Sunday, November 30, 2014

Female Writer on DW

Alicia Lutes rejoices in the news that Doctor Who is bringing on a female writer.

Dawson's Desktop

Adam Flomenbaum highlights Dawson's Creek as a cross-platform engagement pioneer.

Netflix Strategies

Ceclia Kang profiles Ted Sarandos and his strategic efforts at Netflix, while Emily Steel analyzes how the upcoming Marco Polo is part of Netflix's global expansion strategy.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lear & the Family Fight

Norman Lear describes his fight against the imposition of the "Family Hour" in the 1970s.

Twitter's Buy Button

Adam Flomenbaum considers how Twitter's addition of a "buy" button could impact social TV.

Walking Dead Diversity

Eric Deggans praises The Walking Dead for upping its character diversity in recent seasons.

ABC's Risky Development

ABC's Paul Lee acknowledges he's looking to British shows for "risk-taking" comedy and drama ideas.

Matador Cancelled

El Rey changed its mind, and Matador has gone from renewed to cancelled.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

NFL Network & CBS

Richard Sandomir says the NFL Network has seen a benefit from CBS's Thursday night football games.

TV Gets the Internet Wrong

Ben Branstetter says TV shows keep coming up short in representing the internet.

Netflix Guesstimate

Peter Kafka reports on new figures estimating how many are watching Netflix originals.

Black-ish's Success

Kelley L. Carter analyzes how Black-ish has become a ratings success.

BitTorrent Original

Michelle Castillo reports that BitTorrent is launching an original series in a big for legitimacy.

European OTT Growth

A new study predicts rapid growth of OTT services in Europe in the next few years.

Wed & Thur Ratings

Wednesday: Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Analysis from Spotted.

Thursday: Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Analysis from Spotted.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Netflix Surge

Todd Spangler reports on a recent Netflix viewership surge.

Development Trends

Nellie Andreeva covers trends in the current development season.

Comedy Off NBC

Brian Steinberg says NBCU is having more success with comedies on outlets geared toward younger and online audiences rather than on NBC.

Red Band Pulled

Fox will pull Red Band Society from the schedule with three episodes unaired but somehow insists a renewal is still possible.

HBO China Deal

HBO has made a streaming deal in China.

Cable's Future

Barxton Jarrett considers what new OTT developments might mean for cable.

TV Directing

British critic Mark Lawson insists television isn't a director's medium. Various TV directors respond.

New Flow Issue

Check out a new Flow featuring:

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: “Dancing With the Stars” (ABC), “NCIS” (CBS), “The Voice” (NBC), “The Flash” (CW), “NCIS: New Orleans” (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Chicago Fire (NBC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): “Marry Me” (NBC), “New Girl” (Fox), “About a Boy” (NBC), “The Mindy Project” (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Slingbox + YouTube

Todd Spangler reports on a Slingbox upgrade that will integrate YouTube.

NBC Wins Sweeps

NBC has its third straight November sweeps victory. ABC was well behind for second.

MasterChef Junior's Success

Emily Fleischaker looks at how Masterchef Junior manages to be so adorable.

Fall Questions Answered

Sepinwall and Fienberg revisit questions they had about the fall season a few months ago.

Thanksgiving Value

Jason Lynch explains why the networks love Thanksgiving.

Greenblatt on Network/Cable

Harry A. Jessell asked Robert Greenblatt to describe the differences between network and cable programming.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Constantine Halted

Constantine has stopped production, but NBC says a renewal is still possible.

Fantasy Football

Darren Heitner explores how DirecTV is taking advantage of fantasy football fandom.

MacLaren Directing Wonder Woman

TV fans are rejoicing over news that Michelle MacLaren will direct the upcoming Wonder Woman film.

Korra's Treatment

Carrie Tupper is frustrated with how Nickelodeon has treated The Legend of Korra.

ESPN Video Service

ESPN is looking to start a streaming OTT subscription service for the Cricket World Cup.

Netflix's Ambitions

Jason Lynch highlights Netflix's ambition "to be everything to everyone."

