Sunday, June 29, 2014

Agents of Transmedia

Joseph Oldham looks at the place of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. within the Marvel universe and the relationship of film and TV serialization.

Graphic Drama

Michael Eisner and Beau Willimon converse about the era of antihero drama and graphic content.

Strong Genre Women

Joanna Robinson praises Orphan Black for its representations of female power, but laments that that seems so rare in post-Buffy sci-fi/fantasy work.

Post-Aereo Possibilities

Swanni considers why Aereo's CEO would say the service is just pausing, not going away. And Emily Steel points out that a number of streaming companies are still working to appeal to cord cutters, while Natan Edelsburg talks to the CEO of Mohu, one of those companies. An anonymous media exec sees the Aereo shutdown as a disaster for TV.

Female Spies

Julia Cooke is frustrated that so many of the recent female spy characters on TV are tied in with domesticity

Pioneering Doug

Lauren Duca looks back on the legacy of Nickelodeon's Doug.

Comedy Central Comedy

Rob Brunner talks to Comedy Central exec Michele Ganeless about recent changes and successes at the channel.

CBS Summer

Todd Spangler covers CBS's summer programming and its VOD components.

Reality TV Lull

Lacey Rose & Michael O'Connell look at the struggle to find the next reality TV hit, as stalwarts like Duck Dynasty are in decline.

Netflix in Europe

Scott Roxborough notes that Netflix is expanding in Europe but without being able to offer some of its originals, like House of Cards, as others have international rights, but the service is trying to develop international productions as a result.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Leftovers Interview

Alan Sepinwall talks to The Leftovers creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta.

Cable Upfronts

Brian Steinberg reports on the flat upfronts market for cable, as Turner nears the finish line.

Binge Risk

A new study finds that sitting and watching TV for long periods of time strongly increases your risk of mortality.

The Strain Reaction

Tim Molloy reports that FX is pulling some of its billboards for The Strain, as people have complained about being repulsed by an image.

Aereo Fallout

Aereo's CEO announced today that the service will be shut down immediately. Meanwhile, the Aereo ruling has reverberated into the Dish Network-Hopper cases, as Fox is hoping to bolster its case against Dish, while NBC's battle with Dish is reportedly easing.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Good TVeets

Australian Piracy

Liz Giuffre digs into what's behind the proliferation of piracy in Australia.

Android TV

Janko Roettgers analyzes Android TV and its prospects.

UKTV Offer

Scripps is looking to fully control BBC Worldwide's UKTV suite of channels.

Aniston's TV Persona

Sarah Berridge argues that television's medium specificity has affected how Jennifer Aniston is framed as a star in the press.

Reality Labor Charges

David Robb covers a hearing presenting charges from the WGA East that reality TV crews are being treated like sweatshop workers.

Finke Analysis

Anne Thompson presents her take on Nikki Finke and Deadline's place among the trades.

Aereo Coverage

The USA Today offers its editorial board opinion on the Aereo ruling, as does the LA Times. James Poniewozik says TV will lose in the end if it doesn't better respond to customer demands. Ted Johnson proposes five scenarios for what happens next. And Peter Lauria offers a crudely-drawn but insightful chart as to why Aereo is dead.

Fullscreen News

Fullscreen will branch out into original programming, while Yahoo is bidding to buy Fullscreen, in competition with The Chernin Group.

Upfronts Analysis

Brian Steinberg digs into the dips in the networks' upfronts advertising deals.

Singing Competitions Fade

Josef Adalian looks into the declining ratings for singing competition shows.

The View Exits

Sheri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy are leaving The View.

Tyrant Ratings

Tyrant's premiere ratings were "respectable."

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scandal Apparel

The Limited will carry Scandal-inspired designs this fall.

Xbox Entertainment

Xbox Entertainment Studios SVP Creative Lydia Antonini talks about the gaming console's expansion from gaming into entertainment.

