Monday, September 30, 2013

Clinton Projects Canceled

CNN has canceled its planned Hillary Clinton documentary. NBC will also drop its project. CNN and NBC claim the cancellations are due to lack of cooperation from the Clinton camp, but the RNC is also claiming some credit. Lloyd Grove digs into how the Clinton camp shut these projects down.

Breaking Bad Links

TV Tattle has a plethora of Breaking Bad finale review and info links. A set of NYT posts offer thoughts about Walter White's moral impact on spectators. Will Richmond explains how on-demand helped make Breaking Bad so successful. Vince Gilligan talks to EW about the finale.


Microsoft has shut down MSN TV, an internet TV pioneer that launched in 1996 under the name WebTV.

CSN Houston Problem

Comcast's regional SportsNet Houston is in dire financial straits.

Narrowcast Options

Michael S. Malone looks at the rise of "passion TV," as internet start-ups like Net2TV and PivotTV target narrow interests with video content.

Nielsen Finalizes Arbitron Deal

Arbitron will now be called Nielsen Audio, as the Nielsen acquisition is complete.

Cable Ad Rates

Cable advertising rates are on the rise.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: NBC: 15.35 million, CBS: 9.45, Fox: 8.06, ABC: 6.71
 -Adults 18-49 NBC: 5.6 rating/15 share, Fox: 3.3/ 9. ABC: 2.0/ 5, CBS: 1.6/ 4
 -Winners: Sunday Night Football (NBC)
 -Losers: The Good Wife (CBS), Betrayal (ABC), The Mentalist (CBS)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Breaking Bad ended on huge ratings, as well as piracy figures and social media buzz.

Indie Media

Shalini Ramachandran and Ben Fritz look at DirecTV's new commitment to finance independent films for VOD use. And Tim Dams surveys the evolving independent television production scene in the UK.

Network Optimism

Jon Lafayette reports that networks and advertisers are pleased with early ratings results, with each network finding at least some good news to tout. Anthony Crupi also analyzes the early results.

Unforgettable Renewed

CBS wants more Unforgettable for next summer.

Facebook & TV

Facebook is offering up more data to TV outlets as it tries to keep up with Twitter's wooing of them.

Over-the-Top Ambitions

Brian Stelter looks into where Intel's and Sony's plans for online pay TV services stand, as doubts grow about their viability.

Good TVeets

Warning: Breaking Bad spoilers at the end.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

UK Quality TV

Robin Parker and Boyd Hilton debate the question of if British TV values its own quality TV programs enough.

Political Praise for SAG-AFTRA

The U.S. Secretary of Labor praised the work of SAG-AFTRA members at a union convention, in particular for how shows like Will & Grace have played a role in broadening awareness of equality. But a survey shows that discrimination against LGBTQ actors still lingers.

Friday & Saturday Ratings

Friday's network numbers from TV By the Numbers.  Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

Saturday's network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ratings & NBC

The first week's (non-timeshifted) ratings are in, and there's good news for the networks, especially for NBC. Tim Molloy talks to NBC's president of program planning about the good start.  In other NBC, Prachi Gupta talks about SNL's white people problems, NBCU digital exec Laura Zalaznick is departing, and Good Morning, America surpassed Today in the 2012-13 ratings.

Specialty Channel Problems

Dennis Perkins is critical of how specialty channels like Syfy, Bravo, and A&E have evolved.

Big Bang Theory & Academia

Todd C. Ream considers the impression of academia and tenure one could get from watching The Big Bang Theory.

Crossfire Ethics

Alex Pareene questions CNN's ethical policies in having Newt Gingrich on Crossfire.

Breaking Bad Links

Brian Lowry says the media is putting too much emphasis on how Breaking Bad ends, John Jurgensen proposes what we want from the finale, Richard Lawson wants us to celebrate the show ending, finale ads are selling for $400,000, and cinematographer Michael Slovis talks about shooting the show on film and for HDTV,.

Good TVeets

Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: CBS: 14.21 million, ABC: 7.98, Fox: 5.77, NBC: 5.26, CW: 856,000
 -Adults 18-49 CBS: 3.7 rating/11 share, ABC: 2.7/ 8, Fox: 2.0/ 6, NBC: 1.7/ 5, CW: 0.3/ 1
 -Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Crazy Ones (CBS), The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): Parks and Recreation (NBC), Glee (Fox), Parenthood (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

MyChoiceTV Ends

Jeff Baumgartner reports that Comcast has ended its MyChoiceTV option, which offered cable without ESPN, while a pre-paid experiment continues in Detroit.

Freeman to Fargo

Sherlock's Martin Freeman will star in the FX adaptation of Fargo.

Bloomberg Neighborhooding Ruling

Comcast has been ordered by the FCC to place Bloomberg's business channel in the neighborhood of the news channels it carries.

