Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sharknado 2: The Results

The Sharknado 2 ratings are in. Josef Adalian reports. Brian Stelter looks at the stats.

SEC Distribution

Mike Reynolds talked to ESPN's senior vice president of college networks, who is pleased with the direction of SEC Network distribution.

Reversing Diversification

Joshua Benton highlights how media companies are increasingly separating rather than combining, especially where publishing and TV are involved.

Production Locations

Dave McNary covers how badly California has been financially hit by runaway production, while Adam Epstein looks at how Hawaii has benefited from film and TV production there.

Time-Shifted Competition

Cynthia Littleton notes that the networks are increasingly competing against their own programming in terms of viewers watching time-shifted content.

Bachelorette Analysis

Eliana Dockterman covers the gender politics surrounding sex and The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, while Alyssa Rosenberg discusses the experience of watching the series for the first time.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Sharknado's Value

Josef Adalian looks at why, no matter how the ratings turn out, Syfy has already achieved victory with Sharknado 2.


Bloomberg reports that AMC Networks is interested in gaining a significant stake in BBC America.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Masters of Sex Fashion

Showtime has posted a video on costuming in Masters of Sex.

Big Brother Israel

David Caspi looks at how Israel's Big Brother is carrying on production despite the regional warfare. Sonali Kohli also covers the show.

The Killing Survives

Andy Greenwald looks at why The Killing has yet to be killed. And Scott Meslow talks to showrunner Veena Sud about the show's survival.

TV Everywhere's Problems

FierceCable outlines four reasons why TV Everywhere has yet to proliferate.

Big Bang Delay

Production on The Big Bang Theory is delayed as the cast continues contract negotiations.

Comcast Memo

The Verge has a copy of the memo Comcast sent to staffers after the customer service call from Hell went viral.

AJAM Ratings

Joe Flint reports that the Gaza crisis has brought a boost to Al Jazeera America's ratings.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

News Impartiality

UK journalist Jon Snow posted an impassioned report about Gaza on YouTube, and James Ball is frustrated that impartiality regulations most likely prevented the segment from airing on Channel 4.

Policy Conference

The Media Industries Project has posted videos of its Dirty Sexy Policy conference panels, which "brought together prominent scholars, attorneys, activists, regulators, and journalists to explore current challenges to media policy."

Best Shows

A great list for summertime debate: Tim Surette names the best show on each network and cable channel right now.

BSkyB Rejected

BSkyB's European expansion plans have hit a snag, as a major Sky Deutschland shareholder has declined an offer.

Summer Ratings News

Toni Fitzgerald notes that CNN has leapfrogged MSNBC for second in cable news 25-54 ratings in July, and she highlights the summer's smartest ratings-driven network programming moves this summer.

Twin Peaks Links

Todd VanDerWerff proposes eleven shows that wouldn't have existed without Twin Peaks' influence. And Nathan Ditum expresses disappointment with watching the series on DVD in digital high-definition rather than fuzzier analog.

Baseball Battles

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is getting stern with Time Warner Cable over the Dodgers standoff with DirecTV, even reserving blame for TWC's CEO. There's also a TV battle going on between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Netflix-AT&T Deal

Janko Roettgers reports that AT&T has made a peering deal with Netflix.

Community Panel

Michael Schneider looks at the drama behind scheduling the Community panel at Comic-Con through a period of uncertainty about the series' future.

Last Week Tonight is Tomorrow

Liz Shannon Miller argues that John Oliver's Last Week Tonight represents a new future of late night.

Palin Skepticism

Alyssa Rosenberg doesn't expect Sarah Palin's online channel to result in much media change.

Sitcom Cities

Maria Bustillos looks at how the settings of some iconic sitcoms have helped shape assumptions about urban America.

Bachelorette & Sex

Linda Holmes highlights the weird treatment of sex in The Bachelorette, with last night's finale as a prime example.

Smith Suspended

ESPN has suspended Stephen A. Smith for a week, as president John Skipper told staffers in a memo.

