Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Characters Unite Month

USA is doing another Characters Unite Month to promote tolerance and acceptance (and, of course, USA).

Product Placement

Michael Schneider addresses the growth of product placement today.

Fox, NBC & Kaling

The Office's Mindy Kaling had her pilot turned down by NBC (even though Universal is producing it) and then picked up by Fox. Update: Andy Greenwald considers what this means for NBC.

Reality Show Venn Diagram

Vulture presents a Venn diagram based on cable reality show topics.

Hulu's Happy

Hulu's CEO says he likes where the company stands and sees more growth on the way.

Sports Help & Hurt

Rebecca Greenfield notes that sports are great for ratings and viewing, but the rights costs for sporting events are driving up carriage fees and cable bills, thus pushing people to cut cords.

State of CCTV

Christopher Bodeen assess the current state of Chinese state TV.

Luck Renewed

Luck will return for a second season, even though ratings have started slow.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Winners: The Bachelor (ABC), How I Met Your Mother R (CBS), House (Fox), 2 Broke Girls R (CBS), Two and a Half Men R (CBS), Alcatraz (Fox)
Not Expected Back: Who’s Still Standing? (NBC)
-Losers: Rock Center With Brian Williams (NBC)
-Total Viewers: Fox: 8.49 million, CBS: 8.05, ABC: 7.62, NBC: 4.62, CW: 1.43
-Adults 18-49: Fox: 2.8 rating/7 share, CBS: 2.3/ 6, ABC: 2.2/ 6, NBC: 1.3/ 3, CW: 0.6/ 2

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

AD Starting

Kimberly Potts reports that writing has begun on the new Arrested Development episodes and shooting is scheduled to begin.

YouTube Parallels Cable

Will Richmond explores how YouTube's original channels are paralleling the cable universe.

BBC Diversity Criticism

A diversity report calls out the BBC for not featuring enough women and older people, especially on panel and reality shows, though a survey of viewers says they don't care about age portrayal. In regard to racial diversity, British actor David Harewood (who plays David on Homeland) advises young black actors to head to the US because there aren't enough good roles for them in the UK.

TV Comedy Cabal

Grantland has a nifty infographic detailing how certain comedy actors keep popping up on the same set of sitcoms.

YouNow & Reality TV

Natan Edelsburg explains how a new social media platform called YouNow could change reality TV.

ESPN's Value

Michael Humphrey says the buzz that resulted from Blake Griffin's dunk last night (seriously, you have to see it) illustrates how ESPN earns its money and high subscriber fees.

Sky Developments

Robert Andrews reports on changes the Sky satellite service is making to deal with internet competition, including launching an online service this summer that doesn't require a satellite subscription and that would compete with Netflix and other outlets for UK streaming users.

Pakistan-India Reality Competitions

A pair of reality shows, one about chefs, another about musicians, are pitting Pakistanis against Indians.

Social TV Value

While some say social TV really matters, others say Twitter isn't saving TV, and USA Network is putting a lot of stock in social buzz, even though it can't be sure it's helping ratings.

Common Plugs Current

A new Current TV promo features the rapper Common, as the channel tries to make younger viewers aware of its existence. Elsewhere, Rob Lohman profiles Current's current state and future plans.

Deadline v. THR

The copyright dispute about news appropriation between Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter carries on.

Super Bowl Buzz

The ad buzz for the Super Bowl is already strong, and some of the ads are going viral. Toni Fitzgerald lays out some facts and figures about Super Bowl media buying, and Sam Laird says mobile and social media will be the big winners of Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Online

Peter Kafka says the NBC is making the Super Bowl available online, where it will earn less money per eyeball, because it's pretty sure you're going to watch on TV too anyway: "The network assumes that nearly every eyeball — and every ad dollar — that it gets from the Web this week will be a bonus, because whoever watches online is simultaneously watching on a big TV, the way football is supposed to be watched."

Clear Channel Invests in Seacrest

Clear Channel is investing in Ryan Seacrest's production company.