Ratings Issues

Netflix's Reed Hastings doesn't think much of Nielsen's plans to measure streaming ratings, and he predicts broadcast TV will be dead by 2030. Will Richmond highlights figures showing a decline in TV ratings and a related rise in SVOD viewership. Sam Thielman looks at network exec concerns about sliding ratings and advertising declines. Media Life surveyed media advisors about out-of-home ratings measurement.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), The Voice (NBC), Scorpion (CBS), Castle (ABC) 
- Honorable Mention: 2 Broke Girls (CBS), Gotham (Fox)
- Fading: Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
- Losers: The Originals (CW), Jane the Virgin (CW), State of Affairs (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Subdued Sweeps

Maria Sciullo notes that the November sweeps period has been lighter on local news gimmicks than in the past.

Selfie to Hulu

Hulu will carry the remaining unaired episodes of Selfie.

Cristela Pickup

ABC has given Cristela the back-nine to make a full season.

Good TVeets

Today I offer you just one TVeet from last night.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Connected Apps

Will Richmond notes the spread of video apps on connected devices.

Mister Rogers' Legacy

Brian Steinberg looks at Fred Rogers' ongoing influence on children's TV.

Starz for Sale

If you have $5 billion, you could maybe buy Starz.

Straight-to-Series Challenge

Nellie Andreeva looks at the poor track record for straight-to-series orders on network TV.

Trading Spaces

Libby Hill looks back on Trading Spaces as a pinnacle of reality TV.

Defining TV

Robert Lloyd discusses the complexity of defining exactly what television is today.

Comedy's Decline

Lacey Rose and Michael O'Connell chronicle the network sitcom crisis.

Must-See TV

Critics Maureen Ryan and Sonia Saraiya are raving about last night's episode of The Comeback, while Todd VanDerWerff insists we should all be watching Homeland again.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Sunday Night Football (NBC), 2014 American Music Awards (ABC)
- Solid Older-Skewing Options: 60 Minutes (CBS), Madam Secretary (CBS), The Good Wife (CBS) 
- Losers (excluding repeats): Mulaney (Fox), Bob’s Burgers (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Netflix Technology + Content

Derrick Harris looks at how technology and content are tied together at Netflix.

TV Innovations

Mary McNamara considers television's innovations over the past decade.

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Dateline (NBC), Shark Tank (ABC), Hawaii Five-O (CBS), Blue Bloods (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Cristela (ABC), America’s Next Top Model (CS), Constantine (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Cosby Expose

The Washington Post researched in great depth the allegations against Bill Cosby. There are also new allegations of Cosby paying off women at NBC during the Cosby Show run.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Contracts Protected

Media companies got what they wanted, as the FCC won't be allowed to disclose any information about programming contracts in its review of Comcast-TWC.

Aereo & Internet TV

Issie Lawpowsky says Aereo's death does not mean internet TV is dead.

Net Neutrality Delay

Jacob Kastrenakes explains why the FCC is delaying dealing with net neutrality.

Viacom Streaming Rebuke

A senator is admonishing Viacom for taking its dispute with Suddenlink out on subscribers by blocking them from streaming TV shows on Viacom websites.

CW Reality Change

The CW has a new head of reality TV.

Turner Restored on Dish

Turner channels have returned to Dish Network's lineup, while they continue to work out a long-term deal.

Late Night Writers

Katla McGlynn delves into the lack of female writers in late night comedy.

Smart Sex

Alyssa Rosenberg appreciates that the depiction of sex on TV has gotten more mature and intelligent.

Cosby Show

Steven Zeitchik attended a standup show by Bill Cosby last night, which brought out adoring fans. Jethro Nededog notes that Cosby's TV career is now dead, but Cosby himself will be fine.

Queen Latifah Cancelled

The Queen Latifah Show will end after its second season is done. Toni Fitzgerald notes that this is part of a wave of syndicated talk cancellations.

Netflix Pickup

Netflix has picked up a Tina Fay-Robert Carlock-produced sitcom that NBC didn't. Todd VanDerWerff explains why.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

BBC America Position

AMC Networks has named a new president and GM of BBC America.