Hashtag Value

Alicia Rancilio explores reasons why Twitter hashtags can be seen as valuable for TV execs.

TV Issue

The film journal Offscreen has a special TV issue featuring:

Fox Finishes Deals

Jon Lafayette reports that Fox has become the finial network to finish up its upfronts deals, with volume down.

Louis CK's Humor

Micah Houser offers a take on Louie's representations of sexual behavior.

Sitcom Sadness

And apparently watching sitcoms can make you sadder than watching rom coms. So you darn well better not binge them, I guess.

Binge Sadness

Scott Kaufman reports on studies finding that binge watching could make viewers unhappy,

Comics Age

Charlie Jane Anders notes the rise of comic book-based TV shows.

30 Rock Overhaul

NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center home will undergo a renovation.

CBS & CW Premieres

Fall premiere dates have been announced for CBS, which has a staggered plan, and for The CW.

ABC News Changes

Alex Weprin reports on an overhaul at ABC News, where Diane Sawyer is out as evening news anchor and David Muir is in. Brian Lowry says this shows Good Morning America's influence at ABC News. And Brian Steinberg says this illustrates the decline in evening news anchor importance, and Chris Ariens notes that we'll now be back to three white men anchoring the evening news.

Aereo Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled against Aereo today. Reporting from Brian Stelter, Jeff John Roberts, Jeanine Poggi, Joe Mullin, Peter Lauria and Lisa Tozzi. Barry Diller says Aereo is done, but Aereo's CEO says the company will continue to fight. CBS's Les Moonves is celebrating, saying justice was served. Alex Weprin considers what's next, Peter Kafka says TV will continue to drag its feet with change, and Alyssa Rosenberg has advice for the TV industry. Broadcasters' stocks went up in the wake of the ruling. Sarah Laskow says this ruling could be seen as good news for local news. Reynolds Holding says a digital shake-up is coming despite this decision.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Tyrant Lament

Daniel Fienberg explains why it matters negatively that Tyrant does not have a Middle Eastern actor playing its lead role.

Full Frontal HBO

Sezin Koehler argues that HBO's full frontal nudity practices on shows like True Blood, Hung, and Game of Thrones contributes to a climate of male entitlement fantasies.

AT&T Defense

AT&T defended its potential merger with DirecTV today to a House Judiciary Committee panel.

ABC News on Apple TV

Todd Spangler reports on ABC News' launch of an Apple TV channel, no pay TV subscription required.

NBC Ad Ban

NBC has reportedly declined to air a film trailer that uses the word "abortion." Planned Parenthood is now involved with a petition.

Revolutionizing the Guide

Issie Lapowsky looks at how Rovi intends to revolutionize the television guide and better enable cable to compete with Netflix.

Oliver Impresses

Prachi Gupta looks at how John Oliver has carved out a unique and effective place within the cable news political satire genre.

Watching World Cup

Derek Thompson questions the premise that record World Cup ratings in the US prove that Americans are now committed soccer fans.

Rape Lament

In her review of FX's new drama Tyrant, Maureen Ryan says she's at the end of her rope with TV's depictions of rape.

Seacrest Everywhere

Ryan Seacrest now has contracts with all four major networks.

Upfronts Deals

Brian Steinberg reports that NBC is getting higher advance advertising commitments than the other broadcast networks, and The CW is the latest to see declines.

Community Dies Again

Michael Ausiello reports that Hulu has stepped away from the negotiating table with Sony to keep Community alive.

Good TVeets

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tyrant Oversight

A Muslim group is asking for TV critics to be vigilant about stereotyping in FX's Tyrant.

Tax Credit Boost

Neil Midgley looks at how tax credits have helped boost drama production in the UK.

Family TV

Neil Swidey describes Me-TV and its classic reruns as family viewing.

Finke & Deadline

Deadline's Peter Bart and Mike Fleming Jr. give their take on the Nikke Finke situation.

Twin Peaks' Impact

James Orbesen considers how Twin Peaks helped to shape the subsequent "Golden Age" of TV that followed.

