Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good TVeets

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Emmy Submissions

Deadline asked producers of top comedies and top dramas to highlight one special episode they hope the Emmys take into consideration.

Netflix Guide

Netflix is adding a Siri-like guide named Max on PlayStation.

News Corp Split Official

News Corporation is now split in two. Rachel Abrams considers the stock impact.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Newcomb's Retirement

TV Studies pioneer Horace Newcomb has retired from his position as head of the Peabody Awards. Noel Holston profiles Newcomb, and I had the privilege of interviewing him recently for the Aca-Media podcast.

Happy Endings Officially Finished

There will be no resurrection for Happy Endings.

Targeting Cord Cutters

Todd Spangler reports on a special set-top box deal from Cox targeting cord cutters being tested out.

10/90 for Barr

NBC is working on a deal with Roseanne Barr and Linda Wallem for a sitcom that would get ninety more episodes if the first ten reach a ratings benchmark.

Branding Importance

TIm Goodman considers how important branding is for survival in an era with so much viewer choice.

Intel Caution

Peter Kafka observes that Intel's CEO is striking a cautious tone about an online TV service.

Cable Waste

A survey says a lot of people think they're wasting money on cable subscriptions.

Late Night Comfort

Bob Verini looks at how celebrity publicists judge late night talk shows, with Jay Leno coming out on top as most favorable.

Mad Men Finale

Zach Handlen and Todd VanDerWerff debate the implications of the Mad Men season finale.

Title Sequences

Richard Hewett laments the decline of the title sequence and points to favorite classic examples.

The Bible Sales

The Bible is excelling in ancillary sales.

TV News' Problem

Derek Thompson summarizes a panel discussion about what ails television news.

Big Brother Censorship

Andy Dehnart investigates why TVGN has been bleeping swear words on Big Brother After Dark.

Oprah & Soaps

Laura Hazard Owen discusses OWN's pickup of One Life to Live and All My Children, and Roger Friedman says Oprah Winfrey's own reversed stance on the soaps has to do with the success of Tyler Perry's soap on OWN.

Ray Donovan & Men

Showtime is hoping to attract men with Ray Donovan, after skewing more female with other shows. But Maureen Ryan explains creatively that the show is just another anti-hero retread. June Thomas chimes in on the anti-hero theme. Dade Hayes says the show could be a game-changer for Showtime.

Friday Fun

Flavorwire put Parks and Recreation characters on famous children's book covers.

Spectrum Realignment

The House Commerce Committee wants the FCC to keep them updated regularly about spectrum realignment.

Borgen Helps KCET

Aljean Harmetz looks at how importing Borgen has given post-PBS KCET new life.

Sexy Killers

Willa Paskin notes TV's fixation on sexy serial killers. Andy Greenwald also sees a focus on victims of killers.

Kindle FanFic

Lily Rothman discusses Amazon's Kindle Worlds, which will feature fan fiction. Mel Stanfill sees Kindle Worlds as an economic raw deal for fans and also questions the cultural implications.

SNL in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate will reverse course and air Saturday Night Live.

New Yorker Cover

A upcoming New Yorker cover featuring Bert and Ernie and related to the Supreme Court's DOMA deicision is drumming up debate. Kevin Fallon thinks it's perfect. June Thomas does not.

TWC Xbox App

Time Warner Cable is launching an Xbox 360 app.

Al Jazeera & Social Media

Al Jazeera's head of social media talks about the evolution of social media at his outlet.

Orange Renewed

Netflix has renewed Orange is the New Black weeks before the first season has even appeared. Brian Stelter has analysis.

Anti-Hero Antidote

Ryan McGee says Wendy Davis's filibuster reminded him he wants to see good stories on TV about something other than straight white male angst.

Amazon's Hiring

Amazon is looking for a head of drama series development.

Lacob to Buzzfeed

I often link to Jace Lacob's work here, and he is now moving on to Buzzfeed.

Pilot Season Logic

Pointing to two examples, Andy Greenwald looks at how pilot season practices seem to be shifting in a more logical direction.

Password-Sharing Benefits

Andrew Wallenstein says HBO and Netflix could be benefitting from people sharing their streaming subscription passwords: "Enabling freeloading could be a counterintuitively savvy promotional tool for getting potential customers hooked on a product they wouldn’t otherwise sample."

Advertiser Predictions

Brian Steinberg presents survey results from advertisers on what fall programs look best to back. Media Life predicts five bombs.

