Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bravo Labor Charges

The Motion Picture Editors Guild has filed charges against Bravo over a labor dispute on production of Shahs of Sunset.

FCC & Redskins

Brendan Sasso reports that the FCC is reviewing a filing asking for a broadcast ban on the sports team name Redskins.

Spoiler Manifesto

Adam Sternbergh wants us to let go of our spoiler anxieties.

FX Comedy Renewals

FX has renewed Married and You're the Worst, but the latter will return on FXX for its second season.

Transparent Category & Look

Andrew Wallenstein considers Transparent's comedy/drama Emmy status, and Bryant Frazer talks with the show's cinematographer and colorist.

E! Changes

E! is undergoing executive changes.

Redbox Trouble

Janko Roettgers says a credit card security issue could sink Redbox Instant.

Fall TV Ads

James Hibberd assesses the best and worst of fall TV promo posters.

TV Scientists

Libby Hill discusses the depiction of scientists on The Americans and Hannibal.

DC in Prime Time

Susan Karlin delves into DC Entertaiment's recent success in placing shows on TV.

HGTV's Attractions

Phillip Maciak proposes that HGTV programming is alluring in ways similar to a crime procedural.

New Multichannel Rules

John Eggerton reports that the FCC is working on rules that would define over-the-top online video providers as similar to a cable or satellite operator, enabling OTT providers to carry network content by paying retrans fees.

DVR Battle

Anthony Crupi looks at how the networks are faring in the ad measurement battle against DVRs.

Deen Perseveres

Taffy Brodesser-Akner looks at how Paula Deen has successfully kept her career going with a digital network and a martyrdom brand. And John Herrman says this is similar to other white stars, like Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, who are carving out their own online spaces.

Blackouts Tossed

The FCC has ruled to drop the sports blackout rule, which won't please the NFL. But Ken Fang notes that we're not rid of blackouts overall.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 12.30 million, ABC: 12.21, NBC: 12.04, Fox: 6.22, CW: 914,000 
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 3.5 rating/10 share, CBS: 2.9/ 8, Fox: 2.3/ 6, ABC: 2.1/ 6, CW: 0.3/ 1 
- Winners: “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS), “The Voice” (NBC), “Gotham” (Fox), “Scorpion” (CBS), “Castle” (ABC), “The Blacklist” (NBC)
- Noticeable Slippage: “Sleepy Hollow” (Fox)
- Losers (excluding repeats): “The iHeartradio Music Festival” (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Good TVeets

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Flow Issue

The latest posts on Flow look back on the recent Flow conference in Austin:

New In Media Res

Theme: Interactive Documentary

  • Monday, September 29, 2014 - Craig Hight (University of Waikato) presents: Why Interactive? 
  • Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - Kate Nash (University of Leeds) presents: Documentary becomings: idocs and civic engagement 
  •  Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - Sarah O’Brien (Georgia Institute of Technology) presents: Place and Voice in Bear 71 
  •  Thursday, October 2, 2014 - Mandy Rose (University of West England) presents: It Takes Time to Get Acquainted - Paying Attention to Hollow 
  •  Friday, October 3, 2014 - Jordan Wood (Syracuse University) presents: Train

Comcast Response

David Carr says Comcast may have erred in responding too harshly to its merger critics in an FCC filing.

Political Advertising

Phillip Bump dug through senate files detailing TV ad campaign buys and identified patterns in Republican- and Democrat-leaning ad buys by show. Republicans appear more likely to buy time on The Big Bang Theory and Family Feud, while Democrats go for Big Brother and Access Hollywood.

Miami Vice's Influence

Howard Cohen considers what innovations Miami Vice brought to TV.

Netflix in France

Chris O'Brien says Netflix hasn't gone over well in France yet.

Premiere Week

Toni Fitzgerald highlights ratings winners and losers from last week's premieres and the top new shows. And Rick Kissell has key questions and takeways from week one.

Novel Sources

Sam Thielman looks at why genre TV adaptations of novels are on the upswing.

