Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intel Camera Out

Intel has dropped its plan to include a camera in its TV service to identify household members. Don Clark and Ian Sherr note that both Intel and TiVo are wavering on such features.

Afghan Media Mogul

Graham Bowley profiles Saad Mohseni, who is trying to create a media empire in Afghanistan.

Xbox TV

Danny Sullivan wonders if it might be time for Microsoft to create a non-gaming version of Xbox to compete with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and the growing cadre of streaming devices.

18-49 Declines

Tim Molloy looks at how CBS and NBC are explaining network declines in 18-49 ratings.

OTA Homes

A Consumer Electronics Association survey found that 7% homes are over-the-air only homes, down slightly from the last survey, though the NAB disputes the figures.

Sinclair Buying Albritton

Sinclair Broadcast Group is growing with the purchase of seven Albritton stations. This is apparently a key piece for Sinclair in building a national news channel. Harry A. Jessell is uncertain how to take the latter plan.

TCA Links

Catchup links on Showtime's David Nivens, more on ShowtimeDexter and its possible spinoff, The CW, Tim Goodman on why TCA sessions matter.

NBC Live

Cynthia B. Meyers says NBC's push toward live event TV in the DVR age is a blast from the past.

Cubs TV Deal

Ed Sherman looks at upcoming possibilities for the Chicago Cubs' TV deal compared to other baseball rights deals.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is pursuing the sale of TV-style ads.


NBCU has finalized its upfronts deals, mostly getting what it pushed for.

Sharknado Ratings

Sharknado continues to build viewers in its repeat viewings, with the third repeat surpassing the first two airings.

Breaking Bad Viewings

Lincoln Center's Film Society is screening a marathon of Breaking Bad, and the Museum of the Moving Image's Breaking Bad exhibit has opened. A.O. Scott has analysis of Walter White.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aereo & Hopper Reflections

Todd Spangler thinks Aereo's run will come to an end. With Aereo and Hopper in the mix, David Carr looks back to VCR precedents.

Netflix & TV Viewing

A TiVo research report indicates that Netflix viewership doesn't eat into linear TV viewership.

Simpsons Syndication

The Simpsons will be selling into cable syndication soon, and it could set off a bidding war.

The Killing's Comeback

Kate Authur talks to Veena Sud and Peter Sarsgaard about The Killing's critical resurrection.


TCA catchup links: CBS summary, Les Moonves live-blog, Moonves isn't fixated on 18-49,  defending Big Brother, Robin Williams' sitcom The Crazy OnesHomelandThe Millers.

OWN Improves

Discovery has reported earnings and says OWN is turning a profit.

Online Soap Production

Willa Paskin offers an in-depth look at the production and financial models of online soaps All My Children and One Life to Live. Their financial models are taking a hit with a new IATSE deal.

Video Driving Prime

Will Richmond notes the news that video is now the prime force driving people to Amazon Prime.

Whose Line Renewed

The CW has renewed Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Under the Dome Renewed

CBS wants Under the Dome back next summer.

CBS-TWC Continue

CBS and Time Warner Cable keep extending their negotiations, though there was a brief blackout last night. Mike Stein comments on the growing importance of retrans.

ABC News Victory

ABC's nightly newscast beat NBC's in 25-54 ratings, ending a five-year streak for NBC.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

TCA Links

Today was NBC day at TCA. Info on The Voice,  James Spader and The Blacklist, Mike O'Malley, Michael J. FoxParenthood and Parenthood team on NBC's support, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt and another on Bob Greenblatt, NBC & patience, Ironside, Meghan McCain, Sochi Olympics and issue of Russian laws.

Summer Break

I'm off for one last summer trip, so posting will be sporadic around here for the next week. I'll try to post some TCA wrap-ups at the end of each day (and today is NBC day, by the way), but head to Hitfix or THR for regular coverage.

GoT & Racial Casting

Alyssa Rosenberg thinks a new Game of Thrones casting move is another sign of the show getting more complex in its racial representations.

