit against DirecTV over its lack of African-American channels.

Groundbreaking Asian Representation

Ira Madison III highlights a Days of Our Lives actor for his groundbreaking portrayal of a gay Asian-American man.

2015 Cable Standouts

Rick Kissell looks at 2015 cable ratings and names AMC, Discovery Channel, and Cartoon Network as the standouts.

Cord Cutting & Broadband

Patrick Seitz covers a new report claiming that the media is over-reacting to cord cutting figures. Brian Fung says cord cutting concerns are real and that pay TV/broadband companies should also be concerned about the large share of cord cutters who don't have broadband either and are watching their TV via cellular devices.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 10 TV News Stories

Norman Weiss names the top 10 TV news stories of 2015.

TV Club 2015 Discussion

Slate has launched a multi-critic series looking back on 2015 in TV.

Christie Says TV Hurts Him

Presidential candidate and New Jersey governor Chris Christie argues that shows like Jersey Shore and The Sopranos have hindered his image with voters.

Trump on Fox News

Media Matters reports that Fox News has given Donald Trump coverage more than twice as much airtime as that of any other candidate since May.

Nussbaum on Lists & Prestige Drama

Emily Nussbaum prefaced her Best of 2015 TV list with reflections on labels like "prestige TV" and "guilty pleasure," which are often allotted based on gender, race, and genre.

Hulu's Growth

Yvonne Villarreal looks back on Hulu's growth in 2015.

TV Podcasts

Andy Greenwald interviewed Damon Lindelof in his latest podcast, while KCRW's The Spinoff covers peak TV and social issues in 2015 television.

Amazon Reality Check

Oriana Schwindt offers skepticism about Amazon's announcement that The Man in the High Castle set a streaming record for the platform.

2015 Ratings

Dominic Patten covers the 2015 cable ratings, with ESPN, FOX News, and USA Network at the top. And Jason Lynch notes that multiple outlets can claim 2015 ratings supremacy depending on demographic parsing.

Pay TV & Broadband

New research finds that pay TV cord cutters aren't necessarily turning to broadband, as 42% of them don't subscribe to home broadband. Other research finds that pay TV subscribers might be more inclined toward SVOD services than non-subscribers. Richmond and Dixon discuss that in their weekly podcast.

Disney Shedding Fusion

Disney reportedly wants to sell its stake in Fusion.

PLL Status

Pretty Little Liars may or may not end with the upcoming second half of its seventh season.

2015 Changed TV

Amanda Lotz views 2015 as the year that changed TV forever.

Moonves to Follow Redstone

Les Moonves is reportedly in line to become CBS Corp. chairman upon Sumner Redstone's death.

ESPN DIrect-to-Consumer

In a video clip, Richard Greenfield assesses ESPN's viability as a direct-to-consumer option.

Bewitched Episode on Racism

Jim McKairnes looks back on a special Betwitched episode that aired 45 years ago & tackles racism based on a story provided by schoolchildren.

Game of Thrones Rape Response

The creators of Game of Thrones say they're changing their approach to depicting sexual assault due to complaints.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cable Bills Rising

Oriana Schwindt warns of rising pay TV costs in 2016, as Dish, TWC, and DirecTV are raising rates. TWC tried to explain its rising rates.

Apple's TV Challenge

Troy Wolverton looks at how Apple is finding TV tougher to tackle than phones and music.

Full Frontal

Maria Elena Fernandez notes 2015 as the year of full frontal male nudity.

LGBT TV in 2015

/bent's Peter Knegt and Matthew Hammett Knott discuss why 2015 was the best year ever for LGBT television.

Showtime Finale Ratings

Rick Kissell reports that Homeland and The Affair experienced season finale ratings surges.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Lieanr Down, Connected Viewing Up

Colin Dixon reports on Nielsen figures showing that as live TV viewing declines, connected video platform use grows.

Ad Value Up As Ratings Fall

Alan Wolk notes that as ratings decline and audiences fragment, advertisers pay more to target them more precisely.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

The Knick Script Order

Cinemax has ordered a script for a possible season 3 premiere of The Knick.

