Saturday, June 30, 2012

Viewing Averages

Catherine Rampell presents some TV viewing charts: "Older Americans and high school dropouts spend the most time watching TV, according to new Labor Department data."

Pay-Per-HBO-Show in Japan

Japanese subscribers to Hulu are getting access to select HBO shows without an HBO subscription.

Andrews Leaving ESPN

Erin Andrews is exiting ESPN, perhaps heading to Fox Sports. Update: She has indeed joined Fox Sports.

Losing AMC

Tonight's the night Dish customers stand to lose AMC channels.

British TV News

The BBC has seen its global audience rise notably in the past year, especially from coverage of world events via regional services. The BBC's COO says profit goals will never overrule programming decisions at the corporation. BBC1 and BBC2 have increased viewing share over the past five years, though total viewing on all British terrestrial channels is down and all channels have been hit by budget cuts to drama and arts programming. BBC3 will use the internet to test out comedy. Despite earlier reports to the contrary, YouView is apparently set to launch in July, but some are skeptical of the VOD service's value.

2nd Season Importance

Consider the returns of Wilfred and Falling Skies, Matt Zoller Seitz explores why a TV show's second season can be more important than its first.

Louie & Anger Management

Anger Management set a cable viewing record with its Thursday premiere. Louie didn't, but was still well up from last year's premiere. Josef Adalian explains where Anger Management fits at FX, and Willa Paskin isn't sure Louie fits as a comedy.

Cable Preferred

Patrick Goldstein discusses the migration of filmmaking talent to TV, especially cable.

NBC Olympics Revenue

Though it has booked $1 billion in ad revenue already, NBC doesn't expect to profit from the Olympics this year, although there are digital video hopes.

Court Activities

The Supreme Court supported overturning the fine for CBS over Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction by refusing to hear an appeal, but Chief Justice Roberts noted that this doesn't open the floodgate for more fleeting naughtiness: broadcasters have now been warned. In another ruling, the Court decided it won't hear media ownership rule arguments.

News Corp Splits

And we're back. As you know by now, News Corporation will indeed split apart into separate publishing and entertainment companies. The Murdoch family will still dominate control. Rupert Murdoch has also ruled out another BSkyB bid, saying he doesn't want to invest in the UK anymore. David Carr analyzes Rupert Murdoch's thinking. The newspaper people are reportedly worried, while Chris King says the Wall Street Journal will be the center of the new news division.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'll mostly be away from the internet the next few days, so I'm sorry to say there probably won't be any updates until the weekend at the earliest.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Newsroom News

The Newsroom drew 2.1 million viewers on its inaugural voyage, though it didn't rate well with women. If you missed it, you can watch it free online. Also, someone has edited together clips of repeat dialogue from Sorkin shows. Natan Edelsburg looks at how the show did on social media.

Sinclair Drops Nielsen

Station group owner Sinclair has dropped Nielsen in favor of Rentrak in four cities

CNN's Struggles

Bill Carter reports on CNN's ongoing ratings struggles.

NBC Watches Tweets

Diana Marszalek looks at how NBC's O&O's are keeping an eye on what news staffers are tweeting.

Sky Atlantic Dilemma

The Guardian's Stuart Heritage points out that those who don't subscribe to Sky in Britain will miss out not only on HBO programming via Sky Atlantic but original productions too, like a new Alan Partridge installment.

Comcast Tops News

John Eggerton highlights details from a PEJ database: "Comcast, through NBC, is the top provider of network TV morning and evening news as well as the No. 3 provider of both cable and online news."

Anger Management Views

Willa Paskin really doesn't care for Anger Management. Alan Sepinwall says it is what you'd expect. And Andrew Wallenstein considers the potential impact on FX's brand.

Awkward Interview

No, it's not an interview that doesn't go well. It's an interview with the showrunner of MTV's Awkward, Lauren Igunerich, Part 1 and Part 2.

Replacing Soap Operas

John Consoli says that with soaps on the way out, networks are finding it a challenge to replace them.

Retrans Hearing Coming

John Eggerton reports that the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing on retransmission consent in July.

The MTM Flop

Jaime Weinman has an interesting post at This Was TV about The Tony Randall Show in the 1970s as a failure of the MTM formula: Part 1.

Social Media & Weather

Eric Deggans delves into how people are increasingly relying on social media rather than TV to track bad weather.

Little Mosque Humor

Kyle Conway writes about Little Mosque on the Prairie and how it translates religion via humor. In part 2, he discusses how the show found a home on CBC. In part 3, he tackles jokes. In part 4, he addresses international distribution.

