Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Media Pessimism

Daniel Gross calls out media pessimism for the impression that Today and CNN are struggling when they're making plenty of money.

"Live" Streams

NBC's online Olympics streams aren't precisely live, and, as you would only expect at this point, NBC has spoiled its own live streams.

Harmon Signs With CBS

After already signing a deal with Fox, Dan Harmon has also signed a deal with CBS to write a multi-cam script.

VPN Access

Ingrid Lunden highlights the use of VPN service providers to access BBC coverage of the Olympics from the US.

Anderson Overhaul

Paige Albiniak says Anderson Cooper's talk show is getting an overhaul.

Defending NBC

Les Moonves says if CBS had the Olympics, he'd impose tape-delay too. And Jaime Weinman says NBC has not failed. Megan Garber also defends NBC, while James Poniewozik judges the livestreaming. Jason Mittell says we shouldn't think of what NBC is doing in prime time as sportscasting. Will Leitch says NBC is right to ignore the Twitter complainers. Andrew Wallenstein says the high ratings show the complainers are a small minority. Simon Dumenco says NBC is not a charity. NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus backs his network's approach, though NBC has apologized for the Today show promo spoiler.

Move TV to the Internet

Britain's House of Lords communications committee has recommended moving British TV channels onto the internet, leaving its former spectrum space for mobile use.

Twitter Controversy

Controversy is building over Twitter's decision to drop the account of a journalist who heavily criticized NBC, a move that was reportedly initiated by Twitter, not NBC. Jeff Jarvis sees this as a business ethics issue. The journalist, Guy Adams, says he's still awaiting an explanation from Twitter. Update: Adams is back on Twitter, as NBC lifted its complaint and Twitter's blog explains the situation. Kashmir Hill says NBC is the loser here. James Poniewozik reacts.

Schiller Interview

Neiman Journalism Lab talks with former NPR CEO and current NBC News chief digital strategist Vivian Schiller about NBC's digital efforts.

The Mystery of The CW

Tim Goodman tries to determine how The CW stays alive.

Tropes Toppled

Heather Havrilesky highlights three TV tropes (the hapless dad, the friend, the wise old professional) and praises the shows that overturned them (Louie, Girls, Mad Men).

YouTube Olympics

Robinson Meyer explains why some countries in Asia and Africa have the opportunity watch the Olympics live on YouTube.

ABC & NBC Ignore Bank Scandal

Media Matters calls out ABC and NBC evening news for not reporting on the LIBOR bank scandal for a single minute in the last month.

A&E Sale Moves Forward

Comcast's sale of A&E has been cleared by anti-trust authorities.

Pay TV is Fine

An analysts's memo insists that the pay TV model will continue to get along for at least the next twelve years.

Public TV Protest

Casey Michel covers protests against Alabama Public Television executive firings.

WB in LA

Richard Verrier outlines Warner Bros' production activities in LA: "Warner Bros. has privately been tracking its costs for more than a decade, initially as an effort to educate film-wary communities about the economic benefits of film and TV productions. But this marks the first time the studio has publicly released such detailed information, providing a rare glimpse into the business operations of a major Hollywood studio."

Hulu + Apple

Hulu Plus will now be available on Apple TV. Ryan Lawler has analysis.

Most Time-Shifted

Daily Beast has a gallery of the 20 most time-shifted shows of 2011-12.

Good TVeets

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crowdsourcing Captioning

Janko Roettgers reports on how Netflix is apparently looking for a few good volunteers to help them with closed-captioning.

Poorly Timed Promo

NBC deserves credit for spoiling their own tape-delay strategy in ways we didn't even foresee: a Today show promo aired prior to a race tonight spoiled the winner.

Nielsen Sued

India's largest news network has sued Nielsen, alleging ratings fraud.

The CW at TCA

Todd VanDerWerff covers The CW's presentations at TCA. Wayne Friedman covers The CW's branding shift.

Standards & Practices

Alyssa Rosenberg reflects on the role of standards and practices.

Palin News

Ellen Gray discusses the reality TV careers of the Sarah Palin family, while CNN is under fire for an insulting music choice to introduce a Palin segment.

News Viewer Differences

A new poll showcases how Fox News and MSNBC viewers judge issues differently.