Nevins Interview

Josef Adalian talks to Showtime president David Nevins about his channel's shows and rivals.

Weinstein TV Expansion

The Weinstein Company is expanding its TV business via a new partnership with American Media.

2015 Ratings

CBS had five of the top 10 shows in Nielsen ratings this year, and The Young and the Restless won the soap opera ratings crown for the 27th consecutive year. ESPN and Fox News were 1-2 in live+same day viewing on entertainment channels. THR has a list of the top 10 shows in social media ratings, with The Voice and Grey's Anatomy on top.

Lack Interview

Lloyd Grove talked to NBC News chief Andy Lack about MSNBC, Brian Williams, and Today.

Comcast Denies ITV Merger

Comcast is denying reports that NBCU is discussing a merger with ITV Group. ITV's shares have fallen as a result.

Dem Debate Ratings

Brain Stelter reports on ratings for the Democratic debate on Saturday, which were solid given the timing.

High Castle Most-Streamed

Amazon says that The Man in the High Castle is its most-streamed original series ever.

Monday, December 21, 2015

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

British Comedies Into Movies

Vanessa Thorpe notes a trend of British sitcoms being adapted into feature films.

Actor Pay Problems

Nellie Andreeva and David Robb say TV's programming glut is leading to an actor pay problem, particularly in the guest star category.

Transparent's Tub Scene

Joe Reid defends Transparent's bathtub sex scene against those who find it unsettling.

TV Writer Interviews

Victoria Nelli has added more TV writer interviews to her TV's Unsung Heroes series, many of which offer great advice for aspiring TV writers in college.

LGBT Representation

Michael Arceneaux has an overview of the representation of gay black men on TV. And Out has an oral history of transgender representation on scripted TV.

Gumbel Interview

Daily Beast talked to Bryant Gumbel about Real Sports and network complicity in NFL CTE coverups.

Homeland & the War on Terror

Rozina Ali argues that Homeland's representations help justify the U.S. war on terror.

Mental Illness on TV

Julie Kliegman says 2015 has been a transformative year for the representation of mental illness on TV. Eric Thurm also covers this topic and cites Broad City as 2015's best depiction of depression on TV.

Not Too Much TV

Alan Wolk argues that "too much TV" isn't a problem, or it's just a linear-TV way of judging the situation.

Fallon's Success

Bill Carter returns to the late-night beat in covering Jimmy Fallon's dominance.

Disney & ESPN Down

ESPN's ratings are down 10% this year, and Disney stock is tumbling. Andrew Ross Sorkin says cord cutting looms as a threat to Disney's bottom line.

Lazy Sunday at 10

Variety has an oral history of the Lazy Sunday digital short.

Amazon Renewals

Amazon has made a number of pickup and renewal announcements, including renewal of Man in the High Castle, Hand of God, and Red Oaks.

GoDaddy Skipping Super Bowl

Brian Steinberg reports that GoDaddy won't advertise during the Super Bowl anymore.

Cooper Barrett Ads Pulled

Fox is taking down ads and billboards for Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life following complaints.

C3 Ratings

Wayne Friedman has the latest C3 ratings, as cable is down and the networks are flat.

Making a Murderer & True Crime

Molly Eichel covers the making of Netflix's Making a Murderer and the true crime wave.

Streaming Comedy

Cory Barker considers how streaming platforms are revolutionizing TV comedy, far overshadowing drama efforts.

TV Everywhere Awareness

Part of TV Everywhere's growth problem is that reportedly only 25% of consumers have even heard of the term.

Empire Merchandise

Lynn Elber highlights Empire's success with retail tie-ins, especially in fashion.

Mike & Molly's End

Nellie Andreeva delves into how Mike & Molly came to its cancellation. Ken Levine reflects on CBS's treatment of the series.

New CST Posts

New blog posts from Critical Studies in Television:

Big Copyright & Anti-Piracy

Paul McDonald looks at the growth of anti-piracy alliances in the UK and US, or the rise of Big Copyright.