Canadian Olympic Rights in Question

Difficult rights negotiations are raising the possibility that the 2014 and 2016 Olympics won't have a home on a Canadian broadcasting outlet.

Netflix Loses Captioning Ruling

In an intriguing application of the Americans With Disabilities Act to the internet, a judge has refused to toss a lawsuit against Netflix involving closed captioning on streaming video.

BBC Worldwide Issues

The BBC reportedly has concerns about BBC Worldwide and its investments, and the company faces challenges in digital distribution.

News Corp. Split

News Corporation could be splitting into two companies, one focused on publishing, the other entertainment. News Corp. has now confirmed consideration of the idea, and shareholders seem to approve, though BSkyB investors not so much. Goldman Sachs is reportedly on board to help. The Guardian's Roy Greenslade tries to pinpoint why this is happening.

Good TVeets

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bush Altered

HBO has digitally altered the scene with George Bush's prosthetic head in Game of Thrones.

NBC News & Sandusky

An NBC News segment could become part of Jerry Sandusky's appeal.

New Complex TV Chapter

Jason Mittell has posted the latest chapter of his book manuscript on Complex TV; this one is on serial characters, with a focus on Breaking Bad.

BBC Reporters & Money

The BBC is facing criticism over reports that it has instructed reporters to think about income avenues in producing their work.

Representing the Digital Olympics

Paul Grainge reads the London 2012 Olympics mascots as part of the Games' branding efforts: "Wenlock and Mandeville are a deliberate departure from the history of cuddly Olympic mascots first embodied by the cartoon bear Misha at the 1980 Moscow Olympics and carried through to Beijing’s Fuwa mascots. Phallic fears notwithstanding, they assume the appearance of high-tech toys born from – and for – a digital world."

Catching Up

Cory Barker, one of the great minds behind This Was TV, expresses how difficult it can be to catch up with all the great TV from the past and the present.

Clive James' Legacy

Though rumors of the near-demise of British journalistic Clive James have been exaggerated, DOnald Telford has used the opportunity to inform us about James' impact on TV criticism.

CW's Social Strategy

Natan Edelsburg talks with a CW exec about what the channel is doing with social media.

Justice Turns to Dish & DirecTV

The Justice Department wants to talk with Dish Network & DirecTV about their investigation into internet video competition.

Lovefilm Beats Netflix Again

Lovefilm has aced out Netflix in the UK again with a Fox deal.

South Park Sentencing

The man who threatened South Park's creators for insulting Islam has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

A La Carte Impact

One study claims that a shift from bundling of cable channels to a la carte will cost channels and jobs. Wayne Friedman analyzes the claims.

Soccer Rights Rise

Eric Pfanner highlights how TV rights to soccer in Europe keep rising, despite the financial crisis. (Considering last night's Euro2012 match between England and Italy drew a 77% share in England, that maybe makes sense.)

Smash Saved By Timeshifting

Bill Carter looks at the impact of timeshifting on shows like Smash.

Cable Upfronts Solid

Sam Thielman says cable upfronts were solid.

New In Media Res

Theme: Gaming History

  •  Monday, June 25, 2012 - Nicolas Ricketts (The Strong Museum of Play) presents: When Idle Hands Were the Devil’s Workshop: Did Early Game Manufacturers Overcome a Predjudice Against Gaming? 
  •  Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - Michael Z. Newman (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) presents: Atari Commercials and the Boy Culture of Video Games 
  •  Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Carly Kocurek (Illinois Institute of Technology) presents: Putting Atari to Work 
  •  Thursday, June 28, 2012 - Steven Boyer (University of Glasgow) presents: TI Imposters: Clones, Innovation, and Iteration in Digital Games 
  •  Friday, June 29, 2012 - Shane Toepfer (Kennesaw State) presents: The Digital Evolution?: From Tabletop to Online Simulation

Good TVeets

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hayes Profile

Alex Williams profiles MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

Lost Questions

We're not done answering Lost's unanswered questions yet.

Daytime Emmy Winners

I'm certain most people didn't realize, or care (poor dying soaps...), but the Daytime Emmys were held last night. General Hospital was the big winner (at least that one's still on the air! But still, One Life to Live got screwed.) Update: The ratings were very low.

Newsroom Chatter

Andrew Beaujon highlights the TV critic pans of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom, and Alyssa Rosenberg adds another. The "Fox mole" assesses what the show gets right and wrong. David Haglund assesses everything Sorkin has ever done. Linda Holmes extensively picks apart the show's attitude. Maggie Furlong defends it. Andrew Wallenstein compares it to CNN's real issues, and David Carr says CNN should pay attention. This interview with Sorkin is stirring up reaction.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

iPlayer Blocked From US

US cable companies are working against US expansion of the BBC's iPlayer app in favor of BBC America.

