Sunday, September 30, 2012

Homeland & Reality

Willa Paskin talked with Homeland creators Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa about making a show that shadows real-life events and that follows the show they previously ran, 24.

Al Jazeera Changes

Journalists at Al Jazeera English are frustrated at intervention by its Qatari owners, while the outlet is also being handed budget cuts even as the organization spends more money on sports rights.

Media Industry News

Catch up on news about who now controls 40% of the music market, Iran pulling out of the Foreign Language Oscar race, and Wal-mart dissing Amazon in my biweekly media industry news links at Antenna.

Good TVeets

If you haven't watched Doctor Who yet, you might want to skip those tweets at the end.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Onion Takes On Honey Boo Boo

"You Do, Of Course, Realize That This Is Going To End Very, Very Badly," by Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

Diane English Interview

PBS has a set of video interviews with Murphy Brown creator Diane English.

Things to Know

Futon Critic is halfway through a list of 10 things to know about the fall season.

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 9.25 million, ABC: 4.69, NBC: 4.32, Fox: 3.23, CW: 908,000
- Adults 18-49: ABC and CBS: 1.3 rating/4 share each, NBC: 1.2/ 4, Fox: 1.1/ 4, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: Blue Bloods (CBS) -Honorable Mention: Shark Tank (ABC), CSI: NY (CBS), Grimm (NBC) 
- Lackluster: 20/20 (ABC), Dateline (NBC)
- Losers: America’s Next Top Model: College Edition (CW), Made in Jersey (CBS), Fringe (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Cheers Oral History

GQ has a great oral history of Cheers. Ken Levine offers a hypothetical pitch session to show to illustrate that Cheers wouldn't get picked up today.

Good TVeets

Friday, September 28, 2012

More Louie

Maureen Ryan wants to see Louis CK move beyond the confines of the half-hour comedy for the next season of Louie.

Watch Freaks & Geeks...Now

Freaks and Geeks is now on Netflix Instant, and Judd Apatow and Paul Feig talked with EW about the show.

10 Tired Archetypes

Flavorwire pinpoints ten TV archetypes it wishes the medium would get past. (Considering that it features pictures of Andy Dwyer and Tim Riggins, I'm not sure I'm down with this one.)

Franklin & Bash Renewed

TNT wants more Franklin & Bash.

Homeland is the Future

Andy Greenwald sees Homeland as marking a new age of cable drama.

Rhimes Explains

Shonda Rhimes explains why she wrote that thing that happened in last night's Grey's Anatomy. There's also a response on her blog.

Live TV Controversy

Fox News inadvertantly aired a man's suicide today, following live coverage of a high-speed car chase. Thoughts from James Poniewozik, Eric Deggans, Hamilton Nolan, and Will Oremus.

Friday Fun

Sing along! (Now with actual video!)

Auction Plans

The FCC wants to speed up the spectrum incentive auction plan, targeting 2014, and minority groups say they fear the end of free broadcast TV. Mark Fratrik has analysis.

Honey Boo Boo is Honest

Ryan Broderick says Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's depiction of its featured family makes it "without a doubt one of the most honest pieces of television that’s ever been filmed."

Mobile Measuring

Nielsen has joined with a media company group called the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) to develop mobile TV viewing ratings measurement techniques.

FCC Scaling Back on Complaints

Doug Halonen reports that, with 1.5 million indecency complaints to sift through, Julius Genachowski has told FCC staffers to focus only on the most explicit ones.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 13.80 million, ABC: 9.21, Fox: 7.56, NBC: 4.65, CW: 727,000
- Adults 18-49: CBS: 3.4 rating/10 share, ABC: 2.9/ 8, Fox: 2.8/ 8, NBC: 1.7/ 5, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Two and a Half Men (CBS), Person of Interest (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), Elementary (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: The X Factor (Fox)
- Respectable Sampling: The Last Resort (ABC)
- Tired: Glee (Fox)
- Losers: Saturday Night Election Special (NBC), Up All Night (NBC), Parks and Recreation (NBC), The Next (CW), Rock Center With Brian Williams (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

NBC's numbers will be adjusted later, as a few markets preempted the regular lineup for football.

DA Prequel

Julian Fellowes says he has an idea for a Downton Abbey prequel.

Paralympics & TV Fatigue

NBC's Olympics president suggests that spectator and sponsor fatigue following the Olympics played a part in their decision to only minimally cover the Paralympics.

News Sources

Online outlets are nipping at the heels of TV as consumers' primary source of news.