Digital Bundles

Paul Bond considers what over-the-top digital service bundles could cost.


Norman Lear spoke at the Paley Center today about All in the Family and said that Sony has contacted him about doing a reboot.

More on Aereo

In the wake of the company's bankruptcy, Aereo's CEO is remaining defiant, insisting that the Supreme Court made a wrong-headed decision. And Alex Fitzpatrick thinks a network should buy up Aereo now in order to compete with streaming services.

Cosby Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff tackles the question of if you can hate Bill Cosby but still embrace The Cosby Show. Philip Kennicott looks at the now-famous AP interview that raised the allegations. That interview was tied to the donation of African-American art by Cosby to the Smithsonian, and Kriston Capps questions why the Smithsonian is still standing with him. Cosby didn't mention the issue at a show in the Bahamas last night.

Network Branding

Brian Lowry reports from an industry luncheon of TV execs the consensus feeling that network and channel brands are still important in this era of expanded programming.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Mom (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Scandal (ABC), How To Get Away with Murder (ABC) -Fading: The Vampire Diaries (CW)
- Losers (excluding repeats): The McCarthys (CBS), A To Z (NBC), Gracepoint (Fox), Reign (CW), Elementary (CBS)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Amazon Video Service

Claire Atkinson reports that Amazon is planning a new streaming video service separate from Prime. It will have ads and hopes to undercut Netflix.

Net Neutrality Pushed Back

The FCC has announced its upcoming schedule of issues it will address, and net neutrality is not on it.

Writers vs. Fans

Drew Grant says showrunners and writers increasingly claim that they're not paying attention to fan reactions to their shows.

TV Magazine

A new glossy, upscale magazine about TV is forthcoming from the UK, called sixteenbynine.

Idol Case Dismissed

A racial discrimination suit against American Idol has been dismissed.

Teen Wolf Con

Amy Lombard describes her experience at a Teen Wolf fan convention.

Geek Girls

Samantha Nelson discusses the representation of the "geek girl" on TV.

World TV Day

Today is World Television Day!

Fox Midseason

Fox has announced its midseason schedule.

CBS-Dish Deal

CBS and Dish Network have signed a short-term agreement while they continue to negotiate carriage.

Aereo Bankrupt

Aereo has filed for bankruptcy and the company will reorganize.

Good TVeets

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Netflix Summit

Reed Hastings is inviting media moguls to a summit on the future of internet TV.

CBS News Changes

The president and chairman of CBS News is stepping down from the latter post to run 60 Minutes full time, and David Rhoads will take over the chairman position.

More on Cosby

Pilot Viruet doesn't want to see The Cosby Show suffer in historical estimation for any of its star's sins. Jason Parham covers Cosby's fall, and Liz Shannon Miller ties Cosby's fall to TV culture today. Adam Litovitz returns to Cosby's stand-up in light of the allegations. Brian Stelter reports that Cosby tried to suppress an AP interview where the allegations came up. Cosby's biographer is trying to explain why he left the allegations out.

Better Call Saul Scheduled

You'll be able to watch Better Call Saul on Monday nights starting in February after a Sunday night premiere.

Serial Lesson

Jason Lynch says his experience of the Serial podcast shows the flaws in Netflix's binge release strategy.

Whither Wonder Woman

Elana Levine looks at the evolution of powerful "wonder woman" characters on TV since the 1970s.

Screen Viewership

We reportedly stare at our phones more than we stare at our TVs.

Nielsen Deal

Merrill Barr says Nielsen's new plan to track Netflix and Amazon viewership is a big deal. Peter Lauria says this is not a big deal. Josef Adalian also has analysis.

Amazon Chasing Netflix

Peter Kafka notes that Amazon is creeping up in broadband usage, though Netflix still dominates. Will Richmond also analyzes these figures.

Screen Time Debate

Meagan Rothschild argues that screens aren't inherently bad for children; what's on them matters.

Women Watching Football

John Ourand reports that female viewership of NFL football is growing to record levels.