Playoff Rights

Marisa Guthrie notes that if the plan for an NCAA football playoff works out, BCS TV rights will shoot up even higher.

May Sweeps Problems

Some May sweeps data may be in question due to misprinted diaries.

NBC News is planning to launch its own website this fall.

Reality Comparisons

The website FindTheBest has a potential handy searchable comparison chart of US and UK reality TV shows.

Glass House Ruling

A judge has explained why he ruled against CBS and allowed Glass House to go forth.

TV Everywhere Ignorance

Daniel Frankel reports on a study finding that many cable users aren't aware of their TV Everywhere options.

3D Downgrade

DirecTV has downgraded its 3D channel from 24 hours to only part-time special events.

Anti-Skip Patent

Time Warner Cable has patented technology that disables a DVR's ability to fast-forward past commercials.

Network Ratings Shifts

Spotted has another great ratings analysis entry, summarizing the past six seasons of network performance.

Showrunner Surveys

Josef Adalian and Denise Martin fire questions at Kurt Sutter, Vince Gilligan, Lena Dunham, and Robert Carlock. Plus Graham Yost.

BBC Worldwide Changes

BBC Worldwide is making changes, as the current head will exit.

Friday, June 22, 2012

What Extras Do

Ken Levine informs us about TV extras.

MTM Roundtable

TV Club's roundtable on adolescence continues with The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Bieber Bombs

Justin Bieber's fan base apparently didn't follow him to NBC Wednesday night.

2011-12 Analysis

Josef Adalian breaks down 2011-12 season viewership.

NBC News Struggles

The struggles of NBC News are covered by the NYT and the WSJ.

Indecency Ruling

The Supreme Court decided unanimously against the FCC on its indecency rulings against Fox and ABC; however, the Court didn't rule on the constitutionality of the indecency enforcement policy in general. You can read the opinion here. The Center for Creative Voices has issued a response statement. B&C covers other reactions. An FCC commissioner has released a statement, saying it's time to get back to work processing indecency complaints, and there are over a million of those. Broadcasters are still left uncertain after this. Alyssa Rosenberg offers analysis.

Good TVeets

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bullying on Reality TV

Eric Deggans talks to NPR about how reality TV rewards bullying. Andy Dehnart takes issue with this perspective.

TV & Online Ad Convergence

Will Richmond considers the likelihood of TV and online video ad models converging.

CPB Funding

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting warns of numerous station closings in the event of federal funding elimination.

TV One Branding

African-American targeted cable channel TV One is branding itself anew around the idea of storytelling.

Unforgettable Revival

CBS might bring Unforgettable back next summer.

UK Catch-Up

MediaTel has an infographic depicting how UK TV viewers use catch-up services.

Fox & Friends & Politcs

Jeremy W. Peters discusses the political persuasion of Fox's morning show, Fox & Friends.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Critics' Emmys Chat

Six of your favorite TV critics chatted about the Emmys.

GoT Attack Ads

Mother Jones offers political attack ads in a Game of Thrones milieu.

CBS Syndication Deals

CBS-owned stations are getting Mike & Molly and 2 Broke Girls in syndication starting in 2014, and TBS is getting 2 Broke Girls. Cynthia Littleton has analysis of the deals.

Cable Ratings

Sam Thielman checks out the ratings for four summer cable shows, and Claire Atkinson finds USA surprisingly down in the ratings. The Killing finale's ratings were down, leaving a third season in question.


...with this press release.

TV Land Comfort Food

Troy Patterson sees TV Land's new Cedric the Entertainer sitcom as old-fashioned sitcomery, fitting with TV Land's nostalgic approach.

The CW's Strategy

Lacey Rose discusses The CW's new fall approach, which will be focused on multi-platform offerings.

Upfronts OK

Tim Molloy says it's ok that network upfronts were flat.

Netflix Taking On Sky

Netflix is battling Sky for first-run pay TV movie rights in the UK and plans to complain to regulators about Sky's marketplace control if it can't make a dent in Sky's dominance within a year.

Nordic Noir TV

Jace Lacob outlines the rise of Scandanavian dramas as cult hits and international formats.

Ann Curry Out

The Ann Curry era of Today has seen ratings declines, and now comes word that she's being replaced. Savannah Guthrie is the rumored replacement. Howard Kurtz looks at where Curry went wrong. Update: Curry showed up for work this morning, though NBC was ready if she didn't. Update: Compensation for Curry is holding up the exit.