TV & the Civil Rights Movement

Henry Jenkins presents part one of an interview with Aniko Bodroghkozy, who has written a new book called Equal Time: Television and the Civil Rights Movement. Part Two and Part Three.

Academics Engaging With Industry

British scholar Catherine Johnson discusses research she conducted at a TV promotional outlet and the mutual benefits of academics engaging with the industry.

Pokemon Weapon

Spencer Ackerman explains how a Pokemon episode that induced seizures apparently inspired the US government to create a new weapon.

Parks & Rec & Ratings

In his review of lats night's episode, Todd VanDerWerff proposes a reason for Parks & Recreation's ratings struggles.

Future Bundles

A media analyst's report says telecom pay TV bundles in the future will have to add in numerous extras like cloud storage and VoIP.

Good TVeets

New Normal, Old Stereotypes

Nico Lang analyzes The New Normal as part of a trend of shows that surround gay characters with stereotypes of other minorities, a trend that has been coined gaycism. (See also: 2 Broke Girls)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Louie Changes the Game

Todd VanDerWerff sees Louie as the next stage in the evolution of the sitcom, akin to The Sopranos and drama.

Major Crimes Renewed

TNT has ordered a second season of Major Crimes, its The Closer follow-up.

GMA Pulls Away

Good Morning America has widened its ratings lead on Today.

CW Signs With Nielsen Online

The CW has signed with Nielsen for online ratings measurement, the first network to do so.

Ratings Judgment

Joe Flint warns that we shouldn't rush to judgment about show ratings based on the initial numbers.

Last Resort & Homeland

Last Resort's creators say they're striving for Homeland-level quality, and Alyssa Rosenberg compares the two dramas as realism versus idealism.

Family Diversity

Big TV Fan wants to see more diversity in sitcoms, especially in family comedies.

Competing Screens

Sky in Britain is trying to exploit second screen opportunities, while Sky in Germany is trying to preserve the supremacy of the one TV screen.

McDonald's TV

McDonald's is launching an in-store TV channel called M Channel (originally, it was going to be called McTV), with original content from Mark Burnett and others.

Nickelodeon Originals

Nickelodeon plans to boost its slate of original programming to battle against ratings declines. The efforts include a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Procedural Formula

June Thomas reviews three new CBS procedurals and judges how well or poorly they follow the successful formula for the format.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 10.80 million, Fox: 9.45, ABC: 8.70, NBC: 6.39, CW: 825,000
- Adults 18-49: Fox: 3.3 rating/9 share, ABC: 2.9/ 8, CBS: 2.8/ 8, NBC: 1.9/ 5, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: Survivor: Philippines (CBS), The X Factor (Fox), The Middle (ABC), Modern Family (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), CSI (CBS)
- Respectable Sampling: The Neighbors (ABC)
- Losers: Animal Practice (NBC), Guys With Kids (NBC), Oh Sit! (CW), Revenge: The First Chapter (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix and Josef Adalian.

Taking Drugs on TV

Britain's Channel 4 aired a program last night showing volunteers taking ecstasy, ostensibly for the purpose of exploring the drug's effects.

Olympics VOD

Olympics VOD viewing shattered iPlayer records for the BBC.

Zeebox Launch

With Comcast, NBCU and HBO as partners, the second-screen app Zeebox launches today.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NBC Thursday's End

Tim Molloy laments the coming end of NBC's unique Thursday comedy lineup: "Never in primetime have the two dueling forces of wit and stupidity met so beautifully."

Hastings Questions Amazon

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is not impressed by Amazon Prime Instant.

Ref Deal Good for Business

The NFL and the regular refs have settled their differences, and Michael McCarthy sees that as great news for marketers too.

Honey Boo Boo Family Profile

Rich Juzwiak spent a day with the family of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and unearthed interesting info about the show's production and how the family deals with reality TV fame. And the family will keep dealing with it, because the show has been renewed.

TVs beat PCs for Web Video

Peter Kafka reports that Americans are watching more streaming video via TVs than their PCs, especially thanks to new devices.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Viewers: CBS 17.192 million,  ABC 9.891 million,  NBC 7.439 million,  FOX 4.858 million,  CW 0.632 million
- Adults 18-49:  CBS 3.3/9,  NBC 2.7/8,  FOX 2.5/7,  ABC 2.0/6,  CW 0.2/1
- Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), Dancing With the Stars (ABC), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), Vegas (CBS)
- Notable Erosion: New Girl (Fox)
- Losers: Ben and Kate (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted. Expanded analysis from Josef Adalian.