Osborne Profile

Dan Barry profiles TCM's Robert Osborne.

Skipping Speech

The big three networks won't air a speech President Obama is giving tonight about immigration, and the White House isn't happy about it. Univision will air the speech, even delaying a popular awards show live broadcast to accommodate it.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), The Flash (CW), NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)
- Losers (Excluding Repeats): Marry Me (NBC), New Girl (Fox), About a Boy (NBC), The Mindy Project (Fox), Forever (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Wilmore Retitle

Larry Wilmore has changed the name of his upcoming Comedy Central show from The Minority Report to The Nightly Show.

Longmire Lives

Netflix will pick up the fourth season of Longmire, which was cancelled by A&E.

Cosby Coverage

TV Land has dropped plans for a Cosby Show marathon in the wake of growing allegations against Bill Cosby. Rebecca Traister considers the role race played in the allegations staying quiet for so long. Ta-Nehisi Coates looks back on his own reporting about Cosby. Brian Lowry considers the damage being done to Cosby's legacy.

RIP Mike Nichols

Producer-director legend Mike Nichols has died.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Australian Cuts

Australia's public broadcasters are facing major budget cuts, but the government insists the cuts won't detrimentally affect programming. Some see this as an attack on public broadcasting by the country's prime minister.

China's Import Battle

Paul Carsten says the battle among Chinese internet companies to import foreign shows and movies is a $1 billion business.

Counting Delayed Viewing

Sam Thielman highlights the spin networks put on time-shifted ratings, when only part of them actually count in terms of ad dollars.

Netflix Expansion

John McDuling says Netflix's international expansion highlights the outdated nature of international licensing of content.

BBC Drama

Georg Szalai talks with Ben Stephenson, the BBC's controller of drama commissioning, about the state of BBC drama.

Lindelof on Lost

Todd VanDerWerff sat down for extensive interviews with Damon Lindelof about Lost's first season.

Political Coverage

Matt Lewis pleads for better political news coverage on TV.

Blurring Film/TV

Todd VanDerWerff appreciates how the line between film and TV is evaporating, especially for actors.

Piracy Research

TorrentFreak reports on the substantial investment in piracy research that the MPAA is making.

Cinematography Noms

The American Society of Cinematographers has announced award nominees, with recognized TV shows including Game of Thrones, Manhattan, and Gotham.

Reality Remakes

Lesley Goldberg looks at why reality TV is seeing a flood of remakes, just like scripted is.

Netflix Speculation

Sanjay Sanghoee weighs possible suitors for Netflix and says a Chinese e-commerce site would be the best choice. And with Netflix launching in Australia, Pip Bulbeck says the streaming services already there are gearing up for competitive battle.

Cosby Cancellations

Netflix announced last night it would postpone a Bill Cosby special that was supposed to appear next week. Today, NBC has announced it won't move forward with its planned Cosby pilot. Cosby's lawyer is now going after accusers.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), The Flash (CW), NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)
- Losers (Excluding Repeats): Marry Me (NBC), New Girl (Fox), About a Boy (NBC), The Mindy Project (Fox), Forever (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted. and Fienberg.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dead Show Watching

Phillip Maciak discusses continuing to watch a show that has been cancelled or is likely to be.

Morning Battle

Marketplace covers the network morning show ratings battle, which is increasingly oriented around young viewers.

CBS Warnings

CBS continues to warn Dish Network customers of a possible blackout.

US-UK Comparisons

Tom Steward argues for the superiority of Elementary over Sherlock, and we may get to argue soon enough over whether an American Luther is better than the British original, as Fox intends to remake it.

Aussie Netflix

Netflix says Australians and New Zealanders can expect to see the service arrive there in March.

Nielsen Streaming Measurement

The WSJ reports that Nielsen will begin measure streaming viewership of network series via Amazon and Netflix. Todd Spangler notes that this won't include viewing of Netflix originals, though. Will Richmond considers the implications.

MasterChef Jr.'s Superiority

Andy Dehnart explains why MasterChef Jr. is better than its parent show.