TV Studies & Quality

Sudeep Dasgupta explores television studies' deployment of "Quality TV" analysis: "The bulk of this essay will investigate how the term ‘popular’ was approached intellectually, deployed by the television industry, and now re-deployed by television studies itself. Productively complicating the term in order to underline the political stakes of taking the popular seriously, the remainder of the essay will briefly address how contemporary changes in television around textuality, audiences, and production make a re-thinking of the reliance of television studies on the popular all the more urgent."

Live Ruling

A group of senators have requested live TV coverage of the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act.

Liz & Dick Investigated

The Lindsay Lohen-starring miniseries Liz & Dick is being investigated by unions for improper labor conditions.

Twitter Friendly Title

Andrew Wallenstein highlights MTV's strategy to adapt Made for the social media era: the show is now officially titled Made #DreamBigger.

Netflix Affecting VOD

Todd Spangler reports on a study finding that Netflix could be eating into pay TV video-on-demand revenue.

Fox Fall

James Poniewozik analyzes Fox's fall schedule.

Online Challenge

Peter Kafka sees pay TV being challenged in the future by reality and lifestyle TV online.

Online Abroad

Janko Roettgers highlights the success of online distribution of US shows in Germany, similar to the success of British TV on Hulu lately.

Critics' Choice Awards

NBC did well in the Critics' Choice Awards, though cable came out best in drama awards.

Local Olympics Hopes

Diana Marszalek reports on local station hopes that the Olympics will give them big ratings.

NBA Finals Scoring

The NBA finals are earning high ratings for ABC.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Animation Writers Complain

Jon Weisman reports on animation writers' complaints about Emmy category limitations.

Arsenio Show

Arsenio Hall is getting a syndicated late-night talk show.

Good TVeets

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Rumor Spreads

The Wahington Post has an interesting story on how a false rumor spreads as truth in the media and likely lingers beyond its retraction.

Louie Map

Splitslider delineates locations depicted in Louie episodes.

Bravo Gets Social

Alyssa Rosenberg praises Bravo's social engagement efforts.

GM Fighting For Cuts

Brian Steinberg delves into how GM is trying to force network ad rate price cuts.

Revitalizing Network TV

Brian Byrd has four recommendations for the networks: "If motivated, networks could restore their reputation among younger, cultured, spend-happy TV viewers in two or three years. Some of the solutions are rather obvious, others more complex and risky. None are easy or cheap. But with cable networks siphoning off more and more viewers from the network tank every year, the choice is either adapt or die."

TBS Following Fox Formula

Alfred Martin finds significance in TBS picking up Cougar Town: "I argue that TBS’ agreement to air new episodes of Cougar Town may signal the next network to employ the “Fox Formula” whereby market share is built courting black viewership, only to be discarded once a critical mass of mainstream viewership is attained."

Big Brother Promos

Andy Dehnart has some problems with CBS's promos for Big Brother: "New promos for Big Brother are particularly bad, although perhaps they provide some insight into what the network thinks the draw of its summer show is."

Eurovision Viewership

Some fun viewing figures of Eurovision 2012 ratings across 27 countries.

OTA-Only Up

The volume of households getting their TV from over-the-air signals only has reached 17.8%, but most of these folks may not be cord-cutters.

Pakistan News Scandal

A Pakistani news channel is under fire for rigged coverage of a political scandal.

Sorkin & Newsroom

Mark Harris interviews Aaron Sorkin, and Emily Nussbaum reviews The Newsroom (and not favorably).

Anger Management Promos

Nellie Andreeva checks out Anger Management's promo campaign, which is conceptual rather than clip-based.

Breaking Bad Parody

Mad Magazine has parodied Breaking Bad.

Emmys Roundtables

The LA Times has a showrunner roundtable with Glen Mazzara, Graham Yost, Alex Gansa, Liz Merriwhether, and Vince Gilligan. (It's a wonder these folks have time to run shows given how many roundtables they sem to do.) Also comedy actor and drama actor roundtables.

Episodes Translation Garnering Laughs

An instance of poor Hebrew translation on Episodes has made a clip from the show go viral in Israel.

BBC Writers' Deal

The BBC has forged a new deal with writers that will add payment for iPlayer viewership.

Parks & Rec Walkthrough

TV Club's latest showrunner walkthrough is from Michael Schur on Parks and Recreation: Part 1.

Sherman-Palladino Response

Amy Sherman-Palladino's response to Shonda Rhimes' concerns about Bunhead's lack of diversity is  dismissive toward Rhimes. And she says she doesn't do message shows. Elsewhere, one blogger insists Sherman-Palladino can do better with diversity.