Colbert Super PAC $

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC has now raised more than $1 million.

Fox News' Decade Reign

Fox News has been #1 in cable news ratings for a decade.

X Factor Changes

The X Factor is clearing the decks. Josef Adalian says these moves make it clear Simon Cowell doesn't get what the real problem is.

Good TVeets

American television is now little more than a GEICO-ad distribution system.

Not a timely observation, but what kind of world do we live in that bestows eight seasons on 'Entourage' and just two on 'Party Down'?

This "Fear Factor" thing is hardly unprecedented; does no one remember "TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes & Also Someone Drinks Donkey Semen"?

New X Factor judge suggestions: Mr. Bates. And Undertaker.

Monday, January 30, 2012

CableCard Numbers

Todd Spangler reports: "Through the end of 2011, the 10 largest U.S. cable operators have rolled out more than 32 million CableCard-enabled set-tops -- and just 554,000 standalone CableCard devices for use in TiVo digital video recorders and other devices, according to the National Cable & Telecommunications Association."

Fewer Can Be Better

Observing that ratings are up over last year for the shortened NBA season, Wayne Friedman notes that both sports and reality TV can benefit from fewer episodes, avoiding viewer fatigue.

YouTube Gets Food Network Exec

A Food Network exec has exited to run a YouTube channel.

Bible Game Show

GSN is developing a game show revolving around Bible knowledge.

Upfronts Prep

Jon Lafayette looks at how the networks have to prep months ahead for upfronts.

Middle Product Placement

David Bauder assesses The Middle's VW Passat product placement from a few weeks ago.

Super Bowl Ads Top $4 Million

Wayne Friedman reports on a big increase in the cost of Super Bowl ads.

Fear Factor Ep Pulled

NBC has pulled an episode of Fear Factor planned for tonight due to the gross-out factor one of the challenges. Jaime Weinman puts this in a broader NBC context.

Pay TV Up To Challenge

David Lieberman finds that pay TV can handle the challenge brought by web competitors.

More Retrans Fights Coming

RBR-TVBR reports that more brutal retrans negotiations are coming in the next few years.

Super Loophole

Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry is trying to take advantage of a loophole in election advertising to get graphic ads on the air in some local markets during the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Ad Trends

Nielsen charts out Super Bowl ad trends over the past five years.

NBC Programmer Profiled

Meg James profiles Pete Telegdy, president of alternative and late-night programming for NBC.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Winners: Undercover Boss (CBS), Once Upon a Time (ABC), The Good Wife (CBS), CSI: Miami (CBS)
-Losers: The Cleveland Show (Fox), Hallmark Hall of Fame’s A Smile as Big as the Moon (ABC)
-Total Viewers: CBS: 11.42 million, NBC: 10.74, ABC: 7.97, Fox: 4.11
-Adults 18-49: NBC: 3.7 rating/9 share, CBS: 2.2/ 5, ABC: 2.1/ 5, Fox: 2.0/ 5

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

CBS Dominates DVRs

CBS programming ranks high in Live + 7 ratings lists.

RHOBH is Important

Kate Aurthur argues that this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is riveting and important TV.

Good Wife Review

In his review of last night's The Good Wife, James Poniewozik praises the show for respecting the intelligence of viewers and seeming more like a cable drama in that regard. On Twitter, Noel Kirkpatrick lamented that critics always feel compelled to say The Good Wife is like cable drama, which glosses over what most cable drama is really like, an issue which he wrote about previously for In Media Res. And he blogged about it today.

Race & Hollywood

Alyssa Rosenberg addresses the reactions to Spike Lee's comments about the dearth of African-American influence in Hollywood.

NBCU Value

David Gelles looks at how Comcast's purchase of NBCU is starting to pay off.

Earnings Preview

Dow Jones Newswires predicts media company earnings and highlights how their TV properties are doing.

Netflix Original

Alexandra Cheney profiles the first Netflix original series, Lilyhammer.