Hulu Takes Manhattan

Hulu Plus has picked up exclusive streaming rights to WGN America's Manhattan.

AMC's Performance

John McDuling looks at where AMC stands as a possible acquisition target.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg and Spotted.

Indie TV

Ben Travers talks to Maggie Gyllenhaal about why TV has become attractive to the indie film community.

Naked Shows

David Bauder notes the trend of cable shows presenting various activities with people in the nude.

Liberty Spin-Off

Reuters reports on Liberty Media's process of spinning off its cable assets.

Classic TV Article

I refused to link to that terrible NYT article on how boring classic TV is, but I'll link to Max O'Connell's ripping of that article.

Comic-Con Marketing

Ed Martin looks at how TV marketers have effectively exploited Comic-Con.

Southland Suit

A family has brought suit against the producers of Southland claiming that a real autopsy photo was used in the show's opening credits without their authorization.

Exec Exits

Esquire is reportedly losing its head of digital exec, while Nikke Finke says E!'s president is out.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Comcast Donations

Jonathan Tamari covers who Comcast gives donations to, including political entities.

C-SPAN Streaming

C-SPAN will soon require pay TV authentication for access to live online fees of its TV channels.

Best Gay Character

Daniel D'Addario praises Masters of Sex for its portrayal of closeted gay life in the 1950s.

Middle East Dramas

With The Honourable Woman soon to air in the US and Tyrant already in motion, Dave Itzkoff looks at the challenge of making dramas about the Middle East.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

BBC Worldwide's Performance

Steve Hewlett says BBC Worldwide's annual report gives little clear information on how the company is actually performing.

Top Gear Violation

Ofcom has ruled that the BBC's Top Gear violated UK broadcasting rules with a racial slur.

Comcast Info

The Verge investigated Comcast customer service by speaking to scores of employees, while Haley Sweetland Edwards introduces a print feature on Comcast's CEO as the internet's most powerful man.

SDCC Coverage

The final day of Comic-Con brought panels on Sons of Anarchy, The Strain, and The Following, and Hitfix pinpoints the best and the worst of this year's con.

Fox Sports + Sporting News

Alex Weprin reports that Fox Sports and The Sporting News are uniting their digital properties.

Sarah Palin Channel

Sarah Palin has launched a subscription-based online channel. James Poniewozik offers thoughts.

First Take Apology

Stephen A. Smith has apologized on First Take for his domestic violence comments, but Matt Yoder says it was only a matter of time before First Take led to a PR nightmare for ESPN.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sitcom Scheduling

Sam Stecklow considers why networks seem to sabotage certain sitcoms by airing episodes out of order.

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Netflix Streaming

Bloomberg talks to Netflix's person in charge of keeping the service streaming about ISPs and net neutrality.

SDCC Coverage

There were panels at Comic-Con on Warner Bros. TV properties, ArrowConstantine, women who kick ass, Agents of SHIELD, The Vampire Diaries, Defiance, True Blood, and Family Guy, and news of a Firefly cast reunion.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Corporate Cultures

Bloomberg notes that one obstacle to a Fox-Time Warner merger is the contrasting corporate cultures at each.

Australian Waiting

Graham Spencer detailed delays between US TV premieres and their airing in Australia: "It's pretty astonishing that in 2014 Australians face lengthy and uncertain delays before getting access to some of the most critically acclaimed TV shows – and not just on digital stores, but even on Foxtel, where you’re paying a significant premium."

Abortion Episodes

A new Tumblr will review TV episodes about abortion, with Sex and the City and Degrassi High offering the first entries.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Comedy Central Renewals

Comedy Central wants more Drunk History and Nathan For You.

SDCC Coverage

Hitfix covered panels at Comic-Con on Orphan Black, Arrow, The Originals, The Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 25, 2014

Serials & Satisfaction

Sean O'Sullivan examines how serial texts like Middlemarch and Mad Men complicate concepts of satisfaction.

