Friday, August 31, 2012

Watch Afghanistan

Michael Curtin says Afghanistan is a place to watch as far as the growth of television.

New Normal in Utah

The New Normal has found a new home in Utah after being tossed by NBC's local affiliate there.

Cord Repairing

Jeff Bercovici explains why he resubscribed to cable after 13 years away.

Questioning CNN

Eric Wemple wants to know why CNN didn't more doggedly pursue the story of one of its camerapeople being racially harassed at the Republican National Convention.

Fox Sports Social

Fox Sports is working with Facebook to integrate social engagement with broadcasts.

Sunday Ticket on PS3

DirecTV is once again making the Sunday Ticket slate of NFL games available to PS3 users, and NBC will also stream its Sunday night games for free, no authentication needed.

Fox News & Palin

Fox News is reportedly squabbling with Sarah Palin and may not renew her contract in January.

People Meter Birthday

The People Meter is 25 years old. Nielsen celebrates with a timeline. Meg James highlights the People Meter's impact.

Breaking Bad & Drug War

Douglas Haddow chides Breaking Bad for misrepresenting drug trafficking as about personal choice rather than policy and economics.

Doctor Who & Emotion

June Thomas describes what makes Doctor Who such an emotional show.

Basic Cable Encryption

Cable companies may soon be allowed by the FCC to encrypt basic cable signals.

Russian Censorship

A new Russian law intended to protect children from harmful material could affect a long-running cartoon featuring a wolf who smokes, and it will eliminate Itchy and Scratchy and the many deaths of South Park's Kenny.

Comedian Offends

Paralympics broadcaster Channel 4 may ban comedian Frankie Boyle due to controversial jokes about the Games.

Paralympics Online

The Paralympic Games have started, but they'll be scarce on US TV. So three cheers to YouTube for carrying livestreams. (Well, maybe two cheers, because the stream keeps busting up for me) Paralympics organizers are not happy with NBC.

Sluggish Smart TVs

Smart TVs aren't selling very well in the US and elsewhere.

Romney Buying Cable Time

Sasha Rosenberg says you're about to see a lot of Mitt Romney ads on cable TV.

Liberal MSNBC

Alessandra Stanley looks at the evolution of MSNBC.

The Chair

Verne Gay discusses the big TV star of last night. Chuck Tryon addresses Eastwooding, as does Christine Erickson. Apparently no one in the Romney camp wants to take credit for it.

Good TVeets

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Watching Women

Anna North reports on a new study finding that representations of strong women can have a significant impact on attitudes toward women. Amanda Hess has a response.

Twitter & Spoilers

Twitter's head of TV addresses the issue of live-tweeting spoiling shows.

Williams & Kelley Comedy

Robin Williams reportedly has a single-cam sitcom in development with David E. Kelley.

HBO Go Nordic

HBO is making its shows available online without a subscription in the Nordic countries (minus Iceland). Netflix, also planning a northern Europe expansion, isn't worried. More from Andrew Wallenstein.

Viewer Responsibility

Cory Barker wants to consider the role of the viewer in disruptive industry battles like Dish v. AMC, but as catalyst rather than victim,

Jersey Shore Ending

MTV is ending Jersey Shore after its final season and a retrospective air this fall.

ESPN Profits

Karl Taro Greenfield delves deeply into how ESPN has turned into such a big revenue generating operation.

Reviving Terriers

Television Business International is reporting that Shawn Ryan is trying to work out a deal to revive Terriers for a movie and fund it via Kickstarter.

From Print to TV

Barb Palser highlights how laid-off newspaper reporters are moving over to local TV news, which is expanding thanks to digital outlets.

Slow Ad Recovery

Media Life talks with an analyst about the slow recovery in TV ad spending.

DirecTV Blackouts

17 stations could go dark on DirecTV this weekend due to a retrans dispute. Update: The issue has been resolved.