Favoring Distributors or Owners

Yinka Adegoke and Liana B. Baker sense that public sentiment is starting to lean toward pay TV operators in carriage disputes. Update: New analyst data shows content owners have more leverage.

Casting & Race

Nina Shen Rastogi discusses the role race plays in casting notices.

More NBC Issues

Deadspin reports that the eulogy montage that NBC cut from their broadcast of the Opening Ceremony because they were tailoring it to a US audience in fact contained images of two US servicemen. Also, a heavy critic of NBC on Twitter has had his account suspended for tweeting out an NBC exec's corporate email address.

Who Owns What

Jessica Plautz presents an infographic about media conglomerate ownership of TV. A Twitter reader points out that News Corp/Fox is missing from this.

Media Industry Seminars

Cynthia Meyers describes her experience at a Time Warner seminar, where TV Everywhere was a primary topic, and touts the value of such media industry education programs for academics.

Breaking Bad's Visual Landscape

Alyssa Rosenberg delves into how Breaking Bad "became the most sumptuous series on television."

Olympics Boost for Today

Brian Stelter looks at how the Olympics should help Today in its morning show ratings battle.

New In Media Res

Theme: Summer Olympics

  • Monday, July 30, 2012 - Noah Tsika (Colgate University) presents: Queering the Olympic Charter: Media Representations of Gay and Lesbian Athletes in West Africa and the Diaspora 
  •  Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - Evelyn Bottando (Indiana University Northwest) presents: Kickstarting the Olympics 
  •  Wednesday, August 1, 2012 - Pellom McDaniels III (Emory University) presents: The Year All Hell Broke Loose: The 1968 Olympic Games and the Politics of Performance 
  •  Thursday, August 2, 2012 - Scott F. Parker (University of Minnesota) presents: To Give Anything Less
  •  Friday, August 3, 2012 - Charlene Weaving (St. Francis Xavier University) presents: Ensuring Olympic ‘Sex Appeal’ Through Uniforms

New This Was TV Content

The TV history-focused website This Was TV has some great new content coming up.

Shooting the Bond Bit

The BBC's director of drama production describes how they shot the James Bond segment in the Opening Ceremony. Also, Anthony Lane highlights the movie references in the Ceremony.

Olympics Tweeting

As Twitter tracks the real-time pulse of the games, NBC's critics grow, especially over the tape-delay issue, and Twitter's head of TV takes notes. Jay Yarow insists NBC's coverage has been perfect.

Good TVeets

Warning: Some Breaking Bad spoilers (tweets about the show are the last chunk)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shooting Breaking Bad

Kodak has an interview with Michael Slovis, a cinematographer on Breaking Bad: Part 1, Part 2. You can also find ASC podcasts with Slovis here and here.

New Flow Issue

Check out new pieces from Flow: Gerald R. Butters, Jr, with Queering Hip Hop: Frank Ocean and Homophobia, Irina D> Mihalache with The chef who played too much: Performing masculinities in The Galloping Gourmet, Laura Portwood-Stacer with How We Talk About Media Refusal, Part 1: “Addiction”, Blackhawk Hancock with "Ask Your Doctor", and Keara Goin, Act Your Race, Not Your Age: Performativity and the Many Faces of Comic-Con Cosplay

Miniseries Comeback

Mindy Farabee investigates the recent resurrection of the miniseries.

Olympics Info

NBC's Olympics ratings are great so far, but Jeff Jarvis still sees NBC as failing. Terri Thornton looks at the social media infrastructure in place around the Olympics, and British tweeters apparently overloaded data networks during cycling coverage, affecting the production. One study finds that men get more Olympics coverage than women, and another finds that women's coverage is heavy on sports showing them scantily clad.


Alan Sepinwall has the schedule of events for CBS today. Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of Nina Tassler's session. And Sepinwall covers the Elementary session. Lacey Rose has coverage of the CBS party.

TCA Awards

Awards were handed out at TCA last night. James Poniewozik also has coverage.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

NBC's Problems Continue

NBC reportedly had streaming problems during the big Lochte-Phelps showdown today, which it didn't air live on TV so as to save it for prime time. Offering equal time for criticism, I should note that the BBC also came under fire for its cycling coverage today.