Cord-Cutting Acceleration

Keach Hagey reports on an accelerating pace for cord cutting and projections for the next few years.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good TVeets

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hallmark Season

Joe Flint highlights the holiday season success of Hallmark's channels.


AMC Networks is battling with the National Cable Television Cooperative, which represents small cable operators, over licensing fees as a response to skinny bundles. A blackout could result.

Sepinwall Interview

Sonia Saraiya talked to critic Alan Sepinwall about the updated edition of his book about this era of TV.

Netflix Ratings Problem

Ben Travers says Netflix's ratings secrecy could be bad for the people working on their original series.

Brian Roberts Interview

Business Insider interviewed Comcast's CEO Brian Roberts about his company and customer service challenges.

Jessica Jones as Superhero Survivor

Emily Nussbaum analyzes Jessica Jones and its "superhero survivor" main character.

Manhattan Interview

Todd VanDerWerff talked with Manhattan's creator about the show's second season.

Fargo Coverage

Creator Noah Hawley talked to Daniel Fienberg about this season of Fargo. He also revealed season 3 won't appear until 2017. Todd VanDerWerff details the ways in which Fargo is similar to Breaking Bad.

Climate Change in Pop Culture

Jordan Foisy wonders why shows that address social issues so rarely explore climate change.

Internet Fame's Economics

Gaby Dunn delves into the challenging economics of internet fame.

DirecTV Wins Case

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of DirecTV against the possibility of a class-action lawsuit over disputes.

Prescription Drug Ads

Stuart Elliott agrees with the American Medical Association that prescription drug TV ads should be phased out.

America's Next Top Model Bigotry

Jennifer L. Pozner says she won't miss the bigotry and fake empowerment of America's Next Top Model.

Transparent Coverage

Alan Sepinwall talked to creator Jill Solloway about Transparent and the "new art form" of streaming series. Zack Sharf offers quotes from cast members about their appreciation for the freedom Solloway gives them. And Sonia Saraiya praises the series for incorporating the female gaze.

TV Swag Auction

Critic Maureen Ryan has launched her annual auction of TV swag for charity.

Streaming TV as Genre

James Poniewozik considers streaming TV as a genre with its own conventions and aesthetics.

Soap Actor Praise

FIlm director David O. Russell has much praise for soap opera actors.

Scripted Volume

FX Research released figures today affirming what we all suspected: there's a lot of TV; specifically, 409 scripted series aired this year, which is a 94% increase since 2009.  Jason Lynch has analysis and a cool FX chart.

TV Still Dominates

Bob Hoffman says press reporting on free-falling ratings ignores that "TV still thoroughly dominates media habits."

Peak TV & Awards

Brian Lowry notes that the glut of TV programming is resulting in a lack of consensus across various awards groups.

You're the Worst & Depression

Pilot Viruet praises You're the Worst for depicting depression that looks like her own, and Todd VanDerWerff praises the series for depicting depression in a marriage that looks like his own.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

GOP debate ratings were strong.

Best Time Ever Done

NBC has cancelled Best Time Ever, but Neil Patrick Harris's production deal with NBC will continue.

TNT Renewals and Cancellations

TNT has renewed three shows, including The Librarians, and cancelled three shows, including Legends.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

Good TVeets

Gay People in Ads

Steven Petrow marvels at how advertisers have embraced featuring gay people in ads this year.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Critic's Choice Awards

2015 nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association have been announced.

Netflix's Bandwidth

Janko Roettgers reports on Netflix's implementation of bandwidth-saving technology, which would help consumers save on data usage.

SportsCenter Ratings & Social Engagement

John Ourand says the new midnight SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt has flat ratings, but streaming and digital boosts. Also, SportsCenter finished as the top show in November in social engagement, followed by The Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liars.

Spectrum News

Bill Cromwell updates us on the upcoming spectrum auction with a look at who stands to gain and lose the most in the process. Also, there's word that Howard University may sell off its spectrum space, which is currently transmitting the only black-owned public TV station in the country.