Friends Ruined TV

Todd VanDerWerff explains how Friends destroyed TV comedy that followed it.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: NBC: 16.19 million, Fox: 13.43, CBS: 10.67, ABC: 6.82
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 6.1 rating/18 share, Fox: 5.2/16, ABC: 2.1/ 6, CBS: 1.3/ 4
- Winners: Sunday Night Football (NBC), The OT (Fox), Once Upon a Time (ABC), The Simpsons (Fox), Family Guy (Fox)
- Solid Audience Base, Older Skew: Madam Secretary (CBS), The Good Wife (CBS), CSI (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): “Revenge” (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg and Joe Adalian.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oliver's Journalism

David Bauder says John Oliver isn't just doing comedy, he's doing investigative journalism.

Cast Tweeting

David Bloom looks at the trend of TV show casts live-tweeting their shows.

Sunday Night

CBS News covers why Sunday has become the busiest night of the week for good shows.

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Saturday Night Live was even with last year's finale.

Film/TV Convergence

Paula Bernstein covers the New York Film Festival's Convergence program and how the lines between different storytelling platforms are dissolving.

Transparent Praise

Leela Ginelle praises Amazon's Transparent for its handling of transgender issues.

Ombudsman Response

ESPN's ombudsman has chimed in on the Bill Simmons suspension.

Goodbye, Saturday Morning Cartoons

With Vortexx ending yesterday, Cory Doctorow notes that there no more Saturday morning cartoons on the broadcast networks, and he posts a schedule from the early 1980s and a link to a page about 1980s Saturday morning schedules as a reminder of what once was.

Bootleg Crimes

Jenna Wortham profiles someone who spent time in jail for bootlegging movies and TV, part of a period when the industry was especially cracking down on individual pirates.

Gilligan at 50

Eric Deggans looks back on Gilligan's Island.

Lost at 10

Another Lost retrospective, this one with comments from cast and crew.

SNL at 40

Brian Steinberg reviews last night's Saturday Night Live, which launched the show's 40th season.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 8.36 million, ABC: 6.90, NBC: 6.17, Fox: 2.18, CW: 798,000
- Adults 18-49: ABC: 1.7 rating/7 share, CBS: 1.2/ 5, NBC: 1.2/ 4, Fox: 0.7/ 3, CW: 0.2/1
- Winners: Shark Tank (ABC)
- Honorable Mention: Dateline (NBC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): The Amazing Race (CBS), Utopia (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Rhimes Shows' Diversity

The Guardian shares comments from four black women about the diversity in ABC's Thursday night shows executive-produced by Shonda Rhimes. And How to Get Away With Murder will apparently also expand depictions of sex in gay relationships.

Daily Show Segment

The Daily Show aired a segment Thursday night on the Redskins name controversy, and the segment itself has roused controversy. One of the Native Americans who participated shares his experience.

Comcast Service Upgrade

Adrianne Jeffries reports on Comcast hiring someone dedicated to improving the company's customer service, which may apparently take years.

Simmons Suspension

John Ourand digs into the details behind ESPN's suspension of Bill Simmons.

Residuals Chart

Jonathan Handel shares his updated chart of union residuals, which will soon be turned into a whole book.

Premiere Week Ratings

Bill Carter says ABC is happy and Fox is concerned after the opening week of the fall season. Kate Aurthur singles out ABC's Thursday night for its success.

NYT TV Coverage

Anne Helen Petersen digs into why TV criticism at the New York Times is historically so poor.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Roku's Pay-to-Play

Janko Roettgers says some Roku app publishers are being asked by the service to strike commercial deals.

Legal Availability

Todd Spangler reports on a new study finding the vast majority of the most popular current film and TV titles are available online, particularly for purchase and rental, if not SVOD.

Thursday Night Strides

Josef Adalian looks at how the networks are trying to get their Thursday night mojo back.