Cable Upfronts

Sam Thielman reports that the cable upfronts are progressing with small rises and NBCU controversy.

New In Media Res

Theme: Wedding-Based Reality TV

  • Monday, June 18, 2012 - Gemma Philage (Barry University) presents: (Weddings * 4) + Audience = ∞ Surveillance 
  • Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - Alice Leppert (University of Minnesota) presents: The Marginalized Brides of Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss 
  • Wednesday, June 20, 2012 - Sonia Arellano (University of Arizona) presents: Who is Really Saying “Yes”? 
  • Thursday, June 21, 2012 - Rosalynn Rothstein (University of Oregon) presents: "that gargoyle or whatever it was": YouTube Comments Meet Television Content 
  • Friday, June 22, 2012 - Bärbel Göbel Stolz (University of Kansas) presents: Cinderella Needs a little TLC - The Fairy Godmother of Poor Brides

Girls Finale

Alan Sepinwall reviews the Girls finale and talks to producers Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner: Part 1 and Part 2. Meghan O'Rourke also interviews Dunham, and that one also takes 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2. Maureen Ryan discusses why Girls' first season was terrific and a hit with guys. Also a review from James Poniewozik. Matt Zoller Seitz traces Girls' journey. Grantland has a roundtable discussion.

Good TVeets

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Canada's Challenge

Kate Taylor discusses the challenges Canadian TV has with creating original productions to compete with American cable fare.

Flow Conference Call

The stellar Flow Conference has posted the Call for Responses for its November 2012 session.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Post-Apocalyptic TV

Post-apocalyptic TV is trending.

Disney & Netflix

Daniel Frankel discusses how Disney Channel's TV Everywhere apps steers users toward Netflix for archived episodes.

Low-Class Comedy

Brandon Nowalk analyzes Shameless and 2 Broke Girls from the standpoint of class depictions, and has a killer opening line: "Shameless is like if 2 Broke Girls actually gave a shit." What follows is similarly compelling.

More Girls

Todd VanDerWerff addresses negative reactions to his piece on Girls and masculine TV (at the top of the comments section), and Lena Dunham talks to Slate.

Good TVeets

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another ABC Win

Another CBS-Big Brother suit ruling today went in favor of ABC. The Glass House premiere will carry on.

Best Dads

With Father's Day looming, Eric Deggans praises the best dads in TV history, and Alyssa Rosenberg dubs Louis C.K the best dad on TV now.

Beck Targets Glee

Glenn Beck says he will single-handedly take down Glee (perhaps he will succeed where GoodTVeets has failed). (Or, as @chutry says, "I thought the show's writers already had this covered.")

SNL Summer Online

Andrew Wallenstein notes that Lorne Michaels has launched a YouTube channel featuring shorts with some SNL talent.

UK Olympics Issues

The UK's YouView connected TV service may be ready by Olympics time -- update: No it won't -- while some are concerned the Olympics will be a drain on video-on-demand ad prospects due to the BBC's involvement.

BSkyB Needs Football

David Conn believes football (soccer, y'all) has been essential to BSkyB's media power: "The Leveson inquiry would almost certainly not be taking place at all had BSkyB not bought the Premier League rights. There would be no national agonising about the power of the Murdoch empire because it might not exist at all."

Best LGBT Scenes

Brandon Nowalk highlights the ten best LGBT scenes from 2011-2012. (Spoilers for multiple shows here, so be prepared to let your eyes jump to the next in the list if you must.)

Dallas Does Well

The rating for Dallas's return were strong. Social media may have played a role.

Anger Management & FX Comedy

Tim Goodman's review of Anger Management questions its place on FX: "It’s not a show that belongs on FX, and it pales in comparison to the series that already air there."

Nightline Rules

Nightline is again the late night ratings leader.

CNN's Issues

Michael Massing laments how lousy CNN has gotten, while John Hudson says CNN's perceived non-partisan identity helps it succeed internationally, a factor that gets elided in articles about its domestic ratings problems.

CA Not Competitive

Alex Ben Block reports on a study finding that California isn't doing enough to keep film and TV production in the state.

Breaking Bad Finale

If you're caught up with Breaking Bad and want to read more about the things that happened at the end of the season, Glenn Whipp has an interview with Giancarlo Esposito, Bryan Cranston, and Vince Gilligan.

Post-TV Cinema

Jason Sperb addresses Prometheus from the perspective of post-television cinema: "The degree to which one likes the new film seems in rough proportion to the degree to which you are drawing on the kind of post-network television narratives like BSG and Lost as your point of reference, or whether or not you are approaching it from the standpoint of the Alien franchise it’s so disingenuously aping."