Hulu Delay

Hulu bidding is delayed reportedly to give DirecTV more time to arrange financing, and word is Yahoo is dropping out of the running.

Good TVeets

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amazon & PBS Expand

Amazon is expanding its PBS offerings.

Telenovela Adaptation

The CW will develop an adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela.

Local Evolution

Farshad Family makes predictions about local TV's demographic and viewing evolution in the coming years.

Local Everywhere

NBC's chairman says he wants affiliate programming available via TV Everywhere.

Big Brother Ratings

Big Brother has returned down.

Aereo in Chicago

Aereo will launch in Chicago in September.

Discovery Streaming Service

Discovery is developing an internet streaming service, but don't expect it soon. Discovery is denying these reports.

Idol Ad Decline

Brian Steinberg reports that Ford reduced its American Idol ad spend last season.

ESPN's Challenge

Brian Lowry discusses the difficulty ESPN will have with covering the Aaron Hernandez case.

Adherence to Tradition

Brian Lowry says the networks are sticking with traditional practices next fall, rather than taking new risks.

Raftery Leaves for Fox

Bil Raftery is leaving ESPN for Fox Sports 1.

Gandolfini Goodbyes

Alan Sepinwall summarizes James Gandolfini's memorial, including David Chase's eulogy, and Atlantic Wire has photos. Chase also remembered Gandolfini in a Guardian interview. Lev Mendes writes of Gandolfini and Tony Soprano. Alyssa Rosenberg ties Gandolfini's death to the waning of TV's anti-hero trend. Matt Zoller Seitz shares his reaction to the funeral.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good TVeets

Cosmology of Serialized TV

David Auerbach offers thoughts about serialized TV today. Jaime Weinman responds. Robert David Sullivan adds thoughts.

Reality Roundtable

THR has a reality TV host roundtable.

The Mystery of Bob Benson

Ryan McGee appreciates how Mad Men played out the mystery of Bob Benson: "What makes the investigation into Bob’s biography so fascinating is what makes so many television mysteries so potent: the investigation itself can be as important as the ultimate answer provided by the show."

Warner Bros. Reshuffling

Warner Bros. is undergoing corporate exec changes, with a lot of reshuffling.

Fox Fall

Fox has announced its fall premieres schedule.

Comcast & Aereo

One analyst says Comcast should be in favor of Aereo due to retrans negotiations.

Fox Cable Upfronts

Fox's cable outlets have wrapped their upfronts sales.

Sesame Street Layoffs

Sesame Workshop has had to lay off 10% of its workforce.

Sitcom Retooling

CBS is shifting a sitcom in development from single-cam to multi-cam.

Mad Men Ratings

Mad Men finished in line with past ratings results.

TV Apps Economy

Michael Wolf expects big production from the TV apps economy.

British Praise for US TV

Telegraph critic Anne Bilson praises the quality of American network shows like Hannibal and Elementary.

Upfronts Drag

ABC and NBC are still working on upfronts deals.

Sopranos & TV Future

A group of TV critics discuss The Sopranos and the future of TV drama.

BBC Repeats

About 63% of BBC programming from 2011 to 2012 consisted of repeats.

Chasing Kids

Peter Kafka looks at how Netflix and Amazon are battling for kids' attention.

AMC & OLTL Schedules

All My Children and One Life to Live are again changing release schedules; now all episodes for a week will be released on Mondays. The soaps are also set for a run on OWN to see what happens.

Retrans Fine

The FCC has fined a Houston cable system $2.25 million for retransmitting local broadcasting signals without an agreement in place.

TV Standard Plea

Sinclair's CEO thinks broadcasters need to adopt a next-generation TV signal standard to enable multi-channel broadcasting and thereby better compete with pay TV.

Under the Dome

Under the Dome opened with strong ratings, a good sign for network summer ambitions. Josef Adalian also looks at how Under the Dome also represents new financing and revenue prospects. And Mike Stein notes that this is part of the resurrection of the miniseries.

TV Designs

io9 features TV set designs from the past, some of them quite radical.

Crossfire Returning

CNN will resurrect Crossfire with Newt Gingrich, S.E. Cupp, Van Jones, and Stephanie Cutter.

Cable News Fail

James Poniewozik is critical of cable news networks for ignoring dramatic events in the Texas legislature, leading interesting viewers to turn to YouTube and Twitter to follow the news. Carl Franzen also addresses this.