Project Runway & Fashion

Robin Givhan considers how Project Runway has affected the fashion world.

ISP Strategy

Stacey Higginbotham looks at how ISPs are strategizing as broadband erodes pay TV for entertainment access.

FilmOn in Contempt

FilmOn has lost yet another court case.

Frank's Place Revisited

Todd VanDerWerff looks back on the innovative 1980s dramedy Frank's Place.

Fan Tattoos

Kelli Marshall explores what motivates fans to get tattoos of favorite movie and TV icons.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Comedy of Exasperation

Kyle Stevens forms a conception of "the comedy of exasperation" through analysis of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Archer, and Veep.

Kardashian Game

Lindsay Giggey looks at Kim Kardashian's mobile game and considers what it says about celebrity and branding.

YouTube v. TV

Joseph Farrell argues that YouTube will never topple TV.

TCA Coverage

TCA summaries are coming in: Nellie Andreeva says industry consolidation was a constant topic during the fortnight, and Amber Dowling offers some lessons from the tour. Eric Deggans learned five things about TV's future from TCA.

NFL & Women

In the wake of Ray Rice's two-game suspension, Keith Olbermann has criticized the NFL for its message to women, while ESPN's First Take continues to be awful.

British Drama

Mark Lawson takes up the argument that British drama is as good as US drama.

Bonkers TV

Tara Ariano coins the phrase "bonkers TV" to mark the rise of "programming designed to stun its audience at any cost (even coherence and plausibility) in an effort to restore some kind of order to a chaotic media landscape" and credits 24 with starting it all.

TMZ Profile

Anne Helen Petersen delves into the history of TMZ and how it became "the most influential and important media organization of the last decade."

Conglom Coverage

Kim Masters considers why Jeff Bewkes would be ready to sell Time Warner, while David Lieberman considers some of the options if Bewkes wants to stave off Fox. James B. Stewart considers the regulatory issues at stake. Rupert Murdoch's European interests are also busy, with BSkyB bidding for Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia, part of plan to build a European satellite giant. Back in the US, Alex Weprin reports on a memo from Time Warner Cable's CEO indicating that the FCC has so much on its plate right now that the Comcast merger approval could be delayed.

SDCC Coverage

Comic-Con has begun, and Brooks Barnes notes what many have observed: TV is now center stage all weekend. But Brian Lowry warns studios and networks not to get too wrapped up in the excitement.

Hannibal was there, and Todd VanDerWerff and Alan Sepinwall both covered it. Community and Dan Harmon were there, and so were Penny Dreadful, Teen Wolf, Legends, and 24

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Late-Night Woman

Melissa Silverstein talks to Amanda de Cadenet, who launches a late night talk show on Lifetime tonight.


A new psychological study looked into feelings of guilt associated with binge-watching TV, and another study charted out platforms that most commonly facilitate binge-viewing.

Korra Off to Online

Nickelodeon won't air the remaining episodes of The Legend of Korra after Friday, but you'll be able to see them online.

Teen Wolf Collective

A post at the Geekiary looks at fan skepticism over an MTV-curated online space for Teen Wolf fans called The Collective.

TV Set Evolution

Fast Co.Design has a pretty cool, simple infographic showing the evolution of TV set design since 1928 (though the '80s gap is disappointing).

Netflix By Country

Julian Clover details Netflix's subscriber reach by country.

Fullscreen Purchase

Peter Kafka reports that the Chernin Group and AT&T are set to purchase a majority stake in Fullscreen.

Chromecast Birthday

Janko Roettgers marks the one-year anniversary of the release of Chromecast and say the device is starting to change how we think about TV.

Tues & Wed Ratings

I missed yesterday's ratings, so if you wanted to catch up:

Tuesday final ratings and cable ratings from TVBTN. Analysis from Fienberg and Spotted.

Wednesday initial ratings and final ratings and cable ratings from TVBTN and analysis from Fienberg.