TCA Links

Info from TCA: A Breaking Bad live-blog, AMC has picked up two new shows, Starz has renewed a show well before it's even begun and is developing more original programming, MTV discussed future programming, Tim Goodman says Discovery has a fractured identity, and a new, younger-skewing cable channel called Pivot arrives soon. Brian Stelter has more on Pivot.

UK Getting Breaking Bad

The final episodes of Breaking Bad will stream on Netflix in the UK.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 26, 2013

Best Credit Sequences

Jonathan Gray offers part one of his own list of best opening credit sequences. Part two.

Ferguson & McCormack Talk

The NYT presents a chat with Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Will & Grace's Eric McCormack about playing gay characters.

Tyson Questions

Linda Holmes reflects on HBO's TCA presentation about a Mike Tyson program and the questions that weren't raised. Sam Adams responds.

Streaming Services Assessed

Josef Adalian begins an in-depth look at streaming services by assessing Hulu Plus. He continues with Amazon Prime and with Netflix.

A Year of SportsCenter

Patrick Burns watched a year of ESPN's SportsCenter and has some interesting charts and graphs about what he saw and heard. (Tim Tebow wasn't the most-mentioned!)

Simpsons Donation

The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon has terminal cancer and will give his fortune away to charity upon his death.

RIP Mark Corwin

Stalwart Wheel of Fortune director Mark Corwin has died.

Sharknado Links

Sharknado will now playing in theaters as a midnight movie. And Julia Leyda pairs Sharknado with Beasts of the Southern Wild with a focus on extreme weather as a theme.

Spoiler Defense

David Bianculli defends talking about already-aired Breaking Bad plot events. (And, in case you disagree with him and aren't caught up: spoiler alert for a key season 5 plot point).

Novela Gay Marriage

A Univision telenovela has featured a gay marriage, and GLAAD took note.

Visiting Breaking Bad

Matt Zoller Seitz revisits the first season of Breaking Bad, and the first episode of The Writers' Room will focus on Breaking Bad. The comments on Seitz's post address Skyler-hating, and a Tumblr post also takes up this issue.

Idol Suit

Some former contestants have brought a racial discrimination suit against American Idol.

Respect for BBC America

Tim Goodman looks at how BBC America has come on strong lately.

Hannibal Walkthrough

Part one of Bryan Fuller's walkthrough of Hannibal is up at the AV Club. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Margaret Lyons says Orange is the New Black is part of a good summer for lesbians on TV, transgender actress Laverne Cox talks about her Orange role, and Dr. Stiletto is critical of the the show's racial representations (warning: contains full-season spoilers). James Poniewozik reviews the show and Netflix's release strategy.

Sex & The City & Sex

Emily Shire says watching Sex and the City as a teenager gave her problematic assumptions about sex.

TCA Links

Coverage from TCA of Larry David and an HBO live-blog and summary, plus info on Treme and Doctor Who and on OWN and Lindsay Lohan.

Olympics LGBT Problem

Ted Johnson reports on controversy over Russia's anti-LGBT laws and how that might affect the Olympics, with some calling for NBC to take some sort of stand.

TWC Chief Retiring

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt will retire at the end of this year. Om Malik wonders if a merger might follow.

Big Brother Racism

Willa Paskin says Big Brother's lack of diversity is at the heart of its bigotry problems this season.

100 Episode Strategy

Jaime Weinman looks at the syndication logic behind the new "10/90 model" deals and cranking out 100 episodes as quickly as possible.

Chromecast Links

Dan Nosowitz checks out Google Chromecast, Gabe Stein notes that it's amazingly hackable, Will Richmond considers the implications for smart TVs and also covers this on his podcast, and Peter Kafka loves Chromecast's ads.

SNL Casting Crisis

Andrew Wallenstein looks at how recent departures are shaking up SNL.

Good TVeets

Netflix Tech

Michael Liedtke checks out the technology behind the launch of Orange is the New Black.

CBS-TWC Extension

CBS and Time Warner Cable are still trying to work out their differences.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TCA Links

TCA coverage of Dan Harmon,  Keith Olbermann & ESPN, and Nat Geo. Rick Ellis considers TCA and being a TV critic today, while Rob Salem is not at TCA, after the Toronto Star decided to drop "TV critic" as a position at the paper. Salem writes, "We’re a dying breed; an endangered species, edging ever closer to extinction" (and also makes a "bloggers in their parents' basement" crack).