The Kiss Seen Around the World

June Thomas has more on the lesbian kiss from Brookside that aired in a montage within the Olympics Ceremony (and that also aired on NBC, contrary to many Twitter reports).

Sutter at TCA

THR covers Kurt Sutter's comments on Sons of Anarchy at TCA. Alan Sepinwall has a live-blog.

Landgraf at TCA

Daniel Fienberg live-blogged during FX president John Landgraf's TCA session, which included news of a fourth season renewal for Louie and Martin Sheen coming to Anger Management, plus annoyance that Netflix doesn't release precise viewing figures of shows like Lilyhammer.

Opening Ceremony Reviews

Check out critics' reactions from Matt Zoller Seitz, James Poniewozik, Robert Bianco, Sarah Lyall, and Bryan Bishop. The British perspective from the Telegraph and the Guardian, plus international reaction. Kevin Gosztola says smug American elitism was on display in NBC's broadcast, and Twitter captured a lot of viewer dissatisfaction. Twitter's UK blog covers the volume of tweets. Jim Stogdill is also not happy with NBC.

Spoiler Upside

Neda Ulaby reports on research finding that spoilers are good for you.

Talking About Rape Jokes

Amanda Ann Klein addresses Daniel Tosh's rape jokes and Louis CK's response.


Yvonne Villarreal and Michael O'Connell cover ABC activities from TCA.

Modern Family Settlement

The contract dispute over Modern Family cast salaries has been resolved.

Dish v. AMC Continues

Daniel Frankel checks in on the Dish-AMC dispute with nearly a month having passed since its start.

Opening Ceremony Ratings

The Opening Ceremony scored big in the US and huge in the UK.

Opening Ceremony TVeets

This is insanely long, so I don't know if anyone but a PhD candidate writing a diss on transnational reception of TV spectacles will want to read it, but it offers you a chronological account of Opening Ceremony reception. After some preliminary tweets, it goes from British reactions to US East Coast reactions to West Coast, with some overlap here and there. If you get through all of these, you deserve a Gold Medal.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hearing About Aurora

Michael Malone reports on stats indicating that a majority of Americans heard about the Aurora shootings from a non-TV source, though many subsequently turned to TV for more info.

NBC Delay

Despite NBC's digital commitment during this Olympic Games, it chose to not give the US the Opening Ceremony via a live stream. British response to the Ceremony seems very positive.

AMC Ends The Killing

We know now who killed Rosie Larsen, but we will know no more from The Killing.

BBC & Olympics

Like NBC, the BBC is using the Olympics to market upcoming programming. And IOC restrictions mean that rival channels can air only six minutes of Olympics footage per day.

Tax Incentives Losing

John Vanderhoef discusses the controversy following a report claiming that California's tax incentives for film and TV production put the state on the losing end.

Future of TV

Lost Remote presents an analyst's slideshow of 10 things you need to know about the future of TV.

All in the Family Episodes

Robert David Sullivan highlights ten episodes of All in the Family that help to define how the show changed television.

Paul Lee at TCA

Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of what (little) ABC head Paul Lee said today.

CNN Resignation

CNN Worldwide's president is stepping down due to CNN's struggles. Brian Stelter reports.


Alan Sepinwall has ABC's schedule for today at TCA.

2008 Olympics Ratings

Spotted charted the ratings for the 2008 Olympics and found about a 10.0 18-49 average, with declines in week two.

Best of 2012

AV Club writers pick out their Best of 2012 thus far, including in TV.

India's TV Conscience

Vikas Bajaj profiles Aamir Kahn, who has turned from Bollywood star to host of a TV show that digs into India's social problems.

Olympics Tech

Janko Roettgers checks out how NBC and YouTube streaming of the Olympics will work, and Carolyn Giardina discusses how the new experimental Super Hi-Vision technology will be tested in London.

BAFTA Splits Writers' Award

The BAFTA award for TV writing will now be split between comedy and drama.

Olympics Tweets

NBC and Twitter are throwing a spotlight on tweeting during the Games with a dedicated Olympics Twitter page.

Britishness & Opening Ceremony

Anthony Bleach considers how the Olympics Opening Ceremony might present Britishness, or more specifically Englishness, to the world.

Development Scaled Back

Nellie Andreeva says ABC and NBC are cutting back on development and Fox will be more targeted.