Kitchen Nightmares Ending

Gordon Ramsey is done with Kitchen Nightmares.

Daytime Emmys

Daytime Emmys were handed out last night, and the online show was apparently a hot mess.

Al Jazeera Convictions

Three Al Jazeera journalists have been convicted of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and an international outcry has followed.

World Cup Ratings

The World Cup is setting ratings records and outpacing ratings for playoffs in American sports (non-football categories). Anthony Crupi notes that out-of-home viewing has been significant.

Good TVeets

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twitter Helping Advertisers

Martin Beck reports on a study from Twitter and a media buying agency finding that "combining Twitter and TV results in strong gains in brand awareness, TV ad recall, engagement with television shows and sales lift."

Orphan Black Dance

Vlada Gelman talks to Orphan Black's creators about how they pulled off a notable scene in last night's finale. There's also a video showing the individual components of the scene.

BBC Collaboration Charge

An Iranian documentary filmmaker has been jailed on charges of collaborating against the state through working with the BBC.

Measuring Hits

James Poniewozik introduces his print story, which considers how we measure TV hits in a world where Netflix doesn't report viewership figures.

Miramax TV Move

Miramax has created a new VP position for TV, a sign it is beefing up its television efforts.

Digital Broadcast Networks

TVNewsCheck has a three-part series on digital broadcast networks, looking at the top 25 of them (led by Me-TV), the preponderance of classic shows for programming, and subchannel leasing.


Warner Bros. is taking full control of a UK production company, which will be renamed Warner Bros. Television Productions UK.

GoT Viewing

Emma Holden reports on results of a study looking at how a Sky viewing panel watched Game of Thrones, in terms of live and time-shifted options.

TMZ Ethics

Christopher Zara looks into TMZ's willingness to pay for scoops and the ethics therein.

NASCAR Ratings

Matt Yoder notes that NASCAR ratings this season are down.

Hannibal the Best

Vulture names Hannibal the best drama of the season.

Staying Too Long

Joel Keller points a finger at Showtime for letting shows like Nurse Jackie run on too long, while Eric Deggans complains about True Blood going on too long, along with other shows (and also apparently drops a Dexter finale spoiler that greatly angers the commenters).

Rupert + Sumner

Peter Kafka considers some possible scenarios by which Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone's corporate interests could come together.

Netflix Change

Andrew Wallenstein says Netflix hiring Chelsea Handler is a bold move that opens new questions about the service's direction. James Poniewozik also discusses the Handler deal and where a talk show might fit in a binge context.

Good TVeets

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Piracy Criticism

Walking Dead producer Gale Ann Hurd is critical of those, like Jeff Bewkes, who don't seem to fret over piracy of shows like Game of Thrones.

Enlisted Reflections

Alan Sepinwall explains why he doesn't want to see Enlisted exit yet, and Ryan McGee pleads with us to watch it before it's gone.

French Netflix Series

Netflix is reportedly developing an original series for the French market.

Better Call Saul Scheduling

AMC has already granted Better Call Saul a second season, while it has pushed the season one premiere into 2015. Aaron Paul says he won't be a part of the series.

Aereo Decision Coming

Peter Kafka says we are likely to get an Aereo ruling next week.

ABC Upfronts

Brian Steinberg reports that ABC is close to sealing its upfronts deals, with volume down, and Sam Thielman says the network is putting hopes in the scatter market and diversity.

World Cup Ratings

Jeanine Poggi reports on the ratings records being set by World Cup broadcasts on Univision and ESPN.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Good TVeets

Latino Underrepresentation

Anna Bahr reports on a study finding that Latinos are underrepresented in US media.

Cable Rerun Problems

Amos Sharma reports on how the decline in network hits is causing problems for cable channels that rely on syndicated reruns for programming.

Binge Impact

Bob Verini looks at how showrunners are reacting to binge viewing practices.