Looking Back on TRL

Genevieve Koski reviews a new documentary on MTV's TRL.

Early Jon Stewart

Ramsey Ess checks out Jon Stewart's early TV work.

New In Media Res

Theme: Niching: Past and Present

  • Monday, January 30, 2012 - Rachel Mizsei Ward (University of East Anglia) presents: The guy watching is HOW old?
  • Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - Kimberly Owczarski (Texas Christian University) presents: "Like Shooting Nerds in a Barrel": Exploiting the Fanboy Niche
  • Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - Caroline Leader (Independent Scholar) presents: Storytelling and the role of imagination in educational children’s TV of the 1980s
  • Thursday, February 2, 2012 - Ethan Tussey (University of California- Santa Barbara) presents: Finding Your Niche on the New YouTube
  • Friday, February 3, 2012 - Darcey West Morris (Georgia State Univesity) presents: Widercasting: Cable Networks Abandon the Niche

Transparency Objections

Steven Waldman wonders why broadcasters are objecting to a new FCC proposal to put documents detailing their public interest obligations and fulfillment online.

Sky Adding VOD Services

In Britain, the Sky satellite service is adding video-on-demand services from the BBC and ITV.

Spanish-Language Nets

Many believe Fox will succeed with its new Spanish-language network, MundoFox, and Univision's upcoming sports channel Univision Deportes is also lining up big advertisers.

Good TVeets


If Sarah McLachlan sings the National Anthem at this year's Puppy Bowl, I will straight up kill myself.

The average age of SAG voters is 175. #GoBettyWhite #SAG

Want to fund the next 20 years worth of pledge drives, PBS? Raffle off a chance to join Maggie Smith for high tea at Downton. Boom.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Murdoch & Twitter

David Carr delves into Rupert Murdoch's Twitter feed.

The Office Spinoff

Rainn Wilson revealed more about the potential Office spinoff tonight.

SAG Awards

HBO was a big winner at the SAG awards.

Showtime Gains

Bill Carter looks at how Homeland has helped boost Showtime closer to HBO territory.

SAG Tweeting

SAG members will be tweeting from the awards ceremony tonight, and TNT has a handy seating chart to show who's joining in.

Being Human & Twitter

Liz Shannon Miller delves into how Syfy used Twitter and a hashtag theme to bring new viewers to Being Human.

Amazon's Potential

Tim Carmody analyzes Amazon's potential to take on Netflix and iTunes in streaming.

ESPN Mobile

Mark Walsh says ESPN is looking at mobile as a first screen these days, not a third screen.

Media Industry News

Over at Antenna, my latest collection of media industry news links is up.

DGA Awards

The Directors Guild Awards were handed out last night; in the TV categories, awarded shows included The Biggest Loser, General Hospital, The Kennedys, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Killing.

Good TVeets

I wish I were as good at anything as Kyle Chandler is at looking put-upon.

Next on Hannity, why can't Hollywood Celebs just shut up? Sean finds out with Jon Voight, Victoria Jackson & Chuck Norris!

The Cheers theme song is really sad when you realize the only place where everybody knows your name is packed with alcoholics.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

NBC Balks at Romney Ad

NBC News has asked Mitt Romney's campaign to pull an ad mostly made up of Tom Brokaw reporting on Newt Gingrich's legal problems. The Romney campaign thinks it has a fair use right to the footage.

Filming Made

Another behind-the-scenes view of a reality TV production, this one from a teacher whose high school was featured on MTV's Made.

Big Brother Controversy

Brazil's Big Brother has been rocked by allegations of sexual assault captured live on camera but not initially acknowledged by producers.

AFTRA Approves

The SAG-AFTRA merger is closer to a done deal after an AFTRA board approved it.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Viacom Pay Packages

Viacom's head execs make a lot of money.

Pilot Orders

ABC and CBS have announced pilot orders.

Good TVeets

Huh. Big Bang once again got better ratings than IDOL in the Coveted Demographic™. If Modern Family does it next week, it's the New Trend™.