Ad Drops

Meg James reports on upfronts ad declines, as networks struggle in the ratings, and Jeanine Poggi reports that cable is also seeing declines.


Peter Lauria considers the film and TV library that Rupert Murdoch would control with a Fox-Time Warner merger. John Malone doesn't see anyone else bidding for Time Warner. Roy Greenslade argues that the merger would be bad for TV viewers. And Reuters says the deal could put pressure on COO Chase Carey to stay in place for a longer time.

More Incentives Needed

Alex Ben Block covers a report from the California Film Commission that the state's tax incentives aren't sufficient to keep enough film and TV production in the state.

Gaza Media Coverage

Max Fisher addresses claims that the American media is biased in favor of Israel, while Colin Daileda says Israel is starting to lose control of media coverage of the Gaza conflict, Robert Mackey reports on foreign reporters' claims of Israeli intimidation.

Writer Diversity

Sonali Kohli highlights the problem of gender and racial diversity among TV writers, complete with handy charts.

New Yorker Essays

The New Yorker has dropped the paywall for its issues from the last seven years, and Emma Fraser highlights ten good TV articles you can now freely access.

Colbert in NY

Late Show will remain in New York when Stephen Colbert takes over thanks to tax incentives.

CW Shows Cancelled

The CW has cancelled two summer sitcoms, Seed and Backpackers.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Network Violence

Alyssa Rosenberg contrasts Gotham and Stalker in considering how network TV can creatively justify depictions of violence.

Romantic Comedy on TV

Margaret Lyons wishes TV tried more rom-coms; Alyssa Rosenberg says TV already has surpassed movies in that genre.


Keach Hagey considers the role debt might play in Fox's bid for Time Warner, and THR gathers creative industry reactions to the possible merger.

Queer TV Evolution

Rachel Edelman looks at the evolution of gay-themed TV starting with Queer as Folk.

The New LA

Travis Andrews looks at the rise of Louisiana as a busy production location.

Disability Casting

Christopher Shinn laments how often able-bodied actors are cast in roles as disabled people.

CNN Kickstarter

Jon Stewart has launched a mock crowdfunding campaign to buy CNN.

Summer Winners & Losers

Toni Fitzgerald lists what has been working and what hasn't thus far this summer.

TCA Coverage

Daniel Fienberg live-blogged the Downton Abbey session at TCA, and Robert Bianco covered Ken Burns' session.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TCA Coverage

Jason Lynch turned his TCA observations into a post on five ways that TV has changed forever, while Linda Holmes looks at the challenges of audience measurement these days, and Tim Goodman notes that TV clutter makes it harder for spectators to be patient with slow-starting series. Sonia Saraiya offers praise for FX's risk-taking.

Gary Levin covered the PBS exec session today, and Todd VanDerWerff explains why PBS is fine with airing Sherlock and Downton Abbey well after the UK gets it.

Comcast Concession

Comcast has conceded that its customer service policies played a role in the cancellation phone call that went viral last week.

Network News Ratings

Dorsey Shaw points out why Brian Williams should be concerned with ABC News' growing ratings.

Comic-Con Guide

Bill Cromwell offers TV-related fun facts about Comic-Con, which starts Thursday.

Larry's Side

The real Larry from Orange is the New Black addresses the truth of his life compared to the TV series.

Long-Form Ads

Brian Stenberg looks at the move to long-form ads.

Regulatory List

TVNewsCheck offers a handy guide to all legal and regulatory issues recently in play in regard to broadcasting.

Al Jazeera in Gaza

Al Jazeera's bureau in Gaza has been hit by gunfire, and the offices have been evacuated.

Russian Conspiracies

Julia Ioffe covers the conspiracy theories being reported as news in Russia in regard to the Malaysia Airlines crash in the Ukraine, and Brian Stelter talks to a Russia Today anchor who quit due to this.