Indie TV's Future

Aymar Jean Christian points to Vimeo's High Maintenance as heralding the future of independent digital content.

African Representation

Sonia Saraiya laments American TV's limited representations of Africa in the process of praising a Frontline documentary.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), The Voice (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: Gotham (FOX), Scorpion (CBS)
- Respectable Sampling: State of Affairs (NBC)
- Losers (Excluding Repeats): The Millers (CBS), The Originals (CW), Jane the Virgin (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Gotham on Demand

Adam Flomenbaum looks at how time-shifted viewing is boosting Gotham's ratings.

Done in Cleveland

TV Land will end Hot in Cleveland after the current season finishes production.

Today Ouster

The man recently put in charge of revitalizing the Today show has been shown the door. Brian Stelter reports.

Good TVeets

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cosby Controversy

As more accusers are coming forward, Nellie Andreeva looks at the state of Bill Cosby's show in development at NBC. Jethro Nededog says that and a Netflix special are still in the works. Sarah Kaplan and Jessica Contrera question why this is all coming out only now.

Positive Super Bowl Ads

Michael McCarthy says we can expect more positive Super Bowl ads this year, as the NFL tries to skirt more controversy.

New In Media Res

Topic: Latin American Film Research 

  • Monday, November 17, 2014 - Dolores Tierney (University of Sussex) presents: Reflections on Film Scholarship and the Internet
  • Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - Ana Lopez (Tulane University) presents: Intermediality and Brazilian Telenovelas 
  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - Nicolas Poppe (Ball State University) presents: Television and Latin American Film Studies
  • Thursday, November 20, 2014 - Misha MacLaird (Independent) presents: Pepe el Toro versus Rocky Balboa: Navigating Mexican Cinema on YouTube 
  • Friday, November 21, 2014 - Rielle Navitski (University of Georgia) presents: Recovering Early Non-Fiction: Picturesque Brazil (1925) and Online Resources

Simpsons Saved FXX

Jason Lynch explains how the Simpsons marathon saved FXX this summer.

Newman & Walden Profile

Meg James looks at how Dana Waldman and Gary Newman are guiding Fox Television Group.

Oliver's Comedy Journalism

David Carr delves into what John Oliver is accomplishing on HBO.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Sunday Night Football (NBC), The OT (Fox), The Simpsons (Fox)
- Rock Solid in Total Viewers: 60 Minutes (CBS), Madam Secretary (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Once Upon a Time (ABC)
- Losers (Excluding Repeats): Revenge (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted. and Fienberg.

Good TVeets

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Cosby Quiet

Brian Stelter notes Bill Cosby's silence on the sexual assault allegations, and Bill Wyman questions why journalists haven't been more forthright in questioning Cosby about it. Update: Cosby's camp has released a statement saying, "Over the last several weeks, decade-old, discredited allegations against Mr. Cosby have resurfaced. The fact that they are being repeated does not make them true. Mr. Cosby does not intend to dignify these allegations with any comment."

The Aaliyah Movie

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about in Good TVeets: Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic was...not good. Pilot Viruet has a review.

Good TVeets

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ESPN Mobile Strategy

Janko Roettgers looks at changes ESPN is making to its apps.

Longmire's Future

Netflix is reportedly thinking of picking up Longmire.

Ebola Ratings

Eric Boehlert says cable news didn't get a ratings boost from its frenzied Ebola coverage.

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Dateline (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: Shark Tank (ABC)
- Disappointing: Cristela (ABC), Grimm (NBC)
- Losers (Excluding Repeats): Hollywood Film Awards (CBS), America’s Next Top Model (CW), CBS This Morning Post Awards Show (CBS), Constantine (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Funny Problems

Ken Levine begs showrunners to tell him why they can't make funny network comedies right now. Somewhat related, Emily Gould contends that The Big Bang Theory isn't funny.

CBS v. Dish

CBS is warning of a coming carriage deal fight with Dish Network.

Native Ads on HLN

Brian Steinberg looks at HLN's turn to programming content that has advertiser involvement.