GLAAD's Grades

GLAAD has handed out its annual grades for the "quantity, quality and diversity of images of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals on TV." The CW topped networks, Showtime topped cable. On the opposite end, CBS and History will have to get their report cards signed by their parents. Alyssa Rosenberg explores the assessments.

Defense of Newsroom Fans

Amanda Nell Edgar proudly stands up for those who like The Newsroom.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nickelodeon Moves

Nickelodeon Group has given its COO a promotion and fired Nickelodeon's animation chief.

Fox News Dominates

Fox News outdrew all other outlets, both network and cable, in RNC coverage ratings last night.

Cord Cutting Relies on Broadband

Susana Polo and Alyssa Rosenberg point out that cord cutting is dependent on the proliferation of good broadband.

Homeland ARG

Showtime has created an alternate reality game to promote Homeland.

NOLA Coverage

Michael Malone says New Orleans stations report that they are ready to cover Hurricane Issac.

Fringe Promo

Fringe fans seem concerned by what they're seeing in a new promo. (I don't watch so I don't know)

90 More Anger Managements

FX has renewed Charlie Sheen's Anger Management for 90 more episodes, which also makes the show available for syndication sales already. Alyssa Rosenberg requests five possible options from FX in exchange.Aisha Harris sees this as an industry win.

Second Screen Use

David Goetzl points out that the prevalence of second screen engagement is still in question.

Political Preferences

Joe Flint reports one of those "Liberals like this show, conservatives like that show" surveys.

TiVo Streamer

A new TiVo device will let you stream your recorded content to mobile devices in your house.

GOP Wants More Obscenity Restrictions

Eriq Gardner reports that the Republican Party platform calls for a crackdown on obscene content on TV, such as with pay-per-view porn channels.

PLL Web Series

ABC Family is trying to keep Pretty Little Liars fans engaged with the show over a hiatus by running a web series.

Scheduler Change

ABC is the fourth network to make a change at the scheduler position for this fall.

The Doctor Battles Piracy

Robert Andrews points out that Australia's ABC will put Doctor Who episodes online just after they air on UK TV, which will be a week before they air in Australia, in hopes of limiting piracy.

MLB Deal Costs

Swanni says the MLB-ESPN deal will boost your cable bills.

Tina Belcher's Sexuality

Alyxandra Vesey discusses how Tina's sexuality is represented on Bob's Burgers.

GH Star Leaves

Steve Burton is exiting General Hospital.

Whedon Pilot

Alan Sepinwall has the details on Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couric's Guests

Richard Lawson finds the list of planned guests on Katie Couric's new talk show to be an odd collection.

Newsroom on SATC

Alyssa Rosenberg admonishes The Newsroom for unfair misrepresentation of Sex and the City.

CBS & TWC Make Sports Deal

Joe Flint reports on a deal between CBS and Time Warner Cable involving their cable sports networks, games and channel distribution.

Louie's Music

THR interviews Louie's music coordinator.

Breaking Bad Hits Series High

Sunday's Breaking Bad episode was its most-watched ever, though Josef Adalian points out that the audience was also heavily male.

Help Netflix Expand

Janko Roettgers says Hollywood should quit trying to restrict access to content and help services like Netflix expand both domestically and overseas.

The Fox Story

Michael Schneider supplies the backstory behind Michael J. Fox getting an NBC show.

New Flow Issue

Check out new Flow post from Carrie Anderson with Comedy and the Social Contract: The Surprisingly Conservative Vision of Louis C.K., Camille DeBose with The Hunger Games and Obama's "Post-Racial" America, Keara Goin with Faux Gender and the New Popularity of Drag Culture, Mary Vanderlinden with Prostitution or Oprah: The Impact of Dichotomous Images of Black Women,

Median Ages

John Consoli has an interesting post on the median ages of various cable shows, with MTV's programs skewing the youngest, USA the oldest. The oldest median age show: The Closer.

Starz' Future

Cynthia Littleton says the future of the Liberty spin-off Starz is one to watch as a bellwether for the premium cable business. (Behind Variety paywall)

Stern Claims NBC Rebuke

Howard Stern says NBC admonished him for mocking Jay Leno. Also, Jimmy Kimmel: not a Leno fan.