Olympics Viewing

NBCU is ramping up plans to gather data on how people view the Olympics on various platforms in preparation for the Summer Rio games.

Assessing Sling TV

Phillip Swann says Sling TV is not a success yet, and he's not optimistic about next year.

Mike & Molly Ending

CBS will end Mike & Molly with the upcoming 13-episode season. Melissa McCarthy says she is shocked by the news.

TV Abortions

Sarah Mirk highlights new research that analyzes how abortion has been represented on TV in the past decade. Alyssa Rosenberg has analysis. Susan Rinkunas also reports.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Directing Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail will direct all season 2 episodes of the series.

Colbert vs. the DVR

Brian Steinberg says CBS sees Stephen Colbert's biggest competition as DVR viewing, not late night rivals.

Charlie Kaufman For You

Nathan Rabin views Nathan For You, just renewed for a fourth season, as brilliantly embodying the surreal sensibility of writer Charlie Kaufman.

New CST Posts

Check out new Critical Studies in Television posts:

Christmas Ads

Robert Klara notes the dearth of big Christmas ads from retailers in the US, while they thrive in the UK and Europe.

Transgender TV Timeline

Mashable has an infographic detailing a timeline of transgender representations on U.S. TV since the 1970s.

Muslims on TV

David Zurawik says television bears some responsibility for virulent anti-Muslim rhetoric in the U.S. with its narrow representations of Muslims and Arabs.

Redesigning MTV

Zachary Taylor and Alex Welsh look at how SVP Richard Turley is trying to bring a new identity to MTV.

Skinny Bundles May Bring Mergers

Gerry Smith says the growth of skinnier  pay TV bundles is likely lead to more media company consolidation, particularly among smaller companies.

Gender & Race in Jessica Jones

Cate Young praises Jessica Jones for its handling of gender issues but decries its representation of race.

Stars Wars TV Ads

Anthony Crupi reports that Disney/Lucasfilm has spent over $66 million on TV spots for the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Freeform Date

ABC Family will be known officially as Freeform starting on January 12.

Measuring Netflix Success

Miriam Gottfried explains why Netflix investors might appreciate that the service doesn't release ratings for its shows. (Google News link)

YouTube Kids App Concerns

Dale Kunkel has concerns about the advertising content on the YouTube Kids app.

Christmas Specials

John Koblin looks at the network love for holiday programming in December.

Strong Scatter Market

Jason Lynch explains why the scatter advertising market has been so strong this fall.

Daily Fantasy Issues

As legal uncertainty swirls around daily sports fantasy sites, their ads won't appear during any upcoming college sports championship games.

The League History

ESPN has an oral history of The League, which has come to an end.

Women in Entertainment Power

THR has released its Women in Entertainment Power 100 list for 2015.

Grace & Frankie Renewed

Netflix has renewed Grace & Frankie for a third season, well before its second has even appeared.

Thursday & Friday Ratings

Thursday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted

Bewkes Eyeing Hulu

Erik Gruenwedel reports that Jeff Bewkes revealed interest in a Time Warner Hulu investment.

TV Everywhere Plans

Keach Hagey notes that TV Everywhere, which pay TV companies hope will combat Netflix, is still rolling out slowly.

South Park's Season

South Park just finished a special season featuring serialization. James Poniewozik praises the season for its satire of our era of outrage.

The Leftovers Renewed & To End

HBO will bring back The Leftovers for a final season.

Good TVeets

Thursday, December 10, 2015

BBC Renewals

The BBC has announced a sixth-season renewal of Call the Midwife and a second-season renewal of The Last Kingdom.

Syfy Ad Strategies

Syfy will premiere a new series, The Magician, next week without commercial breaks, sponsored by T-Mobile. Syfy is also promoting a new miniseries, Children's End, via YouTube skippable ads.

Cable Timeshifting

Toni Fitzgerald points out that cable shows dominate Nielsen's lists of most-DVRed programs in 2015.