Netflix's Super HD

Todd Spangler reports on Netflix changing course with its Super-HD video: "Netflix will deliver titles available in its higher-quality “Super HD” video — which the company says is comparable to Blu-ray — to all members, instead of only those whose broadband providers are part of its content-delivery network."

Cable Defense

Tim Carmody says despite all the grumbling about cable TV, the cable model is still vital.

Parenthood Retrospective

Luke Annand offers a three-part Parenthood retrospective: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Gellar's Career

Alyssa Rosenberg tries to pinpoint what happened with Sarah Michelle Gellar's career following her iconic Buffy role.

Aereo/FilmOn Rulings

Michael D. Berg considers what the recent Aereo and FilmOn rulings add up to.

Intel's Efforts

Intel is still working on getting its online pay TV service off the ground, but Peter Kafka reports if things don't start going well soon, the project might be scrapped.

Amazing Race Interview

Daniel Fienberg interviews an Amazing Race co-creator about the state of the series.

Bob's Burgers Renewed

Fox will give Bob's Burgers a fifth season.

Good TVeets

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Streaming Growth

Vizio's CTO says the company's smart TV users are increasingly turning more to streaming than traditional TV viewing.

Ownership Rules

The FCC is proposing to eliminate the so-called UHF discount, which would slow down station consolidation.

Boardwalk Empire Renewed

HBO will give Boardwalk Empire a fifth season.

Alan Siegel considers the legacy of the message board.

TV Finales

Matthew Gilbert discusses the challenge TV show finales face in terms of satisfying devoted viewers.

Future Possibilities

Jeff Bewkes acknowledged the future possibility of a broadband-only HBO Go offering, as long as it comes with a pay TV provider broadband subscription. ESPN's president isn't worried about the possibility of a la carte coming along. And Comcast CEO Brian Roberts also talks about future TV and cable possibilities.

Nashville Interview

Nashville showrunner Callie Khouri pinpoints problems from last season they're hoping to fix with this one.

Modern Family Storyline

Modern Family writer Jeffrey Richman explains how the gay marriage plotline came about and was developed in the writers' room.

Hulu Revenue

Todd Spangler explains why Hulu keeps sticking with ads rather than going ad-free like Netflix.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: CBS: 9.89 million, ABC: 8.80, NBC: 8.60, Fox: 7.61, CW: 906,000
 -Adults 18-49 ABC: 2.8 rating/8 share, Fox: 2.5/ 7, CBS and NBC: 2.4/ 7 each, CW: 0.3/ 1
 -Winners: “The Middle” (ABC), “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” (CBS), “Modern Family” (ABC), “Criminal Minds” (CBS), “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC)
 -Honorable Mention: “Back in the Game” (ABC), “Revolution” (NBC)
 -Fading Fast: “The X Factor” (Fox)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): “Capture” (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Daniel Fienberg.

Good TVeets

If you get a 404 error after the jump, try the direct link.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NFL Tweet Replays

Twitter's latest deal is with the NFL to run instant replays.

Key & Peele Virality

Jordan Zakarin looks at how Key & Peele have engineered sketches that have such viral potential.

Gilligan Links

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan will help produce a drama at CBS with David Shore. It'll feature "two detectives with very different world views." So...yeah. At Rolling Stone, Gilligan has a Q&A about the Breaking Bad finale.

Breaking Bad Disappointment

Barry Hertz says it is inevitable viewers will be disappointed in Breaking Bad's finale, but they only have themselves (and critics) to blame.

Elsewhere, John Jurgensen talks to the composer of Breaking Bad's music.

Netflix Advice for HBO

Janko Roettgers shares advice Netflix's CFO has for HBO, namely that if it made HBO Go available as a stand-alone like Netflix, it would have many more customers.

Cable Lessons

Alyssa Rosenberg says ABC's Back in the Game offers three lessons that networks could learn from cable programming. (Link fixed)

Target Video Service

Target has launched Target Ticket, its online video service.

TLC Growth

Brian Steinberg reports that Discovery is hoping for better ratings growth at TLC, as it struggles to develop new hits.

AMC's Value

AMC Networks' CEO touted the value of AMC to Wall Street analysts.

Youth Viewing

A new survey finds that 18-34s rely more on their computers than their TVs for entertainment, while another finds that many have pay TV subscriptions but like to combine them with streaming and mobile options.

Reality Exec Shakeups

Lacey Rose investigates what's behind the exits of three of four network reality chiefs.

Writers Like TV

Richard Verrier reports on a WGA survey of its members finding that they increasingly want to seek work in TV.

Ratings Problems

Rick Kissell reports on network frustration with ratings measurement insufficiency and outlines what needs to be covered better. And Todd Spangler covers how Nielsen is scrambling to improve its measurement services to placate frustrated networks.