Netflix Hopes

Netflix's Reed Hastings says he hopes for House of Cards to eventually become the next Harry Potter. (No really, that's what he said. Read it, you'll see.)

Lucy's [Censored]

AV Club's TV Roundtable looks back on the I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy learns she's pregnant, but the latter word could not be spoken.

Mobile Viewing Behavior

George Winslow reports on stats regarding mobile TV viewing behavior.

Google Chromecast

Peter Kafka explains why Google's new Chromecast device might make TV execs at Hulu and HBO concerned. Janko Roettgers says it's also a threat to Apple.

It's Always Sunny in Winterfell

Dave Itzkoff has the story on Game of Thrones writers penning a script for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Sudeikis Leaving SNL

Jason Sudeikis is departing Saturday Night Live.

Hopper Win

Dish Network got another Hopper-related court victory, as an appeals court ruled that it doesn't violate copyright law.

Royal Baby Ratings

Cable channels didn't see much of a ratings boost from royal baby coverage.

Good TVeets

Egyptian Soap Islamists

Leslie T. Change profiles an Egyptian soap opera people are watching during Ramadan that resonates with current events.


Al Jazeera America will launch on August 20 and offer 24/7 live programming.

Diginet Success

TVNewsCheck has a two-part look at digital subchannels: local stations are using them for newscasts, and classic shows and movies are also reliable programming fare for them.

Aereo Targets 25%

Aereo's CEO is hoping for 25% household penetration in 5-7 years.

Bunheads & Sex

Alyssa Rosenberg says we're losing an effective representation of teen sexuality in the cancelled Bunheads.

Reality Dominates

As usual, reality TV is dominating summer network ratings, though Under the Dome qualifies as a summer hit.

Retrans Share

Dave Seyler argues that SNL Kagan numbers show pay TV operators don't have much too complain about in terms of what retransmission fees take out of their revenue and thus FCC intervention isn't needed.

TV Distribution is Better Than Film

Robert David Sullivan offers an important intervention into the "TV/film is better than film/TV debate" in raising the issue of distribution: "Today, you can see any TV series worth talking about, in its entirety, at your convenience, thanks to "on demand" cable options and streaming-video sites like Hulu. By contrast, non-blockbuster films get pushed off the limited number of cinema screens faster than most of us become aware of them."

SATC's Legacy

Emily Nussbaum laments that Sex and the City is no longer appreciated for being the radical, flagship show it was. Responses from Anne Helen PetersenAlyssa RosenbergStephen Silver, and Ross Douthat.

Talking Critics

Ryan McGee assesses Chris Hardwicke and the lessons to critics his example offers: "The sweet spot, so near as I can tell, is halfway between Hardwick’s proselytizing and the distanced criticism that marks so many reviews."

Best TV of 2013

An AV Club panel distributes awards for the Best TV of 2013 in various creative categories.

TCA Press Tour

TCA is upon us again. (Twitter, you've been warned. And here is the schedule.) Eric Deggans is on his way there and has some big questions about the future of TV he wants to raise with TV people. Tim Goodman has a TCA primer.


NBC has signed a deal for NASCAR races, taking the package away from ESPN and Turner.


The CBS-Time Warner Cable retrans deal battle is heating up as the deadline looms.

A La Carte Bill Update

John McCain's bill proposing to force cable operators to offer channels on an a la carte basis has a new co-sponsor.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good TVeets

Netflix Subs

Netflix's second quarter subscriber numbers are out, showing growth, but not significantly so. Netflix credits Arrested Development for the bump that was there. Quarterly revenue topped $1 billion. Peter Lauria assesses Netflix's ratings video chat, as does Will Richmond. Netflix's stock went down after this info, but Matthew Yglesias says this shouldn't detract from Netflix's incredible success.

Facebook Talks TV

Peter Kafka discusses the more voluminous TV chatter on Facebook as compared to Twitter.