Colbert's Satire

Fern Siegel discusses a new book that explores The Colbert Report's satire of politics.

Highest-Paid Celebs

Forbes has a list of the highest-paid celebrities.

Newsroom Ends High

The Newsroom finished on a series high.

Studio Pleas for Shows

Myles McNutt looks at how studios have adopted the role of fans with "Save Our Show" campaigns by fighting to resurrect shows like The Killing. He also has a companion piece at his blog about how DirecTV and Netflix probably don't really want to save The Killing.


John Ourand reports that ESPN and Major League Baseball have settled on an eight-year rights deal that doubles what ESPN previously paid while giving ESPN more content rights.

ABC Research

Andrew Wallenstein explains how a few ABC shows, such as Revenge, benefited from a Disney researcher's look at past entertainment success, going all the way back to Depression-era themes. (Note: Behind Variety paywall)

NuvoTV Raising Money

NuvoTV, an English-language cable channel targeting Hispanic audiences, is raising funds to develop new programming.

Dish Fighting

Tim Molloy explores why Dish Network is so willing to fight the media conglomerates. And with the Big Ten Network.

Good TVeets

WGN as Bargaining Chip

Sam Thielman describes how the battle between Tribune and Cablevision is heating up, with WGN becoming a key piece.

Ivi Ruling

Station retransmitter Ivi continues to be held at bay by a court ruling. Update: Wired says ivi is basically dead.

MTV's Political Game

David Goetzl describes an online "fantasy election" game MTV has developed around 2012 political races.

Final Season Success

Meghan Lewit proposes that Breaking Bad has a better chance at final season success than some other shows.

NBC Sports Network Moving

Ben Koo considers the consequences of NBC Sports Network moving up the dial on DirecTV.

AMC Gets Snarky

Stuart Elliott sees that AMC is bringing the snark to its marketing campaign against Dish.

Monday, August 27, 2012

NFL Dilemma

Ira Boudway describes a dilemma for the NFL: keep boosting NFL network with live games or keep selling games to other partners.

SuperPac App

A pair of apps can help you identify who is behind SuperPac ads.

Social Premieres

Fox will premiere Ben and Kate and The Mindy Project online followed by social media Q&As. Alison Wilmore assesses the strategy. Eric Deggans says this is a gamble with social media.

Convention Coverage

Joe Flint says broadcasters can't really win with convention coverage, while Brian Stelter covers how reporters are dealing with Hurricane Issac intervening.

TV Hall of Fame

The folks at This Was TV are starting a TV Hall of Fame.

BitTorrent Site Shut Down

The BitTorrent site UKNova, which professed to be more ethical than most in only allowing uploading of material not otherwise available for purchase, has been handed a cease-and-desist order.

Tonight Show Struggles

Scott Collins highlights tough times for Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

Viacom Boosting Ads

The WSJ reports that Viacom is trying to boost revenue by shoehorning more commercials into programming due to falling cable channel ratings.

Nightline Doomed

Bill Carter says Nightline might be doomed in the 12:35 slot.

Boardwalk Empire Trailer

A new Boardwalk Empire promo is out.

Fox-Dodgers Deal

Fox and the LA Dodgers are working out a huge cable rights deal.

Ad Campaigns Failing

A new research report claims that major TV ad campaigns aren't reaching target audiences: "Unilever’s $6.3m TV ad campaign for its Axe body spray was not seen by 60 per cent of the 18 to 24-year-olds it was intended to reach in March this year. Similarly, Progressive Insurance spent $31.9m on television ads in June, but a fifth of all adults older than 20 did not watch any of its TV ads that month."

RIP Phyllis Diller

Comedian Phyllis Diller has died. Check out a Television Academy interview with her. Kelly Kessler offers a tribute.

TV Rules College Sports

Mark Dent discusses how TV is the dominant force in how college football is run.