FX Praise

Vulture has named FX the best network of the year.

Handler on Netflix

Chelsea Handler has signed a deal with Netflix for a talk show and comedy specials. Alex Weprin analyzes her strategy. Joan E. Solsman says this makes Netflix more like a TV network, and Peter Kafka also offers some speculation along those lines. Earlier this week, Netflix's Original Content VP talked about development plans for the service.

Critic Awards

Critics' Choice Awards were handed out last night. But Joe Reid saw only pointlessness.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CNN Resistance

Brian Steinberg says upfronts ad buyers are expressing resistance to CNN's move beyond news and toward documentaries and entertainment.

Fear of Crime

Deadline reports on a new Annenberg study finding that the depiction of crime on TV can influence people's fears of crime.

Female Sexuality

Anna North laments the dearth of positive images of female sexuality on TV. Lili Loofbourow also discusses this subject.

Breaking Bad Remake

Mike Hale notes that you can watch the Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad on Hulu, albeit without subtitles.

Shorter Sesame Street

PBS has a half-hour version of Sesame Street in the works.

Long-Running Evolution

Randee Dawn considers how long-running network series evolve to keep viewers engaged.

Comedy Distribution

Cynthia Littleton notes the rise in comedians distributing their stand-up specials directly over the internet, with Comedy Central offering support.

New Show Ratings

Spotted breaks down how new shows performed in the 18-49 ratings during the 2013-14 season.

Free TV Worries

Elizabeth Jensen reports on concerns that the spectrum auction will endanger over-the-air public television.

GoT Piracy

Game of Thrones once again thrived among pirates with its finale, and in Australia, some are pointing fingers at the show's pay TV host. Game of Thrones is also big on YouTube with user-generated content.

AMC Online

Amir Efrati reports that AMC Networks is planning to launch a set of online subscription video sites. Bloomberg also reports.


The BBC's director of television is defending the quality of British drama in comparison to US drama. Vicky Frost questions the premise of the debate. Michael Moran offers reasons why the UK may be at a disadvantage in this direct comparison.

TV Changes

As we are on the eve of crucial rulings, Swanni considers how Aereo, net neutrality, and mergers all soon stand to change TV. Cecelia Kang considers how the NFL could be affected by an Aereo ruling.

NBC News Ratings

Marisa Guthrie looks at NBC News' plans to reverse a ratings slide across dayparts.

Sky Europe

Raymond Snoddy analyzes BSkyB's plans for European expansion and its regulatory chances.

Aereo's Plan B

Dan Primack considers what Aereo might do if the Supreme Court rules against the service.

State of TV Recaps

The Chicago Tribune looks at TV recapping (behind a paywall, unfortunately, so I don't know what it says beyond the headline).

Netflix Native Advertising

Michelle Castillo looks at how Netflix is going native with its advertising.

Fargo Finale

Fargo creator Noah Hawley did post-Fargo interviews with Alan Sepinwall, Denise Martin, and Andy Greenwald (audio). TV Tattle has some finale reaction links.

Best Scenes

Both EW and Vulture have picked some best TV scenes of the past year. Sam Adams offers a reaction.

Good TVeets

Monday, June 16, 2014

Satirical Searches

Tony Maglio highlights the utility of Snapstream's recording and caption capabilities, which lend crucial help to shows like The Daily Show and The Soup in enabling them to use keyword searches of captions to find material.

New In Media Res

Theme: "Kids" Doing Alright in the Queer Modern Family: Speaking to Our Representation

  • Monday, June 16, 2014 - Kellen Kaiser (COLAGE) presents: How Queer was/is My Two Dads? 
  •  Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - Danielle Silber (COLAGE) presents: Real Families: Beyond the 20/20 Sound Byte 
  •  Wednesday, June 18, 2014 - Aaron Sachs (St. Mary’s College of California) presents: Who’s Alright?: The Politics of “Queerspawn” Representation in "The Kids Are Alright" 
  •  Thursday, June 19, 2014 - Nick Hetherington (COLAGE) presents: Shameless 
  •  Friday, June 20, 2014 - Annie Van Avery ([AFFILIATION]) presents: TBD

GoT Finale

Myles McNutt covers the controversy among book readers over last night's Game of Thrones season finale, and TV Tattle has more and more links to coverage.