Consolidation Advocacy

DirecTV's CEO thinks consolidation is a good thing for the industry and consumers, and John Malone agrees and wishes Time Warner Cable would.

iTunes Refund

Apple gave in and will refund angry Breaking Bad "season" subscribers on iTunes.

After Hoarders

Hoarders has been cancelled, but Andy Dehnart reports that one of its cleaning specialists will continue his work.

Netflix News

Zachary M. Seward reports on Reed Hastings' comments about how Netflix is changing TV, while Andrew Wallenstein says Netflix should be worried about a new Comcast-Fox VOD deal. And The Onion chimes in: "New Netflix Gas Lets Users Inhale Multiple Seasons Of TV Shows." Disney's CEO doesn't think Netflix will corner the market on streaming. Adam Levy says Netflix needs cable. Netflix wants more Arrested Development.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: CBS: 15.98 million, NBC: 12.51, ABC: 8.11, Fox: 3.70, CW: 1.02
 -Adults 18-49 NBC: 4.0 rating/11 share, ABC and CBS: 2.9/ 8 each, Fox: 1.7/ 5, CW: 0.4/ 1
 -Winners: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC), NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), Person of Interest (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)
 -Respectable Sampling: The Goldbergs (ABC)
 -Disappointing: Dads (Fox), Trophy Wife (ABC)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): The Mindy Project (Fox), Capture (CW), Lucky 7 (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted and Josef Adalian.


Last night's ratings are starting to emerge, and S.H.I.E.L.D. did well.

Amazon Offline

Peter Kafka looks at Amazon's latest gambit: "Amazon’s new line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets will let Prime Instant Video users download some movies and TV shows to their devices, for free, for up to 30 days, so they can watch without an Internet connection."


Sam Thielman looks at the trend of shows jumping from the web to TV and vice versa.

Women Problems

Neil Drumming notes a gendered difference between character issues in Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist.

Twitter + TV Assessment

Mathew Ingram questions if Twitter is making the right move in courting TV.

Aereo Analysis

Todd Spangler explores why Aereo didn't do more to exploit the CBS-TWC fight.

Streaming Rights

Price Colman notes that the value of broadcast streaming rights has become a key issue of debate in TV.

A La Carte Options

Jeanine Poggi considers how a shift to a la carte cable options would affect advertising. A new study finds many viewers want a la carte options, but Viacom's chief doesn't think they really do.

Nashville Tourism

Dave Paulson says Nashville officials are hopeful about how Nashville has boosted tourism in the namesake city.

Digital Efforts

Christina Warren looks at how USA is using digital media to court Modern Family viewers, Natan Edelsburg also reports, and Deloitte profiles Fox Sports 1's digital efforts. Jon Weisman profiles the TV Academy's future digital plans, and Andrew Wallenstein notes that studios are hiring digital thinkers as top execs.

Summer Lessons

Toni Fitzgerald highlights lessons the networks can learn from this summer's programming.

Another NCIS

CBS is looking to develop NCIS: New Orleans.

State of Queer TV

Australian journalist Laurence Barber assesses the state of LGBTQ representations on TV.

Ownership Rule Concerns

Ted Johnson highlights media conglomerate concerns over the FCC possibly tightening station ownership rules.

E-Cig Advertising

As debates about the product continue in the US, electronic cigarette ads have been banned in the UK.

Rentrak Patent

Rentrak has been granted a patent for better set-top box measurement in regard to demographics.

Female Fandom

Simon Brew questions the extent to which female-oriented fandoms draw criticism.

TBBT Popularity

Robert David Sullivan discusses The Big Bang Theory's road to popularity.

Whedon Interview

Entertainment Weekly has a big Joss Whedon interview.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mad Black Men

A filmmaker is trying to drum up funding for a web series that would satirize Mad Men's racial representations.

Landgraf Talk

Tim Kenneally has a clip and comments from FX's John Landgraf on the threat of a la carte programming.

Army Wives To End

Lifetime will end Army Wives in 2014.

Starz Originals

Mike Farrell says Starz has major plans for developing more original content over the next few years.

Modern Family & Class

Daniel D'Addario looks at Modern Family as a class fantasy.

TWC Media Ads Everywhere

Jeff Baumgartner describes Time Warner Cable's new multiplatform TV Everywhere ad service.

Hulu's Originals

Joan E. Solsman reports on comments from Hulu's acting chief indicating that the outlet is seeing more pitches for original content, but has a smaller scope for programming than Netflix.

Aereo News

Aereo will be launching in four new cities (Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and San Antonio) at an indeterminate date, and Aereo's CEO says cable needs to worry more about serving its own customers than competing with Aereo.