Auto Hop Ban Requested

Fox wants a preliminary court ban on Dish Network's Auto Hop

Good TVeets

Warning: Stop reading once Breaking Bad tweets start if you don't want spoilers

Sunday, August 26, 2012

CNN Airing HBO Docs

Amy Chozik reports on CNN's move to run HBO documentaries.'s Success

Om Malik has praise for ten years of

New In Media Res

Theme: Media Nostaglia

  •  Monday, August 27, 2012 - Paul Benzon (Temple University) presents: Hipster Archaeology 
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2012 - Victoria Kearley (University of Southampton) presents: Nostalgic Images of Mexican Masculinity in the Films of Robert Rodriguez: From El Mariachi to Machete 
  • Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - Ryan Lizardi (Penn State University) presents: The Increasing Instant Nostalgia in Mediated Sports 
  •  Thursday, August 30, 2012 - Michael D. Dwyer (Arcadia University) presents: Raphael Saadiq’s Soul Memories 
  •  Friday, August 31, 2012 - Matthew Stoddard (University of Minnesota) presents: Film as Matter (or, Against Indexicality)

ESPN Criticism

Kent Youngblood delineates how ESPN has sacrificed journalistic standards in recent years.

Televising Bullfighting

After a six-year hiatus, you can now watch bullfighting again on Spanish TV.

AD's Impact

Liz Shannon Miller says Arrested Development on Netflix could change everything.

Floor Plans

Buzzfeed highlights 15 TV show floor plans.

CBS News Criticism

Curtis Brainard takes issue with CBS News' environmental reporting.

CNN's Quandry

Scott Collins says CNN is in a quandry on the eve of the conventions about its identity.

Convention Coverage

15,000 (!) journalists are descending on Tampa to cover the RNC, and Jeff Jarvis asks: why? Scott Collins gives an overview of network coverage, which Ken Tucker is critical of. CNN plans to utilize social media.

Good TVeets

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Doctor Who's Potential

Steven Moffat describes the variability and profitability of Doctor Who.

BBC4 Cuts

The BBC's channel devoted to highbrow arts and culture programming is getting hit with major budget cuts, though BBC4's controller is optimistic about keeping the channel strong.

FTC Sues Dish

The FTC is suing Dish Network for violating Do Not Call regulations.

New Normal Dropped in Utah

NBC's Salt Lake City affiliate will not air The New Normal this fall due to crude language and explicit scenes. The station owner CEO suggests people can find it online if they really want to see it.

Election Coverage

Cable news outlets hope to draw audiences away from the networks with convention coverage, due to the networks' more limited coverage, while YouTube wants to draw people away from their TVs with all manner of election-related streaming and online video. Local news is said to best mirror voter composition, and voters still rely on traditional media most during election season. David Frum sees big challenges for cable news. Ann Romney's speech has been moved to Tuesday to accommodate the networks.

Tribune v. Cablevision

Some Tribune stations have gone dark on Cablevision systems thanks to a retrans dispute. Lots of sniping here. Update: Into the second week, more stations are blacked out.

Pretty Playing Ugly

Ashley Fetters asks why so many female comedians pretend to be ugly.

Good TVeets

Friday, August 24, 2012

Comcast-Tennis Channel Stayed

On the eve of the US Open, Comcast won a stay that will allow it to keep Tennis Channel on a specialty tier for now.

Gordon Ramsey Profile

James Parker looks at what Gordon Ramsey's anger has done for him.

Smash Oscars

A pair of executive producers on Smash will produce the next Academy Awards ceremony. The Academy president explains why.

Hulu & International TV

June Thomas discusses the BBC's Line of Duty in terms of Hulu as an importer of international TV.

Apple & TV Doused

Roger Cheng reports that Apple may not be so keen on jumping into TV after all: "While Apple could make an attractive user interface, it still can't address the problems that stem from the pay-TV system, which is controlled by the cable and telecom providers."

Grant Tinker Profile

Cory Barker tells us why NBC exec Grant Tinker mattered.