RIP Dennis Farina

Actor Dennis Farina has died. Alan Sepinwall shares his reaction. Dick Wolf has released a statement. Matt Zoller Seitz offers an appreciation. The Chicago Tribune has an obituary and a remembrance.

Save Bunheads!

Alyssa Rosenberg thinks Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu would be smart to pick up Bunheads.

Falling TV Danger

Big TVs that topple over are causing regular ER visits for children.

Univision Sweeps

Univision is on track to win July sweeps in 18-49.

New Paramount TV Head

Amy Powell is the new president of Paramount Television, which has multi-platform hopes and plans to make shows for anyone who wants them.

Sports Rights Costs

John Ourand thinks its wrong to assume the sports rights fees bubble is due to burst.

Aereo Showdown

Scott Bomboy notes that the Supreme Court might end up deciding the future of TV with the Aereo case.

Newcomb Tribute

Antenna has published the remarks Amanda Lotz offered at an April tribute to retiring Peabodys director and pioneering TV Studies scholar Horace Newcomb, which focus on the importance of his "cumulative narrative" concept. You can also hear an interview with Newcomb in the Aca-Media podcast focusing on his legacy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bunheads Is Over

ABC Family won't renew Bunheads. Amy Sherman-Palladino has a reaction quote.

Major Crimes Touted

Jennifer L. Pozner thinks Major Crimes deserves our attention over Suits.

Carson on iTunes

Starting tomorrow, Johnny Carson Tonight Show clips and shows will be available on iTunes.

FCC Watching CBS/TWC

The FCC is "continuing to monitor the situation" between CBS and Time Warner Cable. And media analysts are weighing in.

Fox News Viewership

Bill Carter analyzes the fanbase of Fox News and finds old but lucrative viewers.

Netflix Expansion

Netflix plans to expand its originals scope and move into stand-up specials and docs.

OITNB Ratings

Scott Collins tries to figure out how many people are watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

Silver's Impact

James Poniewozik considers how Nate Silver going to ESPN could affect journalism.

News Lament

At #RoyalBaby time, Brian Lowry criticizes the networks for not covering serious news.

Mad Men's Paratexts: Feminist or Not?

Jonathan Gray analyzes Mad Men's paratexts through a feminist lens: "Some are feminist, many are not."


Al Jazeera America has named Kate O'Brian, formerly of ABC News, as its CEO. The new channel will launch on August 20.

Party of Five's Greatness

Todd VanDerWerff explains why Party of Five was a great, underappreciated drama.

OITNB Quality

Jon Weisman says Orange is the New Black gives Netflix more Emmy hopes, and June Thomas says reading the book version gives her new appreciation for the Netflix adaptation.

TV Everywhere Appeals

The Economist looks at how pay TV providers are hoping TV Everywhere will help battle against over-the-top streaming services.

Doctor Who Debate

The 50th Anniversary Doctor Who trailer premiered at Comic-Con, and some BBC license fee payers are angry about that.

Comic-Con Wrapup

Todd VanDerWerff files his final Comic-Con report (maybe ever?). Except for this report for Grantland. Vulture lists the best and worst of Comic-Con 2013.

Comic-Con, Fans, and Industry

Erin Hanna takes us to Comic-Con and looks at the relationship between the industry and fans there: Part 1, Part 2.

Netflix as Future

David Carr looks at how Netflix is paving the way for the future.

Aereo in Utah

Speaking of Aereo, Utahans can now look forward to it.


CBS channels could go dark on Wednesday for Time Warner Cable subscribers due to an ongoing retrans fee dispute. TWC is threatening to recommend Aereo as an alternative, and Aereo could end up a winner here.

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 21, 2013

BBC4 Drama Ending

A Burton-Taylor biopic airing Monday night will bring scripted drama on BBC Four to an end, with budget cuts responsible.

Emmys' Digital Problem

Liz Shannon Miller says the Netflix nominations distract from the Emmy Awards' digital content shortcomings.

More Comic-Con Links

Hitfix live-blogs for panels on Breaking Bad, Doctor WhoCommunity, and Sons of Anarchy. Todd VanDerWerff's take on day 3. Charlie Jane Anders gives details from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer.