Ad Rates

Jeanine Poggi presents Ad Age's survey of 30-second prime-time ad costs for 2014-15. Brian Steinberg also offers a version of this.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: ABC: 11.90 million, CBS: 11.86, NBC: 4.40, Fox: 4.34, CW: 604,000
- Adults 18-49: CBS: 4.2 rating/13 share, ABC: 3.5/11, NBC: 1.3/ 4, Fox: 1.1/ 4, CW: 0.2/ 1
- Winners: “Thursday Night Football” (CBS), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), “Scandal” (ABC), “How To Get Away With Murder” (ABC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): “The Biggest Loser” (NBC), “Parenthood” (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable Ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Good TVeets

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Black-ish Interview

Alyssa Rosenberg talks to Black-ish creators Larry Wilmore and Kenya Barris about the series and its representations of race.

The Simpsons' Success

As the series is about to start its 26th season, Wes Unruh talks to Jonathan Gray about the staying power of The Simpsons.

Community on Yahoo

Liz Shannon Miller relays comments from Yahoo on why the online platform picked up Community.

Fox Ratings

Bill Carter says Fox has reasons to be concerned when looking at ratings thus far.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: NBC: 9.47 million, CBS: 8.32, ABC: 7.90, Fox: 3.52, CW: 1.45
- Adults 18-49: CBS: 2.6 rating/8 share, ABC: 2.4/ 8, NBC: 1.9/ 6, Fox: 1.2/ 4, CW: 0.5/ 1
- Adults 18-34: CBS: 1.8 rating/7 share, ABC: 1.6/ 6, NBC: 1.4/ 5, Fox: 0.9/ 3, CW: 0.4/ 1
- Winners: Survivor (CBS), The Mysteries of Laura (NBC), The Goldbergs (ABC), Modern Family (ABC), Black-ish (ABC), Law & Order: SVU (NBC), Big Brother (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Chicago PD (NBC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Hell’s Kitchen (Fox), Red Band Society (Fox), Nashville (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

DirecTV Approval

DirecTV shareholders are cool with the sale to AT&T.

Parenthood & Autism

Emily Orley praises Parenthood for pioneering the representation of kids with autism.

Key & Peele & Women

Sara Stewart argues that Key & Peele has "a lady problem."

The Hub Changes

Cynthia Littleton looks at the rebranding of The Hub and how it reflects shifting children and family viewing habits.

Comcast Defense

Jeff John Roberts looks at Comcast's defensive response to criticism from Netflix and Discovery over the TWC merger plan.

Landgraf's View

Brian Lowry relays comments from FX's John Landgraf in regard to TV's bumpy future, especially in regard to distribution and measurement.

Diversity Issues

Eric Deggans surveys the increased diversity on network TV this season, while Gene Demby looks back on the pre-Cosby Show black sitcom. Addressing the Alessandra Stanley/Shonda Rhimes debacle again, Margaret Sullivan admits part of the problem is a lack of diversity at the NYT.

CBS Has Still Got It

Cecilia Kang says NCIS's ratings show that traditional TV still has juice.

Drone Use

The FAA is reportedly going to let some movie and TV companies use drones for production.

CNN Everywhere

Caroline O'Donovan considers how CNN's TV Everywhere strategy with CNNgo is pointing toward the future.

Oliver Ratings

Michael O'Connell says John Oliver's Last Week Tonight is doing very well for HBO, with free clips on YouTube helping its buzz.

More on Lost

A few more essays looking back on Lost's legacy, from Andy GreenwaldDavid Holmes, and Therese Odell.

Big Brother Renewed

At least two more seasons of Big Brother are on their way.

Simmons Suspension

ESPN has suspended Bill Simmons for comments about Roger Goodell and ESPN execs he made during his podcast. Tony Manfred argues that the suspension is due to his comments about ESPN, not so much Goodell.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cable Retrans Reform

Doug Halonen says the cable retrans reform effort hasn't gotten as far as advocates had hoped in Congress.

TV's Good

Javier Grillo-Marxuach expands on a lecture about how good TV is today.

Seattle Fox Affiliate Change

21st Century Fox will end an agreement with its Tribune-owned affiliate in Seattle, and the move is reportedly related to Fox wanting to capitalize more directly on the NFL.

Rae Profile

Jai Taggett profiles Awkward Black Girl creator Issa Rae and her TV efforts.