Sure Chuck is juvenile, cheesy, contrived, sexist, etc. But at its best, charming, witty, and refreshingly unserious. I've enjoyed the ride.

"Subway Closes Down All Branches, Cites Lack of #Chuck As Reason for Plummeting Sales." #TomorrowsHeadlinesToday

Top Chef Taping

YiMay Yang describes what it's like to be a diner at a Top Chef taping: "You could tell from Padma's expression that she was not adapting well to the Texas summer. She looked like she might melt as her assistants touched up her makeup and cooled her neck down with wet rags. But as soon as the cameras went on, her scowl disappeared."

Social Growth

As a sign of the growth of social media TV commenting, Simon Dumenco reports, American Idol's mentions have grown 557% over last season, Jersey Shore grew 612%, and Parks & Rec grew 739% (I'd love to see Ron Swanson's mentions in particular parsed out).

SAG Approval

SAG has voted overwhelmingly to approve the AFTRA merger.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Globes Testimony

In the Golden Globes rights trial, NBC exec Marc Graboff testified that NBC screwed up the deal negotiations and overpaid. (Oh, NBC.)

SOTU Viewing

Ratings numbers on the State of the Union address show that a good number of people only stuck around for the first five minutes (They missed the milk joke!) and their preferred subsequent destinations were TBS, USA, and ESPN.

OUAT > Grimm

Alyssa Rosenberg thinks Once Upon a Time works better than Grimm.

NAB Criticizes TWC

The NAB has responded to Time Warner Cable's big earnings statement with retrans rhetoric. An NAB spokesman says: "Given that Time Warner Cable just announced a quarterly net income increase of 44% and annual profits of $1.3 billion, it's time for pay TV's poster child for skyrocketing rates to come clean on retransmission consent. The fact is that local TV station carriage fees account for less than 1 percent of the cost of a monthly cable bill. It's laughable to suggest that broadcasters are responsible for higher cable rates."

The CW + 7

John Consoli points out that The CW gains significant viewership when looking at Live + 7 ratings, but unfortunately that's not what advertisers pay for.

Stealing Downton Abbey

John Sellers defends the practicing of illegally accessing Downton Abbey versus waiting til it airs legally in the US.

Homeland & War on Terror

Pamela Aucoin argues that Homeland validates the war on terror and a security state. UPDATE: Alyssa Rosenberg thinks Aucoin is misreading the show.

Also related to Homeland, Todd VanDerWerff concludes his walk through the series with co-creator Alex Gansa, part two and three and four.

Comcast-NBC Anniversary

It's been nearly a year since Comcast wed NBC, and Harry A. Jessell praises Comcast's efforts at supporting the broadcasting side of the merger. However, R. Thomas Umstead points out that there's still nothing created in terms of promised multicultural channel launches.

Global Educational Soaps

Sarika Bansal highlights some of the soap operas around the world that serve also as educational tools about social issues.

NZ Summer TV

Geoff Lealand describes how little good TV there was to watch in New Zealand over its summer period: "For a moment there, I did wonder whether this might spell the end of television, as we know it, as days went by and I didn't bother switching on the set."

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Big Bang Theory surpasses Idol again. More on that from Bill Carter. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Indie Films as Pilots

Writing from Sundance, IFC president Evan Shapiro laments how little attention great indie films get and proposes that some, like Welcome to the Dollhouse, would be better off as TV series.

Super Bowl Plans

EW lays out NBCU's Super Bowl programming plans across the dial.

Critic Diversity

Eric Deggans laments that media critics are overwhelmingly male and white.

OWN Needs Oprah

Toni Fitzgerald says what OWN is suffering from is too little Oprah.

TDS on Indecency

Jon Stewart tackled the Supreme Court's deliberations on the FCC's indecency regulations last night. The last minute is especially good.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
A Love Supreme
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

Cable Apps

Cable channels are developing their own apps and integrating them with shows.

Watching for Dollars

A new app gives you financial rewards based on how much TV you watch.

