Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad Masculinity

Linda Holmes laments that TV is just as bad (if not worse) at depicting masculinity as it is femininity.

Glee Down Charts

Songs from Glee aren't doing as well in the Billboard charts yet this season.

Spectrum Fight

The Washington Times' Tim Devaney lays out the spectrum auction debate. The NAB is warning of potential catastrophe, such as a shutdown of broadcast stations in Detroit, if wireless providers get their way, and says wireless companies should lose tax loopholes if this goes through.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:

-Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), The X Factor (Fox)
-Down but Not Out: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Mentalist (CBS)
-Disappointing: The Secret Circle (CW)
-Major Erosion: Charlie’s Angels (ABC)
-Losers: Community (NBC), How to Be a Gentleman (CBS), Parks and Recreation (NBC), Whitney (NBC), Prime Suspect (NBC)
Numbers from TV By the Numbers. Josef Adalian's take.
Final Ratings. Cable ratings

Free Agents & Playboy Teeter

Free Agents and The Playboy Club are worthy of cancellation but NBC's Bob Greenblatt says he'll give them more time.

New Flow Issue

Check out the new Flow essays: Kristen Warner with Don't Hate the Player, Hate the (Nearly Impossible To Win) Game: Analysis of Minority Employment; Scott Webel with Garbage Collectors; Steven Boyer with Belmont, BRAVIAs, and Barcraft: Video Content and Game Consoles; and Brett Caraway with XXX Litigation: The Seedy Underworld of Copyright.

The ESPN Dilemma

Alex Sherman explains how rising costs for ESPN are challenging pay TV operators.

Show Apps

TV show producers and programmers are developing apps for their shows to encourage viewer interaction. (Note: article behind WSJ paywall) USA's Psych app is proving successful.

Viewer Study

A study finds that viewers are still mostly watching TV in prime time rather than online original video, but  the percentage of viewers doing both is increasing.

State of Community

Alan Sepinwall and Todd VanDerWerff start by discussing last night's episode of Community and then expand into a consideration of the current state of the show.

Late Night Slide

Bill Carter reports that ratings for Leno and Letterman are sliding.

Friday Fun

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Social Fall

Mashable tracked social media comments on new fall shows and found X Factor had the most mentions.

NPR Threatened Again

The House GOP is still trying to end NPR's federal funding.

DirecTV + GetGlue

DirecTV has struck a deal with GetGlue for check-in services.

Peak Usage

Peter Kafka has a cool chart that shows prime time isn't only peak TV viewing time; it's also peak iDevice usage time.

Bounce Rival

Bounce TV has only just begun, and it already has a competitor in the works, courtesy of MGM.

Canadian Retrans

Canada's Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether pay TV operators should have to pay retransmission fees to broadcasters.

Still Using DVDs

Not surprisingly, more Netflix users watch TV on DVD rather than streaming.

Pay TV Future

Ryan Lawler considers how pay TV operators have to plan for a future of devices and clouds.

Wednesday Ratings

X Factor helped Fox to a victory, but it's still not the juggernaut some expected. Suburgatory started well. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Parks & Rec Process

Alan Sepinwall treats us to a two-part look at the writing process at Parks and Recreation and how pitches are judged in the writers' room.

Sex & Advertising

The PTC is happy that advertisers have dropped out of The Playboy Club, while they probably wouldn't be happy about the sex toy ads airing in the UK that might show up here.

Update: Some of the advertisers are saying they haven't left Playboy Club, and Wayne Friedman asks if Playboy Club is offensive or just bad.

Ratings Perspective

Josef Adalian shows how today's network hits are yesterday's bombs, in terms of the ratings they draw. Jaime Weinman adds thoughts.

Cable A La Carte

Reuters reports that cable operators are increasingly in favor of unbundling or a la carte pricing for cable, allowing consumers the freedom to drop expensive channels like ESPN. Ryan Lawler adds thoughts, as does Devin Coldewey. JB Flint says, don't hold your breath waiting for this. Kevin Fogerty says it's a bait-and-switch.

Twitter Reports

Twitter is doing quite well in product placements on TV, while Glee is not doing nearly as well these days on Twitter.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Girl Picked Up

The New Girl is the first verifiable success of the fall season.

Free Ads in 2.5 Men

CBS is angry over Ashton Kutcher working logos of companies he invests in into Two and a Half Men shots.