TV as Literature

Michael Agresta tackles comparisons of TV to literature by discussing The Big Bang Theory. OK, no. I'm just kidding. He talks about Girls and Mad Men, of course.

Girls' Challenge

Todd VanDerWerff sees Girls as challenging masculine expectations for quality TV: "there’s a lack of even the most basic critical charity extended toward Girls that clearly stems from those old sexist attitudes we have about what makes good television." Update: Alyssa Rosenberg follows up on this by invoking Sex and the City.

Significance of RuPaul's Drag Race

Bryan at Stratosphear describes why this season of RuPaul's Drag Race and, in particular, Sharon Needles were significant and meaningful.

Netflix Analyzes You

Derrick Harris discusses how much info about users Netflix analyzes.

Bored Movie

There's word of a potential Bored to Death  TVmovie.

Cord Cutting Saves Little

A Barclay's analyst claims little money is saved in cutting the cord once you find replacements, and he doesn't see much viability for Aereo.

Female Comedies

Deadline chatted with a number of female comedy producers about their work and trends in female comedy.

Emmy Nom Ballots

The ballots for Emmy nominations have been released; Cory Barker analyzes the offerings. Deadline wonders if raunchiness might work against comedies come Emmy time.

Most-Watched Globally

CSI has once again been named the most-watched TV show in the world.

Good TVeets

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Andy Griffith Roundtable

TV Club continues its themed roundtable on adolescence with a discussion of The Andy Griffith Show.

Helping Tweens Be Critical

Jennifer W Shewmaker offers ways to help tweens be critically engaged media consumers.

Pelecanos Podcast

Grantland has a podcast with writer George Pelecanos.

ABC News App

ABC News has upgraded its iPad app, with customized O&O versions.

Girls Viewership

Josef Adalian breaks down who is watching Girls and how. Jezebel reacts to this info.

NBC's Fall Premieres

NBC has announced its fall programming premiere dates, with staggered launches and two commercial-free premieres. Bill Carter has analysis, as does James Poniewozik.

Anger Management Suit

Lawsuits have been traded in regard to who will be owed what cut of Anger Management's revenue.

Public TV Firings

Two Alabama Public Television managers have been dismissed, and some suspect political motivations.

News Civility

A research poll asked 1000 participants about civility in America, and cable news didn't fare very well.

Second Screens

Lucas Shaw gives an overview of second screen efforts. TV Guide has signed a "second screen" deal with USA, and ABC is finding scripted programming more challenging for second screen experiences.

TWC Opinions

Will Richmond brings us Time Warner Cable's Chief Strategy Officer and his belief that the company's distribution strategy is "any content, any device, any time and anywhere," while Erik Gruenwedel covers TWC CEO Glenn Britt's thoughts on bundling.

MLB Player Riches

Tom Van Riper explains how cable money is making baseball players rich.

Cake Boss Prank

A transgender woman is speaking out against a Cake Boss prank that now won't air.

Netflix Testing Split

Netflix is testing out splitting its website into separate movie and TV sections.

Atypical Writing

Randee Dawn highlights the growth of what she defines as atypical choices in TV writing: "Today, many of the top dramas aren't just serialized, but told with an arcing structure that resembles chapters of an ongoing novel. Their creators have a vision for where the "book" is going and how it will end — and that's making for some groundbreaking TV that's altered audience expectations of what they can get out of a simple series."

GoT & Bush's Head

DVD commentary on Game of Thrones revealed that a prosthetic head on a stick in the show was actually a George W. Bush model head. HBO has apologized, and issues another statement.

Cameron Denies Murdoch Deal

Britain's prime minister today testified that he never made any deals with Rupert Murdoch in regard to BSkyB or anything else.

Network Upfronts Done

With Fox and NBC finishing deals, network upfronts are now done. Stuart Elliott assesses how NBC did. The gains are being described as slight and flat.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Daniel Frankel presents LA-area options for what he calls cord-trimming.

Weiner Interview

Alan Sepinwall talked with Matthew Weiner about...yeah, you know. Alyssa Rosenberg responds to part of this.

Mad Men Prediction

Owen Gleiberman predicts the ending of Mad Men.

Movie Ad Targeting

A TV Land study identifies 40-54 year olds as a prime target for movie ads on TV.

Franklin & Bash as Bros

June Thomas finds a subtle gay subtext to Franklin & Bash that pairs nicely with Rizzoli & Isles.

Weeds Ending

Weeds' upcoming eighth season will be its last.