Suspended Plans

Apple is reportedly suspending its live TV service efforts for now. Will Richmond says it sounds like Verizon is giving up on trying to develop a traditional pay TV service. And Yahoo has dropped plans to spin off Alibaba, though it reportedly will still spin off other parts of its core internet business.

Viewing & Subscription Drops

Anthony Crupi reports that network ratings continue to fall, with only three returning shows -- Sunday Night Football, Empire, and The Middle -- showing year-over-year time slot increases. New Nielsen figures show drops in live viewing, as SVOD grows. And another report shows drops in pay TV, as cord cutting is on the rise.

Late-Night Coverage

Brian Steinberg covers the late-night ratings battle, which Jimmy Fallon leads. Late-night hosts are also doing well in YouTube popularity rankings. Justin Peters fears coming to The Late Show has thrown Stephen Colbert off his interviewing game.

Netflix Criticism

Daniel Holloway argues that Netflix exploiting hype in place of ratings metrics has worsened the ratings measurement crisis. And Nico Lang fears that Netflix's original series expansion is about quantity, not quality.

You're the Worst's Second Season

You're the Worst wrapped up its daring second season last night. Creator Stephen Falk explains why he decided to address mental illness in the season. Falk also talked to Alan Sepinwall about the season. Star Aya Cash talked to the Daily Beast. Libby Hill praises the series for making depression comprehensible.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Sling TV Subscribers

Dan Rayburn says Sling TV looks to have low subscriber numbers, fitting for its niche offering.

Amazon's Streaming Partnerships

Bloomberg News is skeptical of the benefits of Amazon's new streaming service partnerships, while Will Richmond says Amazon could disrupt the whole SVOD industry with this they do it right. Alan Wolk doesn't see Amazon becoming competitive with MVPDs with this. Will Richmond and Colin Dixon's podcast also questions Amazon's readiness for this.


Showtime wants more of both Homeland and The Affair, and Fox wants a second season of Wayward Pines, though a new showrunner will be on board. Also, Nathan Fielder has tweeted that Nathan For You has been renewed.

Award Nominations

Golden Globe nominations are out, and shows from streaming services were plentiful among the categories. Mikle Hale identifies snubs and surprises. Michael O'Connell has analysis. Inkoo Kang points out that actresses of color did well in the TV nominations, but were shut out in film. More analysis from Cynthia Littleton, Tim Goodman, and Mary McNamara.

SAG Award nominations are also out.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Netflix vs. Hollywood

Shira Ovide analyzes the "uncomfortable symbiosis" Netflix and media companies are in.

AT&T Entertainment

Georg Szalai reports on AT&T's hopes to launch a mobile entertainment service like Verizon's Go90 and to push more into original content.

24-Hour Gun Network

Mike McPhate describes a QVC-like shopping channel for firearms coming in January called Gun TV.

Disney Doubles Vice Stake

Disney now has a 10% stake in Vice Media.

NAACP Award Nominations

The NAACP has announced nominees for its film and TV awards.

The Wiz Live! Advertising

Kelli Marshall analyzed the ad breaks during The Wiz Live! and offers insights about race and advertising.

FNL Episode Analysis

Noel Murray explains what makes Friday Night Lights' "The Son" a special episode of TV.

Top Ten Lists

Todd VanDerWerff deconstructs the typical top ten of the year TV list.

Redstone's Health

Viacom's CEO insists that Sumner Redstone is still healthy enough to make decisions about the company.

Amazon Bundling Services

Peter Kafka covers Amazon's bundling of OTT streaming services from Starz, Showtime, and others.

Moonves Optimistic (As Always)

Les Moonves says broadcast network TV is doing fine, even with no big hits this season.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Monday, December 7, 2015

Selling a Streaming Show

Nathan McAlone profiles New Form Digital, which is thriving at selling original content to streaming services like Go90.

Masked Scheduler Recap

The Masked Scheduler reflects on his predictions for new series renewals and cancellations and pleads for network patience.