Adjusting to Pay TV

Behind Variety's paywall, Marc Graser and Andrew Wallenstein look at how studios are dealing with the new world where premium channels are increasingly interested in producing original content rather than paying to air studio features.

Youtoo TV

If you've never heard of the AmericanLife TV Network, that's a good thing, because it doesn't exist anymore, having been rebranded as Youtoo TV, a channel that will feature user-submitted videos.

Walking Dead Web Series

A Walking Dead series of webisodes is launching on Monday.

TV Gadgets

Cecilia Kang describes how new TV viewing gadgets are proliferating in homes.

More Screens Are Better

A Nielsen study commissioned by Google finds that consumer recall of ads rises when multiple screens are used.

Don't Fear the F Word

Gavin Palone argues that characters should be able to say f--k on networks and basic cable.

Reality Pitches

Peter Hamilton outlines what execs at channels like A&E are looking for in reality show pitches.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:

-Winners: NCIS (CBS), Dancing With the Stars (ABC), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), New Girl (Fox), Unforgettable (CBS)

-Down but Not Out: Glee (Fox)

-Losers: 90210 (CW)

TV By the Numbers' numbers

Final ratings & Cable ratings

Outlet Comparisons

PaidContent has a great chart comparing the offerings and distribution windows of Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, and Hulu.

GLAAD Report

GLAAD has judged Fox to be the most LGBT-inclusive network of 2011-21. The report includes a chart of LGBT characters with their ethnicity also noted.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rooney Exiting

Andy Rooney's commentary on the next 60 Minutes will be his last regular appearance.

Ivi Losing Fight

Janko Roettgers reminds us that the Ivi online TV service is still fighting for the right to stream broadcast channels online, but in a sign that things might not be going well, Ivi is asking for public help with legal costs.

Ratings News

A bunch of ratings links: CBS won the first week in total viewers, FX had its best September ever, Boardwalk Empire was down, The Chew bested All My Children's 18-49 ratings yesterday, post-Oprah talk shows are doing well, and Jaime Weinman rambles about the first week of ratings.

Cable 25

TV By the Numbers charts out the top 25 shows on cable from last week.

Soaps on Online Network

The new outlet that plans to take up All My Children and One Life to Live will be called The Online Network.

Early Stream

Following Fox's lead with New Girl, NBC will make the next episodes of Up All Night and Whitney available via streaming before they air.

30 Rock Campaign

NBCU has developed a promo campaign to prepare local audiences for the syndication of 30 Rock.

NFL Thursday Paused

The NFL's plan to sell a package of Thursday night games has been dropped for now.

2.5 Men & Social Media

Simon Dumenco wonders if Two and a Half Men can continue capitalizing on Ashton Kutcher's social media prowess.

Monday Ratings

Initial overnight impressions from Marc Berman:

Dancing With the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), 2 Broke Girls (CBS), Two and a Half Men (CBS), Castle (ABC)

-Soft Launches:
Terra Nova (Fox), Hart of Dixie (CW)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
The Sing-Off (NBC), Gossip Girl (CW), The Playboy Club (NBC)

More numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Tax Credit Rejected

It's official: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rejected Jersey Shore's tax credits.

Hulu Bids

In the Hulu sale auction, Dish Network had the most favorable bid, but Hulu wanted more and is still deciding how to proceed.

Grace Malfunction

James Poniewozik wonders if decency groups will create a stink about Nancy Grace's nip slip on DWTS last night. (Check out GoodTVeets for the TVitterati take, which decency groups also probably wouldn't appreciate.)

MSNBC Falling

MSNBC is in danger of falling behind CNN in the ratings.

Landgraf Profile

Joe Flint checks out how head of entertainment John Landgraf is pushing FX to greater success.

Good TVeets

Congrats to the writers and producers of the biggest ratings hit on television, "Football Overrun."

When I heard Nancy Grace had a wardrobe malfunction on #DWTS, I assumed her penis fell out

Is anyone watching the Terra Nova premier? Am I allowed to like this or should I pan it w/ a series of cutting tweets? Could go either way.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

No Spectrum Shortage

So claims a report: "According to a CitiGroup market analysis, there is no shortage of spectrum, and control -- not availability -- of that spectrum is the constraint on mobile broadband. The Federal Communications Commission and White House have been pushing incentive spectrum auctions on the premise that there is such a looming shortage."