Friday Fun

Every Doctor Who Story 1963 to Now


Netflix Overseas

Netflix is looking at overseas losses as it builds its business in various countries.

Chuck Interview

Chuck ends tonight; Alan Sepinwall has a five-part interview with creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz. The interview starts here, and links to the others on today's final post. Sepinwall also highlights his favorite moments from the show.

Moral Vigilante TV

A reality show in Pakistan has raised controversy for acting as moral police. Update: The host of the show has been fired from her morning show job.

Smaller Packages

Jamie Sturgeon says the era  of the big cable channel package is ending.

Good TVeets

I am watching 30 Rock on actual TV--AS IT AIRS. Commercials too! I feel like I am at Colonial Williamsburgh.

Are you there, Chelsea? It's me -- Nielsen #NBC

Fox has a pilot called "Prodigy Bully," following CBS's "Widow Detective." I know titles will change, but can "Police Cops" be far away?

Thank You, Gossip Girl

Upon its 100th episode, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg visited the set of Gossip Girl to honor the show for being a Big Apple ambassador.

Gaming & Soaps

John Vanderhoef delves into the ways in which soap opera and video game fandom are similar in terms of being tied to denigrated media cultures.

Retrans Deal Reached

DirecTV has solved its retrans impasse with Sunbeam stations.

Netflix Threat

Anna Heim says Netflix's top threat is TV Everywhere.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Leno Complaint

India is unhappy about a Jay Leno joke.

UPDATE: The State Department is defending Leno. And the issue continues to snowball.

Analyzing Catherine

June Thomas profiles the departing Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) on CSI.

BBC Boss Leaving

BBC General Director Mark Thompson says he will step down after the Olympics. Dan Sabbagh sees this decision as good timing, and the Guardian considers possible successors.

Luck Interview

Alan Sepinwall talked with Luck producers David Milch and Michael Mann. Also, Stuart Levine talked with HBo's programming head about Luck, as well as HBO's cancelled and new comedies. Andrew Wallenstein is pessimistic about Luck's odds.

Making Cord Cutting Harder

Dow Jones Newswires explains how studios and pay TV operators are trying to keep viewers from cutting the cord in favor of online options.

Cable Raising Rates

Andrew Wallenstein reports on the risk major pay TV operators are taking in raising subscriber fees.

CNN Excels Online

Lucas Shaw conveys CNN's boasting that while it lags behind in traditional TV ratings, it leads cable news outlets online. UPDATE: Daniel Frankel explains why this could be a problem for Fox News.

Local NFL Ratings

Harry A Jessel says while the media has focused on big national NFL playoff ratings, the local ratings are even more impressive.

Subscriber Numbers

Peter Kafka analyzes Time Warner Cable subscriber losses in a larger context to determine if it's cord cutters having an impact or just people choosing other providers.

OWN Shakeup

OWN fired an exec who has been with Oprah Winfrey for 18 years and brought in a new programming and development exec.

Wednesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. The early preview of Touch did well, as did Marg Helgenberger's CSI exit. Cable ratings.

Debates Made for TV

Jeremy W. Peters describes how the election debates have been made for TV.

India-Pakistan Reality

Radhika Bhirani describes how India and Pakistan relations are playing out in reality TV.

Starz Prez Leaves

The president of Starz is stepping down.

More Netflix News

More Netflix news I missed yesterday: Netflix reached 4th quarter earnings expectations, but Will Richmond says you need to dig deeper to see the consequences of the company's poor decisions; Netflix agreed to the Warner Bros. DVD delay, and it says the UK launch was successful.

Good TVeets

To ensure that the identities of Seal Team 6 members remain secret, they've all been given primetime shows on NBC.

Ever wonder what happened to lovable bailiff Bull after Night Court ended? No? Well, tough shit, NBC's got a Wednesday night to program.

NBC has ordered a spin-off about that trivia night contestant that Steve Carell didn't play a few weeks ago.