DVR Boosts

Gary Levin looks at the big boosts some cable shows get from DVR viewing.

SCOTUS Coverage

Brian Stelter praises the news networks for getting the Supreme Court rulings right this time.

Awkward Exit

Lauren Iungerich, the creator of MTV's Awkward., is departing after the third season finishes production. Myles McNutt has an initial reaction. Ingugerich has posted in the TV Club comments.

Gay/Lesbian-Themed Ads

Stuart Elliott notes that TV ads featuring gay and lesbian characters are proliferating.


Will Richmond reports on stats finding that spectators prefer watching TV via DVRs twice as much as via SVOD services like Netflix.

Hallmark Everywhere

Hallmark Channel has closed TV Everywhere deals with a number of providers.

Mad Men Style

Tom and Lorenzo analyze "In Care Of." Mad Men's costume designer talks about Peggy's pantsuit.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Giamatti on DA

Paul Giamatti will appear on the next series of Downton Abbey.

Grey's Assessed

Todd VanDerWerff examines Grey's Anatomy's quality arc, with season two and seven as high points

British Invasion of News

David Carr looks at recent instances of British news figures working for US outlets: "When it comes to choosing someone to steer prominent American media properties, the answer is often delivered in a proper British accent."

New In Media Res

Theme: Celebrity Chefs

  •  Monday, June 24, 2013 - Kathleen Collins (John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York) presents: Nigella Lawson: Food/Lifestyle Porn 
  •  Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - Andrew P. Haley (The University of Southern Mississippi) presents: Cröonchy Stars: The "Swedish Chef" as Role Model 
  •  Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - Signe Rousseau (University of Cape Town) presents: Celebrity chefs: Do we need them? 
  •  Thursday, June 27, 2013 - Megan Kimble (Edible Baja Arizona) presents: Living Chopped 
  • Friday, June 28, 2013 - Eric LeMay (Ohio University) presents: Chef Mystique

RIP Gary David Goldberg

Producer Gary David Goldberg has died.

Weiner Interviews

You can read Matt Weiner's conversations about Mad Men's season and finale with Alan Sepinwall, Maureen Ryan, Denise Martin, Michael Schneider, Dan Snierson, Mark Miller, Martin Miller, Dave Itzkoff

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hulu's Vision

Amy Chozik and Brian Stelter assess the possible future of Hulu.

Islam in Afghan Media

Matt Sienkiewicz surveys depictions of Islam on American-supported media in Afghanistan.

Palestinian Arab Idol Winner

A Palestinian has won the second season of Arab Idol.

Conglomerate Streamlining

The Economist says media conglomerates now are all about streamlining their businesses.

Doctor Who Not Found

A rumor that new classic Doctor Who episodes have been found appears to be untrue.

New DGA Prez

Paris Barclay is the new DGA president.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

TV as Human Right

Daisy Sindelar reports on a case in the republic of Georgia raising the question of if prisoners have a right to be able to watch television.

Online Data

Mika Salmi says networks are missing out by not putting content online and learning from the collected data.

YouTube v. TV

Farhad Manjoo considers how YouTube measures up against traditional TV.

Bad DVRs

Josh Levin laments that Americans have inferior DVRs.

Stewart on Egyptian TV

Jon Stewart appeared on Egyptian TV with a host who has been referred to as Egypt's Jon Stewart.

Rock Center Ends

Brian Stelter looks at the disappointing performance of Rock Center, which ended last night.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Mad Men Promos

Denise Martin talked to Matthew Weiner about Mad Men's vague promos.

NBC Premieres

NBC has announced its fall premieres schedule.


Matt Yoder speculates on the future of ESPNEWS.

Hannibal & Death

Todd VanDerWerff praises Hannibal for its treatment of death.

Summer Pay

Kevin Fallon notes that more summer originals means less summer residuals for writers.

Mad Men Style

Tom and Lorenzo analyze "The Quality of Mercy."

Miniseries Boom

Amy Dawes assesses the growth in miniseries.

College Habits

Ryan Faughnder reports on a study finding that cord cutting and piracy habits are forming among college students.

More TV

A new study finds that people watched more TV last year and worked less.

Hemlock Grove Renewed

Netflix wants more Hemlock Grove. Janko Roettgers says this renewal shows that Netflix's data collection is working.

Network Decency Regs

In a filing, Fox says it wants the FCC to back away from policing indecency. And CBS also wants only egregious cases dealt with.