Netflix Analysis

Wired's Tim Carmody says Netflix is a video channel, not a replacement for your cable provider, and Netflix's co-founder defends the Qwikster move.

HBO Revolution

Peter Aspden explores how HBO revolutionized TV.

Sheen Settles

The Warner Bros.-Charlie Sheen-Chuck Lorre thing is over.

Minority Homes Up

Nielsen reports that the number ethnic minority TV households has risen.

L+3 Ratings

The initial live plus 3 days program ratings for last Mon-Wed are showing some significant gains among certain shows (like Modern Family up 28%).

Big Hopes

Brian Stelter looks at how networks are spending a lot of money trying to create the next blockbuster show.

TAR & Social Media

I haven't watched yet so I'm avoiding reading this for now, but there's much buzz about how Twitter helped a couple succeed in The Amazing Race last night.

Sunday Ratings

Finally some good news for NBC. More numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Final ratings

FX Ad Drama

FX has worked with Audi on a set of short-form drama episodes/advertisements that will air during Sunday night movie programming.

Lockout Impact

Old story, new sport: This time it's an NBA lockout that could affect TV, though not quite like the NFL one could have. (Note: article behind Variety paywall.)

Amazon Fox Deal

Amazon has made a deal with Fox to make some Fox programming -- some 2000 titles, including rare ones like The Wonder Years -- available on its Prime service.

Bounce Begins

The new African-American targeted digital network Bounce TV launches today.

Targeting Babies

Brian Braiker says marketers are trying to make infants to 3-year-olds a targeted demographic.

News Study

The Pew Research Center has released a report on views of the media from 1985-2011; Brian Stelter reports on the TV-related findings, and David Lieberman observes that the availability of mobile news could hurt local station news. Elsewhere, another study found that investigative reporting is becoming more rare on local news.

Ailes' Next Move

Howard Kurtz says Roger Ailes is repositioning Fox News' agenda for the 2012 election.

Next for AMC

Maxine Shen ponders what's next for All My Children.

Good TVeets

Dear Fall TV: #goodwife is how you do it in case you were wondering.

My body is not equipped to deal with the kind of stress that #BreakingBad just put me through.

HOLY S--T. @questlove called "breaking bad" the white "The Wire". #perfect

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New In Media Res

Theme: Reality TV and Otherness

  • Monday September 26, 2011 – Raquel Gates (College of Staten Island) presents: You Can’t Turn a Ho into a Housewife: Basketball Wives and the Politics of Wifedom 
  •  Tuesday September 27, 2011 – Jeremy Sarachan (St. John Fisher College) presents: A Question of Taste: Cultural Identity on Chopped 
  •  Wednesday September 28, 2011 – Charity Fox (University of Baltimore) presents: One Man Army: Ultimate Warfighters and Interchangeable Tough Guys 
  •  Thursday September 29, 2011 – Roger Almendarez (Northwestern University) presents: Situating Snookie: The Jersey Shore’s Framing of an Ethnic Enclave 
  •  Friday September 30, 2011 – Shawna Kidman (University of Southern California) presents: Fitting In on The Glee Project

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week One Reflections

Josef Adalian looks back on the first week of the fall season and makes some predictions. Brian Stelter also has a look back. One major theme: comedies did well.

Netflix Signs Dreamworks

Netflix outbid HBO for the rights to stream Dreamworks movies. Greg Sandoval isn't impressed.

Social Showrunners

TV Guide delineates five ways showrunners can engage audiences through social media.

Pushing Conan Online

As Conan continues to struggle in TBS ratings, Turner works harder to bolster his online appeal and the revenue attached to it.

BBC3 & 4 Problem

The Guardian's Steve Hewlett argues that BBC3 and BBC4 have brought more harm than good to the BBC.

NYTVF Winners

The New York Television Festival winners will receive development deals. Aymar Jean Christian reports on what he saw.

Saturday Ratings

ABC College Football won the night.

Hollywood Shunning DVD

Ben Fritz reports on how the Hollywood studios are turning away from DVD and toward internet distribution.

The Chicago Way

Neil Tesser explores how Chicago is coming across as a setting for numerous TV shows.

Good TVeets

#SNL cast members need term limits. Unless you're Phil Hartman there's no need for you to be on more than four years.