John Oliver's Revolution

The Guardian's Edward Helmore looks at how John Oliver has had an impact already only a few weeks into his new show.

Female Nominees

Cory Barker analyzes the historical problem of so few women being nominated for writing and directing Emmys.

Weekend Ratings

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

John Oliver's Revolution

The Guardian's Edward Helmore looks at how John Oliver has had an impact already only a few weeks into his new show.

Good TVeets

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good TVeets

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ad-Free Value

Jason Najum argues that there is cultural value in paying for ad-free TV.

Trebek's Record

Alex Trebek now owns the Guinness World Record for hosting game show episodes.

Modern Family's Importance

Amanda D. Lotz says Modern Family's image of fatherhood is important and influential.

Good TVeets

Friday, June 13, 2014

Investigating Netflix's Claims

The FCC says it's going to investigate Netflix's disputes with Verizon and Comcast over streaming speed and quality.

Fargo & Antihero TV

James Poniewozik praises Fargo for bringing a new spin to the tired antihero cable drama formula: [O]ver the course of the miniseries, Fargo has managed to do something different. It’s telling a story of actual good people and actual bad people, one in which we have clear rooting interests, without moralizing or dumbing down its worldview."

CBS Upfront Deals

CBS has announced that it is wrapping up its upfronts deals, claiming it is getting higher prices than rivals but not revealing what those prices are.

World Cup Coverage

ESPN saw solid ratings for its first night of World Cup coverage, but Univision drew more viewers. Peter Kafka reports that Google has a partnership deal that will send World Cup searchers ESPN's way. In Britain, ITV's streaming player had overload problems.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Fienberg.

Mega Indies

John Ellis considers the rise of mega indies in the UK, with financing from US companies, and their potential relationship to public service TV and the BBC.

Duck Dynasty Drop

Duck Dynasty continues to drop in the ratings.

Score Box

Richard Sandomir lauds the 1994 introduction of the continuous on-screen scoreboard graphic for sports.

Lauer Extended

NBC has extended Matt Lauer's contract, despite a downturn for Today. Brian Steinberg looks at the pressures Lauer and Today now face.

Univision For Sale

Univision is reportedly seeking a buyer, with CBS and Time Warner as possible suitors.

GoT Violence

Sonia Saraiya looks at the saturation of violence in Game of Thrones.

Network Declines

Vulture has a handy chart illustrating that a preponderance of returning network shows dropped significantly in the ratings in 2013-14 compared to the previous season. The biggest mover in the other direction? Scandal.

Finke is Back is up and running. Rick Ellis says we should be rooting for Finke.

Netflix Redesign

Netflix has redesigned its website look and logo.

Good TVeets

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Upscale Series

Lisa de Moraes highlights the highest-indexed shows in upscale households; apparently rich people like The Bachelor more than one might assume.

Distributors v. Sports

John Ourand says distributors are gaining more leverage against sports franchise seeking huge rights fees.

World's Biggest TV

The world's biggest TV is 370 inches, can show 20 channels at once, and costs $1.7 million.

Harry & Riot Pulled

Fox has dropped I Wanna Marry Harry and Riot from the schedule.

Web Series Viewership

Aymar Jean Christian discusses the challenge of visibility for low-budget indie web series and highlights the quality of one called F to 7th.

Starz & Streaming

With recent renewals of some underwatched shows, Ben Travers says Starz needs to take better advantage of streaming services in order to cultivate larger audiences.

Writing Methods

Debra Birnbaum compares the typical US writer's room method to the UK solo writer method.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Fienberg and Spotted.