Proving TVBTN right, NBC cancels "Harry's Law." In unrelated news, NBC has picked up a new Kathy Bates series, "Harry's Order"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Office Spinoff

Nellie Andreeva reports that Dwight Schrute might get his own show. Or not? James Poniewozik sees this as a terrible idea.

Netflix News

In addition to the DVD/streaming profit disparity I posted about earlier, there was much more Netflix news today: Netflix has given up on video games, is planning to give up on DVDs, considers 3D a possibility, and has twice as many streaming subscribers as DVD ones.

Academy Summer Internship

Students should check out the Television Academy Foundation's Summer Internship Program: "The summer Student Internship Program provides more than 40 industry-wide internships to college and graduate students from across the country, and has been hailed for more than a decade as one of the top ten internships in the country. The program is designed to provide college students with in-depth exposure to professional television production during an eight-week summer period in Los Angeles...The competitive eight-week program is based in Los Angeles and provides students with real-world work experience and in-depth exposure to the television industry, focused within their specific field of interest...All submissions must be postmarked by March 15, 2012."

National TV Awards

The UK's National Television Awards were given out tonight in London. Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, and Outnumbered were among the shows honored.

USA Reality

USA Network has picked up a reality show featuring Kurt Warner and the theme of second chances.

Labor Reality

Cory Barker delves into the appeal of labor-centric reality TV.

Retrans Predictions

A NAPTE panel of station group execs brought forth predictions for the future of retransmission fees.

Carriage Preferences

John Eggerton reports on a survey of cable operators asked which emerging and mid-size cable channels they most want to carry: "Hallmark Movie Channel is the emerging network cable operators most want to carry (88%), while the emerging net large systems are most interested in adding BBC World News (33%)."

Spike Originals

Spike TV is moving further into producing original programming.

Netflix Profit Challenge

Netflix has a challenge in that profit margins are much higher on DVD subscribers than streaming ones. From AdAge: "Netflix would have to sign up four to five streaming subscribers to make up for the loss of one DVD subscriber who canceled because of last year's price hike, according to Janney Capital Markets analyst Tony Wible."

What Happened to Work It

Michael Schneider takes us through the tragic life and death of Work It.

Channel 4 Loss

Britain's Channel 4 lost money last year, for the first time in a decade, though C4 executives say it was a planned loss to invest in the future.

Weiner at NAPTE

Matt Weiner spoke at NATPE about  Mad Men while accepting the Brandon Tartikoff Legacy Award.

Tough Time Slots

Gail Pennington highlights some of prime time's most competitive time slots and how they challenge viewers to choose.

Defending Episodic Viewing

Todd VanDerWerff appreciates watching shows with time between episodes, rather than marathoning in one sitting. (If you want more on this topic, Michael Newman wrote about it for Flow a few years ago.) Jaime Weinman adds thoughts.

Telenovelas With Subtitles

Univision will offer closed-captioned English subtitles on its prime-time telenovelas.

Tuesday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. An unusual night due to the State of the Union address. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Testing Technology

Time Warner has a media lab where consumers test out technology like video games and 3D TV.

Amazon Streaming

Claire Atkinson reports that Amazon wants to take on Netflix in the subscription streaming arena.

Russia Gets Assange TV

Julian Assange's TV show has been picked up by Russian state TV.

Fatherhood Drama

Alyssa Rosenberg discusses how dramas like Justified and Mad Men are presenting fatherhood.

Online Complements TV

Will Richmond reports on a study finding that when it comes to advertising, online video effectively complements TV ads, and online should be paired with TV for maximum effectiveness.

Interactive Rise

Richard MacManus looks at how the TV viewer experience is becoming more interactive.

Lionsgate-Grupo Televisa Partner

Meg James reports: "Lionsgate and Mexico's programming powerhouse Grupo Televisa are expanding their budding partnership with a new venture that aims to create television shows for English-language audiences."

BBC Sexism

The BBC is accused of allowing a "culture of sexism" to exist against its female TV and radio presenters.