British Drama Diversity Problem

Homeland actor David Harewood says British drama isn't serving black viewers sufficiently.

TV as Second Screen

Janko Roettgers says it's TV that's becoming the second screen behind iPad and mobile screens.

Patten Exiting BBC Trust

Lord Patten will step away from his position are chairman of the BBC trust in 2015, leaving major questions for the crucial next stage of the BBC charter and license fee review.

Sharknado & Branding

Natan Edelsburg is impressed by Syfy's ongoing social Sharknado efforts, including how major brands have tied into it.

More Comic-Con Links

Live-blogs for How I Met Your Mother and True Blood. Live-blog and summary of Vampire Diaries. Summary of Arrow panel. Revolution panel. Bates Motel live-blog. News that NBCU is developing a clone series.

Good TVeets

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Teen Beach Movie a Hit

DisneyChannel's Teen Beach Movie premiered with strong ratings.

Murphy on Glee

Ryan Murphy is talking about Glee's adjustments in the wake of Cory Monteith's death.

Over-the-Top Viability

Jeff Bercovici considers what it will take for Google or Apple to create a viable over-the-top pay TV option. Peter Kafka suggests football. Will Richmond also addresses this topic in his podcast. Ted Johnson says these new options may not disrupt anything. Apple's deals aren't taking off yet. Jeff John Roberts thinks Apple looks like the better bet.

Comic-Con Links

Coverage of Comic-Con: from Vulture, from Hitfix, from Variety, and on Joss Whedon, The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot screeningThe Walking DeadGame of Thrones, the Veronica Mars panel, the Veronica Mars trailer, the Orphan Black panel, how Orphan Black does clone scenes, And a bonus Orphan Black link: a panel at Nerd HQ. Todd VanDerWerff covers day 2.

New Zimbabwe Station

Zimbabwe's state broadcaster will soon have private competition, as a new station based in South Africa will strive to provide impartial news.

Breaking Bad Hat

You too can go Heisenberg with a real Breaking Bad porkpie hat.

Producing Intervention

Buzzfeed offers an oral history of A&E's Intervention.

Pelecanos Interview

Indiewire talks to George Pelecanos about The Wire, Treme, and a new David Simon project.


The FCC doesn't want the CBS-Time Warner Cable retrans dispute to linger. CBS is turning to its radio outlets to get its message out, but it isn't touting dropping pay TV altogether.

The Middle Respect

Will Harris laments that The Middle doesn't get any Emmys notice.

Netflix ≠ HBO

Todd Spangler details why Neflix is not the new HBO.

Mythbusters to Take On Breaking Bad

Right as Breaking Bad starts up again, Mythbusters will test out things depicted on the series.

Buying Ads

Bill Harvey considers why broadcast network ads might be a better buy than cable for advertisers. It is the case that broadcast ad revenue is up.

Malone Favors Broadband

Andy Vuong details how John Malone's investment in Charter is about broadband.

Hulu's Awesomes

Tanzina Vega reports that with its sale off, Hulu is throwing its attention onto promoting its new animated series, The Awesomes.

Bad DC

James Wolcott notes how often scripted shows depict Washington, D.C., as a malignant place.

Rich Women

Willa Paskin says this is a great time for quality shows featuring rich roles for women.

BHC is Dead

Shawn Ryan has confirmed that Beverly Hills Cop will not be picked up.

Silver to ESPN

ESPN has hired statistician Nate Silver away from the New York Times. While known more for his political analysis, Silver has a sports background.

Ratings Bits

Big Brother hit a season high (though Univision won Thursday night), and Sharknado's repeat surpassed the original airing.

Glee Delay

Glee has pushed back its production schedule and season premiere date due to Cory Monteith's death.

Good TVeets

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cross-Platform Data

CBS plans to start releasing cross-platform viewing data on its shows, with Under the Dome being the first example.

Social Promos

Brian Steinberg notes that networks are turning to social media to promote fall shows.

Comic-Con Panels

Catch up on some of yesterday's Comic-Con TV panels: Sherlock, Dexter, Teen Wolf, X-Files.


Things are getting publicly ugly in the retrans dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable.