Spotted has a Top 25 from last week.

Premise Pilots

Ken Levine discusses the prevalence of premise pilots.

DirecTV Soars

DirecTV stock hit an all-time high, indicating streaming isn't see as a threat to its business, analysts say.

Period Drama Popularity

Mark Lawson explores why period dramas are so ubiquitous on UK TV.

Honey Boo Boo Assessed

Melissa Zidmars and A.C. Hawley don't see Here Comes Honey Boo Boo as a sign of the downfall of humanity.

Director TV

Film director Baz Luhrmann has signed a deal to develop TV for Sony, while Alfonso Cuarón will be working on an NBC pilot.

Changing Households

The total number of TV households has dropped, as the very nature of what a TV household is changes.

Olympics Data

NBC has a treasure trove of TV, online, and mobile viewing data collected from the Olympics.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Multiplatforming Public Service Broadcasting

A set of British academic researchers investigating the role of multi-platform productions in independent public service broadcasting in England has released a report of their findings.

Verizon-TiVo Settle

Verizon and TiVo are settling a patent dispute with a mutual licensing deal.

Variety Buyer

It looks like the owner of Deadline will add Variety to the fold. Anne Thompson speculates on what Penske may do with Variety.

Grading TV Ads

James Hibberd assesses key art for fall shows.

Mobile Will Beat TV

Matt Cohler thinks mobile advertising has potential to surpass TV advertising.

Comedies in LA

LA is losing ground to other locations for drama production, but rising as shooting home for comedies.

Manufacturing Real Housewives

A Real Housewives of New Jersey producer reveals contrived elements of the show.

Good Wife Raciness

Michael Ausiello has learned that The Good Wife has scenes upcoming that push the boundaries of what networks can usually depict.

Happy Ending Interview

AV Club talks with the showrunners of Happy Endings.

Top TV Words

Something called the Global Language Monitor has determined what TV-related words were used most in social media this year. The winner is not a surprise, while there's one word on the list I've never heard before.

New Normal Politics

In a conference call about tonight's episode of The New Normal, Ryan Murphy says he aspires to make the show like All in the Family in confronting political issues and insists he'll be fair to the conservative point of view despite his pro-Obama stance.

The Voice Renewed

2013 will have The Voice.

From YouTube to ABC

A YouTube healthy cooking show is moving to ABC Saturday mornings.

SportsCenter Bump

ESPN's SportsCenter drew huge ratings following the controversial ending of Monday Night Football, perhaps its most-watched episode ever.

Cable Battles Consoles

Cable operators are getting behind the idea to deliver web-based video games to TVs in an effort to undercut game consoles like the Xbox moving into the video streaming business.

Importance of Mindy Project

Tom Goodman sees The Mindy Project as important in terms of the depiction of race, weight, and beauty. The AV Club debates it.

Louie & the Sitcom

Adam Wilson praises Louie for rejecting the conventionality of the sitcom.

New Flow Issue

Contents of a new Flow issue include Janet Staiger with "Rachel Maddow, School Marm", Stephen Tropiano with "Gaycoms in a Progressive Age?: Partners and The New Normal", Mary Vanderlinden with "Could It Be? It's Becoming Chic to be Geek", Alfred Martin Jr. with "It’s (Not) In His Kiss: Gay Kisses, Narrative Strategies, and Camera Angles in Post-Network Television Comedy", and Shant Kumar with "“A hole new fashion”: The Polo mint campaign in India."

Cox Wants Help

Joe Flint reports on Cox Cable's request that the FCC regulate programming deals driven by big pay TV operators' size, which leaves mid-sized operators like Cox paying more for the same content.

TV Drives Decisions

A survey reveals that local TV is still the primary influence on consumer awareness and purchasing decisions.

The Wire Spinoff

David Simon reveals that HBO shot down a Wire spinoff idea focused on Carcetti and politics.

USA Renewals

USA wants more Royal Pains, Covert Affairs, and White Collar, while other shows await their fate.

He One

A WSJ study of baseball broadcasters finds the Chicago White Sox's Hawk Harrelson to be the biggest homer, a designation he takes pride in.

Second Season Odds

Brian Ford Sullivan calculates that only 32% of new shows get a second season, and network has ever done better than 50% newcomer renewal.

Fey Signs Universal Deal

Tina Fey now has a four-year deal with Universal Television.

Women-Driven Sitcom Success

Alyssa Rosenberg says it's the depiction of relationships that makes female-centered sitcoms work, pointing to such potential in the new comedies The Mindy Project and Ben and Kate.