Digital & TV Ad Money

The TV ad market is projected to still notably outpace the digital video market in the next few years, while Mike Shields says Honda's new YouTube channel should worry cable channels in terms of possibly losing ad dollars to the internet.

Playstation TV

Sony says we can look for the Playstation TV gaming console and media player this fall. Ryan Waniata looks at the TV part of Playstation TV.

Dish Internet Service

Janko Roettgers looks at Dish Network's upcoming internet TV service, which will target those dissatisfied with pay TV.

British Summer

Yvonne Villarreal notes a trend of British-themed shows on US TV this summer.

Spelling Bee & Race

Sameer Pandya looks at the National Spelling Bee through a racial lens: "Watching the bee, I suspect, allows many Americans to simultaneously celebrate the American Dream and ease their anxieties about the success of one particular race."

Drama Roundtable

Roundtable season continues, as the LA Times presents a drama actor roundtable with Jon Hamm, Liev Schreiber, Vera Farmiga, Lizzy Caplan, and Norman Reedus.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Media Ownership Debate

Joe Flint reports on today's congressional hearing into the FCC's media ownership rules.

Too Many Shows

Ben Travers reports on comments from a panel of cable execs about original series overload.

Showtime Model

Kent Gibbons covers Showtime's business model in regard to program ownership and multiplatform opportunity.

Magic School Bus Reboot

Netflix is developing a new version of The Magic School Bus.

Upfronts Haggling

Brian Steinberg says advertisers are fighting for smaller rate hikes relative to last year in upfronts negotiations.

Comcast Video Service

Janko Roettgers reports on the YouTube competitor that Comcast has in the works.

Netflix Quality

Dan Rayburn digs into Netflix's accusations against Verizon over streaming quality.

TV Definition

Marie-José Montpetit looks at how the internet is changing the definition of what TV is.

Global Popularity

NCIS and Modern Family have been declared the most-watched drama and sitcom globally.

Rentrak's Inroads

Cynthia Littleton notes that Retrak is starting to gain ratings measurement ground with some major studio deals.

AT&T's Pitch

Peter Kafka reports on AT&T's claim offered to regulators that its purchase of DirecTV may help slow the rise of cable bills.

Digital to Exceed Physical

Brent Lang reports on a study projecting that revenue generated from digital media will exceed that of physical media in the next few years.

TV Hospitals

Leah Binder laments how hospitals are usually portrayed on TV.

ATX Festival

Elizabeth Wendorf discusses what the ATX Television Festival experience is all about: "it’s Twitter in the world, it’s TV camp, it’s maybe the safest real world space I’ve ever found to be a voracious, unapologetic fan of television." Libby Hill also discusses the festival.

NFL in Upfronts

Brian Steinberg considers how football sales will factor into upfronts negotiations.

RIP Glenn Britt

Former Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt has died. The NYT has an obituary.

Disney Jr Merch

Ben Fritz reports that Disney Jr.'s ratings may not impress, but the outlet brings in big money via merchandise, such as toys.

Us & Them Dead

Fox's remake of Gavin and Stacey, titled Us and Them, will not air.

EW Evolution

Anne Helen Petersen takes us back through Entertainment Weekly's history: "EW's rise, scattered identity, brilliant heyday and slow, gradual decline mirrors the same journey of Time Warner's conglomerate hopes and dreams. The leading magazine company weds a film and television giant? It all looked so great on paper. But here we are with the EW of today, and it's clear: Just because it looks pretty in a business plan doesn't mean it's a good idea at all." Jeff Jarvis has a response, which includes early EW documents.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Fienberg.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New In Media Res

Theme: Golden Girls

Top DVR Shows

Rick Porter reports on the list of shows that were most-watched via DVRs in 2013-14.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

C4 Digital Storytelling

The deputy chief creative officer for Britain's Channel 4 describes how digital technologies are enhancing documentary and interactive storytelling possibilities.