RIP Jerry Nelson

Puppeteer Jerry Nelson, a Sesame Street stalwart, has died.

Best Cult Shows

Poking a hornet's nest, EW has named the 26 best cult shows ever.

Most Anticipated Returning Shows

TV critics finish off their video feature week with most anticipated returning shows.

AD in Spring

Netflix has confirmed that Arrested Development will return in the spring.

Liquor Pouring

Liquor ads are gaining more network airtime, though only after 11pm, and in turn offering broadcasters new revenue streams.

Univision Forums

Though it's not a debate, like Univision wanted, the presidential candidates have agreed to attend separate Univision forums on Latino/a issues.

ABC News Exit

A longtime ABC News exec is departing.

Kraft & Social TV

Andy Sernovitz checks out how Kraft is taking advantage of social TV for advertising.

Billboard Analysis

BigTVFan assesses some of the promo billboards put up for new fall shows.

Blackout Troubling Advertisers

Fee dispute channel blackouts are riling up ad execs.

Tributes to Doty

Media scholar Alexander Doty was tragically killed this weekend. Flow has posted a remembrance from Corey Creekmur and reprinted essays from Doty on queerness, feminism & TV; Modern Family, Glee, and the limits of TV liberalism; and Hot in Cleveland.

The Society for Cinema and Media Studies also offers a tribute post. And one from Taylor Cole Miller. Kyra Hunting offers a thank you.

Louisa Stein has made a Glee vid in honor of Doty.

Current Showcasing Tweets

Current TV's coverage of the conventions will include a screen half-filled with tweets.

Friday Fun

Haven't done one of these in awhile, but it seems worth resurrecting the feature for this: a collection of animated gifs taken from infomercials.


Good TVeets

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Transgender Ad

Isabel Wilkinson introduces us to the transgender model in a Japanese Toyota ad.

AMC Marketing

AMC is fighting Dish by running a zombie for president. Joe Flint has more on AMC's marketing campaign.

YouTube as Archive

Michael Newman discusses YouTube in comparison to traditional archives.

Louie's Style

Matt Zoller Seitz appreciates Louie for making stand-up comedy cinematic.

Connected TV Figures

George Winslow reports on the penetration of connected TVs in US households. More from Wayne Friedman. Don Reisinger has figures from a global survey on connected TV.

BBC Budget Challenge

Outgoing BBC director general Mark Thompson says even more tightening of the licence fee will raise significant problems for the corporation.

Kick-Ass Women Montage

Flavorwire has a montage titled "TV's Year of Kick-Ass Women."

Social TV Usage

Mike Bloxham reports on figures showing only a small number of people are using social media while watching TV, but a significant percentage of social media users concurrently watch TV.

Aereo Interview

Will Richmond talks with Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia: Part 1, Part 2. And there's another podcast with analysis.

Sex & Violence on TV

According to an Ofcom survey, British audiences are growing less concerned about sex, violence, and foul language on TV.

Mad Men Secrecy

A pair of Mad Men actors say Matthew Weiner is afraid to spoil even them.

Spurlock to CNN

Morgan Spurlock will have a weekend show on CNN next year.

Honey Boo Boo Criticism

Tim Goodman explains why Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is awful, not entertaining. Willa Paskin wants people to stop judging the mother.

Negative Presidential Coverage

PEJ analysis shows that news coverage of both Obama and Romney has been largely negative.

Twitter Olympics

The partnership between NBC and Twitter during the Olympics has been deemed a success.

Killing Eyed

TV Line claims Netflix and DirecTV might want to revive The Killing. Willa Paskin says this is a terrible idea.

Sharks Dominate

Shark Week ate up a big chunk of social media attention last week.

News Staffing

RTDNA has released a survey detailing demographic percentages in radio and news staffing; overall, minority employment was up, while women stayed even.

Nashville Shakeup

ABC's Nashville is getting a new showrunner.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Harmon IAmA

Dan Harmon took questions on Reddit today. Uproxx summarizes the highlights.