HFA Disaster

Apparently the Hollywood Film Awards broadcast last night was a trainwreck, but not many people saw it anyway.

Blitzer Exodus

Matt Donnelly shares allegations on why staffers are leaving Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room.

RIP Glen Larson

Legendary writer-producer Glen Larson has died.

Cosby Controversy

Bill Cosby has cancelled a David Letterman appearance, and he refused to acknowledge sexual assault allegations in an NPR interview today.

Pitch Process

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen offers a diary of her pilot pitch experience.

The Millers Cancelled

CBS is saying goodbye to The Millers. Cynthia Littleton puts this in the context of fall's network comedy problem. Toni Fitzgerald considers the role scheduling played.

Good TVeets

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS), “Mom” (CBS), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), “Scandal” (ABC), “How To Get Away With Murder” (ABC)
- Honorable Mention: Two and a Half Men (CBS)
- Disappointing: “The McCarthys (CBS)
- Losers: “The Biggest Loser” (NBC), “Bad Judge” (NBC), “A To Z” (NBC), “Gracepoint” (Fox), “Reign” (CW), “Elementary” (CBS), “Parenthood” (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

Watching Linearly

We are apparently watching more TV than ever, and linear TV is still holding on.

Ending Serial

Alan Sepinwall brings The Wire and Homicide into the conversation about how the podcast Serial could end its current story.

Sports & TV Everywhere

Will Richmond's weekly podcast takes on the importance of sports to TV Everywhere adoption.

Contract Privacy

Amy Schatz reports that the big media companies that have filed documents in the Comcast and AT&T reviews are asking for their programming contracts to be kept private, claiming that their release could bring competitive harm.

CBSN's Future

The Wrap talked to the chief of CBS News about the new online news outlet CBSN.

Perfect Episode

A British university study claims to have found the perfect formula for a TV episode: "65 per cent drama, 12 per cent shocks, nine per cent comedy, eight per cent action and six per cent romance." Episodes that come closest to this include the Friends finale, the Lost pilot, and Lady Sybil's demise in Downton Abbey.

Beck's New Vision

Grace Wyler looks into what Glenn Beck is up to now.

New Ratings Standards

Nielsen is calling for new ratings measurement standards.

Fictional Recommendations

Janko Roettgers looks at Netflix's use of characters from its original series to frame recommendations to subscribers.

Sweeps Drops

Toni Fitzgerald reports that network ratings are down for November sweeps compared to last year.

Copying TV

Todd VanDerWerff notes that movies are copying TV these days, especially with serialized franchises.

Perception Cancelled

TNT is done with Perception.

Good TVeets

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turner Programming Investment

TNT and TBS will reportedly get twice as much money from Turner for programming over the next few years.

Sports Bundle

Ira Boudway explains why the possibility of a cable bundle featuring only sports channels is unlikely.

Comcast Online

Janko Roettgers covers the reaction of Comcast's Brian Roberts to recent internet-based TV moves.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: “The Voice” (NBC), “Survivor” (CBS), “Modern Family” (ABC), “Black-ish” (ABC), “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC), “Chicago PD” (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: “The Middle” (ABC), “The Goldbergs” (ABC), “Criminal Minds” (CBS) 
- Losers (excluding repeats): “Red Band Society” (Fox), “The 100” (CW), “Nashville” (ABC), “Stalker” (CBS)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Landgraf on OTT

FX's John Landgraf spoke at a conference yesterday about the survival of legacy television as over-the-top options proliferate.

MPAA Searching Site

Peter Kafka looks at a search engine for streaming movies and TV run by the MPAA.

Sitcom Problems

Mike Spry laments the state of the American sitcom. (But apparently doesn't watch The Middle, like he should. And also doesn't seem to know what a laugh track is. Anyway...)

Jackson's Departure

Eric Deggans points to Randy Jackson, who is leaving American Idol, as a symbol of all that's wrong with the show.

Nice Characters

Alyssa Rosenberg finds pleasure in both Jane the Virgin and The Flash due to their wide range of nice, sympathetic characters. Sam Adams adds to her praise for Jane the Virgin.