Mobile TV Ratings

Keach Hagey says the industry has some concerns about mobile TV ratings.

Intersex Character

Louis Peitzman explores the appearance of an intersex character on MTV's Faking It. And Kevin O'Keefe explains why everyone should be watching Faking It.

Social Media & News

Monica Anderson and Andrea Caumont consider how social media has affected the news business.

Moonves Profile

Lacey Rose tells us all about Les Moonves.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 15.25 million, NBC: 11.81, ABC: 7.22, Fox: 2.07, CW: 676,000
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 3.6 rating/11 share, CBS: 2.4/ 7, ABC: 1.8/ 6, Fox: 1.0/ 3, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Chicago Fire (NBC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Utopia (Fox), The Mindy Project (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Shonda Night

James Poniewozik looks at ABC's Shonda Rhimes night.

CW's Strategy

Stuart Elliott looks at The CW's fall season launch strategy.

Networks Favor VOD

Lucas Shaw explores how networks are trying to beef up video-on-demand offerings, with ads that can't be skipped, in order to counter DVR ad skipping.

Summer Lessons

Toni Fitzgerald lists off some lessons learned from this summer's TV.

AT&T Package

Timothy Stenovec assesses AT&T's new package offering of broadband, basic cable, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

Harmon's Stardom

Jason Lynch profiles NCIS star Mark Harmon's global stardom.

Starz Talking to Fox

Andrew Wallenstein reports that 21st Century Fox is entertaining an acquisition possibility with Starz, but it may not turn into anything. Starz wants someone to buy it, though.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Growing HBO

Meg James checks out Time Warner's efforts to keep building growth at HBO.

MNF Ratings

Early on in the season, Monday Night Football's ratings are down.

Simpsons Showrunners

Vulture offers an interview with three Simpsons showrunners talking about the series' past and present.

CNN Originals

Brian Steinberg delves into CNN's increase in original prime-time series.

Waiting For Ratings

Peter Lauria looks at how the networks are trying to get advertisers to accept time-shifted ratings as the prime currency, pushing toward L7/C7 as the standard.

True Detective Two

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star in the second season of True Detective.

TV on YouTube

The results of a new survey indicate that more people watch TV on YouTube than on any other online source, including Netflix (not factoring in time spent on the platform). Todd Spangler has some questions.

NFL's Fragile Dominance

Derek Thompson says the NFL's TV dominance could erode if it doesn't handle its scandals.

On Rhimes

Emily Nussbaum jumps into the Alessandra Stanley/Shonda Rhimes fray.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 13.15 million, NBC: 12.64, ABC: 10.73, Fox: 6.77, CW: 1.08
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 3.7 rating/11 share, CBS: 3.5/10. Fox: 2.6/ 7, ABC: 1.8/ 5, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), The Voice (NBC), Scorpion (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Gotham (Fox)
- Down but Not Out: Dancing With the Stars (ABC)
- Disappointing: Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
- Losers (excluding repeats): America’s Next Top Model (CW), Forever (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Bill Carter is impressed by the ratings in the 8pm slot.

Digital Threat

A senior resaerch analyst insists that digital video isn't a real threat to TV advertising yet.

CNN Criticism

Crushing Bort and Blippo Blappo continue their assault on CNN for ignoring plagiarism charges against Fareed Zakaria.

Hulu Pickup

Hulu has ordered a J.J. Abrams-led adaptation of a Stephen King novel, which Andrew Wallenstein sees as a key move for the service to compete with Netflix and Amazon.

Deen Online

Todd Spangler reports that Paula Deen has picked up online rights to her Food Nework shows as she launches her subscription service next week.

Streaming Auteurs

Adam Sternbergh argues that streaming services are the new indie home for auteurs.

Sophomore Strides

Josef Adalian predicts how second-season shows will do in the ratings.

Lost's Legacy

Jeff Jensen looks back on Lost at 10 years old. So does Noel Murray.

Good TVeets

Monday, September 22, 2014

TV vs. Movie Writing

Veteran movie screenwriter Scott Frank says TV has become a better place for writers than movies.