AHS Promos

Five abstract promos for American Horror Story are out.

Kimmel Moved to 11:35

ABC will move the Jimmy Kimmel Show up against Letterman in January and push Nightline to 12:35. Joe Flint tackles the Nightline perspective, says this is about ad money, and wonders how NBC will respond. Kimmel reportedly threatened to leave if he didn't get 11:35.

Google TV to Germany

Google TV will soon be available in Germany, though there might not be much to watch on it yet.

TV Wins

A Deloitte survey shows that consumers still think TV is the best advertising medium, with everything else far behind.

TV Reruns Down

Meg James reports on a decline in ratings for prime time network reruns.

Louis CK in Control

Louis C.K. marvels at the control he has over audiences via stand-up and Louie.

Glee Changes

Denise Martin visited the set of Glee and catalogues upcoming changes.

NBC Comedies

Chris Harnick is concerned about the future of Parks & Rec and Community, while Alyssa Rosenberg proposes new directions for NBC's Thursday comedy stars. Meanwhile, Parks & Rec co-creator Mike Schur has sold a show to Fox.

Stretching Story

Alyssa Rosenberg highlights shows that have difficulty in sustaining story for as many episodes as the TV schedule demands.

Worst New Shows

HuffPost TV continues its critics' video series with worst new shows.

Sundance Tied to Akin

Sundance Channel's promoted tweets got tied to Todd Akin as a trending topic.

Ellen's Booming

Lacey Rose delves into Ellen Degeneres' daytime business success.

Gay-Friendly Viewership

Alyssa Rosenberg analyzes Nielsen data about regional and class viewership of gay-friendly programming.

Fox Renewal Petition

An ethics group has filed a petition to have FCC license renewals denied for three Fox owned-and-operated stations due to the News Corp hacking scandal, though it isn't expected to be accept.

Nets Sue Aereo Copycat

Fox is trying to shut down a service that is parroting Aereo's efforts. The other major nets have joined in. Update: Katy Bachman says the copycat could help the nets win their case against Aereo in the end. Update: Now Barry Diller is suing too.

Most Powerful Women

Forbes has ranked the most powerful women in the world, including in media.

BBCA Record

The premiere of the original series Copper on BBC America set a ratings record for the channel.

Good Ads

Nielsen pinpoints five characteristics of TV ads that resonate well with consumers.

No TV on Redbox

Coinstar CEO says Redbox isn't interested in adding TV DVDs.

Have Gun Reboot

Ken Tucker likes the idea of David Mamet rebooting Have Gun, Will Travel for CBS.

Olympian Reality

Meredith Blake looks at Olympic athletes moving into reality TV.

Media Donations Lean Obama

Media companies are much more likely to have donated to President Obama than challenger Mitt Romney.

NBC Late Night & Reality

Lacey Rose interviews NBC's reality chief about what's going on at the network.

The Doctor Returns

Doctor Who is coming back to TV on September 1, and there will be an additional mini-series online.

Sacrilegious Humor

Philip Scepanski discusses the growth of sacrilegious humor in prime time.

Viewership or Buzz

Simon Houpt wonders which is more important today, viewership or buzz, as television fragments.

TV Techniques Obsolete

British documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis argues that television needs new storytelling techniques because traditional good vs. bad tropes no longer apply today. He also wants journalism to make news seem more like Game of Thrones.

Akin Impact

David Goetzl reports that the backlash against Todd Akin could also negatively impact local station revenue.

Cartoon & Nick Complaints

Children's advocacy groups have complained to the FTC about what they see as violations of privacy regulations on the Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon websites.

Kaling & Social Media

Ari Karpel spies on a day in Mindy Kaling's social media life, as she hopes to groom support for her new show.

New Hulu Look

Hulu has redesigned its website. Hulu's VP or Product Rob Wong explains.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SoA Promos

Sons of Anarchy previews are out.

Postal Waste

The Postal Service is taking a bath on Simpsons stamps that failed to sell.