Dumb TVs

Vlad Savov argues for the value of "dumb" TV sets over smart TVs.

HTGAWM's Gay Following

Jacob Bernstein looks at how How to Get Away With Murder's gay sex scenes have brought it attention.

TV Batman Importance

Scott Mendelson explains why he thinks the 1960s TV version of Batman is is "the most important artistic adaptation of the Batman comic book, both in terms of artistic inspiration and in terms of assuring the survival of the character."

Duck Dynasty Musical

The Duck Dynasty family will be the subject of a Broadway-style Las Vegas musical show.

TV Based on Movies

Matthew Gilbert looks at the proliferation of TV shows based on movie properties.

Playstation Vue

Sony's cloud-based TV service will be called Playstation Vue. It will have a beta launch soon. Brian Stelter takes a look. Swanni mostly sees problems. Peter Kafka has analysis.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tough Time Slots

Toni Fitzgerald showcases the most competitive fall time slots thus far.

No OTT/A La Carte

Disney's CEO says ESPN won't be going a la carte anytime soon, and AMC Networks' CEO says AMC won't be going OTT anytime soon.

WGNA Plans

Price Colman looks at Tribune Media's big plans for WGN America. And Lacey Rose talks to the head of the channel about what's ahead.

Fox's Bad Fall

Cory Barker explores why Fox is having such a difficult fall season.

Oliver's Value

Matt Zoller Seitz explains why he now values John Oliver's Last Week Tonight more than either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report.

Selfie Laments

Hillary Busis says we should be bummed about Selfie's cancellation, because it's actually getting good now. And Sonia Sariya agrees, but will specifically miss the show's rare racial dimension.

Franklin & Bash Cancelled

TNT is done with both Franklin and Bash.

More Net Neutrality Reaction

Neil Irwin says he has a simple way to understand the net neutrality debate. Rich McCormick warns that Tom Wheeler might reject President Obama's proposal, and Brian Fung and Nancy Scola similarly note that the proposal counters FCC inclinations. Comcast says it sort of agrees with Obama, but disagrees with the implementation part of the proposal, which is the proposal in practice. The WSJ reports that cable investors were spooked by the regulation talk.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), NCIS: New Orleans (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: MasterChef Junior (Fox)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Selfie (ABC), New Girl (Fox), The Mindy project (Fox), Forever (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Set-Top Data

Jeanine Poggi reports that Time Warner Cable and Cablevision will partner up on analyzing set-top box data in the New York market.

Letterman & Diversity

Inkoo Kang is critical of David Letterman for a long-time lack of gender and racial diversity in his late night writers' room.

Netflix Originals

Netflix's CFO acknowledges that the novelty of the service's original series has likely worn off, but he's optimistic about the ones up next.

Addictive CW

Liz Shannon Miller watched a bunch of shows on The CW and came away impressed, as well as with an argument about the CW format reflects modern media consumption.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: The Voice (NBC), Dancing With the Stars (ABC), The Blacklist” (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: Gotham (Fox), Scorpion (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): The Millers (CBS), The Originals (CW), Jane the Virgin (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Cable Bundle Takes

Amy Maclean presents conglomerate exec takes on the state of the cable bundle.

Directing Homeland

Cynthia Littleton talks to Carl Franklin about directing the most recent Homeland.

C4 Online Ads

Channel 4's new All4 online hub (formerly 4oD) will feature programmatic advertising.

CW Grade

Toni Fitzgerald explains why The CW gets a B for its fall season performance. And Jessica Goldstein says The CW has TV's best new show: Jane the Virgin.

Sky-ITV Retrans

In the UK, Sky is questioning ITV about retransmission issues.

Gotham's Ratings

Tony Maglio digs into how Gotham has managed to be a ratings success despite Fox's struggles this season.

Advertising Problems

Peter Lauria outlines all the finger-pointing going on in regard to TV's recent advertising struggles.

Cosby Twitter Fail

Bill Cosby got savaged by a Twitter meme game his publicity team started.