AJE Unblocked on YouTube

Al Jazeera English will no longer block its YouTube videos within the US.

Cord-Cutting News

Peter Kafka reports on a study finding an increasing number of people at least thinking of cord cutting, but then here comes another study saying cord-cutting is overblown. Andrew Beaujon highlights BuzzFeed's president pointing out that dedicated TV viewers and newspaper readers are aging while youth are turning to other forms of engagement (and this piece includes a handy Pew chart showing the age breakdown of viewers for certain shows, from Colbert Report skewing youngest to Hannity skewing oldest).

The Bridge Renewed

FX wants more of The Bridge.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: NBC: 13.98 million, ABC: 12.74, CBS: 8.34, Fox: 7.61, CW: 726,000
 -Adults 18-49 NBC: 4.6 rating/12 share, CBS: 2.7/ 7, Fox: 2.5/ 7, ABC: 2.3/ 6, CW: 0.2/ 1
 -Winners: The Voice (NBC), Dancing With the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Sleepy Hollow (Fox), The Blacklist (NBC)
 -Disappointing: 2 Broke Girls (CBS), Mom (CBS)
 -Tired: Bones (Fox)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): Hostages (CBS) —–

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

FilmOn v. Aereo

FilmOn's owner has tweeted hostile threats to Aereo's CEO, who he thinks has sponsored Denial of Service attacks against his website.

The Walking Dead & Adaptation

Offering his excerpt from How to Watch Television, Henry Jenkins uses The Walking Dead to "highlight the perils and possibilities of adaptations, and how tapping into pre-existing fanbases can pose challenges to television producers."

Remembering Mr. Show

Sarah Larson looks back on HBO's Mr. Show.

BBC & Kids

The BBC Trust has released a report analyzing the BBC's place within the children's TV landscape in the UK and urging the BBC to do more. Paul Robinson offers analysis.

Homeland's Villain

Danial D'Daddario appreciates Homeland's Brody as a realistic villain.

Survivor Interactivity

Natan Edelsburg checks out CBS's Survivor app.

Good TVeets

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Flow Issue

Check out a new Flow featuring Jorie Lagerwey with Bodies and Bravo’s Brand on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and New York, Kathleen Collins with Candy-Coated, Tangerine-Colored Criminals: Jenji Kohan’s Drug Use , Keara Goin with The Others on Bravo: The Entertainment Value of the Eccentric Ethnic Character, and Jon Hozier-Byrne with “Feminine Eminems and Slim Shady Ladies”: Performances of Recessionary Masculinity in ‘Fake’ Rap.

Breaking Bad Interview

Jon Weisman talks to the writer-director of last night's Breaking Bad episode about what we saw and what's to come. Denise Martin also has an interview.

TWC Dispute Resolved

Time Warner Cable has resolved another 2-month-long retrans dispute with a station group in Wisconsin. Duane Dudek has analysis of the outcome.

Emmy Value

Peter Lauria says an Emmy is nice, but Netflix needs a bump in subscribers from its Emmy win.

Another Hopper Win

Fox has lost an injunction against Dish Network's Hopper with Sling.

Network Marketing

Bill Carter reports on network promo efforts this fall, which are bolder than ever before to fight the competition.

Naegle Exit

HBO entertainment president Sue Naegle is setting up her own production company, and HBO won't replace her.

Quality TV & Golden Ages

Todd VanDerWerff addresses the legacy of Golden Ages of TV and considers where things stand now. And Douglas Howard also considers that we may be at the end of a Golden Age of quality TV. Alyssa Rosenberg says we need to think of this current age as defined by business practices that aren't over, rather than by the anti-hero figure who may be declining.

Esquire for Men

Esquire TV is setting out to target upscale male viewers.

Key & Peele Profile

Emily Nussbaum profiles Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key and their sketch comedy show, Key & Peele.

Tweet Clips

CBS will use Twitter to distribute real-time video clips of their shows. Jeff John Roberts also reports.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: CBS: 16.28 million, NBC: 15.19, ABC: 3.28, Fox: 2,61
 -Adults 18-49 NBC: 5.5 rating/15 share, CBS: 4.8/13, Fox: 1.1/ 3, ABC: 0.6/ 2
 -Winners: “Sunday Night Football” (NBC), “The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards” (CBS)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): Nothing…ABC and Fox were in all repeats.

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.


Netflix has launched a website called SpoilerFoiler that blacks out Breaking Bad tweets that could be spoilers.