Political Preference

Paul Bond reports on a study measuring favorability toward brands that was then dvided by Democrats and Republicans. Supposedly, Dems like Animal Planet best; the GOP, History.

Killing the Miniseries

Kimberly Potts explores why the miniseries has mostly left network TV. But could the success of Hatfields and McCoys help revive the format?

Broadcast Museum Reopens

The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago has reopened after renovation.

CNN Cancels Show

CNN has canceled John King USA, adding an hour of The Situation Room in its place.

Audio Descriptions

The networks and a few cable channels will soon begin offering a handful of hours of programming with audio descriptions for the visually impaired.

Mad Men & Death

More S5 fun: Matt Zoller Seitz shows us how Mad Men foreshadowed death throughout the season.

DVR Benefit

Fringe and Grimm are two of the biggest ratings beneficiaries of DVR boosts.

Reddit & Social TV

Natan Edelsburg talks with Reddit's general manager about how the site is helping to foster social TV.

Real Crying

Lynn Crosbie covers all the recent crying on reality TV.

Are Trailers Spoilers?

Noel Murray explores arguments that movie trailers constitute spoilers.

Kartheiser Interview

Those still jonsesing for Mad Men S5 info will enjoy this interview with Vincent Kartheiser.

CNBC + Yahoo

CNBC has turned to a Yahoo partnership to grow its online influence.

Anger Management

Lacey Rose says Anger Management is setting up well in ad sales and buzz, and Dave Itzkoff talks to Charlie Sheen about the show.

Recession Revenge

Alyssa Rosenberg highlights Paul Lee's comments about how ABC is programming Revenge-type shows with the recession in mind.

Mad Men Style

Ton and Lorenzo break down "The Phantom."

Gaming & TVs

James Pikover describes how TV sets could play a significant role in gaming wars.

Schick Sponsorship

Andrew Adam Newman discusses a Fuel TV reality show about surfers sponsored by Schick razors but that doesn't feature any product placement or significant plugs for Schick. Schick's marketing director says, "Our guys are inherently cynical about advertising, so you need to go beyond the traditional marketing, you need to do something much more engaging that creates an environment that feels more trusting and authentic."

Connecting With Character

Julia Bascom eloquently describes what Community's Abed Nadir has meant to her.

Political Disclosure Alternative

Katy Bachman describes an alternative plan proposed by broadcasters in response to the FCC's requirement that stations post political ad rate info online. Others are appealing the FCC to keep it in place. And Time Warner Cable already posts this info online.

Justice Investigating Cable

Thomas Catan and Amy Schatz report on the Justice Department's "antitrust investigation into whether cable companies are acting improperly to quash nascent competition from online video" via data caps. Stacey Higginbotham also reports. Will Richmond suggests that the Justice Dept instead look at bundling and how non-sports fans have to pay for sports rights fees. Peter Kafka says this will end up in higher broadband bills. Alyssa Rosenberg says this could shake up the cable TV model. Joe Flint also reports. Dan Mitchell wonders how this might affect streaming.

Diversity Responsibility

Carina Adly MacKenzie explores what responsibility shows have toward diversity in casting and representation. OHTD reacts. Amy Sherman-Palladino has reacted to Shonda Rhimes' comment.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ABC Done

ABC has completed its upfronts deals. More from Anthony Crupi.

Brazilian Drama Controversy

Tamba discusses the controversy being stirred up by a Brazilian drama featuring a young black boy pursuing and constantly being rejected by a rich white girl.

Basic Cable's Emmys Problem

Adam Buckman says basic cable one-hours have a tougher time with Emmy nominations than broadcast and premium dramas.

Social Enabler

Natan Edlesburg highlights a marketing agency called Campfire: "Campfire uses social storytelling, digital content and physical experiences to help TV networks ignite fan cultures and communities that they’ll need to successfully launch a show or a new season."

CBS Done

CBS has completed its upfronts deals, with indications the results were not as robust as hoped for.

Local Social Show

Cory Bergman interviews a Seattle news director about his station's creation of a show driven by social media.

Viewability Rule Out

The FCC has opted to drop the viewability rule, which means, as John Eggerton describes, "cable operators will no longer have to deliver dual analog and digital feeds of must-carry TV station signals to satisfy the FCC requirement that they be viewable to their subscribers. Instead, the FCC says that the no-cost and low-cost converter boxes cable operators offer will satisfy the still-important obligation to make must-carry stations accessible to viewers." This is a setback for broadcasters, says Kim McAvoy.

Sunday Ratings

Bill Cromwell surveys the solid ratings from Sunday night cable shows.