CNN Searching

Claire Atkinson says CNN is searching desperately for new leadership.

Black Millennials Viewing

A Nielsen study finds African-American millennials watch less TV than their baby boomer counterparts.

Network Drama Problems

Willa Paskin says Vegas shows how networks have problems pulling off serious, high-minded dramas of the type that win Emmys for cable.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: ABC: 13.51 million, NBC: 11.05, CBS: 8.41, Fox: 5.65, CW: 517,000
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 4.0 rating/10 share, CBS: 2.7/ 7, ABC: 2.6/ 7, Fox: 1.7/ 5, CW: 0.2/ 1
- Winners: The Voice (NBC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 2 Broke Girls (CBS), Revolution (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: Castle (ABC)
- Losers: Partners (CBS), The L.A. Complex (CW), The Mob Doctor (Fox), Hawaii Five-O (CBS)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix and Spotted.

Homeland Helps Showtime

The Emmy win for Homeland has given Showtime new credibility to capitalize upon.

Syfy's Fans

Sam Thielman pofiles how Syfy and its exec Craig Engler manage Syfy's fan base.

NFL Controversy

As you can see starting at the 11:45pm mark of Good TVeets, the NFL had a little controversy last night; Ben Grossman considers the impact. Also, the NFL deleted a tweet related to the "catch" last night. And Twitter exploded right as the game ended.

Good TVeets

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gays for Straights

Alyssa Rosenberg calls for an expansion of gay storylines beyond those presented for straight perspectives.

Maddow Bests Hannity

Rachel Maddow has continued the good results for MSNBC by beating Sean Hannity in 25-54 ratings.

Auto Hop Marketing

Dish Network is continuing to market its Auto Hop service, while also pushing addressable ad opportunities to marketers.

Bewitched & Feminism

Todd VanDerWerff analyzes the remarkable feminism of Bewitched.

Chase Interview

HuffPostUK interviewed Chevy Chase, and he said some interesting things about Community and about the TV sitcom being the lowest form of television.

CW Promo Insert

The CW has a promotional insert in the Oct. 5 Entertainment Weekly issue that will wirelessly display a live Twitter feed.

Fargo on FX

Deadline reports that FX is close to signing a deal with the Coen brothers and Noah Hawley for a TV adaptation of Fargo.

Fox Claims Fitness

Fox has asked the FCC to dismiss a petition to take away some of its station licenses because of the newspaper hacking scandal.

Beyond Tokens

Eric Deggans says TV diversity needs to go beyond one isolated person of color in a series.

Upscale Viewing

Jon Lafayette reports on a new study investigating TV and ad viewing among high-income consumers. ABC reaches the highest number of high-income viewers among the networks, while ESPN leads cable.

Bounce Profits

A year into its broadcasting life, Bounce TV says it's profitable and invites national ratings.

Cablevision Against Aereo

Cablevision has sided with broadcasters against Aereo. Peter Kafka has analysis.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: NBC: 15.92 million, ABC: 11.37, ABC: 10.52, Fox: 3.38
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 6.4 rating/17 share, CBS: 3.0/ 8, ABC: 2.9/ 8, Fox: 1.5/ 4
- Winners: Sunday Night Football: New England vs. Baltimore (NBC), The 63th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (ABC), 60 Minutes (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Nothing

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Hitfix.

NFL Network Deal

The NFL Network reportedly has a deal with Time Warner Cable. More details from Reuters.

MLB Deals

Sports Business Daily reports that MLB is close to deals with Turner and Fox for package renewals. Update: The deals are settled, and MLB comes away with big money.

Over-the-Top Challenges

Mark Milian reports on slow audience acceptance of over-the-top options from companies like Roku and Google. And Lee Pawney says what internet TV needs is a market leader.

NFL Films Future

With Steve Sabol's death, some are concerned about the future of NFL Films.

Dish Talking Internet TV

Edmund Lee reports that Dish Network is talking with Viacom about creating a separate over-the-top service without expensive sports channels. Joe Flint doesn't see much here, and Swanni doesn't expect a breakthrough. Janko Roettgers offers his perspective. Peter Kakfa ties this in with Dish's investment in Roku. Ryan Lawler is more optimistic than others.

Indecency Suit Dropped

The Justice Department has dropped a lawsuit against Fox over indecency fines for showing strippers on a program called Married By America.

PBS Battling Dropouts

PBS sponsored a telethon this weekend to support public education and aim at reducing dropout rates.