Soap Dispute Settled

The production company for One Life to Live and All My Children has settled its dispute with IATSE. Also, apparently One Life to Live will ban cursing.

New Prez

The TV Academy has a new president.

Mad Men Research

Meredith Blake profiles the head of research for Mad Men.

Harmon's Comments

In another "celebrity saying things people are talking about" story, Willa Paskin analyzes Dan Harmon's Dan Harmonness.

Hannibal Interview

Alan Sepinwall presents part one of an interview with Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller. Part two is up.

Deen Booted

Food Network is saying goodbye to Paula Deen in the wake of racial controversy. James Poniewozik analyzes her controversial comments and her apology.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

House Husband Representation

Soraya Roberts notes that stay-at-home dads are under-represented on TV.

Why Harmon's Back

Josef Adalian explores why Dan Harmon has gotten his old job back.

Turner Wraps Upfronts

Turner has completed upfronts deals.

Call the Midwife Directors

Each episode of the next season of Call the Midwife will be directed by a woman. Hayley McKenzie laments that this is news.

Perry's OWN

Greg Braxton surveys reception of Tyler Perry's shows on OWN.

AFV Archive

America's Funniest Home Videos clips are being deposited in a digital media warehouse for future re-use online.

CBS Fall Launch

CBS won't launch its fall shows until late September.

Original Programming Spread

Mike Stein notes the growth of original scripted programming, including on channels previously known primarily for reality TV.

Slow TV

Ellen Emmerentze Jervell looks at Norwegian TV's trend of slow-moving shows.

Sports Rights Suit

Time Warner Cable has been sued over the cost of sports rights fees. Ted Johnson has analysis.

Twitter + Viacom

Viacom has made a social video marketing deal with Twitter.

Apple & Netflix Rule

Brian X. Chen says Apple and Netflix are tops in online video.

NBC Loves TV Everywhere

NBC Sports Group exec Mark Lazarus says the company is totally behind TV Everywhere efforts.

PBS Digital Success

Josh Sternberg looks at PBS's success with its Digital Studios.

Apple TV Additions

Apple TV has added HBO Go and WatchESPN. Greg Sandoval has analysis of the HBO-Apple relationship.

Nickelodeon's Defiance

Nickelodeon is defying calls to fully drop unhealthy food ads and establish nutritional standards.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FNC News

Brian Lowry reports that Fox News is going on the political offensive again, and the channel is being sued for airing a suicide live by the involved family.

MTV Targeting Younger

Amy Chozik looks at MTV's attempts to appeal to teenagers.

Summer Vacation Streaming

Laura Hazard Owen notes that Netflix and Amazon are battling for kids' attention over summer. Netflix is leaning on children's movies, says Dan Mitchell.

State of Al Jazeera

Shibley Telhami delves into the current state of Al Jazeera and its future prospects.

Parks Merch

NBCU is unveiling new Parks and Recreation merchandise.

New Today Director

Today has replaced its director of the last 18 years.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Harmon Comments

Dan Harmon has said, well, some things about the fourth season of Community. Harmon has apologized.

Viacom Upfronts Done

Sam Thielman reports on Viacom's upfronts deals.

Daytime Emmys

Daytime Emmys have been handed out.

Netflix Gets DreamWorks Originals

DreamWorks will produce original programming for Netflix, in Netflix's biggest-ever originals deal. Sam Thielman has analysis.

GoT Fanfic

Molly Templeton checks out Game of Thrones fan fiction.

New In Media Res

Theme: Beyond the Brand

  • Monday, June 17, 2013 - Melissa Aronczyk (Rutgers University) and Devon Powers (Drexel University) present: Beyond the Brand 
  •  Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - Nora Draper (Annenberg School for Communication) presents: Brands, Knowledge and Surveillance 
  •  Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - Cesar Jimenez-Martinez (London School of Economics and Political Science) presents: The Brands Are Out Tonight 
  •  Thursday, June 20, 2013 - Katie McCollough (Rutgers University) presents: Industrial and Institutional Change in Brand Environments 
  •  Friday, June 21, 2013 - Jonathan M. Bullinger (Rutgers University) presents: The Lack of Specificity in Regards to Branding

Sunday, June 16, 2013

AD Bingeing

Mark Harris says Arrested Development has raised the problems of binge viewing.

Orphan Black's Storytelling

Ryan McGee praises Orphan Black for its compelling storytelling.