New In Media Res

Theme: Geek Chic

  • Monday, September 23, 2013 - Katharine Zakos (Georgia State University) presents: Gendering Geekiness on "The Big Bang Theory" 
  •  Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - Erin Hanna (University of Michigan) presents: Geek Chic, Ain’t it Cool? 
  •  Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - Allyson Shaffer (University of Minnesota) presents: Of Geeks, Heroes and Overwork in the Digital Game Industry 
  •  Thursday, September 26, 2013 - Matthew French (Old Dominion University) presents: The Queer Geek Adonis 
  •  Friday, September 27, 2013 - Jordan Gowanlock (Concordia University) presents: "The Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived"

Twitter Courting TV

Yoree Koh and Keach Hagey look at how Twitter is courting TV in advance of its IPO.

Downton Abbey Returns

Downton Abbey started its fourth series on ITV last night with strong ratings.

Emmy Winners

Emmy Awards were handed out tonight; Daniel Fienberg had a live-blog, and Lesley Goldberg breaks down the numbers. Netflix won its first prime-time Emmy. Natan Edelsburg has initial Twitter data. Kate Aurthur looks at Breaking Bad's unique trajectory to the Emmy drama win, and Vince Gilligan says the show wouldn't be there if not for Netflix; Jeff John Roberts also comments on that. Emmy reviews from Myles McNutt, Eric Deggans, Linda Holmes, Alison Willmore, Mary McNamara, Willa Paskin. Vulture lists highs and lows of the broadcast. Ashley Fetters recommends ending the Emmys ceremony. Michael Schneider talks to the ceremony's producer. Stephen Zeitchik considers how film figures did. Alyssa Rosenberg considers a reason for Jeff Daniels' upset win.

Good TVeets

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Dexter Finale

Vulture reveals the Dexter finale, if you want to know how it ended. Louis Peitzman also recaps colorfully. Former Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips did a reddit AMA in which he reveals an idea he had for ending the show. The current showrunner talks about the ending. Jennifer Carpenter discusses the end. Patrick Kevin Day reports that fans are not happy.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Walt the Angry White Man

Todd VanDerWerff analyzes Breaking Bad's racial politics and Walter White as a figure of white privilege.

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: ABC: 5.97 million, CBS: 5.32, NBC: 4.65, Fox: 3.24, CW: 911,000
 -Adults 18-49 ABC: 1.5 rating/5 share, NBC and Fox: 0.9/ 3 each, CBS: 0.8/ 3, CW: 0.3/ 1
 -Winners: Last Man Standing (ABC), Shark Tank (ABC)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): The Neighbors (ABC), Perfect Score (CW), America’s Next Top Model (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Hitfix.

ABC Looking to UK

Peter White reports on how ABC's Paul Lee is increasingly looking to British shows for remake possibilities.

Good TVeets

Saturday, September 21, 2013

McAvoy Letter

Dialogue from The Newsroom's Will McAvoy character showed up as a reader letter in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Fox Sports 1's Start

Anthony Crupi finds that Fox Sports 1 has had a good first month in the ratings.

Binge Battle

Shalini Ramachandran and Amol Sharma look at how pay TV operators are expanding video-on-demand options and enabling more binge viewing of series as a way to compete with Netflix. Joe Flint and Meg James also report on this topic.

Dexter & Showtime

Cynthia Littleton looks at how Dexter helped to establish Showtime as a genuine competitor to HBO.

Boardwalk Empire's Black Characters

Neil Drumming praises Boardwalk Empire for the prominence of its black characters.

Good TVeets

Friday, September 20, 2013

ABC Family Exit

ABC Family's president is departing the channel.

Dish Talks With Disney

Alex Ben Block profiles the standoff brewing between Dish Network and ESPN over their carriage contract.

Sinclair's Expansion

Roger Yu notes that Sinclair has quickly become a major station group owner, but possible ownership regulation changes could come into play. Sinclair has just bought eight more stations.

Breaking Bad Links

Rian Johnson offers a director's commentary to sync up with "Ozymandias." Jessica Winters says Jesse Pinkman has become a problem. Vince Gilligan describers the writers' room process on the show. Jesse Plemons talks about Todd. And Bryan Cranston talks about Walter.

Nielsen + Arbitron Okayed

Nielsen worked out the details with the FTC to acquire Arbitron.


Showtime's David Nevins likes the idea of a Dexter spinoff, while Matthew Weiner says there will not be a Mad Men spinoff, plus he professes to be ok with AMC's decision to split the final season.

TV Roundtable

KCRW's The Business podcast presents a roundtable on the fall season, how we watch TV, and the Emmys.

Modern Family Rollout

USA is launching a huge marketing campaign for its Modern Family reruns.

Greenblatt Renewed

NBC has locked up Robert Greenblatt through 2017.

Colbert's Catholicism

Jessica Winter argues that Stephen Colbert has become "America's Catholic."

ET News

Anne Helen Petersen shares her piece on Entertainment Tonight and its place in the history of entertainment news, which is from the anthology How To Watch Television (which hey, I'm in that book too, with an essay about Life on Mars and transnational adaptation).