Pilot Freedom

Merrill Barr argues that a lesson of Lost was to give pilots more variable running times.

Local Ratings Battle

Michael Malone looks at the fierce battle for ratings on the local level.

FullScreen Acquired

Peter Kafka reports that AT&T and the Chernin Group have bought a controlling stake in FullScreen.

Sitcom Slump

Yvonne Villarreal and Meg James look at network struggles to develop a sitcom hit.

Netflix Spoiler Study

Netflix commissioned a study on spoilers, and one finding is that Americans are much bigger jerks about spoiling than the British are.

Upscale Viewing

R. Thomas Umstead reports on a viewing survey focusing on upscale audiences, who tend to watch TV via traditional means.

Rhimes Article

New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan addresses the Alessandra Stanley article on Shonda Rhimes and acknowledges that it was "astonishingly tone-deaf and out of touch." Linda Holmes got to talk with Rhimes about the article and other things.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: 60 Minutes (CBS), Sunday Night Football (NBC), Madam Secretary (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Nothing – ABC was in all repeats; Fox aired encores from 7-9:30 p.m.

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Year-Round NBC

While the fall season may still matter, NBC's president of research and media development says the network has a full-year focus in mind.

New In Media Res

Theme: Game of Thrones

  • Monday, September 22, 2014 - Andrea Nevitt (Keele University) presents: Appraising the adapted Red Wedding’s fidelity to emotional impact 
  • Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - Garret Castleberry (University of Oklahoma) presents: Creating Game of Thrones’ Cross-Demographic Appeal through Genre-Mixing Iconicity 
  • Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - Thomas J. West III (Syracuse University) presents: Nasty, Brutish, and Short: "Game of Thrones," History, and the Violence of Women’s Lives 
  • Thursday, September 25, 2014 - Jamie Henthorn (Old Dominion University) presents: When Algorithms Collide: (Failing to) Manage GoT Spoilers Using Science
  • Friday, September 26, 2014 - Sarah Hanks (University of Oklahoma) presents: All Men and Women Must Learn: Using Game of Thrones as a Pedagogical Tool

Fall Season Buzz

Bill Carter and Emily Steel note that the concept of the fall TV season launch still has relevance and value, though the buzz is softer than in the past.

Downton Abbey Ratings

Downton Abbey has returned in the UK to lower ratings.

Good TVeets

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Knick's Music

Jed Mayer explores The Knick's soundtrack.

4K Sales

Swanni considers why 4K TV set sales are slow.

Good TVeets

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mad Men Ad Sales

You can now buy an ad package for the final Mad Men episode, if you have $1 million to put toward it.

Stanley Controversy

You haven't seen me link to many Alessandra Stanley articles around here lately, because at one point I decided I would just stop and refuse to reward poor TV criticism with any attention. But her latest article has become a story in itself. Stanley wrote an article about Shonda Rhimes filled with numerous specious claims, including a characterization of Rhimes related to the "angry black woman" stereotype. Rhimes responded on Twitter with incredulity. Stanley then responded back, albeit saying little. Margaret Lyons takes the article to task, as do Kara BrownWilla Paskin, Prachi Gupta, Britt Julious.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Fienberg.

Tax Credits Signed

Legislation expanding California tax credits has now been signed.

Warner Bros. Layoffs

Variety reports that Warner Bros. Entertainment will soon lay off as much as 10% of its workforce.

Public Domain Guide

The site RerunCentury links to public domain TV online, which could be useful for TV history classes and research in particular.

TVGN To Become POP

Starting in 2015, TV Guide Network will rebrand as POP.

Netflix Via VPN

Copyright holders are putting pressure on Netflix to bar VPN access to limit foreign access in places like Australia.

Comics Trend

Lesley Goldberg delves into the huge trend of comic book adaptations for TV. Tony Maglio also covers the trend.

TV Tweeting

Twitter is trying to convince TV producers and execs that Twitter activity can help their shows' ratings and value by quantifying Twitter engagement and impact. Marc Graser reports.