Down to four women. Guess that's all they need? Or is Christopher Hitchens their casting guy? #SNL

BREAKING: Florida Woman Spots Miraculous Image of "Whitney" Billboard in Her Toast

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV's Tough Future

Habib Kairouz details the many challenges ahead for traditional TV.

Friday Ratings

CBS has the most to crow about from last night.

Kaling Profile

The NYT has a good profile of The Office's Mindy Kaling.

Good TVeets

I bow down to thee Agnes Nixon. #AMC.

All My Children is really off the air? Or will it show up in 6 months, wearing a goatee and carrying General Hospital's baby?

I can't believe these people want to stay here and write. If this was anything on CBS, we would've been waterskiing since 2.

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Lost History

Damon Lindelof delved into the history of Lost during a keynote address at the New York Television Festival.

News Bias

A Pew study finds that most Americans believe news organizations are biased in their reporting: "The study found that more than three-quarters (77%) of Americans believe that when it comes to reporting on political and social issues, news organizations tend to favor one side -- a 3% rise from 2009, the last time the survey was conducted, and a 10% increase from 2001. Some 80% of respondents felt that news organizations were often influenced by powerful people and organizations -- a 6% jump from 2009."

Comcast AnyPlay

Comcast is working on a TV Everywhere app for iPad that will let you stream live TV.

Audience Laughter

Cari Nierenberg notes many complain that multi-cam sitcom laughter is annoying, but a psychologist has proven its effectiveness.

Making the Daily Show

A Rolling Stone editor chats with Jon Stewart about how The Daily Show is put together.

Friday, September 23, 2011

African-American Consumer Stats

Nielsen has a report on African-American consumer behavior, including stats on TV and DVR usage.

Diversity Criticism

Sarah Ventre criticizes the Emmys, and TV in general, for a lack of racial diversity and says it deserves greater attention.

Thursday Ratings

Marc Berman summarizes the overnights:

The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Charlie’s Angels (ABC), The X Factor (Fox), Person of Interest (CBS), Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Office (NBC), Whitney (NBC), The Mentalist (CBS)

Community (NBC), Parks and Recreation (NBC)

More detail from TV By the Numbers and analysis from Josef Adalian: "The network with little upside today is NBC." Final ratings

48 Hours App

CBS has put its 48 Hours Mystery app behind a paywall: "Like everyone else in TV land, CBS is trying to figure out how to value its once-free on-air product when it moves off live TV and onto the Web as well as devices. For TV on the iPad, the network is defining value as access to full episodes."

Fair Use Up

Aaron Barnhart reports on the rise in fair use claims for remix vids.

Retrans Lobbying

DirecTV and Time Warner Cable are lobbying the FCC to overhaul retransmission consent rules.

Leslie Knope, Feminist

Alyssa Rosenberg praises last night's Parks & Rec episode for its feminist plot choices.

Facebook & Social TV

Cory Bergman says the Facebook overhaul announced today will kick social TV into overdrive. Facebook will add movies and TV into the mix and let users watch TV shows together on Facebook.

Blockbuster Streaming

Today Dish Network will launch a Netflix competitor through Blockbuster, which will further fragment the market. The details, though, indicate that this won't be a Netflix killer (especially because for now it's only available to Dish subscribers), and Dish is missing out on a chance to really challenge Netflix.

Morning Shows Rise

For the first time in a very long time, all three morning shows have added young viewers.

PTC v. X Factor

The PTC has filed a complaint with the FCC over a contestant's exposure on The X Factor.

Farewell to AMC

I've been watching All My Children since I was a kid, and there hasn't been a moment in my lifetime when I couldn't watch Erica Kane on TV. That ends today. Here are some goodbye links:

Friday Fun

Sesame Street spoofs Glee:

Good TVeets

These Republican debate audiences need to star in their own reality show. Am I right, people?

My DVR is at 92 percent. My name is Ishira, and I am a television addict. Too bad new Fall TV is the equivalent of crystal-meth #TAA

Why does Whitney exist?

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Relationship Arcs

Alan Sepinwall interviews Parks & Rec co-creator Mike Schur about the Leslie-Ben relationship and writing long-term relationship arcs on comedies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bewkes Dismisses Cord Cutting

Staci D. Kramer reports: "Warned by an interviewer at today’s Goldman Sachs conference hat he was about to talk about cordcutting, the subject that won’t go away, Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) CEO Jeff Bewkes couldn’t resist a bit of a joke. “The cordcutting that won’t go away won’t come either. It hasn’t arrived yet.”"