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: CBS: 6.72 million, NBC: 5.07, ABC: 4.52, Fox: 4.46, CW: 687,000
 -Adults 18-49 CBS: 1.6 rating/5 share, Fox: 1.5/ 5, ABC and NBC: 1.3/ 4 each, CW: 0.2/ 1
 -Winners: The Big Bang Theory R (CBS), Two and a Half Men R (CBS)
 -Fading Fast: The X Factor (Fox)
 -Not the Event NBC was Hoping For: The Million Second Quiz (NBC)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): Wipeout (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Lewis Interview

Men's Journal has a lengthy interview with Homeland's Damian Lewis.

Lost Bible

Trent Moore checks out the original show bible for Lost and pinpoints eight interesting things.

Update: Damon Lindelof clarifies that this is not the show bible, and it contains ideas they never meant to pursue.

NYPD Blue's Legacy

Alan Sepinwall writes about NYPD Blue's legacy upon its 20th anniversary: "the success of NYPD Blue showed that there was a public appetite for morally complex characters, for blunter discussions of sex, but also race and class and crime and so much more, and though the other broadcasters never quite figured out how to build on that success, cable sure as hell did."

Good TVeets

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Mindy Project Concern

Jake Flanagin says it could be a bad thing if The Mindy Project makes its main character more likable: "that's a loss for viewers who want to see more three-dimensional women on sitcoms." Alyssa Rosenberg also has analysis of Mindy and Jess from New Girl.

Breaking Bad Charity

Aaron Couch looks at how Breaking Bad is raising $1 million for charity in its final season. There are also Breakng Bad props up for auction, but apparently for profit, not charity.

Retrans Arguments

Gautham Nagesh surveys the retrans debates, and analyst Marci Ryvicker believes that stations deserve more retrans dollars.

Upscale Comedies

Anthony Crupi notes that Fox's Tuesday comedy lineup did well with upscale viewers, except for The Mindy Project.

Exec Forecasts

TV Guide presents season forecasts from top TV studio heads.

Big Brother Finale

Andy Dehnart reports on the Big Brother finale and its immediate aftermath of apologies, and he's particularly critical of CBS.

TV & Digital Ad Effectiveness

Jeff Baumgartner reports on a study claiming that TV and digital ads are complementary in that TV ads do a better job of driving new customers while digital ads tend to draw sales better from existing customers.

Sleepy Hollow's Filmic Pedigree

Steven Zeitchik wonders how Sleepy Hollow could be affected by its film-minded creators.

Emmys Impact

Brian Lowry says Emmy awards don't change TV, but instead reflect how TV is changing. In that vein, Brian Stelter looks at how this year's Emmys highlight current trends, such as Netflix.

Nielsen Adding Mobile

Todd Spangler reports that Nielsen will add smartphone and tablet viewing to ratings figures starting next fall.

A&E Using Rentrak

A&E has signed up for Rentrak's measurement service.

CBS Adds VOD Numbers

Claire Atkinson reports that CBS is adding video-on-demand viewing to the ratings figures it uses to negotiate ad rates.

Good Wife Women

Phoebe B. writes about last season's interactions between Alicia and Kalinda on The Good Wife: "the show challenges my expectations of how female characters are supposed to behave and interact with one another on television."

Streaming Use

Nielsen has relayed stats on streaming usage which found that 38% of Americans report using Netflix, while 18% use Hulu.

Aereo Judging

Greg Sandoval reports that a federal judge considering Aereo's legality is leaning in favor of it.

Fake Footage

J.K. Trotter reports that the English-language Russia Today news channel, which is operated by the Russian government, has aired faked footage of Syrian rebels initiating a gas attack.

Nevins Interview

Aaron Dobbs talks to Showtime president David Nevins about the channel's programming and plans.

Copper Cancelled

BBC America has declined to carry on with Copper.

Fox & NBC Comedies

Bradford Evans says Fox has now surpassed NBC as a home for smart, critic-approved comedies (Dads aside, of course).

Mass Shooting Coverage

Paul Farhi argues that only certain mass shootings garner sustained coverage from TV news.

Breaking Bad Analysis

Mary McNamara says Breaking Bad is like a novel (sigh...), as more TV series ambitiously experiment with form. Ross Douthat analyzes Hank as a heroic character. (Spoilers) Kathryn Van Arendonk objects to McNamara's framing of Breaking Bad.

Costume Designers

Marisa Meltzer profiles costume designers and their impact on TV shows and fashion trends. Emma Fraser adds additional points.