Verizon + Cable

Verizon is getting into the cable TV business via retail partnerships.

BTN & Dish Deal

Big Ten Network finalized a deal with Dish Network this weekend.

Cars & Politics

Car manufacturers are planning to spend a lot on ads this season, especially during high-profile sporting events, while political advertisers are filling station time in swing states.

Fall Season Legacy

Bill Carter explores the challenges and opportunities of the fall season rollout.

CNN Criticized

The State Department has blasted CNN for revealing contents of a slain Ambassador's journal against his family's wishes. CNN is defending itself.

Emmys Coverage

The Emmy Awards were handed out last night, and today there's coverage of the ceremony from James Poniewozik, Eric Deggans, Robert Bianco, Myles McNutt, Alan Sepinwall, Willa Paskin, Alyssa RosenbergAlessandra Stanley, Ken TuckerJames Hibberd, Tim Goodman, Mo Ryan, Tim Molloy. The Tracy Morgan prank lit Twitter up. Mad Men set a shut-out record. Deadline has a win breakdown by network; HBO is tops, of course, while CBS was the top broadcast network. Neil Midgley has a British perspective. Melissa Silverstein laments how male-dominated the winners were. NPR discussed how Emmys play it safe with sitcoms.

Good Emmy TVeets

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday & Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV by the Numbers for Friday and Saturday.

Downton's the New Forsyte

Jeremy Enger looks back on the 2002  miniseries The Forsyte Saga as a precursor to Downton Abbey, which starred Damien Lewis.

Female Employment

The Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film has released their annual study of the number of women who work behind the scenes in film & network TV, and female employment has increased, but only modestly. Alyssa Rosenberg questions if progress has actually been made. Lynn Elber has analysis.

Kimmel Profile

Joe Safran covers Jimmy Kimmel's rise.

Kaling Backlash

Nisha Chittal delves into the backlash response to press attention given to Mindy Kaling.

British Drama Writing

Ellen Gallagher shares her notes on British TV writing methods from a recent London Film School workshop: "The speakers focused mostly on lengthier series formats becoming more popular, and discussed the benefits of the US ‘showrunner’ writing system, using a writers’ room to produce story arcs and scripts. They also discussed what makes a show more likely to be commissioned, and what sells best globally, among other things."

Treme Returns

Treme returns tonight, and it will return next year for a truncated final season. Willa Paskin talked with creator David Simon.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Google Dumps TV Ads

Google is shutting down its TV ad buying service. Ad tech exec Bill Wise explores why.

Netflix & A+E

Andrew Wallenstein reports on a deal deadline between Netflix and A+E Networks that could see programming pulled from the streaming service by Friday. Update: The programming has indeed been pulled.

Twitter Premiere

Fox is offering the Raising Hope premiere episode commercial-free on its Twitter page.

Emmy Tweeting

Twitter & the Emmys are offering new ways to experience the awards ceremony via social media.

Scheduling NFL Ratings

John Ourand explains why many credit one man with responsibility for the NFL's ratings resurgence.

Disney Most Profitable

Disney was the most profitable media company last quarter, while News Corp. fell out of the top 25.

Homeland Writing

John Jurgensen profiles the high-caliber writers' room for Homeland.

Friday, September 21, 2012

GoT Love

Jace Lacob explores why comedy writers love Game of Thrones.

MSNBC's Surge

Bill Carter tries to pinpoint why MSNBC has suddenly surged in the cable news ratings.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: Fox: 8.63 million, CBS: 7.39, NBC: 4.04, ABC: 3.98, CW: 1.33
- Adults 18-49: Fox: 3.1 rating/9 share, CBS: 1.8/ 5, NBC: 1.5/ 4, ABC: 1.2/ 4, CW: 0.5/ 2
- Winners: The X Factor (Fox), The Big Bang Theory R (CBS), Glee (Fox)
- Losers: Up All Night (NBC), Parks and Recreation (NBC), The Next (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix. NBC's comedies did poorly.

Mobile TV Launch

Yesterday marked the official launch of commercial mobile DTV in the US.

Measuring Social Buzz

Several studios are working with an analytics firm to measure social media buzz for new shows this fall. Fox is working with trueAnthem on this.

TDS Unbleeped

Bill Carter investigates why The Daily Show didn't bleep numerous exclamations of the word "shit" in Wednesday night's show, despite usually doing so.

African-American Consumers

Nielsen has a statistical report on African-Americans as a consumer segment.