Olympics Boost Interactivity

The Olmypics helped many BBC viewers discover the interactive Red Button service and second screen experiences.

Viacom Pay Suit

A Viacom shareholder has sued the company claiming the company paid its top executives too much.

Strahan on Live

Michael Strahan is reportedly replacing Regis on Live! with Kelly Ripa and Someone Else.

TV Everywhere Growth

A study sees big TV Everywhere growth for 2013.

Dreamworks Channel?

Dreamworks' new relationship with Fox could spawn a cable channel.

Xbox Getting NBC News

A number of NBC News outlets will now be available on Xbox Live.

Office Ending

Greg Daniels has announced this will be the last season of The Office. Alan Sepinwall reports. More details from Josef Adalian and Dave Itzkoff.

Liberal Pop Culture

Jonathan Chait explores the notion that American film and television is primarily left-wing leaning. Alyssa Rosenberg responds.

Deadly Cabot Cove

Murder, She Wrote's Cabot Cove has been declared the deadliest place in TV crime fiction.

Web TV Captions

Janko Roettgers reports on the FCC requirement for all TV content available online to have a captioning option.

Comcast Still Arguing

Comcast is still fighting to keep from having to move Tennis Channel to a more widely viewed tier.

New Drama Picks

TV critics have named their favorite new dramas of the season.

NBC Ratings

Looks like the Olympics didn't lend a long-term bump to Today, which has fallen behind GMA, and NBC now has challenges in all dayparts. There are hopes for two upcoming syndicated daytime shows.

ASP on Bunheads

Denise Martin talks with Amy Sherman-Palladino about the Bunheads finale.

ABC News Questioned Again

ABC News may have misreported again in regard to Tony Scott's death. ABC News seems to have a credibility problem now.

Good TVeets

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ramadan TV

Alessandra Stanley describes the yearly festival of TV in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan.

Second Screen Activities

Robert Andrews reports on research showing that young viewers are using second screens more for social interactions than looking up information.

Convention TV

Mark Z. Barabak says political conventions still matter for the TV coverage that results. Yet the major networks are planning just a few hours of Republican convention coverage.

Fox to NBC

Josef Adalian delivers the details on how Michael J. Fox's sitcom is going to NBC with a full season order. Alyssa Rosenberg wonders what kind of show we'll be seeing. Brian Stelter also reports.

Dish Amends Suit

Dish Network has changed the description of Auto Hop in legal papers. Wayne Friedman reports.

Reilly Promoted

Kevin Reilly has been bumped up to Chairman of Entertainment at Fox. (Now there's a cool title)

Harassment Suit

A Mentalist background actress is suing Warner Bros. TV over sexual harassment claims that she was allegedly penalized for.

US Period Drama Challenge

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes doesn't think American actors can pull off period drama effectively.

Best Upcoming Comedies

TV critics offer their picks for best new comedy of 2012-13 (on video -- you can see what they all look like!).

Breaking Bad

Emily Nussbaum has a must-read (for caught-up viewers) assessment of Breaking Bad's moral landscape, and creator Vince Gilligan chimes in about how we're supposed to feel about Walter White at this point.

Renewal Prediction App

Natan Edelsburg describes a check-in app that tries to predict if shows you're watching will get renewed, and he interviews the app's creator.

Academy Interview

Deadline talks with Bruce Rosenblum, chairman of the TV Academy, about his plans for the group.

Media in Education

Brooks Barnes and Amy Chozik note the encroachment of media companies into education and educational technology.

TV's Prostitute Fixation

Jace Lacob highlights the proliferation of prostitute characters across TV. Alyssa Rosenberg also covers this territory in period drama.

NFL Ad Sales

Anthony Crupi reports that NFL ads are selling at a premium and are going fast.

AMC Problems

AMC is struggling its showdown with Dish.

Hulu Plans

Andrew Wallenstein reports on a Hulu internal memo that "covers a range of sensitive issues pertaining to how two of Hulu's parent companies, News Corp. and Disney, plan to transform the streaming service." More on Hulu's overhaul from Peter Kafka and Janko Roettgers. Will Richmond says YouTube and Apple could end up big winners. Sam Thielman says Hulu probably won't change.