Posey on Louie

Parker Posey talks about last night's Louie. Here too.

Morning Drama

Ken Tucker outlines the battle among morning talk shows.

Couric at TCA

James Poniewozik presents what Katie Couric had to say at TCA.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 26, 2012

C3 Value

Brain Steinberg highlights shows that have gained in household commercials ratings over last year without garnering comparable buzz.

Reality Lawsuits

CBS was handed a setback in its Glass House lawsuit, while ABC has claimed a First Amendment defense regarding The Bachelor casting.

Easy Authentication

Will Richmond appreciates how Comcast has streamlined the authentication process for logging on to NBC's Olympics content.

Olympics Ads

NBC has reached the one billion dollar mark in Olympics ads sold.

Late Night Stand-up Demos

Sean L. McCarthy details the demographics of stand-up comics on late night talk TV for the first half of 2012: "48 stand-up performances; 37 white men, nine men who aren't white, and two women."

NBC Advice

Alyssa Rosenberg has ideas for fixing NBC.

Scalia Against Court TV

Antonin Scalia thinks having TV cameras in the Supreme Court would end up misrepresenting what the justices do.

FNL Roundtable

TV Club critics tackle Friday Night Lights' "I Think We Should Have Sex" in its latest roundtable on adolescence-themed TV.

Bad TV Criticism

Bob Sassone is not happy with the where TV criticism is at today.

Modern Family Update

Matthew Belloni has the latest on the Modern Family cast salary stalemate.

ABC News at TCA

James Poniewozik describes ABC News' presentation at TCA, which mainly consisted of apologizing for misreporting information about the Colorado shooter.

Google Fiber TV

Google has launched a new TV service in Kansas City via fiber broadband. It's missing some prominent channels, though. Stacey Higginbotham lays out details. Peter Kafka doesn't see it as a game-changer.

Dish Updates Auto Hop

Dish has tweaked its Auto Hop service, which may help its legal defense.

Scripting the Olympics

I wrote a post over at Antenna about how the scripted BBC shows Twenty Twelve and EastEnders have benefited from the real Olympic Games.

Now TV Efforts

Robert Andrews covers BSkyB's over-the-top service Now TV and considers if it might cannibalize Sky's subscription service.

YouView Available

YouView is now available in the UK, but Nayeem Syed sees seven reasons why the internet TV service will struggle.

Wired for Olympics

Brian Stelter delves into the technology NBC is using to cover the Olympics.

Parks & Rec in DC

Bill Carter covers Parks and Recreaction's Washington DC shoot.

Online TV at TCA

James Poniewozik covers the web series presentations at TCA, including two YouTube projects.

E! at TCA

Michael O'Connell covers what E! president Suzanne Kolb had to say at TCA.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

White Collar & Class

Myles McNutt takes a look at White Collar through the lens of class and finds it problematic.

New Deal for Harmon?

Michael Schnieder reports that Dan Harmon is close to deal to write a multi-cam sitcom pilot for Fox.

Awkward Renewed

MTV is bringing Awkward back for a third season and a higher episode order.

Gendering the Remote

Max Dawson looks at how the remote control came to be associated with men and masculinity.

Small Operators' Challenge

Mark Robichaux covers a panel discussion among small cable operators about dealing with big carriage rate increases, with some wondering if Aereo could play a future role.

Political Animals & Good Wife

The Oncoming Hope compares narrative construction on Political Animals and The Good Wife.

Diversity Question

Maureen Ryan addresses the answers Fox's Kevin Reilly gave about diversity at his network at TCA.

Enabling Sheen

Maria Elana Fernandez explores how the TV industry and corporate America have helped Charlie Sheen to keep his career going despite his transgressions. Update: Alyssa Rosenberg reacts to this.

The New CW

Lacey Rose introduces us to The CW's new tagline and image campaign.

Stewart & Colbert Renew

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are signed to stay at Comedy Central until 2014.

Kids' Serial Animation

At This Was TV, Noel Kirkpatrick looks back on classic serialized animation for kids.

MundoFox Coming

The new Spanish-language network MundoFox launches on August 1 and will target 18-34s.