Marketing Suggestions

Nielsen offers six ways networks can improve fall viewership through better marketing.

Samberg Doing British Sitcom

Post-SNL, Andy Samberg will next star in a sitcom for BBC Three.

DirecTV Could Skip Too

DirecTV's CEO says his company has the rights to Auto Hop-type ad-skipping technology too, but indicates they haven't chosen to deploy it because demand isn't there. (Hmm...)

Logo Broadening Target

Claire Atkinson reports on the cable channel Logo looking beyond its original LGBT target audience.

House Hunters Cheating?

Andy Dehnart relates allegations that House Hunters contains fakery. James Poniewozik also covers this and says it won't change his viewership of the show. HGTV addresses the allegations, and Dehnart says their defense is ridiculous.

Most Pirated

Another study finds Game of Thrones to be the most pirated show. Interestingly, How I Met Your Mother is second.

Fall Impressions

Daily Beast gives quick impressions on new fall shows, and HuffPost TV continues its look with The CW and ABC (previously NBC and Fox).

Recap Invention

Michael Newman takes up the issue of the invention of recaps and the cultural status of TV.

Struggle to Measure

Phil Rosenthal discusses the challenge of accurately measuring ratings today. Stuart Elliot reports on two studies about tracking audiences across multiple platforms, and Gary Levin reports on how DVRs have affected ratings. Alyssa Rosenberg suggests an intriguing cloud idea to help with advertising.

Apple TV Set

We still don't know what the Apple TV set could be like, but Peter Kafka says we've seen pieces to the puzzle, and Darcy Travlos foresees something that could revolutionize TV.

Pixar's Storytelling Rules

A Pixar storyboard artist has tweeted an instructive list of 22 rules of storytelling followed at Pixar.

WBTV Buys Alloy

Joe Flint reports on Warner Bros. TV's purchase of Alloy: "Looking to expand its presence in the teen and young adult market, Warner Bros. Television Group has struck a deal to purchase Alloy Entertainment, a content company that specializes in youth-oriented books aimed particularly at females."

State of Multicam

Nellie Andreeva points out that multi-cam sitcoms are holding strong only at CBS.

Retrans Compared to Carriage Fees

Wayne Friedman reports on the networks' frustration with the vast gap between what they get in retrans fees and what cable channels get in carriage fees. Related update: Pay tv subscriber fees are predicted to rise.

What We Study Most

Slate investigated what academics study most in pop culture, and to the surprise of no one who has paid attention over the past decade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on top. (And to the surprise of no one, there are some obnoxious anti-TV Studies comments that follow the article.)

ABC's Opposition Filing

ABC has filed an opposition brief in the Big Brother lawsuit brought by CBS.

Sherman-Palladino Interview

With Bunheads just premiering, there are Amy Sherman-Palladino interviews at THR and Vulture.

Good TVeets

Monday, June 11, 2012

Multi-Screen Viewing

comScore has released a new study of multi-screen consumption: "While TV continues to dominate the media landscape, consumers’ TV viewing habits are rapidly traversing platforms in the digital realm and revealing the evolution of the Multi-Screen consumer. This new and complex ecosystem can make campaign planning a challenge for brand marketers and agencies, and there is still a great deal to learn about how consumers use multiple screens." Jeff Sonderman highlights some details from the results.

History Wins for Cable

The History channel ended the week of June 3 on top of the rest of TV in total viewers, which is thought to be the first time a cable channel has outrated the networks for a week. Natan Edelsburg says social media components contributed.

Comedy Roundtable

THR presents a roundtable with comedy showrunners Carter Bays, Bill Prady, Liz Meriwether, Paul Lieberstein, Steve Levitan and Emily Spivey.

Tablets for Everywhere

Daisy Whitney says tablets are the great hope for TV Everywhere prospects.

Mad Men as Sitcom

Jesse David Fox explores the comedic side of Mad Men.

Positive Reality

Tim Molloy showcases USA's attempt to score audiences with positive reality shows.

Social Media Activity

Wayne Friedman reports that May was a big month for TV-related social media activity.

Pants Back Protest

Fans of I Just Want my Pants Back are lobbying MTV to bring the canceled show back.

Weiner on Finale

Dave Itzkoff talks with Matthew Weiner about Mad Men's season finale. John Swansburg also talked with Weiner.

Mad Men Reflections

THR covers a reflection on some season 5 moments in Mad Men from Matthew Weiner and cast members.

Content Ratings Online

The networks will start placing TV content ratings on online streams of their programming. The PTC isn't impressed.

Beck Renews

Glenn Beck is renewing his radio deal.