RIP Tony Scott

Movie director and Good Wife producer Tony Scott has reportedly died. A remembrance from Scott Tobias.

Good TVeets

New In Media Res

Theme: Politics as Entertainment

  • Monday, August 20, 2012 - Rossend Sanchez Baro (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) presents: From Bartlet to Knope: Politics and Instructional Television 
  •  Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - Michael Barthel (University of Washington) presents: "Game Change" and "Showgirls": Politics as Camp 
  •  Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - Sudeep Sharma (UCLA) presents: Politics Is Funny, But Nothing To Laugh At: The Daily Show and its Limits 
  •  Thursday, August 23, 2012 - Emanuelle Wessels (Augsburg College) presents: HBO’s ‘Veep,’ Postfeminism, and Political Humor
  •  Friday, August 24, 2012 - Carrie Griffin (Independent Scholar) and Brett Boessen (Austin College) present: "Get Out the Way, Malcolm Tucker”: ‘Veep’ Fans and Cynical Citizens

Nascar Woos Latinos

Tanzina Vega says Nascar is looking to attract Latino fans via a Fox Deportes deal.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

News Salaries

Jeff Sonderman reports on newly released figures detailing TV news station salaries.

Two Louies

In discussing the latest episode, Jonah Weiner proposes that there are two types of Louie episodes.

Teaching Theory

Jason Mittell offers thoughts about teaching film and TV theory to undergraduates.

Properties of Pixelization

T.L. Stanley says the use of pixelization to jokingly imply nudity "pokes at the standards of what is considered decent and underscores a larger debate about what should be allowed on television."

Sitcom Terms

Ken Levine educates on sitcom writer lingo.

Training for Paralympics

Channel 4 is training reporters with disabilities to work the upcoming Paralympics Games.

Racist Shows

Ian Fortey highlights five shows he categorizes as bafflingly racist.

Defending Honey Boo Boo's Mom

Ada Calhoun thinks people are unfairly picking on June Shannon.

Tonight Show Cuts

Layoffs and budget cuts have hit Jay Leno's Tonight Show. Brian Stelter also reports. Jay Leno is not happy.

Netflix Post-Play

Netflix has implemented a feature that moves more fluidly from one episode of TV to the next. Chuck Tryon has analysis.

Good TVeets

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Rev & Religion

Todd VanDerWerff talks with the creators of the BBC's Rev. about the show's uniqueness and depiction of religion.

Black Nerds

At This Was TV, a celebration of Black TV nerds.

Syrian Soaps

Omar Adam Sayfo discusses how the war in Syria has virtually shut down soap opera production, meaning "the Syrian government has lost one of its most powerful means of spreading ideas and political messages, both within and beyond the country’s borders."

Moderator Criticism

Some observers have concerns about the lack of diversity among this year's presidential debate moderators.

Good TVeets

Friday, August 17, 2012

CBS Drops Suit

CBS has dropped its lawsuit against ABC's Glass House, working in some gloating about the show's poor ratings.

Shipper Fury

Teen Wolf fans got angry with Entertainment Weekly for not including a same-sex couple featured on the show in a favorite pairing poll.

ABC Family Renewals

ABC Family has ordered more of Switched at Birth, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, and Bunheads.

UK Viewing

Ratings figures show that 10% of UK TV viewing in the first half of 2012 was time-shifted, 90% was live as scheduled. Also: "In households that own digital television recorders (51% of households, up from 47% in 2011), average timeshifting represented 15.9% of total viewing."

Homeland Trailer

A teaser for season two of Homeland is out.

TV Studies Bibliography

You can consult and add resources to a TV Studies bibliography wiki. As with any wiki, the more people pitching in and adding info, the more useful it will be.

Sheridan Loses Again

Nicollette Sheridan lost an appeal of her wrongful termination claim.