L+SD Ratings' Relevance

Jason Lynch relays network (aside from Fox) and ad buyer opinion that Live+Same Day ratings still hold value.

Teaching The Wire

Jason Mittell discusses his experience of teaching a college class on The Wire.

End of an Era

Rowan Kaiser marks 2015 as the end of a discernible era of a generation of TV programming.

Netflix Storytelling & Jessica Jones

Karra Shimabukuro analyzes Jessica Jones through the lens of Netflix series storytelling.

Elmo's Damage

Kevin Wong argues that Elmo helped lead to a decline in sophistication on Sesame Street.

Trump & News Media

Brian Stelter and Ken Olshanky detail just how much Donald Trump dominates political news coverage. Elsewhere, Univision demands dismissal of Trump's lawsuit against the company.

Post-Binge Blues

Matthew Schneier describes the feeling of ennui that takes root after finishing a binge-watched series.

Fox News Suspensions

Fox News has handed a two-week suspension to two analysts for language used to denounce President Obama.

Super Bowl Slots Held

Jason Lynch reports that CBS has held back a few Super Bowl spots to sell at a premium at the last minute.

Sports Rights Bubble

Dave Maney warns that the big sports rights bubble is about to burst, changing ESPN, bundles, and pay TV forever.

The Blacklist Renewed

NBC wants a fourth season of The Blacklist.

New In Media Res

Theme: Survival Media

  • Monday, December 7, 2015 - Liz Elcessor and Ethan Tussey (Indiana University/Georgia State University) presents: Producing and Consuming Survival: Naked and Afraid through The Right Reasons
  • Tuesday, December 8, 2015 - Lindsie Teter (Independent) presents: Naked and Afraid: Survivalist Reality Television Goes Full Frontal 
  • Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - Alexandra Kokoli & Aaron Winter (Middlesex University / University of East London) presents: What Bear Grylls Can’t Do: Survivalist Mediascapes in Austerity Britain
  • Thursday, December 10, 2015 - Linday Steenberg (Oxford Brookes University) presents: Two Men Enter One Man Leaves: Men, Survival and Gladiatorial Television 
  • Friday, December 11, 2015 - Amy McKeon (University College of Dublin) presents: Dystopian Simulation and the Neoliberalist Legacy in Bear Gryll’s Running Wild

Netflix News

Ted Sarandos spoke at a conference today and said studios need to see Netflix as equal to any content buyer, Netflix's shows are among the most-watched compared to cable, Netflix will double its originals output next year, and global licensing is a challenge. Elsewhere, new data shows that streaming video makes up 70% of web traffic coming into homes, with Netflix accounting for just over half of that. And Phillip Swann explains how Microsoft helped pave the way for Netflix's streaming success.

Ad Sales

Spending digital advertising will reportedly soon surpass TV ad sales, but CBS's research chief predicts strong ad growth for the broadcast networks next year.

Solloway Profile

Ariel Levy profiles Transparent creator Jill Solloway.

The Leftovers' Finale

Maureen Ryan talked to Damon Lindelof about the Leftovers' finale and its future, and Lindelof also spoke with Alan Sepinwall and Todd VanDerWerff. Spencer Kornhaber talked with actor Justin Theroux.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Michael O'Connell.

Good TVeets

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Queer as Folk Anniversary

Billy Nilles celebrates Showtime's Queer as Folk upon its 15th anniversary.

Series Survival

Indiewire has an infographic on how shows journey from pilot to renewal or cancellation.

Both Linear & On-Demand

Catherine Johnson sees both linear and non-linear television continuing to play an integrated role in the internet age.

Viewing Habits

Nielsen has a new report on platform and content consumption, showing mobile and internet consumption chipping away at TV set viewing. And a separate survey shows OTT options eating into pay TV.

New CST Posts

Check out a new set of Critical Studies in Television posts:

Kilgrave Fandom

Maddy Myers assesses fandom of the villain Kilgrave in Jessica Jones.

