Monday, December 26, 2011

Misfits Genius

I'm a big fan of the UK show Misfits, and the episode that just went up on Hulu (S3E2) is an all-time great, especially in terms of its insightful exploration of gender norms. Rowan Kaiser at the AV Club does a fine job of explaining why this episode is "going to launch a thousand conference papers" yet still entertain fans of this excellent series.


  1. I think this might have been Misfits' best episode. I look forward to hearing "Morphing Misfits: Negotiating Class and Gender in Contemporary British Television" at SCMS 2013 in Chicago!

  2. Nice title! That paper will write itself. :-) And yes, I sat slack-jawed after this episode, amazed at what it did and how it did it.