Big Bang Raises

The cast members of The Big Bang Theory want bigger salaries.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: NBC: 9.20 million, CBS: 8.13, Fox: 6.56, ABC: 3.50, CW: 1.11
 -Adults 18-49 CBS: 2.5 rating/6 share, Fox: 2.2/ 7, NBC: 2.0/ 6, ABC: 1.0/ 3, CW: 0.4/ 1
 -Winners: Survivor: Blood vs. Water (CBS), America’s Got Talent (NBC), Big Brother (CBS)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): The Million Second Quiz (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted.

Racial Humor

Alyssa Rosenberg sees promise in this season's comedies and their address of race (Dads aside, of course).

Lacey to HBO

Documentary producer and director Susan Lacey is leaving PBS for HBO.

Network Cancellation Plea

Tricia Spencer asks networks to institute a "Plus 2" rule for shows that get cancelled early: "If a show has aired a majority of its first-season episodes, the network would have to give cancellation notification with enough lead time for the show to utilize the last two episodes of the season to wrap up the storyline. But if a show has aired beyond a single season, the networks would be required to buy an additional two episodes of the show, even after notification of cancellation, no matter what. The two additional episodes would give any series the time to effect closure."

Live Ads

Stuart Elliott describes live ads that will run during Jimmy Fallon's show over the next four weeks: "The commercials will be produced in real time, with the aid of social media, as viewers suggest ideas for the spots that will be performed by improvisational comedy troupes."

YouTube Offline

YouTube will release an app allowing users to watch videos offline, but Todd Spangler says this probably isn't a game-changer.

Good TVeets

Warning: Survivor and Big Brother spoilers at the end.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Screens

Business Insider says the fall season will see the continued rise of second screen mobile app.

Cord Nevers

Ian King says pay TV is starting to feel the impact of young people who never have subscribed and instead rely on online services. (Link fixed)

Tweet Timing

Nielsen's SocialGuide looked into when people tweet while watching TV, and 70% of it happens during shows, rather than during ad breaks.

Emmy Links

Cory Monteith will be honored as part of a set of special memorials at the Emmys, and Andrew Wallenstein questions this inclusion. At Press Play, Anne Helen Petersen considers Emmy nomination irrationality and elitism, and Philip Maciak digs into the Monica Potter snub.

Auto Hop Win

Dish's Auto Hop has notched another legal victory. Swanni considers the implications. CBS got the benefit of another ruling.

Finke v. Penske Latest

Sources report that Nikki Finke and Jay Penske don't appear to be getting along. Brooks Barnes also reports.

Breaking Bad Links

Last night's Breaking Bad episode hit a record high, last night's director talks about working on the show, Eric Deggans poses the question of why Breaking Bad is going out so much more strongly than Dexter, and Thomas Doherty says Breaking Bad exposes fans' divided morality. One scene from last night many are talking about today was "the phone call;" interesting takes from Emily Nussbaum, Matt Zoller Seitz, Jason MittellAlyssa Rosenberg, and Maureen Ryan. Matt Zoller Seitz digs into the phone scene in detail, and Abigail Nussbaum adds thoughts to the discussion. Sam Adams writes about the writing about the phone call.

Netflix Tech

Mathew Ingram highlights Netflix's server technology, which handles its streaming load.

Streaming & Binge Viewing

Dawn C. Chmielewski reports on a study finding that binge viewing is the primary mode of watching TV via streaming services like Netflix.

SVU Premiere

Sam Lansky says Law and Order: SVU's premiere episode seems like a game-changer: "It's a deeply upsetting hour of television, and one that, by virtue of the writing and directing, bears more in common with the grit and discomfort in small, human moments of an HBO drama than in the cartoonish, hyperbolic high drama of past seasons."

BB Spinoff Fight

Marisa Guthrie and Lacey Rose detail how competitors like Netflix were waiting in the wings to get the rights to develop the Breaking Bad spinoff if AMC faltered.

Stewart Rips CNN

Jon Stewart went to town on CNN last night.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Total Viewers: NBC: 9.02 million, CBS: 8.15, Fox: 5.27, ABC: 3.77, CW: 1.72
- Adults 18-49 Fox: 2.3 rating/7 share, NBC: 2.0/ 6, ABC: 1.2/ 4, CBS: 1.1/ 3, CW: 0.6/ 2
- Winners: America’s Got Talent (NBC), New Girl (Fox)
- Respectable Sampling: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Movie: Iron Man 2 (ABC), The Mindy Project (Fox), Capture (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Breaking Bad Character Psychology

A psychiatrist deconstructs Breaking Bad's main characters.

Fox Sports 1 Assessed

Matt Yoder looks at Fox Sports 1's output a month into its life.

Verizon v. Netflix

Andrew Couts explores if Verizon's lawsuit against the FCC is actually about hurting Netflix.

Jim Henson History

Longreads presents the first chapter of a Kindle serial about Jim Henson developing the Muppets into a money-maker.