Aereo Coverage

Peter Kafka picks up the story of Aereo's number of subscribers, and Swanni says Aereo was a total failure.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

TCA Coverage

Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of the FX executive session, and Todd VanDerWerff covers that and FX's comedy hopes. There were also panels on The Bridge, The Strain, Sons of Anarchy, Fargo, and Tyrant. Daniel Holloway covered the prior session on ratings. Myles McNutt looks at how close Simpsons World is to his dream of a clips database. FXX will air every Simpsons episode to make the longest marathon in TV history.

Good TVeets

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kaufman Pilot Dead

Ben Travers speculates on why FX has turned down a Charlie Kaufman pilot.

Murdoch Moves

David Carr and Henry Blodgett discuss Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner. Meanwhile, Murdoch's BSkyB has purchased a majority stake in the production company behind Great British Bakeoff, while Sky shedding some Italian and German pay TV assets could be related to the Time Warner bid. Ronald Grover considers how the TW buy would help Murdoch in China.

Fall Calendar

TV Line has a calendar of fall premiere dates.

FilmOn Battles On

Wendy Davis reports that broadcasters are once again trying to stop FilmOn in its new streaming incarnation.

Cable Survival

Emily Steel and David Gelles look at where AMC Networks and other smaller cable groups stand in a world of conglomerate mergers.

Viewing Charts

Jason Lynch offers charts from TCA's presentation on ratings and viewing habits.

Reporter Controversy

Brian Stelter dug into the story of an NBC News reporter pulled from and then returned to Gaza and found bureaucracy and infighting, not bias.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Netflix Expansion

Peter Lauria covers Netflix's plans for international expansion. Also, Netflix reported revenue figures today and announced that it has passed 50 million subscribers.

TCA Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff covers yesterday's TCA session from Fox, which is trying to mesh together the studio and the network. THR covers Peter Rice's exec session. There were also panels on GothamSleepy Hollow, and Gracepoint. Daniel Fienberg live-blogged today's FX exec session. And there was news of a Louie renewal and Fargo season 2.

Today's big news has been Simpsons World, a website and app offering episodes, clips, playlists, and more. It apparently could prove to be the height of human achievement.

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 20, 2014

International Impact

Alyssa Rosenberg considers the impact international audience appeal could have on American popular culture.

Korean Product Placement

A Japan Times feature looks at how product placement permeates South Korean dramas.

Third Season Peak

Mike Schur offers a reason for why so many viewers say the third season is the best of a long-running series.

Ratings Presentation

TCA featured a panel of ratings, which focused heavily on convincing the press that live + same day ratings should be ignored in favor of L+3 and beyond.

Aereo's Bind

Jeff John Roberts looks at the tough position Aereo is in given the regulations stacked against like internet TV innovations.

TCA Awards

The Television Critics Association handed out awards last night, with Breaking Bad honored as top program, The Good Wife as top drama, and Veep and Louie tying for top comedy. Roger Catlin covers the event, and Alan Sepinwall also covers the ceremony.

RIP James Garner

Acting legend James Garner has died. Alan Sepinwall offers an appreciation. Clive James says Garner was a true star of his era. James Poniewozik looks back on his career.

Good TVeets

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Colleen Donaghy Moments

In remembrance of Elaine Stritch, EW offers a supercut of great Colleen Donaghy moments.

The Legend of Korra

Scott Thill says the protagonist of The Legend of Korra is one of the toughest, most complex female characters on TV, and he talks to the co-creators about the series.

Garten Profile

Alex Abed-Santos looks at how Ina Garten became the Barefoot Contessa.

The Doctors Returns

Will McKinley writes about the significance of reruns of the classic soap The Doctors returning to TV and interviews a VP of the channel bringing them back, Retro TV.

Summer Programming

David Zurawik notes that there are a lot of new summer shows, but that doesn't mean there's a lot of good TV on now.


Tim Goodman was surprised to find that he actually likes The CW's new fall dramas. Jarett Wieselman notes that the star of Jane the Virgin was especially impressive in talking about cultural identity.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cable Ad Decline

Suzanne Vranica and Amol Sharma report on cable ad commitment declines, estimated to be a drop of about 6%.