Essence of SNL

Phil Dyess-Nugent picks out the ten most representative episodes of Saturday Night Live.

Aereo Seeking Deals

Peter Kafka reports that Aereo is now seeking content deals, perhaps with big cable outlets.

Good TVeets

Fees Fight Coming

News Corp. President Chase Carey signaled a willingness to fight for higher carriage fees for Fox News when deals are up for negotiation.

Sons of Anarchy & Feminism

Alyssa Rosenberg assesses the feminism evident in Sons of Anarchy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

News Management Diversity

A journalist association's census finds that people in newsroom management positions at TV stations are overwhelmingly white, though the group's methodology is in question.

Network Heads Speak

TV Guide surveyed network presidents about their fall programming and other issues.

Breaking Amish Fraud

There are suspicions that TLC's Breaking Amish is faked. And TLC is saying some of those suspicions are correct.

No HBO Alone

Time Warner's CEO reiterated the company's stance on not offering a standalone HBO. (Link fixed)

S2 Changes

Josef Adalian and Denise Martin assess the changes a set of comedies are making for their sophomore seasons.

Gov Buys Pakistani Ad Slot

The U.S. government bought ad time on Pakistan TV to emphasize its rejection of the incendiary Innocence of Muslims film. Here is the ad (after a pre-roll ad).

James Murdoch Role

Financial Times reports that James Murdoch is being assigned to control News Corp.'s TV business, though some shareholders may protest.

Kids' Ad Dollars

The vast majority of childrens' ad dollars go to three outlets: Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon, with broadcast networks' Saturday morning lineups getting only some spare change.

Threats to Cable

Brian Proffitt says cable TV needs to deal with multiple threats to its revenue model.

Lucy Still Pays

Joe Flint reports on Les Moonves' comments that I Love Lucy is still a cash cow for CBS, as new platforms emerge to host it. Also, Moonves offered a mic-drop worthy comment: "We are the least-sexy network, we get less buzz...all we do is get more viewers and more money." And there's more from Moonves on sports.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: Fox: 9.38 million, CBS: 9.32, NBC: 4.88, ABC: 3.64, CW: 953,000
- Adults 18-49: Fox: 3.5 rating/10 share, CBS: 2.8/ 8, NBC: 1.4/ 4, ABC: 1.1/ 3, CW: 0.4/ 1
 ---------- -
- Winners: Survivor: Philippines (CBS), The X Factor (Fox)
- Honorable Mention: Big Brother (CBS)
- Losers: Oh Sit! (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

Vote West Wing

Members of the West Wing cast have reunited to encourage non-partisan voting in Michigan and back a non-partisan Michigan Supreme Court candidate.

Impact of Gay TV

Out's Daniel Mendelsohn discusses the impact of gay representation on TV by discussing "how my life would be different if boys were kissing boys onscreen 40 years ago -- like they are today." Elsewhere, Alyssa Rosenberg says focusing gay stories just on homophobia can be problematic, with The New Normal as an example.


The British second screen app Zeebox will be available in the US soon.

Tweeting Isn't Watching

Brian Steinberg reminds us that the TV audience using Twitter is not the same as the audience being measured for ratings. Cory Bergman challenges some aspects of Steinberg's argument: "In the end, we know that social TV buzz really does move the ratings needle, and by extension, it helps predict the success of a TV show. But we don’t know how much"

NBC Thursdays

Eric Deggans previews NBC's effort to keep Thursday night comedy afloat.

Indies Choosing Reality Over Risk

Maggie Brown reports that UK independent production companies are doing well but are focusing more on factual entertainment formats (which mesh with what Americans might categorize as reality TV) rather than riskier scripted and documentary programming.

Supernatural Romantic TV

Paul Ramaeker writes about supernatural romantic melodrama in TV, including Buffy, Once Upon a Time, and Pushing Daisies.

Ofcom Clears Sky

Ofcom has cleared BSkyB of any connection to News Corp.'s hacking scandal, though James Murdoch was criticized, which News Corp. took issue with.

Derek to Netflix

Netflix has picked up the US rights to Ricky Gervais's controversial UK comedy Derek. Gervais says Netflix is the future.


SAG-AFTRA members believe they've been shorted on foreign royalty payments.

Microsoft Hire

Microsoft has hired former CBS exec Nancy Tellem to oversee original content production for Xbox. Cory Bergman has analysis. Wayne Friedman wonders if anyone will watch. Mark Hachman says this is a move toward interactive content.