Super Bowl Ads

Stuart Elliot reports that NBC is satisfied with the pace of Super Bowl ad sales thus far, but Jeanine Poggi says it's a slower pace than past years, which reflects larger TV ad business struggles.

Veterans Day Exploitation

Brian Lowry fears TV will diminish the meaning of Veteran's Day with programming by celebrating it like it's a holiday rather than a solemn occasion of remembrance and tribute.

Netflix News

Looks like there won't be a "Netflix tax" in Canada, but there will be Netflix in cable bundles in the UK via BT.

Second Season Struggles

Jason Lynch considers how even good second seasons sometimes aren't enough to bring new viewers to save a struggling show, with The Bridge as an example and perhaps S.H.I.E.L.D. as an upcoming one.

News News

Christopher Miller reports that CNN will cease airing on Russian cable at the end of the year due to new restrictive foreign ownership laws. Eric Blattblerg looks at how the Reuters TV news app is trying to personalize news. Alana Semuels delves into how local newspapers are hurting from such digital competition. A reality show featuring local TV newspeople is stirring up ethical questions.

Net Neutrality Responses

Cynthia Littleton checks out some of the responses to President Obama's net neutrality statement. The Oatmeal has a response to Ted Cruz about what net neutrality is. Alex Ben Block says Obama's statement changes the debate, and Politico considers the war to come.

Cooks Obsession

Todd VanDerWerff tries to understand the "Too Many Cooks" internet frenzy. More analysis from Erin Keane and Ian Crouch.

Showtime Renewals

Homeland and The Affair have both been renewed by Showtime.

Good TVeets

Monday, November 10, 2014

Supernatural at 200

Daniel Fienberg talks with Supernatural cast and crew about the series hitting 200 episodes.

Moffat & Fans

Joanna Robinson points to Doctor Who's recent finale and Sherlock in wondering if Steven Moffat is expressing his frustrations with fandom here.

Adaptation Influence

Merrill Barr proposes that The Walking Dead's success could explain the flood of adaptations in development.

Snake Stunt

Opposition to a Discovery stunt involving a snake eating a man is growing.

Net Neutrality Proposal

Stacey Higginbotham reports on President Obama's statement about net neutrality and what it means for the FCC. Will Richmond also reports. Aaron Pressman says this is a negative for the Comcast-TWC deal.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: 60 Minutes (CBS), Sunday Night Football (NBC), The Simpsons (Fox), Madam Secretary (CBS), The Good Wife (CBS)
- Modest: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Resurrection (ABC), Mulaney (Fox), Revenge (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Time Warner Ten Bid

Reuters reports that Time Warner is interested in buying Australia's Ten Network.

Bleeping Words

Jenna Marotta reports that Comedy Central will no longer censor the word "pussy," after Amy Schumer pointed out they didn't censor "dick."

New In Media Res

Theme: Issues of Gender and Race in Games Industries and Fandoms

  • Monday, November 10, 2014 - Nina Huntemann (Suffolk University) presents: Crashing GamerGate 
  • Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - Diana Pozo (University of California-Santa Barbara) presents: Curtain: Queer Video Games, Identity, and Realism 
  • Wednesday, November 12, 2014 - Kishonna Gray (University of Eastern Kentucky) presents: Deviating from the Norm: Examining How Blackness is Punished in Video Games 
  • Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Amanda Phillips (University of Califronia-Davis) presents: Bayonetta, Femme Disturbance, and AAA Queer Desires 
  • Friday, November 14, 2014 - Jessica Aldred (University of Montreal) presents: #My(Darling)Clementine: Keeping girlhood innocence from being ‘lost and gone forever’ in Telltale’s The Walking Dead games

MSNBC's Slide

Reliable Sources looked at MSNBC's ratings crisis and the state of "liberal TV." Michael Wolff also discusses MSNBC's issues.

Sorkin TV

In an interview with the LA Times, Aaron Sorkin indicated he may be done with TV. Todd VanDerWerff considers Sorkin's post-West Wing TV struggles.