Retrans Arguments

The American Cable Association wants the 1992 Cable Act overhauled to fix retrans problems. CBS sees severe consequences if that happens, ABC affiliates see more sports migrating to cable, and the NAB says retrans is crucial to station value. TWC says it wants the free market to decide. Above all, a regulatory battle lies ahead. Free Press wants consumers valued most. Katy Bachman highlights the politics involved. Senators are deeply divided on this, with some saying TV is deeply broken and needs fixing.

Gugino Interview

Willa Paskin talks with Political Animals' Carla Gugino about the show and how TV presents strong women.


James Poniewozik summarizes NBC's executive session at TCA: "This morning at the Beverly Hilton, NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt spoke to introduce the network’s new fall schedule, with a message: NBC can no longer afford pride. Those sophisticated, risk-taking, grown-up comedies? Love ‘em! Not going to do ‘em so much anymore!" Andrew Wallenstein and Maureen Ryan also have coverage. Ken Tucker takes issue with how NBC described its comedy strategy, and Alan Sepinwall covers the comedy issue too. Lacey Rose covers the NBC party. Tim Goodman says broad doesn't have to mean dumb.

RIP Chad Everett

Another classic TV star has passed away: Chad Everett.

HBO Snubs Netflix

HBO says it has no intention of partnering up with Netflix.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FCC Affirms Ruling

The FCC has voted to uphold its ruling in favor of Tennis Channel and against Comcast in regard to channel placement. The NCTA is not happy.

Dracula Series

NBC is developing a ten-episode Dracula series in a UK co-production deal.

RIP Sherman Hemsley

Eric Deggans remembers actor Sherman Hemsley and his achievements. James Poniewozik also reflects.

NBC Premieres Online

NBC will offer the premiere episodes of its new fall shows online and via video-on-demand through pay TV providers before their TV airings.

Netflix Numbers

Peter Kafka analyzes Netflix's second quarter results and CEO Reed Hasting's comments. Daniel Frankel also reports, as does Will Richmond. Robert Andrews reports that Netflix has become a big threat to Amazon's Lovefilm.

Modern Family Problems

The cast members of Modern Family are angling for more money. The dispute has cancelled a planned table read.


Alan Sepinwall has a preview of NBC day at TCA.

Time Warner Seeks Academic Help

Time Warner is looking for a university to step up and sponsor a research project on media usage.

Live Glitches

Yesterday's streaming of the Aurora shooter's court appearance on live TV was filled with technical glitches; Brandon Rittiman explains why the technology used didn't work.

Online Previews Help

Daisy Whitney reports on studies finding that watching previews online helps drive viewers to watch on TV.

App Voting Problems

Robert Andrews discusses problems British networks have had with reality TV voting apps.

PBS Convention Coverage

PBS's Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff are set to become the first female team to anchor a network's political convention coverage.

ABC Tweaks Schedule

ABC has swapped Suburgatory and The Neighbors on its fall schedule.

CNBC Reality

CNBC is getting into the reality show game. Brian Stelter has a sneak peek.

Merchant Show

HBO has picked up a show from UK Office co-creator Stephen Merchant.

Carey Signs

Mariah Carey has signed a deal to join American Idol. Wayne Friedman says a falling Idol represents danger for Fox.

NBC Marketing Comedy

NBC, which has its day in the TCA sun today, is launching a  marketing effort around its comedies with the slogan "We peacock comedy." (The peacock logo looks a bit like a heart, you see.)

News Corp's Education Efforts

Look out, public education, here comes News Corporation.

Netflix Helps Parents

Peter Kafka highlights how Netflix is helping parents keep kids entertained.

Fox at TCA

THR has details of Fox's panels on Fringe and other shows. Alan Sepinwall also has a summary. Ryan McGee has a report from afar. Tim Goodman says Fox's comedies are promising. James Poniewozik covers the Fringe panel.

Good TVeets

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reilly's Comments

Andrea Morabito summarizes what Fox's Kevin Reilly had to say today at TCA.

Canada Unbundled

A Canadian regulatory body ruled that consumers should be able to subscribe to only the pay TV channels they want, rather than bundled packages.

No Live Ceremony

NBC won't air the Olympics opening ceremony live on TV or online.

HBO Misrepresents Review

HBO has cherry-picked positive quotes from negative reviews in marketing The Newsroom.