Best TV Moments

An AV Club panel picks the best TV moments of the year so far.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garofalo's Marginalization

Justin Gray laments how Janeane Garofalo has been marginalized and her impact on comedy largely ignored or overshadowed by her political image.

Orphan Black's Female Agency

Caroline Framke looks at Orphan Black's focus on female agency.


Karl Taro Greenfield delves into Fox Sports 1's makeup and how it plans to compete with ESPN by being more fun and irreverent.

Cranston on Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston talks in-depth with GQ about Breaking Bad coming to a close.

Fox News Changes

Brian Steinberg analyzes the coming prime-time lineup changes at Fox News.

Cable Soars

Mike Fleming Jr. says cable is creatively dominating due to erosion in both broadcast networks and movies.

TV Not Better Than Movies

David Haglund takes issue with the "TV is better than movies" argument.

Darnell to WB TV

Mike Darnell's new home will be at Warner Bros. Television.

Glorification of White Crime

This essay is from nine months ago, but I missed it back then, and it's just as relevant now: A blogger named Aria discusses how quality drama often glorifies white criminals and shows them to have humanity and complex motivation, whereas black criminals are usually one-dimensional thugs.

Emmy Noms

The full list of Emmy nominations is out. THR tallies the numbers. Netflix did get nominations, and Peter Lauria says now they need to turn those into subscribers. Maggie Furlong rants about the Tatiana Maslany snub. Michael Slezak has a snubs slideshow. Brian Lowry says there's too much good TV to dwell on snubs. Alan Sepinwall shares his initial thoughts. Henning Fog argues for a Best New Program category. Lena Dunham is pleased. Andy Dehnart notes the reality nominations are mostly the same as usual. James Poniewozik has analysis, as do Linda HolmesAlyssa Rosenberg, and Willa Paskin. Will Richmond sees the House of Cards nominations more as an outlier than the start of a trend for online originals, and Myles McNutt also doesn't think we should overemphasize Netflix's nominations as significant for online TV. Peter Knegt highlights 13 notable things about the nominations.

More links: TVTattle has many links, Orphan Black's snub may at least be good publicity, Netflix is giddy, PBS is less so, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has surpassed Lucille Ball in nominations. Analysis from Matt Zoller SeitzJason LynchTim Goodman and more Time Goodmann, and Claire Suddath, and Dave Itzkoff has interviews with a bunch of nominees. Michael Schneider has tidbits.

Emmy Nom TVeets

A bonus edition of Good TVeets featuring reactions to the Emmy nominations this morning.

BBC Sports Sexism

Britain's Culture Secretary is critical of the BBC's sports coverage for sexism, but the BBC is dismissing her claims.

Black Actresses

Dami Abajingin laments the dearth of roles for black women in British TV.

Univision Socialism

Natan Edelsburg describes how Univision is taking advantage of social media for a youth awards show.

Netflix Viewing

A research firm tried to determine what people are watching on Netflix by surveying viewership in April. It found that loyalty isn't too strong, and that TV is watched more than movies.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does Comic-Con Matter?

So ask James Hibberd and Anthony Breznican.

Drama Mutters

The BBC will investigate if there's a problem with actors muttering in drama shows. (No really, it's about muttering.)

Flawed Females

Indiewire just finished a series of profiles on "bad" female TV characters, covering Weeds' Nancy Botwin, Enlightened's Amy Jellico, Damages's Patty Hewes, Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, and Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Great Ignored Shows

Matt Zoller Seitz explores why strong shows like Suits get ignored by critics.

Whose Line Returns Big

The CW's resurrection of Whose Line Is It Anyway gave the network its biggest audience in years.

Brass Eye Roundtable

TV Club looks at Brass Eye's infamous "Paedogeddon!" episode.

Dragon Skull Ad

A dragon skull that appeared on a British beach is marketing for Game of Thrones.

Big Brother's Racism

Jon Caramanica analyzes the racial narrative on Big Brother.

Gilligan on the End

Vince Gilligan shares a few thoughts about ending Breaking Bad.

Emmy Gender Problem

Cory Barker highlights the small number of women nominated for writing and directing Emmys since 1980.