Studio One

Noel Murray uncovers revealing info about 1950s anthology production and writing via an analysis of a Rod Serling-penned episode of Studio One.

Dateline Campaign

Brain Steinberg says Dateline's latest ad campaign was forged after closely observing fan behavior on social media sites: "For several months, "Dateline" personnel have studied the behavior and postings of the show's fans on Facebook and other social-media milieu, allowing them to create a campaign now that speaks to the way viewers interact with the program, not its smiling personalities or lurid headlines."

Gaming Key to 3D

Variety reports (behind paywall) that gaming might be the key to getting 3D TV sets off store shelves.

Louis on Louie 4

The final installment of Louis CK's journey through Louie at the AV Club.

TNT Backing Away From Movies

TNT will pass on bidding for big hit movies, because the ratings don't pay off thanks to the availability of movies on other platforms before they reach basic cable.

WSJ Live

Ken Doctor says cable news outlets should look to the Wall Street Journal's new video app venture with competitive concern.

Disney Against Sports Tiers

A Disney exec said the company is not in favor of pushing mainstream sports channels into exclusive tiers, despite soaring sports rights prices that will make ESPN even more pricey.

Next British Decade

Telegraph's Emma Barnett predicts what the next decade in British TV will look like.

New Food Network

AdWeek interviews Food Network president Brooke Johnson about the Cooking Channel spinoff.

Imports Up, Revenue Down

Despite Britain importing more American dramas lately, they have generated less revenue, likely due to the recession.

Glee Web Series

Glee's British outlet, Sky, will produce an online series called The Gleekly, with behind-the-scenes features and fan reaction.

Social Media Interest

Wayne Friedman analyzes Glee and New Girl ratings results in light of social media buzz.

New Telemundo Prez

NBCU has called on a new president to help Telemundo catch up with Univision.

Hulu Plus 1 Million

Hulu has signed on one million subscribers.


The simple summary from Marc Berman:

The X Factor* (Fox), Survivor: South Pacific (CBS), The Middle (ABC), Modern Family (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), CSI (CBS), Revenge (ABC)

*"Given the hype and the reteaming of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, the initial overnight results should have been stronger. American Idol this is not."

Law & Order: SVU (NBC)

-Losers (excluding repeats):
Free Agents (NBC), H8R (CW), America’s Next Top Model (CW)


BBC Website Changes

The BBC has revamped its website homepage to adjust to budget cut challenges.

Youth Drama Acclaim

Britain's youth dramas, like Misfits and Being Human, are earning acclaim for being bold and innovative.

Parks & Rec Profile

Parks and Recreation is back tonight too; Jace Lacob digs into the show with co-creator Mike Schur and stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

Talking Dead

It's official: AMC will air a live discussion show following The Walking Dead. Jaime Weinman reacts.

Reality Junk

Russell Smith looks at how reality TV has literally spawned junk.

Community Dissection

Community returns tonight. Prepare yourself with this in-depth dissection of the narrative algorithm Dan Harmon developed for the show.

Emmys Tweeting

Nielsen has an infographic on Emmys-related tweeting, which claims that the sentiment expressed was only 10% negative, 61% neutral.

Remotes Shunned

Remote controls are falling out of favor with youth, who prefer the idea of using their smartphones and tablets to control their TVs, and they also prefer TV guide apps to traditional ones.

Nielsen Glitch

Nielsen has told clients about a C3 ratings glitch that has resulted in incorrect data nearly all year, which may have inflated DVR viewing figures: "Nielsen said it became aware of the problem when clients "inquired about elevated average frequency levels" for the time-shifted viewing data, indicating that the glitch may have over-inflated TV audience estimates." Oops.

The V-Word

Bill Carter notes the newest fall TV trend: heavy use of the word "vagina." More on the topic from Mary Elizabeth Williams.

Low Power Fight

Representatives of low power TV outlets are trying to make their presence felt in DC so they're not ignored during the spectrum auction debate.

Good Wife, Good Writing

Jace Lacob takes us inside the Good Wife writers' room.

New Girl Platforms

JB Flint points out that The New Girl scored good viewing numbers on new platforms too, not just on old TV.