Fox at TCA

Today is Fox day at TCA; Alan Sepinwall has the schedule.

Banks Interview

Rolling Stone talks with this season's standout star of Breaking BadJonathan Banks. (Spoilers from last night's episode in there)

Web Meter

The UK's TV ratings body BARB is planning to roll out a web-TV meter to enhance ratings measurement.

Tribune Breakup

Lynne Marek reports on the possibility of the Tribune Company breaking up in the wake of its bankruptcy exit next year.

Console-ing Passions Report

Karen Petruska fills us in on what we missed at this weekend's stellar Console-ing Passions conference.

Aereo's Strategy

Greg Sandoval talks with Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia about the company's plans.

Olympics & Twitter

Shira Ovide reports on NBC's Olympics partnership with Twitter.

CBS Success Predicted

Brian Steinberg presents ad buyer survey findings that CBS's new shows are expected to lead the pack this fall, while Idol is predicted to fall more.

Tired Serial Characters

TV Club critics highlight 28 serial drama characters who outlived their use-value.

The Cliffhanger

Emily Nussbaum traces out the history and power of the cliffhanger. Mollie Wilson O'Reilly has a response.


Linda Holmes covered PBS's presentations at TCA, and Tim Goodman and the LA Times discuss how PBS is trying to capitalize on Downton Abbey's success.

Good TVeets

Warning: Spoilers for shows last night that start with B

Sunday, July 22, 2012

BBC Worldwide Revamp?

The incoming new head of the BBC is reportedly considering a revamp of BBC Worldwide.

Community Chat

Alan Sepinwall has video of a chat he had at Comic-Con with Community stars: Part 1 & Part 2.

More Sports

Steve Zeitchik notes that we're receiving access to more sports on more platforms but questions the payoff.

ESPN's Everywhere How-To

Peter Kafka introduces us to a video made by ESPN to explain their TV Everywhere app.

Streaming the Olympics

Richard Sandomir describes how those who register can access every single minute of live Olympics events online via nbcolympics.com.


Marisa Guthrie covers what PBS's president, Paula Kerger, discussed at TCA.

Good TVeets

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Downton Abbey TCA Panel

The cast and crew of Downton Abbey just offered a highly entertaining hour at TCA. Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of it.

TCA Starts Now

The Television Critics Association tour commences today; Rob Salem has a good description of how it goes.

Murdoch Exits Boards

Rupert Murdoch is reportedly stepping down from a number of News Corporation's newspaper boards.

Stars Book Discussion

Self-promotional post: Over at the new TV history website This Was TV, they're starting a discussion of a book I wrote on Hollywood film stars on 1950s TV, and the discussion also expands into some interesting thoughts on today's stars crossing over to TV and to web series.

Seinfeld & David Web Series

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David have debuted a web series.

Now TV Launches

In Britain, Sky has launched Now TV, a movie streaming service that doesn't require a Sky subscription to access and that aims to take on Netflix and LoveFilm. Will Richmond's most recent podcast considers the lessons for the US market.

News in Ads

Journalists are growing dismayed at the use of news report clips in political campaign ads.

Multiplatform Quality

James Bennett extends questions of what constitutes quality TV to online platforms for shows.

Coverage Assessed

Ben Grossman assesses how the news channels covered the Colorado theater shooting in the morning hours. All the networks have now sent anchors out to Colorado, while Denver stations continue to cover the tragedy.

PBS & Willard

James Poniewozik chides PBS for dropping Fred Willard.

Anger Management Up

Anger Management's ratings went up rather than down for its fourth episode, boosting its renewal chances.

New Normal Objections

One Million Moms wants a boycott of Ryan Murphy's fall show The New Normal. Mary Elizabeth Williams has had her fill of One Million Moms.

DirecTV-Viacom Analysis

Peter Kafka outlines the dealDaniel Frankel discusses how DirecTV won its showdown with Viacom, though others say both won. Andrew Wallenstein presents more analysis.

Preserving Retrans

John Eggerton describes the case NBC and CBS affilates are making for the Senate Commerce Committee to help keep retrans and must-carry rules in place.

West Wing for the Summer

Peter Kakfa discusses the concept of exclusive rights to digital distribution via Amazon's West Wing summer deal.