DA Jewelry Controversy

Downton Abbey's British production company is not happy with PBS for selling jewelry inspired by the show without its knowledge.

Idol Reigns

Wayne Friedman discusses how American Idol is still tops in the TV ratings and social media buzz.

Netflix Helps

Netflix's chief content officer insists that Netflix is good for TV, especially streaming, which brings people to new shows.

Good TVeets

I will never have a love affair as complicated or as beautiful as Raylan and Boyd's #justified

No Swinton, no Gosling, and no Depp? Come on, Oscars. You know the rules: at least one Red Carpet weirdo nomination per category.

Know that upbeat #ParksAndRec theme song? Just heard the lyrics, and they're SUPER dark. Way worse than M*A*S*H. #morphinedrip #mutilation

"I am proud to report that in addition to bin Laden, I just killed the dude who wrote that milk joke." #SOTU

Sitcom Plot Overload

Daniel Walters notes that the longer sitcoms last, the more they overload their plots with separate storylines, to the detriment of the show.

Apple TV Signs

Ryan Lawler says there are signs Apple TV is starting to matter.

Yost Interview

Alan Sepinwall interviewed Justified showrunner Graham Yost about season 3.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Retrans Dispute Update

As the DirecTV retrans dispute in Miami and Boston carries on, DirecTV insists it's available 24/7 to negotiate with the stations' owner Sunbeam, and John Kerry wants a pledge that the Super Bowl won't be blacked out.

Boardwalk Empire VFX

Check out a montage of some of Boardwalk Empire's season 2 digital effects.

Live & Streaming Audiences Diverge

Tim Carmody says audiences watch video-on-demand and streaming TV differently than traditional TV.

Nick Adapts Telenovela

Nickelodeon has picked up an adaptation of a Mexican telenovela to air on Nick at Night.

White Collar Analysis

Corey Barker explains why White Collar is USA's best series.

Fall of an Ad Agency

Seth Stevenson describes the fall of the ad agency that did those creepy king Burger King ads.

Globes Rights

A court battle continues over who has the TV licensing rights to the Golden Globes ceremony.

Boxee Live

Boxee's live TV update is available today. Jeff Baumgartner and Todd Spangler consider its impact.

Wikileaks TV

Julian Assange says he's starting a Wikileaks TV show.

Colbert Ends Campaign

Chuck Todd can relax; Stephen Colbert has ended his presidential campaign.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. CBS was in repeats, Fox led the night. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Building Starz

At NATPE, Chris Albrecht discussed his plan for building Starz into a competitive premium channel, and it includes avoiding pilots and comedy.

Low-Cost Package

Cox Communications is offering a low-cost cable package without ESPN, TNT, and other high-carriage fee channels.

Homeland Walkthrough

Todd VanDerWerf goes through Homeland's first three episodes with EP Alex Gansa (three more parts to come).

RSN Deals

John Ourands describes the regional sports network carriage deals in the works in California, as new channels are coming from the Pac-12 and Time Warner Cable.

Super Ad Revenue

Claire Atkinson says the local NBC affiliates in New York and Boston will make extra money from the Super Bowl thanks to their home teams making it in.

New Music Channel

Sean Combs is launching a new music-themed cable channel targeted toward an African-American audience.

Oscar Tweets

The Academy Award nominations were announced this morning; I grabbed some of the Twitter reactions from my usual TVeets sources.

I'm just excited to finally see something nice happen for George Clooney. #overdue #givethemanabreak

If only someone had made a film about how 9/11 taught a horse to love classic cinema

At least this will put an end to all of those "Jonah Hill is the best actor without an Oscar nod" trend pieces.

My Oscar nomination reactions are as follows: Yay! Boo!

Election News

James Poniewozik observes that a more sedate debate is not necessarily a better debate, and Andrea Morabito says TV news people are happy that the GOP race looks to be long-lasting now. Florida TV stations are happy too.

UK Viewing

A study of viewership found that 90.6% of TV viewing in Britain last year was live, not time-shifted.