The Fall & Feminism

Joe Winkler says The Fall is uniquely feminist even as it depicts familiar subject matter of violence against women.

Doctor Who Problems

The Idiot Box details problems with Stephen Moffat's Doctor Who.

Best Dramas

Matt Zoller Seitz picks the five best dramas of the past year.

French Resistance

James Kanter says France is resisting trade talks with the US related to film and TV, which could impact Netflix there, as well as in other resistant European countries.

Canada's US Import Spending

Etan Vlessing analyzes a report on how much Canadian broadcasters are spending on American imports at the expense of home-grown fare.

Factual TV Debate

Two British critics debate the state of factual programming in Britain.

HBO Ambassador

An HBO exec has been named US ambassador to Spain.

Unpaid Internship Prospects

Susan Adams considers the implications of a court ruling on unpaid film industry internships, as does Rebecca Greenfield.

Intel Challenge

Vikas Bajaj looks at Intel's over-the-top challenge to the cable business model.

Live Viewing Prediction

A Twitter exec predicts the social media service will help reduce time-shifted viewing.

Moonves Won't Be Deposed

Eriq Gardner notes the latest in the Aereo trial, as a judge denied a request to depose Les Moonves.

Social TV in Sweden

Natan Edelsburg talks to a digital exec about social TV in Sweden.

Amazon's Business

Derek Thompson surveys Amazon's business plan compared to cable companies.

Univision Upfronts

Brian Steinberg reports that Univision will close upfronts with price increases.

DirecTV Wins Hulu

Reports say that DirecTV has won the Hulu bidding war.

Subversive Genre Fare

Maureen Ryan is pleased by the rise of what she terms B-movie TV: "These shows often originate abroad, quite a few of them feature complex female protagonists, and they smartly use the tropes of horror, mystery, soap operas, science fiction and thrillers to sketch diverting narratives on the cheap."

Auteur Debate

Craig Fehrman questions the critical over-valuation of the showrunner as auteur and expands with more examples on his blog. Responses are provided by June Thomas and Sam Adams. And Jason Mittell offers his manuscript chapter on authorship as a sort of pre-rebuttal. Myles McNutt chimes in.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TV Strategies Assessed

Josef Adalian highlights the best and worst strategies across a rocky TV season.

Game of Thrones & Race

A post from Aamer Rahman highlights Game of Thrones' racial representation problems.

Piracy Installation

A new art installation showcases peer-to-peer file sharing as it happens.

Tennis Channel Rant

Tennis Channel's CEO has lashed out in response to losing a court case against Comcast.

Ends of Serial Criticism

Jason Mittell shares an address on the ends of serial criticism.

Press Your Luck Legend

TV Club writers address the famed episode of Press Your Luck when a contestant took the game down.

McCarthy Profile

Dave Itzkoff profiles comedian Melissa McCarthy.

Pay TV Projection

One study foresees one billion pay TV households across the globe by 2018.

Barb to Measure Online

The UK ratings body Barb will measure viewership via online catchup services starting in August.

Winfrey Gift

Oprah Winfrey will give $12 million to the Smithsonian to help build a museum for black history and culture.

Talent Shows Boost the Arts

A UK survey bolsters claims that talent reality shows help bring interest to the performing arts.

Minority Expectations

Bim Adewunmi admits that expectations for representations fall harder on minority producers than white men, even though it's not fair.

Boxee's Status

Janko Roettgers reports that Boxee is looking to raise more money or possibly go on the block.

Depictions of the Cultural Past

Randee Dawn delves into how period dramas deal with depicting culturally insensitive standards of earlier eras.

Walking Dead Debit Card

You can now get a Walking Dead Visa debit card.

Cowell & Idol

Brian Lowry says Simon Cowell helped to undermine American Idol.

Bundling Challenges

Natan Edelsburg looks at how pay TV bundling is under attack. It's also being hashed out in congressional hearings right now.

Gannett Buying Belo

The number one newspaper company, Gannett, is buying a broadcasting group, Belo, thereby doubling Gannett's TV holdings.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fox Done

Fox has closed its upfronts deals, with lower volume than last year.

History Conspiracies

Alex Seitz-Wald laments that History Channel seems to be embracing conspiracy theory programming.

TV Death Reactions

Angela Wattercutter looks at charts of online conversation following TV character deaths and finds Game of Thrones' Red Wedding reaction the strongest. (In a handy feature, spoilers are blacked out but can be uncovered at your choosing.)