AFHV at 25

Brooks Barnes marks 25 years of America's Funniest Home Videos.

TV + Advertising

Brian Steinberg looks at how the relationship between television and advertising is starting to fray.

Diaries Done

Nielsen diaries will soon be a thing of the past, as electronic devices will instead be used for local TV measurement.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

YouTube on Cable Boxes

Janko Roettgers looks at YouTube's success on cable boxes in Hungary, which it hopes to spread elsewhere.

FX Done With 10/90

John Landgraf says FX likely won't do anymore 10/90 deals and has concerns about Netflix.

TV Everywhere Perceptions

Will Richmond shares a survey of user perceptions of TV Everywhere's authentication process.

Amazon & Apple Sharing

Peter Kafka reports on Amazon and Apple's moves to allow families to share purchased digital media files.

Univision's Breaking Bad

Kayla Reed covers Univision's Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad, which ends tonight after a four-month run.

CBS's L+7

Cynthia Littleton reports on CBS adding Live Plus Seven ratings to its overnights reports.

Time Slots Matter

Jason Lynch covers Nina Tassler's belief that time slot scheduling still matters, even in an era of heavy time-shifting.

Premiere List

BuzzFeed has a list of premiere dates for fall shows.

Directing Diversity

A DGA report finds little change in the diversity of the racial and gender makeup of TV directors over the last few years.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Amazon's Rise

Richard Verrier looks at Amazon's rise as an investor in original programming.

Domestic Violence

Arielle Bernstein considers how TV reflects on domestic violence.

NFL Problems

Brian Steinberg reports that football sponsor Anheuser-Busch is growing concerned about the NFL's missteps. And Michael Newman interrogates the ethics of being an NFL fan.

Fact-Checking News

PunditFact presents fact-checking scorecards for news on ABC, CBS, Fox/Fox News, NBC/MSNBC and CNN.

Netflix News

A collection of Netflix items: Janko Roettgers says set-top box access will be key for Netflix in Europe; Todd Spangler reports that Netflix has grabbed streaming rights to Gotham in Australia, likely signalling its intent to launch there soon; Netflix will now let you hide parts of your viewing history; and Canada is discussing a "Netflix tax" on internet services.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Daniel Fienberg looks closely at New Girl and Mindy Project ratings.

Roosevelt Ratings

The Ken Burns documentary series Roosevelt has started strong for PBS. Ian Burrell says Ken Burns is an example of public service broadcasting idealism.

NBC's #1

Bill Carter reports on NBC's September-to-September reign at the top of network 18-49 ratings.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Women in Primetime

A new study by San Diego State’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film finds women losing ground in on- and off-screen prime-time TV jobs.

Dodger Blackout Lifted

Time Warner Cable is lifting its pay TV blackout on the LA Dodgers for the final few games of the MLB season.

Zakaria Plagiarism Charges

Bloggers who had previously accused Fareed Zakaria of print plagiarism now claim evidence of it in his CNN TV show.

Comcast CEO Optimistic

Paul Bond reports on optimism from Comcast's CEO that the Time Warner Cable merger will be approved.

YouTube Stars

Brooks Barnes and Hunter Atkins look at how traditional media companies are trying to court YouTube stars.

Masculinity on TV

In an excerpt from her new book. Amanda D. Lotz calls for greater analysis of the representation of men on television, as women tend to draw more analytical attention.

Clear Channel Renamed

Clear Channel will now be called iHeartMedia. (No, really, stop laughing, that's it's actual new name.)

Cable Profitability

Mike Farrell reports on a study finding that cable operators are the most profitable among media businesses, followed by cable networks and interactive media.

TV Overload

Cynthia Littleton looks at the state of a TV industry saturated with scripted shows.

Utopia's DVR Growth

Utopia's week two ratings enjoyed a DVR boost.

Apatow on Netflix

Netflix has ordered two seasons of a Judd Apatow-created romantic comedy series. Ben Travers says it's a perfect fit.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

CNN News

The NLRB has ordered CNN to compensate and rehire union employees it laid off in favor of nonunion ones over a decade ago. In other news, CNN is rebranding its personlized news platform.