Reporter Returns

NBC News will return pulled correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin to Gaza. Mike Caccioppoli is critical of NBC News' actions in removing Mohyeldin and not offering an explanation.

FX Ratings

FX has announced that it will no longer report L+SD ratings and will only release L+3 figures.

TCA Coverage

Daniel Fienberg live-blogged today's CW executive and Showtime executive sessions. Todd VanDerWerff also covers Showtime, where there was talk of Dexter not being dead. More on The CW exec session. And there were panels on The Affair, Homeland, Jane the Virgin, and Supernatural. Gary Levin sees The CW on the upswing. Myles McNutt has CW thoughts.

There was also follow-up news to yesterday's contentious session with Kevin Williamson about The Stalker, as Williamson didn't take well to Twitter criticism, and he went after Vox critic Todd VanDerWerff on Twitter.


Check out a new issue of Critical Studies in Television featuring:

Reality TV Neighborhood

Molly Lambert profiles Calabasas, home to a disproportionate share of reality TV celebrities.

Sports Innovation

Sara Morrison notes that media innovations have often been driven historically by sports media.

Reporter Controversies

CNN has pulled a reporter from coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict following a tweet she made, while questions remain surrounding NBC News also pulling a reporter from Gaza coverage.

ITV Stake

Liberty Global is buying a minority stake in British broadcaster ITV, with likely bigger plans ahead, as BSkyB also plans European expansion.

Aereo Subscribers

Alex Weprin notes that we likely learned just how few subscribers Aereo had from its recent copyright office filing.

TNT Renewals

TNT has renewed Major Crimes, The Last Ship, and Falling Skies, the latter for the final time, and a Rizzoli & Isles renewal announcement is also expected soon.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Netflix Congestion

Level3 is claiming that Verizon is intentionally slowing down Netflix traffic. Stacey Higginbotham questions why this is still going on.

SEC Network

Comcast will carry the SEC Network, and DirecTV likely will too.

TCA Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff considers where CBS stands right now, and Les Moonves is very excited about Thursday Night Football. Alan Sepinwall covered the Battle Creek panel. Nina Tassler got pressured on diversity at her session. Ed Martin covered the Hulu/Amazon/DirecTV presentations.

Fox-TW Analysis

More coverage of the potential Fox takeover of Time Warner: Nikke Finke says such consolidation hurts content providers, Emily Steel and Richard Sandomir note that this partnership would help Fox rival ESPN, and the bid will likely go up but Jack Schafer thinks Rupert Murdoch should keep the money. Jeffrey Goldfarb says Time Warner can hold out for more.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fox Affiliate Meeting

Fox affiliates convened an emergency meeting to discuss concerns about possible changes to a reverse compensation agreement with Fox.

TV Everywhere's Delay

Alan Wolk looks at what is slowing up TV Everywhere's rollout.

At the Movies Profile

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky chronicles the demise of At the Movies.

NBC News Reporter Pulled

NBC News has pulled a prominent correspondent out of Gaza following his reporting on an Israeli bombing that killed four boys.

Microsoft Programming Demise

Cynthia Littleton reports that Microsoft is shuttering Xbox Entertainment Studios, which ends the possibility of future original series. This also has shocked advertisers who were on board.

USA's Identity

Pilot Viruet looks at the new show Satisfaction in light of USA Network's strategy struggles.

Female Director Plea

Rachel Fledman has penned an open letter to showrunners asking them to be more aware of gender equity in directing.

Tassler at TCA

Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of Nina Tassler's session representing CBS at TCA. Nellie Andreeva also has details.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

BBC News

BBC News is making major labor cuts as part of a plan to restructure for the digital future. The BBC is also launching a plan to employ and air more people with disabilities, and the BBC Trust says the corporation must do more to reach young and minority audiences.