Internship Ruling

A federal judge has ruled that unpaid production internships violate minimum wage laws.

Social Media Reality Show

Ben Fritz describes a new reality show about teenagers going off to college that will play out across social media platforms.

International Importance

Dade Hayes reports on cable exec arguments that overseas investment is crucial.

Portlandia Renewed

Portlandia is getting two more seasons.

Buyer Leverage

John Consoli says this year's upfronts have media buyers with the leverage because there are no must-buy shows.

Viewing Preferences

A new study looks at TV viewing preferences of millennials and finds much interest in broadband options, while another finds pay TV customers liking TV Everywhere options, though TV Everywhere still has obstacles facing it.

Best Episodes

Matt Zoller Seitz picks the best five episodes from the last year.

Fringe Transmedia

Mélanie Bourdaa analyzes the production and reception of Fringe's transmedia content.

Exclusive Battles

Andy Fixmer and Alex Sherman look at how pay TV operators like Time Warner Cable are trying to block internet operators like Intel and Apple from getting access to good content by offering incentives to media companies to withhold content. Janko Roettgers also reports.

ESPN 3D Done

Andrew Dodson reports that ESPN will shut down its 3D channel at the end of the year. Clearly, 3D is having problems.

Broadcasters v. Aereo

Tim Molloy says broadcasters can help networks battle Aereo by turning to livestreaming.

Good Days for Writers

Brian Lowry says TV writers have a lot to be happy about today.

Shaped Reality

AJ Marechal looks at the popularity of reality TV shows like Duck Dynasty, which are heavily produced rather than unscripted.

New Comcast Tech

Comcast is touting a new set-top box and DVR, which will include voice control; Peter Kafka has video of a preview.

Netflix Economics

Matthew Ball explores the economics of Netflix's originals business.

Maslany Emmy Campaign

Myles McNutt analyzes BBC America's Emmy campaign for Tatiana Maslany. Jace Lacob agrees that she deserves the nomination. Jaime Weinman also considers her chances.

Netflix Profiles

Netflix has multiple user profiles coming this summer.

Mad Men Style

Tom and Lorenzo break down "Favors."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Greek Shutdown

Greece's state broadcasting corporation has been shut down due to budget cuts. The government says it will relaunch in a few weeks time.

Devious Maids Problem

Alisa Valdes delves into the problematic racial representations in Devious Maids.

Yahoo Network

Bill Wise can see Yahoo becoming the next major network.

Comcast's New Tech

Jeff John Roberts summarizes the new technology Comcast has in the works.

Netflix Leads HBO

Netflix continues to lead HBO in subscribers.

Google's Cable Rate Strategy

Jeff Bercovici considers how and why Google might be trying to bring cable subscription rates down.

Scandal's Improvement

Matt Zoller Seitz looks at how Scandal has improved.

C4 Arts Revival

Maggie Brown looks at how artist Grayson Perry and his documentary series on class and taste culture (which is excellent) helped to spark a cultural programming revival at Channel 4.

New In Media Res

Theme: Brush Up Your Shakespeare

  •  Monday, June 10, 2013 – Greg Steirer (Dickinson College) presents: Teaching "Shakespeare": The Authorship Question in the Classroom 
  •  Tuesday, June 11, 2013 – Sarah Neville (West Virginia University) presents: Sassy Gay Friend and the Half-life of Shakespeare Adaptations 
  •  Wednesday, June 12, 2013 – Britta McCreary (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) presents: "That’s What He Said": Shakespearean Asides on "The Office"
  •  Thursday, June 13, 2013 – Jen Boyle and Tripthi Pillai (Coastal Carolina University) presents: Zombie Shakespeare
  •  Friday, June 14, 2013 – Ellen Joy Letostak (Edison State College) presents: Sexual Shakespeare: The ‘Boob Tube’ Remediated

Top Shows

Michael Schneider looks at the list of the top 25-rated shows of 2012-13.

Comedy Roundtable

THR has a comedy showrunners roundtable.

BBC Digital Catastrophe

A member of the BBC Trust has admitted that the corporation's recently scrapped Digital Media Initiative was a catastrophe.

The Bible Follow-Up

Mark Burnett confirms there will be another Bible project.