New Investments

Tim Peterson says Viacom is the latest to invest in a YouTube-related company, buying a stake in Defy Media, while Time Warner is reportedly eyeing a stake in Vice Media, which could also see HLN handed over to Vice. AdAge considers the issue of targeting millennials in the latter situation, and Alex Weprin has more on the potential deal.

Working Stiff TV

Eric Deggans draws positive attention to what he calls Working Stiff TV, shows like Longmire that aren't prestigious but get the drama job done: "they have all the best elements of great TV shows — strong characters, surprising stories, well-crafted episodes and cool plot arcs. But they aren't quite competing with the big-ticket TV shows out there, so critics like me don't spend a lot of time talking about them."

Game of Thrones Directing

Gina McIntyre talked to Game of Thrones director Neil Marshall about shooting Sunday's episode, and Jesus Diaz offers a clip of a striking 360-degree shot from the episode.

Reality TV Nominees

Andy Dehnart highlights potential nominees for reality TV Emmys and notes that there are 57 possible host choices and 142 possible series choices across three categories.

Renewals & Review

Comedy Central has renewed Review and Inside Amy Schumer. Alan Sepinwall talked to Andy Daly about the first season of Review and what could be next.

British on US TV

Christy Grosz highlights the recent influx of British actors on American television.

Ratings News

Michael Schneider highlights the list of the top 50 most-watched series of 2013-14. And in cable news ratings, Megyn Kelly has surpassed Bill O'Reilly in 25-54 ratings for the first time.

Netflix's Messages

Peter Kafka reports on Netflix's response to Verizon's cease-and-desist order in regard to Netflix blaming Verizon for streaming slowdowns. Netflix says it will stop sending messages about the issue to subscribers, but it's not backing down from the complaint. Also, full video is now available of a recent Reed Hastings talk, in which he's added FX to the list of who Netflix sees as a competitor.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lear's Lament

TV producing legend Norman Lear is lashing out at TV ageism.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Good TVeets

Sunday, June 8, 2014

PR Labor

Jennifer Pan explores the role and labor of the publicist and the job's gendered implications.

Critics' Panel

Kimberly Jones covers one of the standout panels from the ATX Festival, where producer Kyle Killen talked about the ratings system and prominent TV critics discussed their jobs.

Digital Viewing Figures

Molly Wood covers an Adobe report finding significant rises in mobile viewing and TV Everywhere app usage.

OITNB Piracy

Todd Spangler reports on Orange is the New Black P2P piracy figures, as the show is tracking behind House of Cards.

Net Neutrality & Peering Thoughts

Robert X. Cringely doesn't think net neutrality will come to pass, but he also argues that it doesn't matter in the end, while Stacey Higginbotham explores the peering issue.

Bisexual Character

C.A. Pinkham argues that Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones is the most important bisexual character in TV history. (Warning: spoilers for the last episode)

Mobile Threat

Tom Foremski says the shift to mobile platforms is a threat to major media companies in terms of ad revenue.

Good TVeets

Saturday, June 7, 2014

TV Against Terrorism

Ron Nixon reports that the US State Department is backing a new satellite channel in Nigeria intended to counter radical terrorist groups: "The goal of the channel is to provide original content, including comedies and children’s programs that will be created, developed and produced by Nigerians. State Department officials said they hoped to provide an alternative to the violent propaganda and recruitment efforts of Boko Haram."

Pakistani Conflict

Declan Walsh covers ongoing conflicts in Pakistan between the government and broadcasters, which is resulting in channels being pulled off the air.

Netflix Not Revolutionary

Corey Atad is disappointed that Netflix's original series aren't more formally unconventional, considering what its distribution context could accommodate.

Early FX

Bob Sassone compares the FX of its beginning, twenty years ago, to now.

Big Summer

Scott Collins covers the networks' big summer plans.

Good TVeets

Netflix Instant

Brian Stelter covers Netflix head Ted Sarandos' faith in the streaming service's all-at-once release strategy for its original series.