Hulu-BBC Worldwide Deal

Hulu has a deal with BBC Worldwide to stream more BBC titles, though it's not an exclusive deal.

Good TVeets

State of the Networks

Cory Barker outlines where the networks stand as the fall season is about to commence. Mike Stein assesses some trends. Deadline has a season preview. Toni Fitzgerald highlights five trends to look for. Jeanine Poggi surveys network hopes.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dads Marketing

Daniel Fienberg explains why Fox's anti-critics promo for Dads is a bad branding move. Matthew Carey surveys the offense Dads is causing. Producer Mike Scully says only one guy is offended. Star Seth Green insists the show isn't racist.

Another BB15 Firing?

All three finalists for Big Brother have allegedly been fired in the outside world for their actions depicted on the show, though some are questioning the accuracy of these reports.

X-Files Lessons

Alec Nevala-Lee finds in The X-Files' narrative and production evolution some lessons for shows today.

Schur Interview

Bradford Evans interviews writer-producer Mike Schur about Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fox News Order

Fox News has announced its new prime-time host order from 7-10pm: Greta Van Sustern, Bill O'Reilly Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity. In his analysis, Brian Lowry says the marching orders have stayed the same.

Mad Men News

Meredith Blake reports that Mad Men's final season will be split into seven-episode sets aired across two years. Vulture says AMC needs to get it together, and James Poniewozik is wondering what's going on. Tim Molloy says this is good news for Breaking Bad & Emmys.  Also, Cynthia Littleton reports that Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Towne is joining the writing staff.

Monday Ratings

New TV is back, so daily ratings links are too. (And if you're new to this, I update this post with a link to final ratings and cable ratings later in the day.)

-Total Viewers: ABC: 13.36 million, Fox: 8.79, CBS: 7.24, NBC: 3.40, CW: 602,000
-Adults 18-49 Fox: 2.8 rating/8 share, ABC: 2.6/ 7, CBS: 1.9/ 5, NBC: 1.2/ 3, CW: 0.2/ 1
 -Winners: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), Sleepy Hollow (Fox), Under the Dome (CBS)
 -Losers (excluding repeats): The Million Second Quiz (NBC), Breaking Pointe (CW), Siberia (NBC) 

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Sleepy Hollow came out of the gate strong, maybe a good sign for the networks.

CNN's Crossfire is having ratings problems already.

Amazon Via Airplay

Amazon Instant Video now works with Apple TV's Airplay, which Peter Kafka finds intriguing in light of Amazon's plan to compete soon with Apple TV via its own set-top box.

China Eyeing Africa

Geoffrey York explains why China is investing heavily in African media.

Seller's Market

Amol Sharma and Keach Hagey look at how TV creators have benefited from the expansion in outlets buying properties.

Reality TV Representations

Tom Jacobs reports on a study finding that reality TV shapes viewers' perception of real-life issues. Also, Joe Mancino has posted a senior thesis documentary on the self-realization of reality TV and its stars, which features commentary from knowledgeable folks like Andy Dehnart and Rob Cesternino.

Teen Radicalism

Judy Berman explains why teen dramas are the most radical shows on TV in terms of gender and LGBTQ representations.

Rehab Scholarships

An Albuquerque rehab facility is offering two scholarships for addiction treatment, as a way to bring attention to mental health services via Breaking Bad publicity.

Piracy Rising

Richard Verrier reports on rising piracy rates.

Social Chatter Leaders

NBC and Fox lead the network pack in volume of online chatter about shows, while ABC comes across as the most-loved.

Netflix's Strategy

Zachary M. Seward looks at how Netflix's competitive strategy has changed over the last year.

Ratings Worries

Josef Adalian says the networks fear continued ratings declines this fall season.

Dome Ending

In his review of Under the Dome's finale, Brian Lowry explains what went wrong with the "limited series" idea. The show's executive producer defends the finale, but says season 2 will be better.

Good TVeets

Monday, September 16, 2013

Women Covering Syria

Sheera Frenkel says female journalists are covering Syria without much notice.

Retrans & Blackouts

A retrans blackout in Milwaukee is getting attention, as it enters its 55th day. Harry A. Jessell says lawmakers are starting to listen to the need for retrans reform due to blackouts. And Scott R. Flick says the negotiation process is broken.

Writing & Directing Ozymandias

Dan Snierson interviews Moira Walley-Beckett, a Breaking Bad co-exec producer who also wrote last night's episode. And Denise Martin talks to Walley-Beckett and director.

TV Directing

Ryan McGee explores the role of the TV director.

Germany's Hulu Killed Again

Janko Roettgers reports that broadcasters' attempts to implement a Hulu-like service within Germany have again been nixed by local regulators, leaving outside services like Netflix with an opening.