Oliver Takes Over

Jaime Weinman considers the comedic implications of John Oliver stepping in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Tim Molloy says Oliver is fitting in seamlessly, and Oliver discusses what he learned from Stewart. Esther Zuckerman says this ended up being the perfect week for Oliver to take over.

TWC Marketing

Stuart Elliott looks at the new marketing campaign Time Warner Cable is launching under the theme "That's How."

State of Cable

A group of Cable Show panelists discussed the challenges and benefits of being in the cable business today. Execs also said TV Everywhere needs to work more smoothly.

GoT Ratings

Game of Thrones' finale rated strongly, and it also broke piracy records.

Junk Food Ad Concern

John Eggerton reports that Democratic senators are pressuring Nickelodeon to drop junk food ads targeting kids.

Al Jazeera America Launch

Those whose pay TV services carry will be able to start watching Al Jazeera Americaa during the week of August 24.

Intel Ready

Todd Spangler says Intel has a war chest ready to buy programming for an online pay TV service, but no deals have been made yet. Wayne Friedman also has analysis.

Upfronts Slog

Bill Cromwell says upfronts negotiations are going slowly and with flat gains.

Monday, June 10, 2013

TCA Nominations

The TCA Award nominations have been announced.

Amazon & Viacom

Jon Lafayette considers the implications of the Viacom-Amazon streaming deal.

Drama Roundtable

The latest LA Times Emmys roundtable is on drama acting.

GoT Story

Jace Lacob tallies up what we saw in this season's Game of Thrones, and James Hibberd considers the future of the show's story in light of the books.

AMC In Demand

Jon Lafayette reports that AMC's success with shows like The Walking Dead is bringing significant upfronts results.

Tonys Ratings

Last night's Tony Awards achieved notable ratings gains.

Breaking Bad Direction

Adrian Martin analyses the directing in a second season Breaking Bad episode.

New Idol Producer

American Idol has a new producer.

Harmon's Deal Finalized

It's now official that Dan Harmon will return to Community, as will Chris McKenna, to act as executive producers.

Social TV Growing

Sam Thielman looks at stats on the growth of social TV use.

Cable Guides

Ryan Nakashima notes that cable operators are trying to make their program guides more like websites.

Viewing Time Up

Jon Lafayette reports on Nielsen stats finding that less people are watching traditional TV, but viewers are spending more time watching.

Fan Cuts

Dave Itzkoff checks out fan recuts of Arrested Development and Game of Thrones. Alex Epstein adds thoughts.

Finke v. Waxman

David Carr recaps the Nikke Finke rumors.

CBS Deals

Toni Fitzgerald summarizes CBS's upfronts sales. Jon Lafayette notes that network deals are mostly flat.

Good TVeets

Warning: Game of Thrones and Mad Men spoilers at the end

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good TVeets from the ATX Festival

Game Show Subversion

Dashiell Bennett points out how a Turkish game show worked references of the government protests into its puzzles, while news coverage largely ignores what's going on.

Red Wedding on TV

Matt Fowler thinks last week's big Game of Thrones scene was more traumatic on TV than in the book. And Dorothy Pomerantz thinks more shows should do what Thrones did, and Tim Goodman agrees on its value to drama. The episode's cinematographer discusses shooting the scene.

Embracing Subtitles

Mark Jones explores why British viewers seem to be more accepting of subtitled foreign-language shows lately.

Don't Fear YouTube

Sean Barger doesn't think Hulu and Netflix need to worry about YouTube's subscription channels.

Worst Celebrity Interviews

A group of British journalists cite their worst celebrity interviews.

BGT Finale Drama

The finale of Britain's Got Talent included an egging of the judges driven by a protest of Simon Cowell's influence on the music industry. Michael Hogan explores what makes shows BGT this continue to be popular.

Idol Producers Fired

American Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick have been fired, though Lythgoe stays with So You Think You Can Dance.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Comedy Roundtable

The LA Times has an Emmys comedy roundtable. (I think. I'm hitting the paywall again.)

Pinsky Defends Himself

Dr. Drew Pinsky resents accusations of his accountability for what happens to people after they appear on his shows.

Auction Rush

Broadcasters worry that the FCC is rushing into the spectrum auction.

TV Producers Prominent

Alex Ben Block says TV showrunners will be more of a presence than film directors at the 2013 Produced By Conference: "Because whether they're scrambling to assemble financing for an indie flick or struggling to steer a million-dollar franchise, few film producers command the power enjoyed by TV's reigning showrunners."