DPs Talk

Deadline presents the cinematographers for House of Cards, Hannibal, and True Detective discussing their TV work.

Online Video Subscriptions

A new study declares that about half of US households subscribe to an online video-on-demand service.

NFL Ticket Possibility

The WSJ reports that AT&T has floated the possibility of offering the NFL Sunday Ticket to its wireless customers as part of its DirecTV purchase.

RIP Steven H. Scheuer

William Yardley offers an obituary for pioneering TV critic Steven H. Scheuer.

Daytime Emmys Online

The Daytime Emmys couldn't find a TV home and will only stream online this year.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Orphan Black's Politics

Sadie Gennis looks at political issues Orphan Black is confronting.

Drama Actors

THR has a drama actor roundtable with Jeff Daniels, Liev Schreiber, Michael Sheen, Mark Ruffalo, Jon Hamm, and Josh Charles.

Hypothetical Web Bundle

Peter Kafka analyzes a list of cable channels that Dish Network could theoretically offer via a virtual MVPD package.

Comcast Confident

Mari Silbey reports that Comcast appears to be quite confident its merger with Time Warner Cable will pass regulatory inspection.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Verizon v. Netflix

Verizon is now threatening Netflix with legal action over the latter spreading the word that Verizon is responsible for its streaming slowdowns. Janko Roettgers also reports.

Lloyd Deal

Christopher Lloyd is back with Modern Family, having signed a new deal with 20th.

ATX Television Festival

Amy Gentry discusses the industry-fandom mix that the ATX Television Festival (link fixed) caters to. (Including me! Enjoying it this weekend.)

Upfronts Deals

Brian Steinberg reports that ABC is now diving into upfronts deals.

GoT Viewership

Daniel Fienberg reports on HBO's announcement that Game of Thrones is now the channel's most-watched series in history in terms of gross audience average.

Louie's Evolution

Darren Franich looks at how Louie has evolved narratively across its seasons and analyzes the "Elevator" arc.

Zombie Game Show

The BBC is developing a zombie apocalypse survival game show.

Fresh Off the Boat Possibilities

Ken Wong considers the risks and possible rewards for Asian-Americans tied to the upcoming series Fresh Off the Boat. And Randall Park shares what it means to him to be starring on "the first Asian American family sitcom to air on network television in 20 years."

Reilly to Turner?

Bloomberg reports that Kevin Reilly may end up at Turner Broadcasting. Joe Flint considers the complications of this possibility

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

HD Big Brother

With its upcoming season, Big Brother will be the final regularly schedule primetime network show to convert to HD.

Original Content Spending

Samantha Bookman tries to determine what Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are spending on original content.

Miniature TV Sets

Luke Malone profiles a model-maker who designs miniature versions of TV sets like those of Seinfeld and Friends.

Network Loyalty

Allan Ripp reflects on the concept of channel loyalty via NBC promos, at a time when such a concept is disappeating.

Dramas By Channel

Terry Curtis Fox tries to pinpoint the drama brand of a variety of channels.

Good TVeets

Deal Knowledge

Brian Lowry notes that TV viewers are woefully underinformed on the media conglomeration and consolidation deals taking place.

Online & Box Office Revenue

Janko Roettgers covers a new Price Waterhouse Cooper report projecting that online video services will surpass movie theaters in revenue by 2018.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tyrant Backstory

Lacey Rose explores the development backstory of FX's upcoming series Tyrant.

Bad NBC Promo Photos

Pilot Viruet presents a collection of the all-time worst NBC promo photos.

Upfronts Deals Starting

Jon Lafayette reports that upfronts deal-making has begun.

Episode Quantity & Quality

Brian Lowry delves into the network versus cable argument launched by The Good Wife in regard to episode quantity and Emmy appreciation.

Netflix v. Verizon

Peter Kafka covers the PR and streaming technology war between Netflix and Verizon, which is getting fierce.

Tuesday Ratings

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