Multicasting Value

TVNewsCheck reports on the available revenue in multicasting that only a few are taking advantage of right now.

Smash's Strengths

Jace Lacob highlights what Smash has going for it.

Hits Needed

Offering NAPTE coverage, Glenn Garvin stresses that TV needs hit shows more than ever before.

Promising Midseason

Louisa Ada Seltzer says early results indicate a strong midseason for the networks. 

NBC Pilots

NBC has picked up 10 pilots.

Sports Advertising

Nielsen sums up how 2011 went in sports advertising; AT&T Wireless was the biggest spender.

Good TVeets

Laid up sick in bed. Turns out I am not Untouchable, bitch after all.

Tonight's GOP debate is on NBC, not cable -- that's a lower-numbered station where you usually watch weight loss contests.

It makes me so nervous that there's a show on A&E called Shipping Wars. #TVD

Monday, January 23, 2012

Alcatraz's Appeal

Ken Tucker considers why Alcatraz has caught on right away.

Over-50 Channel

Joe Flint profiles RLTV (Retirement Living TV), a channel aimed at a demo that is heavily underserved: the over-50 set.

Untouchable Scores

The Drew Peterson movie on Lifetime drew strong ratings. If you don't want to watch the whole thing, you should at least check out the best 90 seconds.


Just a programming note: You may have noticed that things were pretty quiet here tonight, and Mondays are likely to be slow like that because I'm occupied at work almost non-stop from lunch til late evening. I'm hopeful that TV journalists and academics will accordingly refrain from writing anything important on Mondays. 'Kay? Thx!

Cable Costs

Peter Kafka reminds us just how much cable subscribers pay for ESPN and other sports channels in our cable bills and wonders just when someone will step up with a sports-less bundle or over-the-top option. David Goetzl also lays out the numbers in terms of CPMs, and sports channels dominate there too.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Winners: NFC Championship – Giants vs. 49ers (Fox), Once Upon a Time (ABC)
-Not Bad Opposite Football: 60 Minutes R (CBS), Undercover Boss (CBS)
-Losers: America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC), Prime Suspect (NBC), Pan Am (ABC)
-Total Viewers: Fox: 50.05 million, CBS: 7.23, ABC: 6.45, NBC: 4.56
-Adults 18-49: Fox: 18.7 rating/40 share, ABC: 2.0/ 4, CBS: 1.6/ 3, NBC: 0.9/ 2

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. The football ratings are eye-popping. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

NFL Films Profile

Brian Stelter checks out the filming and archival work at NFL Films.

New Syndie Talkers

TVNewsCheck interviews Steve Harvey about his new syndicated talk show and reports that Katie Couric's is now cleared in 93% of markets.

New Hispanic Net

News Corp. is teaming up with a Colombian broadcaster to start up a new Spanish-language network in the US.

FX Rushing Sheen's Show

Anthony Crupi reports that demand is leading FX to rush Charlie Sheen's Anger Management through development.

TV Nudity Clause

Nudity clauses are becoming standard in TV contracts.

TVs Made in America

TVs might soon be made in the US again.

Soliciting Family Shows

The ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment, a coalition of advertisers, has solicited family sitcom scripts as part of a larger effort to get more family-friendly programming on the air. Wayne Friedman also reports.

Carey's Role Grows

With the Murdochs under fire at News Corp., COO Chase Carey's role is expanding.

Burke's Challenges

Claire Atkinson outlines the challenges Steve Burke has ahead of him at NBCU.

CBS Challenges

Anonymous erased CBS.com yesterday, and CBS is apologizing over CBS Sports falsely reporting Joe Paterno's death the night before he really died.

Good TVeets

As a man who is extremely bored by both sports & British costume dramas, this is a rough night on Twitter.

During the offseason, Ed Hochuli will explain to your kids were babies come from for a fee.

 Congratulations to @Tumblr for getting the exclusive American rights to #Sherlock, a show I am assuming is shot entirely in animated .gif