GoT Dudes

Game of Thrones' fifth season will apparently have no female writers or directors involved.

Cable News Diversity

Peter Hart reports on a survey that analyzed the identity of guests on some primary cable news shows across a few spring weeks and found them primarily white and male.

Netflix News

Pocketbook looks at how well Netflix is doing in Australia without technically being there yet. And Netflix has submitted its net neutrality argument to the FCC.

Nielsen + Facebook

Nielsen is partnering with Facebook to analyze TV viewing habits.

SNL Casting

Daniel D'Daddario says it's not surprising that the axe is falling on a number of white cast members at SNL.

LA Production

Television production in LA seems to be rebounding.

Mexican Soft Drink Ads

Mexico is limiting when soft drink ads can be televised in a bid to curb obesity.

News Time Zones

Joseph Lichterman looks at how international news organizations negotiate time zones while reporting 24/7.

Late Night Boost

Bill Carter says NBC and ABC are enjoying image boosts thanks to likable late-night talk show hosts.

HBO Without Premium Cable

Geoffrey A. Fowler shares the package names from pay TV providers that will let you subscribe to HBO without signing up for a full complement of cable channels as well.

Big Bang Negotiations

Cast contract negotiations are ongoing as The Big Bang Theory starts up fall production.

Sunday Ticket Online

DirecTV is making the NFL Sunday Ticket available to non-subscribers, but only online and only to those unable to receive DirecTV's satellite service. Swanni points out that this has been going on for awhile now.

TCA Coverage

Cynthia Littleton says TCA has shown how channels are now worrying more about branding shows than scheduling them. Ed Martin covers ABC's diversity, while Todd VanDerWerff covers the network's new sitcoms.

World Cup Viewing

The World Cup set a record for live viewing on a plane, as 40,000 airline passengers watched Germany beat Argentina. Jeff Bercovici notes that World Cup viewing was big for Comcast's TV Everywhere service. Raymond Snoddy explains why the BBC so thoroughly dominated ITV in World Cup ratings.

Aereo Loses

The US Copyright Office has turned down Aereo's application to be considered a cable system.

Fox-Time Warner Coverage

Analysts say Fox's bid for Time Warner is story of both companies needing each other as a bulwark against rivals as part of the consolidation trend; might set off a wave of mega-deals and spark a content merger race or then again maybe it's not a bellwether; won't be achieved through money alone and is only Murdoch's opening gambit as the last great play of his career; could have helped CNN and potentially puts CNN up for sale, but might be more about HBO; and will likely see Time Warner sold even if not to Fox.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ABC Family Restructuring

Lesley Goldberg looks at ABC Family's overhaul, as it plans to shift away from a teen focus toward more of twentysomethings one.

Fox + Time Warner

It's coming out today that Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox made a bid for Time Warner recently, but was turned away in its attempt to create a media giant. Murdoch apparently didn't read Rich Greenfield's suggestion that media moguls should resist the urge to merge.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SNL Exits

Saturday Night Live has sent three cast members packing in the last 24 hours.


It's ABC day at TCA. The network's fall premiere dates have been announced. Nellie Andreeva covers Paul Lee's session, and Alan Sepinwall notes the network's turn toward diversity, which Todd VanDerWerff also writes about, as does Maureen Ryan. The Selfie panel addressed Karen Gillan's American accent. Daniel Fienberg takes issue with ABC's sitcom title decisions. Bill Keveney covers the Black-ish panel, Lisa De Moraes covers Shonda Rhimes.

Black Female Oscar Winners

Esther Breger notes that network TV has become a destination for black women holding Oscars.

Moonves on Aereo

Les Moonves says he's open to talking to Aereo about paying service options.

World Cup Ratings

The middle of this post features final US ratings for World Cup matches, including regional results.

Top TV Advertisers

A chart of the companies that spend the most on TV advertising is topped by Proctor & Gamble, which spends nearly twice as much as #2, General Motors.

New Oxygen

Philiana Ng checks out Oxygen's rebranding.