Sepinwall Interview

Alyssa Rosenberg talked to critic Alan Sepinwall about today's "Golden Age" and what's next.

Yahoo's Internet Business

Forbes explains why Yahoo may try to sell off its internet business.

Character Representations

Tressie McMillan Cottom analyzes network romantic pairings of White men with Black women. And Princess Weekes is frustrated with how leading women of color are written on TV.

Early TV Racial Integration

Emily Nussbaum introduces us to P. Jay Sidney, who fought for racial integration in 1950s and 1960s TV.

The Simpsons' Gay Legacy

Laurence Barber looks at gay representation in The Simpsons and points to the incisiveness of "Homer's Phobia."

Seacrest Profile

Guy Trebay tells us about Ryan Seacrest the mogul.

Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC is defending its net neutrality rules in court; Brian Fung tells us how it's going. And Zach Epstein says Comcast's Stream TV service is very bad for net neutrality, while Susan Crawford points to usage-based billing as a disastrous scheme.

Late-Night Ratings

Rick Kissell covers late-night network ratings for November, which Jimmy Fallon dominated.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Most Desired Channels

Oriana Schwindt reports on a survey of what channels people want most; the broadcast networks did well, while ESPN did not.

Great Apps

Colin Dixon got quotes from TV execs on what makes for a great TV app.

HD & Sports Replays

Kevin Seifert considers how HD-quality images are affecting sports via penalty replays.

OOH Ratings Overhaul

Diego Vasquez previews changes coming to Out of Home Ratings.

GMA Ratings Decline

Good Morning America is in a ratings slump.

Bob Ross Fandom

Foster Kamer looks at the fandom painter Bob Ross has fostered two decades after his death.

Free Digital Channels

Dion Lefler highlights the proliferation of digital broadcast channels reaching niche audiences with reruns and old movies.

Exec of the Year

Adweek has named NBC's Bonnie Hammer the TV exec of the year.

TV's Online Independence

S. Nicole Lane talks to Aymar Jean Christian about how internet outlets can support independent TV and otherwise marginalized creators.

Empathetic Comedies

Karen Brill praises the empathetic approach taken by recent comedies like Master of None and Please Like Me. Caroline Framke also appreciates Master of None, Fresh Off the Boat, and other recent shows for their in-depth immigrant narratives.

Lear on TV & Race

TV legend Norman Lear says TV is still a productive outlet through which to address race relations.

Netflix, Amazon, & SVOD Services

Colin Dixon thinks Netflix could have an advantage over Amazon in bundling SVOD services, though it has yet to show an interest in that.

Nat Geo Strategy

Lacey Rose talked to National Geographic's global networks CEO about the outlet's recent direction.

Streaming Dilemma

Paul Bond and Georg Szalai delve into TV's bind as streaming services offer revenue streams but also competition.

Hallmark Channel Ratings

It's Hallmark Channel holiday movie season, which is great for cable ratings.

Dress Like Cookie

Nicola Fumo looks at Empire's efforts to sell fashions and designer products along with the show.

The Next Generation: Founders

MTV wants us to call the generation that follows Millennials the Founders.

SeeSo Trial

You can now get a taste of NBCU's subscription comedy service SeeSo via a free trial.

Proper Structure

Rowan Kaiser praises You're the Worst for its impressive seasonal structure.

Top Model's Legacy

America's Next Top Model ended tonight. Vanessa Friedman deconstructs the series, Andy Dehnart explains why it mattered, and Brian Moylan praises its understanding of camp.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Vulture's Ratings Week

Vulture has had a series of posts on TV ratings this week, with the latest being Josef Adalian parsing out intriguing demo results, confessing his Nielsen addiction, and detailing the top-rated shows abroad. Anthony Crupi looked at how low-rated shows are avoiding cancellation. TV people share their ratings anxieties. Cool charts round out the week, depicting the variety of ways people watch a few Fox Sunday night shows.

Falk on You're The Worst

Maureen Ryan talked to You're the Worst creator Stephen Falk about the ambitions of season 2.