Good TVeets

Warning: Big Brother spoilers at the end

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fan Activism

Henry Jenkins and Sangita Shreshtova introduce an issue of Transformative Works and Cultures on fan activism.

Kickstarter & Public Broadcasting

Janko Roettgers looks at how Kickstarter could affect public radio, not necessarily in a good way.

BBC Buildings

Owen Hatherly says one can trace the evolution of the BBC through the buildings it's been housed in, and it will soon exit the legendary Television Centre.

CNN Tops Africa

According to a viewing survey, CNN is the top international news brand in Africa.

Local Nielsen Changes

Nielsen is upgrading local ratings with more precise data readers.

Multi-Screen USA

A USA digital exec discusses how the channel is trying to feed the multi-screen experience.

Sorkin Fires Writers

Aaron Sorkin is clearing out the Newsroom writers' room for the second season.

Deals Reached

DirecTV and Viacom have come to an agreement, and so have Hearst and Time Warner Cable.

Good TVeets

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Multicasting Making Money

Kevin Downey reports on research into earnings by digital multicasting channels.

Mobile Users Want Live TV

A report from mobile DTV providers says users would watch more TV if they could access it live on their phones.

BBC News Criticized

The BBC relies too much on men as experts, critics charge. US outlets garnered similar criticisms earlier this year.

New NBCU News Boss

NBCU's news outlets have a new chairwoman.

Reality TV's Manipulations

Gavin Palone covers how reality TV is manipulated but also wonders how much people care.

Fight Over Epix

DirecTV says the sticking point with Viacom is a movie channel called Epix. Update: Viacom calls this fiction.

Emmy Noms

The Emmy nominations are out. Alan Sepinwall has analysis, as does Todd VanDerWerffWilla Paskin, Myles McNutt and more Myles McNutt, Jaime Weinman, Jace Lacob, Ken Levine, Alyssa Rosenberg, Ken Tucker, Tim Goodman, Mike Hale, Josef Adalian, Emily Yoshida. Philiana Ng highlights snubs. The British apparently find the Downton Abbey love funny. The NYT has reaction interviews with Louis CK, Matthew Weiner, and a bunch of other nominees.

Misfits on Logo

The UK hit Misfits will air in the US on Logo.

TV News Staffing Report

Radio Television Digital News Association has released in 2012 report on TV and radio news staffing: Part I and Part II. The latter part finds a record amount of news on local TV.

Gas Station TV

Did you know there's a channel that plays at gas stations? It's fittingly called Gas Station TV. Karl Greenberg reports that GSTV is now upping its game.

DVR's Fall Impact

Diega Vasquez talks with analyst Brad Adgate about the role time-shifting and social media will play in the fall season.

Hispanic Market Value

Jeff Bercovici says media companies are eyeing the Hispanic community as the next big market target. Media Life reports that Hispanic channels are growing in market share.

Sneaky Ads

June Thomas thinks viewers are watching more TV ads lately because advertisers are getting craftier in creating and placing them.

Defending Skyler

Alyssa Rosenberg defends Breaking Bad's Skyler White against many detractors.

Zimmerman Analysis

Eric Deggans analyzes George Zimmerman's interview on Sean Hannity's Fox News show.

Sorkin Criticism

Three pieces of Sorkinian analysis, from Alex Pareene, Jack Dickey, and Sasha Stone.

Spoilers are OK

James Poniewozik says spoilers aren't the worst things in the world.

Netflix Helps Cable

Netflix's CCO insists that streaming helps cable companies.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DirecTV-Viacom Closer...Or Not

Bloomberg reports that DirecTV thinks it's getting closer to a deal with Viacom. Update: Viacom disputes this.

Fragmenting Distribution

Ellen Gray highlights the challenge of seeing all the acclaimed shows you'd like to, given the fragmented distribution of original programming today, from Damages on DirecTV to Lilyhammer on Netflix.

Hulu Getting Thick

Hulu will co-produce the fourth series of the BBC's The Thick of It, streaming it at the same time it airs in Britain.

Depicting Sexual Assault

Alyssa Rosenberg praises The Shield and Sons of Anarchy for their portrayals of sexual assault.

Summer Ratings

Josef Adalian highlights some summer ratings trends.