Maddow Ratings

Rachel Maddow has helped to give MSNBC some rare 25-54 ratings wins over Fox News.

Good TVeets

Warning: Big Brother spoilers

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sports Doc Impact

Bryan Curtis considers how sports documentaries have changed sports reporting.

Watching TV

New figures on how much time Americans spend watching TV are out.

ABC & Univision News Venture

ABC News and Univision have moved forth on their cable news venture.

Best Shows

A 20/20 special named I Love Lucy as the best show of all time and ER the best drama.

PETA Complains

PETA is protesting Animal Practice.

Reality Done Right

James Sims says PBS's reality show Broadway or Bust can teach MTV about how to do meaningful reality TV.

Modern Family's Formula

Lacey Rose delves into what has made Modern Family click but notes things may change in season 4.

Voom to Court

The case that AMC thinks is really behind why Viacom has dropped its channels heads to court. Update: Dish was handed a setback that could speed up an AMC settlement.

Content Ratings Criticized

Following the lead of the PTC, Senator Jay Rockefeller believes the TV content ratings system is ineffective.

ESPN Website Redesign

Peter Kafka says ESPN's new website viewing option looks a lot like Twitter.

Local News Benefits

Local stations are seeing benefits from broadcasting more news.

Debunking the Moonlighting Curse

Graeme McMillan hopes that Castle will finally debunk the Moonlighting myth that putting leads together kills a show's momentum.


Game of Thrones' visual effects company presented a sizzle reel of some of the show's special effects from season 2.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 8.76 million, NBC: 8.70, ABC: 6.28, Fox: 4.62, CW: 634,000
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 3.1 rating/9 share, Fox: 1.6/ 5, CBS: 1.5/ 4, ABC: 1.4/ 4, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: The Voice (NBC), NCIS R (CBS), Go On (NBC)
- Losers: So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

Covert Affairs' New Direction

In her review of Covert Affairs, Carrie Raisler says seriality has saved the show.

Problems for Black Scripted Shows

In his review of TV One's The Rickey Smiley Show, Joshua Alston sees dim prospects for black-cast scripted shows.

NBC's Chances

James Hibberd wonders if NBC can keep up its good start.

Second Screen Debates

Robert Andrews surveys the value of second screens from TV's perspective.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LA Wage Declines

Richard Verrier reports on a $3 billion decline in LA film crew wages from 2004 to 2011 thanks to films and TV shows shooting elsewhere.

SNL on Hulu Japan

Saturday Night Live appeared on Hulu Japan just hours after its US premiere.

Delay Political Filings

The NAB wants to delay the requirement to post political ad info online until after the election.

Hulu Plus Minus

Peter Kafka says Shark Tank's absence from Hulu Plus is a problem.

Mob Doctor & Abortion

Alyssa Rosenberg admires how The Mob Doctor handled an abortion storyline.

Grey's Anatomy: The Video Game

Steve Heisler checks out the video game for Grey's Anatomy and finds that the "whole thing reeks of desperation."

Cable Drama as Novel

Thomas Doherty takes a swing at the "TV is the new novel" argument.

Favorite Shows

Inessentials asked visitors to his blog to rank 2011-12 dramas and sitcoms; he has posted the one-hour show results, with Breaking Bad at the top. And the half-hour winner is now revealed: Parks and Recreation.

Aguilera Changed TV

Jon Caramanica claims that Christina Aguilera "almost single-handedly reshaped music-competition reality programming."

RHOM & Race

Keara Goin analyzes racial representations in Real Housewives of Miami.

Aereo's Antennas

Jenna Wortham profiles Aereo and its attempts to offer streaming local TV.

Second Screening NCIS

CBS has launched a second screen app for NCIS.

Instant Replay

William C. Rhoden reflects on the impact of replay technology on football broadcasts.

You're Being Sold

TVBTN reminds us of who the customers are and what the product is from the perspective of networks, ad-supported cable channel, premium cable channels, and studios.


The BBC has a new director general, George Entwistle, and he vows to reinvent the corporation for the digital age, institute less bureaucracy, and feature more women on TV and radio.

Talk Ratings

Jeff Probst's talk show is already struggling, only a week in, while Today's ratings indicate maybe dumping Ann Curry was a misstep.

RIP Steve Sabol

NFL Films' Steve Sabol has died. Variety highlights his huge influence on football on TV, and Rich Hofmann assesses his legacy.

FX Sued

A pair of writers think FX ripped off their story idea and made it into The League.

Ad Effectiveness

Will Richmond reports on a new study that highlights factors that can impact advertising effectiveness, including screen size and context.