Local Choice Dropped

The controversial "local choice" plan has been dropped from a Senate TV bill, and the new version is now apparently agreeable to broadcasters.

Syfy Pilot Movie

Todd VanDerWerff appreciates that Syfy is letting viewers see a pilot they passed on by airing it as a standalone movie.

HBO Go Europe

HBO Go will soon be available on cloud-based set-top boxes in Europe.

Sons Ratings

The season premiere of Sons of Anarchy set a record for FX.

Late Night Diversity

Vivian Kane explores why late night is so saturated white males.

Net Neutrality Response

The FCC has been flooded with net neutrality comments.

OTT Sales

Andrew Wallenstein looks at the OTT set-top box sales battle, as new Roku figures are available.

Arrow Delay

Warner Bros. has gotten Netflix to delay streaming Arrow in hopes of giving home video sales a boost.

Netflix Expansion

Robert Mann looks at Netflix's expansion into six European countries this week.

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Media Industries

The second issue of the Media Industries journal is out, featuring essays on big data, transnational co-productions, TV in Arab uprisings, Indian media, digital media regulation, media in ecological contexts, media industry critiques, politically charged media sites, and more.

Multi-Screen Viewing

A new Viacom study finds that viewers who consume TV across multiple screens tend to watch more live TV and be more loyal to certain networks than single-screen viewers.

More OWN Success For Perry

Another Tyler Perry series has premiered to record ratings on OWN.

HBO & Showtime OTT

David Lieberman observes that Time Warner and CBS continue to tease us with the prospect of standalone online viewers for HBO and Showtime content.

Female Detective Shows

Maureen Ryan praises Happy Valley as a standout among the trend in crime shows with female leads.

Crackle's Efforts

David Bloom profiles the Sony-owned online video service Crackle, which is starting to make a mark.

Mindy Project & Abortion

Renee Bracey Sherman addresses Mindy Kaling's comments about possibly addressing abortion on her sitcom.

Cosby Profile

A lengthy New Yorker profile of Bill Cosby looks at his professional and personal life from The Cosby Show to a current comeback tour.

Malone Eyeing ITV

As Liberty Global's John Malone is eyeing a takeover of Britain's ITV, Will Hutton says that result would be disastrous for the future of British TV.

NFL Dominance

Gregg Easterbrook tears into the NFL's financial schemes, and Kevin Clark looks at what could be lost if the NFL ever does take a steep popularity decline.

Longmire's Cancellation

Joe Flint delves into why A&E's Longmire got cancelled with decent total ratings: the viewers were too old, and A&E didn't own it.

LGBT Treatment

David Robb reports on a SAG-AFTRA survey that found indicators of discriminatory treatment of LGBT employees in Hollywood.

Cord-Cutting Study

Todd Spangler reports on a study predicting a cord-cutting increase in the next year.

Paying Pundits

A video report from The Nation purports to expose conflicts of interest among television news guest analysts calling for military action.

Netflix's French Reception

David Chazan says the French media haven't been hospitable to Netflix upon its arrival in that country. Rich Greenfield took a look at Netflix's French interface.

On Davis & Rhimes

Two profiles dig into the casting of Viola Davis in Shonda Rhimes' How to Get Away With Murder, one from the New York Times and another from BuzzFeed. But the best read was on Twitter, as Dr. Kristen Warner deconstructed the rhetoric from both articles in regard to black female labor and representation on TV.

Chinese Streaming Caps

Robert Mann reports on the Chinese government's plan to place a 30% cap on streaming imports.

Bear Standards

As the new fall season looms, so does the return of the Cancellation Bear, for better I mean worse. Bill Gorman explains how TVBTN's relative ratings matter in this, as well as why the Bear doesn't go after cable series.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Fienberg.

Che to SNL

African-American comedian Michael Che will move from The Daily Show to the Weekend Update desk at Saturday Night Live. Eric Deggans considers the potential implications.

Walking Dead Franchise

AMC Networks' CEO sees The Walking Dead as akin to the NFL.