Three's Company Suit

A play that purports to deconstruct the 1970s sitcom Three's Company is being sued by the show's copyright owner, with its status as parody in question.

Addressable Ad Trials

Dish Network is touting success it's had with addressable ad trials.

EW Criticism

Drew Magary says editor Jess Cagle has ruined Entertainment Weekly.

Breaking Bad Analysis

Michelle Kuo and Albert Wu analyze Breaking Bad and its social and moral critique.

Call the Midwife on PBS

Glenda Cooper questions if American audiences who embraced Downton Abbey on PBS will appreciate the grittier Call the Midwife.

Offerman Interview

Sean O'Neal talks with Parks & Rec's Nick Offerman.

TWC Sued

Time Warner Cable is being sued by Nexstar over alleged retrans violations. Eriq Gardner describes, "According to the complaint, TWC has been taking NBC signals in Indiana and Pennsylvania and a CBS signal in Rochester, New York -- all owned by Nextar -- and retransmitting them to markets including Cincinnati, Louisville, Orlando, Winston-Salem and Burlington-Plattsburgh -- places where TWC's agreement with Hearst and Bright House have expired." Hearst is also complaining about TWC's retrans tactics.

BBC Awarded More Olympics

The BBC will continue to be the broadcast home for the Olympics in Britain through at least 2020.

Racial Integration Appeal

Tanner Colby appeals to HBO to produce a show about racial integration in the 1970s.

Bad Title Sequences

James Poniewozik highlights bad title sequences on good shows.

Breaking Bad Overlooked

June Thomas considers reasons why the British aren't watching Breaking Bad.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Viacom Ratings Hit

Sam Thielman highlights the ratings impact on Nickeldeon thanks to the DirecTV dispute.

Mobile Viewers

A Pew study analyzes how TV viewers use their mobile phones. Kit Eaton adds thoughts.

Web TV Listings

USA Today has started a listings guide for web TV.

Fringe Ratings

Spotted traces out the 18-49 ratings history of Fringe.

Colbert-Stewart Critique

Steve Almond finds Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert lacking in true impact: "What Stewart and Colbert do most nights is convert civic villainy into disposable laughs. ...Wit, exaggeration, and gentle mockery trump ridicule and invective. The goal is to mollify people, not incite them."

Transmedia Panels

Henry Jenkins has posted video of panels from the recent Transmedia Hollywood 3: Rethinking Creative Relations conference.

RIP Bill Asher

Longtime sitcom director Bill Asher has died.

SNL Retooling

Meredith Blake delves into the challenge Saturday Night Live faces with significant cast departures.

Nickelodeon Tumbling

Joe Flint reports on Nickelodeon's big ratings drop due to the carriage blackout on DirecTV.

Value of LGBT Audience

Media Life talks with a marketing manager about why the LGBT community is a desirable target audience for advertisers.

Cable Upfronts

Diego Vasquez summarizes how cable upfronts have gone, with solid but not too high gains.

New Flow Issue

Check out posts from Kayti Lausch with The Carrie Diaries, The Television Reboot, and the CW’s Programming Strategies, Mary Vanderlinden with Robbing Opportunities: Stereotyped Portrayals Put Latino Actors out of Action, and Camille Debose with How Lena Dunham Set Me Free.

Ratings Fall

Network ratings took a plunge in the second quarter of the year.

Gilligan Interview

Rolling Stone interviews Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. And so does Salon.

Walking Dead Looms for Dish

Daniel Frankel says it's not surprising that Dish barely broke a sweat with Breaking Bad premiering; it's The Walking Dead that will bring the real showdown with AMC.

Divided on Everywhere

Joe Flint says that the pay TV industry is divided over TV Everywhere schemes.

King to Hulu

Larry King is starting a talk show on Hulu.

News Anchors

Paul Friedman discusses how the networks have retooled their nightly newscast anchor rosters.

TiVo Purchase

TiVo has bought a company that specializes in tracking the purchasing habits of TV viewers.

Daily-Colbert Back Online

Viacom has already relented on its online ban of Daily Show and Colbert Report reruns, brought about by its DirecTV dispute. So you can go ahead and watch Louis CK on The Daily Show from last night, where he talks about the Tosh thing; Alyssa Rosenberg responds, as does James Poniewozik.