Harmon's Story

Lacey Rose delves into the firing and re-hiring of Dan Harmon at Community and even more in talking with Harmon.

UK Development

Televisual presents British heads of development describing what they do.

Rash Interview

Alison Willmore interviews Jim Rash about Community and the upcoming Writers' Room.

Place in TV

Tom Steward notes the rise in relevance of geographical place in American TV today.

ABC Family Praise

Margaret Lyons praises ABC Family for its summer show variety.

Malone Ends Bid

John Malone won't try to take over Germany's largest cable operator.

No Hulu Hit

Mike Shields notes that Hulu can't yet tout an original hit.

Honey Boo Boo Praise

Willa Paskin defends Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and how the family lives. Sonia Saraiya has a review of the new episodes.

Indecency Delay

The FCC is delaying its decision on whether to ease indecency restrictions.

Turner Exit

Phil Kent is headed out at Turner Broadcasting. John Martin will succeed him.

C'mon, Renew Bunheads!

Todd VanDerWerff wants ABC Family to quit dithering and renew Bunheads.

Netflix's Emmys Push

With Emmy nominations coming tomorrow, Bill Carter looks at how Netflix is hoping to steal the show.

Pay TV Challengers

With Google the latest to announce plans for an online pay TV service, Will Richmond says the plan to disrupt the pay TV industry is becoming a good drama in itself.

Sharknado Sequel

Syfy now confirms there will be a Sharknado sequel, and it wants Twitter fans to help pick the subtitle.

Olbermann Returning to ESPN

Keith Olbermann is getting a nightly show on ESPN2 later this year. Jeff Bercovici has analysis. The show will be called Olbermann, and it will avoid politics...or maybe it won't.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Contraception Webisodes

Stars of the ABC Family show Baby Daddy will appear in a webisode series about contraception.

Girl Code Problems

Lizzie Crocker laments Girl Code's popularity.

Marketing TV at Comic-Con

Paige Albiniak explores why TV marketers are embracing Comic-Con.

American Dad to TBS

American Dad will air on TBS after the 2013-14 season.

ABC Premieres

ABC has announced its fall premiere dates.

Visiting the Dome

Richard Rushfield visited the set of Under the Dome.

Google Pay TV Service

Google reportedly has a pay TV service in the works.

CNJ Praise

Though he has a few reservations, Harry A. Jessell applauds WWOR's new news magazine show Chasing New Jersey.

Hottest Newswoman

Controversy is stirring around a radio contest to select Maine's most attractive female news anchor.

Preserving TV

The Library of Congress is striving to convert videotapes of pre-1980s shows into digital files before the tapes become unusable.

African Edu-Drama

Zoe Fox profiles an African soap opera that's trying to entertain while educating viewers about sexual health.

Reality TV Racism

Elissa Strauss points to Princesses: Long Island as another reality show with ethnic caricature problems.

McCarthy Mistake

James Poniewozik explains why ABC hiring Jenny McCarthy for The View is a bad move.

Aereo Court Win

Aereo has notched another victory, as a federal appeals court refused to revisit an earlier decision letting the service carry on.  Fox may take this up to the Supreme Court.

Glee Project Cancelled

The Glee Project won't be back on Oxygen.

Ray Donovan Renewed

Showtime wants more Ray Donovan.

Ratings Bits

Under the Dome continues to stay steady, and FX's The Bridge is getting a good DVR boost. The Newsroom returned up.

Zeebox Goals

Zeebox's chief tech officer talks about what the company is up to.

Gilligan on X-Files

Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan tells Maureen Ryan what he learned from working on The X-Files.

Health Care Ad Revenue

The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act will put plenty of money in local station coffers.

Spanish-Language Top Chef

Telemundo is developing a Spanish-language version of Bravo's Top Chef.

Syfy on Sharknado

Syfy's executive VP of programming talks about what Sharknado has done for the channel. Eliza Kern says maybe all those tweets weren't a big deal.

Apple Ad Skipping

Jessica Lessin reports Apple is pitching to networks a TV service featuring ad-skipping. Brian Stelter has more.