DMA Rankings

Catching up on the last few days will take me awhile, but hopefully all will be back on track here by tomorrow.

TVNewsCheck parses out the 2014-15 Nielsen DMA rankings.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Away at Flow

I'm traveling to the Flow conference -- check out this week's In Media Res for more info on what that is -- so things will probably be quiet around here for the next few days.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Producing Married at First Sight

Andy Dehnart delves into the casting and production of the summer reality hit Married at First Sight.

DVD Region Codes

Evan Elkins has a journal article about the DVD region code system and a follow-up post on the topic.

Viacom's C5 Deal Closes

Viacom's takeover of Britain's Channel 5 is now complete.

TV & Net Neutrality

Merrill Barr says it's in their best interests for television networks to fight for net neutrality.

Bridge Rebuilt

Alan Sepinwall talks to the showrunner for The Bridge about rebuilding the series in its second season.

Gotham's Promise

TCA members have selected Gotham as the most promising new series.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Local Choice Reaction

Advertisers and broadcasters are among those with concerns about the Local Choice plan in the Senate, which would involve unbundling broadcast networks from pay TV packages, and Brian Fung says broadcasters are actually sounding like cable companies in voicing their dissent.

Fox News Loses

Fox News lost its lawsuit against TVEyes, a media monitoring service that records clips, though the issue of archiving and sharing them is still on the table. Wendy Davis reports. Also, Eriq Gardner notes this ruling also revealed that "Fox News licensees must agree they will not show clips in a way that is derogatory or critical of Fox News."

Moffat is a Feminist

Philip Sandifer defends his claim that Steven Moffat is a feminist writer.

Netflix Doc Series

Netflix has committed to its first original documentary series, which focuses on famous international chefs.

Blackout News

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler says the FCC will back ending the sports blackout rule. Jeff John Roberts has analysis.

VH1 + BuzzFeed

Todd Spangler looks at VH1's strategy in signing a deal with BuzzFeed.

Campus Xfinity

Robert Channick reports that Northwestern is happy with the cable streaming service that Comcast has rolled out there.

UK Retrans Dispute

ITV and Channel 4 are battling with BSkyB over retrans payments, which currently go from the former to the latter, but the broadcasters would like to reverse that, based more on the US model.

Social Predictions

A social media monitoring company has named three fall shows it thinks will be hits and three failures based on preliminary social media data.

Time Jump Trend

Joanna Robinson notes how a number of shows have jumped around their timelines recently.

New Girl Interview

Alan Sepinwall talks to New Girl showrunner Liz Meriwether about the upcoming season.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Fienberg.

European Bandwidth

Robert Mann says Netflix's European expansion plans could run up against a bandwidth problem.

Digital Viewing

Bill Cromwell reports on Nielsen figures showing time spent viewing digital video is starting to eat into TV time. Emily Steel notes that older audiences in particular are making the shift.

What Kids Watch

Sam Thielman reports on what kids 6-11 are watching, and there are a few surprises, like how well a Univision telenovela does among that group.

21st Plans

Chase Carey says 21st Century Fox is no longer eyeing Time Warner, but the plan to fully take over BSkyB could still be in the works.

NFL on Twitter

Mike Shields notes that the NFL dominates Twitter TV rankings.

Letterman Intern Suit

Lauren Raab reports on class-action suit brought against CBS and Late Show With David Letterman over unpaid internships.

SNL Changes

The co-author of a history of Saturday Night Live talks about changes in the show over the last ten years.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Masters of Sex Design

Sarah Archer analyzes how Masters of Sex tells its story through set design.

Allen's Success

Sergio looks at Byron Allen's position as the "biggest independent producer and distributor of TV programs in the world with some 32 TV programs currently on the air in syndication on networks."

Corden Announced

CBS has officially named James Corden as Craig Ferguson's late night replacement. Bill Carter has analysis. James Poniewozik considers the whiteness of it all.

NFL Digital

Eric Blattberg surveys the NFL's digital video strategies, while Cecilia Kang talks to an NFL digital exec about future streaming possibilities for live games.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Good TVeets