Netflix Job

Laura Stampler talks to a Netflix video tagger about watching Netflix for a living.

TCA Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff has arrived at TCA and describes what it's all about. Ed Martin was impressed by the Hallmark, Nat Geo, El Rey, and BBC America sessions. Myles McNutt is intrigued by the event TV status of Dig and Ascension. Deadline covers news on 12 Monkeys, Dig, and a new ABC Family EVP of programming.

License Fee Defense

With the BBC license fee under attack as it is soon up for renewal, the BBC's Director of Policy argues that the license fee is the best funding scheme for the corporation, and he explains why he doesn't think subscription is a better option.

Yahoo Saving Enlisted?

Enlisted is now rumored to be under consideration at Yahoo Screen.

New Peephole Journal

A new issue of the online film journal Peephole is out, and it focuses on women and TV, with essays on Game of Thrones, Girls, Enlightened, Top of the Lake, Orange is the New Black, Ally McBeal, and Kath & Kim.

War on Ratings

Alyssa Rosenberg looks at TV exec frustration with Nielsen's inability to keep up with new modes of viewing.

NBA Rights

The WSJ reports that the NBA has its sights set on doubling its licensing rights fees.

Netflix DVDs

Peter Kafka notes that Netflix is doing little to promote its DVD service and appears happy to profit from it while letting it die. Also, Netflix no longer ships DVDs on Saturdays.

MPDG Lament

The critic who coined "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" now regrets it.

Sharknado Legitimation

Myles McNutt reports from a Sharknado 2 screening at TCA and says he was impressed: "through events like this one and the film itself, Sharknado 2 elevates itself out of the conversation of fleeting social media success and cheaply made monster movies in a way that both legitimately surprised me and seems to make it more possible than I’d imagined for Sharknado to be something Syfy can turn into something more than a flash-in-the-pan in the next few years."

Oliver Out, Andrews In

Pam Oliver is being replaced by Erin Andrews on Fox's top NFL broadcasting team.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg and Spotted.

Sunday Ratings

Final ratings from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

The Strain started well.

Comcast Call

A customer service nightmare call with Comcast has gone viral. John Herman has sympathy for the customer service rep. But Comcast is blaming the rep for acting unacceptably.

24 Interview

24: Live Another Day's showrunners talk about the finale.

Net Neutrality Comments

Ted Johnson reports on the volume of comments the FCC has received in regard to net neutrality. In fact, there have been so many that the FCC has extended the comments deadline.

Ratings Changes

Brad Adgate suggests three ways ratings measurement should change, including sweeps going away.

Good TVeets

Warning: 24 and Bachelor spoilers at the end.

Monday, July 14, 2014

BitTorrent TV

Janko Roettgers reports on BitTorrent's move into mobile live streaming.

CW Comedy

Myles McNutt reviews two new summer CW shows and says they reveal The CW's comedy problem.

Ad Receptivity

Nathalie Tadena reports on a study of binge viewing and ad tolerance.

Comic-Con & TV

Devin Faraci notes how Comic-Con has shifted away from film and more toward a TV-heavy focus.

Warm-Up Comedy

Todd VanDerWerff interviewed a warm-up comedian for multi-cam sitcoms about the multi-cam atmosphere.

Fox Weakness

Media Life readers think Fox has the weakest fall schedule.

Dish Ruling

Jeff John Roberts reports on a court ruling against Fox that lets Dish Network's "Dish Everywhere" service continue, despite its similarities to Aereo.

Amazon Binge

Peter Kafka notes that Amazon will release all Transparent episodes at once.

New Fox Chiefs

Fox will reportedly now be helmed by Dana Walden and Gary Newman, replacing Kevin Reilly. Lacey Rose has details. The deal is now official and will bring the Fox network and TV studio together under the same management. Joe Flint looks at the logic here, while Brian Steinberg says Wall Street will scrutinize this decision. Newman and Walden spoke to reporters earlier today.