VOD vs. DVRs

Brian Steinberg looks at how networks are hoping ad-friendly video-on-demand can attract audiences more than ad-skipping DVRs.

Time Slots Matter

Josef Adalian breaks down the ways in which time slot scheduling still matters in this DVR age.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: NBC 12.792 million FOX 6.457 million ABC 6.223 million CBS 4.530 million CW 0.672 million
- Adults 18-49 NBC 4.4/12 FOX 1.9/5 ABC 1.7/4 CBS 1.3/3 CW 0.3/1
- Winners: The Voice (NBC), Revolution (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: Bones (Fox)
- Losers: The L.A. Complex (CW), The Mob Doctor (Fox)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.
Analysis from Spotted and Hitfix.

Revolution started well.

Good TVeets

Shazam's TV Efforts

The Shazam social media service is now banking on second screens.

TV News Archive

Starting Tuesday, you'll be able to access for free an online archive containing three years worth of news shows from 20 channels.

Stewart & O'Reilly to Debate

Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly will debate each other for charity, with a $5 charge to watch it streaming.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Analysis from Hitfix.

Weeds Ends

Myles McNutt's reviews of the series finale for Weeds reflects on the show's journey after losing its way halfway through and as television changed around it.

Remembering the XFL

Cory Barker looks back on the short life of the XFL.

Predict Cancellation

TVBTN is asking for predictions for the first cancelled fall show.

TV Convention

Linda Holmes cites 25 words and says if you put any two of them together, you have a TV show.

Bland Action Stars

Referencing Revolution, Alyssa Rosenberg fears the rise of the bland female action star.

Internet TV Challenges

A group of execs from companies like Roku and TiVo discussed the challenges of Internet TV.

Silence in Switched at Birth

Emily Nussbaum appreciates the use of silence in ABC Family's Switched at Birth.

Downton Ratings

Downton Abbey premiered on ITV last night to good ratings, though slightly fewer viewers than last year.

MLB Announcer Bias

An in-depth analysis of baseball broadcasts from August 2011 claims that announcers tended to favor American-born players with their comments over foreign-born ones.

NHL Lockout

Right when the NHL seemed to be picking up TV interest, play has been suspended.


HDTV is no longer enough; now we have Ultra-High Def coming.

Program Access Rules Out

Joe Flint reports that the FCC is dropping program access rules that "that required cable operators that own programming to make that content available to rival pay-TV distributors such as satellite broadcasters."

Bad Teachers

Elizabeth Alsop sees negative images of teachers in many recent TV shows.

Cable Upfront Won

New figures show that cable brought in more upfronts dollars overall than the broadcast networks. But, Anthony Crupi notes, the market is slumping.

Good TVeets

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New In Media Res

Theme: Anti-Intellectual Property

  • Monday, September 17, 2012 - Kris Coffield (University of Hawaii) presents: Patently False: Copyright Law and Textual Being 
  •  Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - Paul Boshears (Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien -The European Graduate School) presents: Hennesy Youngman, Object-Oriented Philosophy, and Performance Art 
  •  Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - Duane Rousselle (Trent University & European Graduate School) presents: Torn from Ghostly Hands: The Object’s Property
  •  Thursday, September 20, 2012 - David Roh (Old Dominion University) presents: NBC’s Community and Open Source Collaboration
  •  Friday, September 21, 2012 - Dylan E Wittkower (Old Dominion University) presents: Cats Flushing Toilets, Bic for Her, and the Lolcat Bible: Collective Expression and Play Outside of IPR

Twitter's Impact

Unfortunately the article is behind a paywall, so I'm not sure what all it says, but the WSJ has a piece on Twitter's impact on TV.

BBC Warning

Outgoing BBC director general Mark Thompson warns that budget cuts could put the BBC in peril.

New Idol Judges

The new lineup of American Idol judges has been confirmed: Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, and Mariah Carey. Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Media Industry News

My latest media industry news links are up at Antenna, with info on Amazon, the Toronto Film Festival, and the Wii U.

The Cousins Alone

Press Play isolated just the scenes of the twin cousins from Breaking Bad and then had a newbie analyze them as a standalone narrative.

Colbert & Dolan

Stephen Colbert and Cardinal Timothy Dolan headlined a night of religious discussion at Fordham.

Creative Emmys

The Creative Arts Emmys were handed out last night; Nellie Andreeva has analysis. Game of Thrones was the biggest winner.

Good TVeets

Saturday, September 15, 2012