Japan Boosting Exports

Japanese broadcasters are ramping up promotion of their programming abroad.

Cost of Unbundling

An investment analyst finds that pay TV going a la carte would cut TV revenue in half and destroy the industry, also leaving the question of who would pay for what channels.

Good TVeets

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hulu Questions

Greg Sandoval wonders if Hulu's owners have any plan at all.

New Flow Issue

Check out a new Flow featuring Aymar Jean Christian with Zombies Beat Humans on Television, Hallie K. Reiss with The Reality of Television Mockumentary: Family Tree and Guest as Auteur, Lauren Kusnierz with I Prefer My Beefcakes with Fangs: Sexploitation in HBO’s True Blood, and Jessalynn Keller with The Pink Sneakers That Could? Rethinking Mediated Discourses of Wendy Davis’ Filibuster Footwear.

Veronica Mars Books

The Veronica Mars movie will be followed by two books featuring the title character.

Joan Rivers v. WGA

Joan Rivers is in trouble with the WGA for allegedly violating a Fashion Police strike. KCRW's The Business podcast also covered the issue.

Lying Game Cancelled

ABC Family has cancelled The Lying Game.

RIP Cory Monteith

Glee star Cory Monteith has died. The NYT obituary. James Poniewozik has thoughts on this loss, as does Kaitlin Thomas. Lauren Hoffman wonders where Glee goes now. TV Tattle has many more links. Margaret Lyons has suggestions for Glee. Judy Rosen discusses Monteith and Glee's Finn. Molly Lambert has a remembrance.

True Blood Renewed

True Blood will be back for a seventh season.

FS1 Carriage Talks

John Ourand says Fox Sports 1 is still working on carriage fee negotiations with a few major operators, with only a month to go til launch.

Zimmerman Verdict Ratings

Cable news channel viewing surged on Saturday night as the George Zimmerman verdict was delivered. Eric Kelsey says CNN's Zimmerman coverage reveals its Zuckerian path.

McCarthy to Join The View

Jenny McCarthy wil be added to The View in September. Bill Carter also reports.

Trans Representation

Zinnia Jones laments the narrow representations of transgendered people in TV and film.

Scandal Syndication

BET has picked up syndication rights to Scandal, which will include fall repeats of season 3 episodes.

YouTube Channel Profiles

Ryan Lawler checks out what makes major YouTube channels tick, as Google opens a big new studio in LA.

Emmy This! Entries

I've missed a bunch of AV Club entries in their cool Emmy This! series, which brings attention to unsung categories in anticipation of the nominations, so here's a catchup list:

Whodunnit Info

Andy Dehnart got behind-the-scenes info on Whodunnit from producer Anthony Zuiker.

Sports Pushback

The WSJ reports on pay TV operator efforts to battle rising sports programming costs. (Behind paywall. This source appears to have an excerpt.)

BB15 Disclaimer

CBS ran a disclaimer before Big Brother last night in regard to the houseguests' bigoted comments. Andy Dehnart reports. Brian Lowry is skeptical.

Good TVeets

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Women of Korra

Andrew Daar praises The Legend of Korra for its representation of women.

Netflix is New HBO

Liz Shannon Miller says Orange is the New Black establishes Netflix as the new HBO.

Create Demand

Using Sharknado and Scandal as examples, Ryan McGee insists the TV industry should produce more shows that audiences feel compelled to watch promptly in order to share in the collective experience and conversation.

AJAM Strife

Glenn Greenwald looks at the rocky beginnings of Al Jazeera America, which includes internal strife. Joe Pompeo also reports on the new channel.

Zimmerman Trial Links

Brian Lowry says cable news coverage of the George Zimmerman trial was akin to politicized talk radio, and it brought a boost to ratings. Eric Deggans gives an overview of media reactions. Ted Johnson considers how the verdict might affect Zimmerman's libel case against NBC. AJ Marechal looks at today's coverage.

Breaking Bad Teasers

Two teasers for the final run of Breaking Bad have been released.

Good TVeets

Yet again, Storify is being a pain. If you get a 404 message for the rest of the tweets, try this direct link instead. Seems to be working now, though.