Labor of Unlove

Linda Holmes laments the emptiness of Charlie's Angels and the lack of creative passion in television it represents. Jaime Weinman also chimes in.

Soap Reflections

A group of soap opera experts reflect on the demise of the genre, while TV Guide interviews All My Children creator Agnes Nixon and cast members.

Good TVeets

Today is the one-year anniversary of GoodTVeets. Huzzah! I'll be celebrating this birthday on the @GoodTVeets twitter feed, where I'll periodically link to some of the best TVeets posts of the past year. Follow to experience the fun. And thanks for tweeting and reading all year!

I don't like to think about all the time I've wasted on Twitter that I could have spent watching TV.

Sigh. New Lily is the Nicole Scherzinger of "Modern Family."  #TeamOldLilly #TeamCherylCole

Looking at ratings for Unforgettable once again confirms CBS could put a blinking light on during prime time and still beat NBC's top shows

Christie Axing Credits

New Jersy governor Chris Christie is expected to end tax credits given to Jersey Shore's production company.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cable Winning Broadband

Stacey Higginbotham reports that cable companies are outpacing telecommunications providers in signing up broadband customers, which could pay off as cord cutting increases.

Mobile Debut

PBS will make the first part of its latest Ken Burns doc available on Apple iDevices before it reaches TV.

CBS Likes Reverse Comp

Les Moonves really likes so-called reverse compensation money (via retrans money) from affiliates.

Louis on Louie 3

Part 3 of AV Club's journey through Louie's second season (this one includes the Dane Cook bit) with Louis CK.

Reality & Sports Rise

Chart alert! Nielsen has a new study analyzing the rise of reality TV and sports programming among top ten prime time network shows over the past decade. (A tough sight for sitcom fans.)

CBS Disses Hulu

A CBS exec says the network doesn't need Hulu, preferring viewers to watch CBS content on its own sites.

New Girl Soars

The New Girl did a great last night; from EricIGN: "New Girl had great premiere numbers, with over 10 million viewers, doing better than lead-in Glee (just under 9 million). Zooey power, yo." But Alyssa Rosenberg has concerns about its depictions of women.

Good Summer, NBC

Finally, a bright spot for NBC: it finished #1 among 18-49 viewers over summer (a time when many fewer are watching, but hey, NBC takes what it can get).

Tuesday Ratings

Tuesday's overnights summarized by Marc Berman:
-Winners: NCIS (CBS), NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS), Dancing With the Stars (ABC), New Girl (Fox), Unforgettable (CBS)
-Down but Not Out: Glee (Fox), Ringer (CW)
-Disappointing: The Biggest Loser (NBC), Raising Hope (Fox), Parenthood (NBC)
-Losers (excluding repeats): 90210 (CW)
Fox won the night in 18-49; CBS in total viewers.

Final ratings.

Super Committee & Auction

Broadcasters will be watching the new Congressional Super Committee with great interest, because the group will include the spectrum auction issue in their deliberations.

Levitan Interview

Modern Family showrunner Steve Levitan spoke with a moderator about needing new ways to track viewership, the presence of gay storylines in the show, and the impact of Twitter.

More Talk, Less Soap

Mario Sciullo looks at how daytime is shifting to mostly talk and self-help shows: "What today's daytime TV offers -- perhaps as a result of copying the Internet model -- is niche programming for the masses. Cooking shows are not just cooking shows, they are Rachael Ray or Paula Deen whipping up dinner and serving it to celebrity guests."

RedZone Channel

The NYT analyzes the joys of the NFL RedZone Channel.

NBC's Past & Future

A Spoiler TV blogger traces the downfall of NBC's programming over the past decade, and Comcast's CFO says NBC will need significant time to turn it around.

Newscasts Rise

For the first time in a decade, viewership of evening network news was up in 2010-11.

Fewer Viewers, More Ad Money

The WSJ highlights (behind paywall) the fact that advertisers are paying more as TV viewers flee.

Netflix-Discovery Deal

Finally some slight good news for Netflix: they're expanding streaming Discovery content. Discovery's CEO is excited about the deal.

Good TVeets

When ur relatives drive you crazy just close your eyes & pretend it's dialogue in a woody allen movie

@SarahKSilverman tried that. Didn't work 

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Spoiler alert: One tweet in here spoils last night's DWTS results.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soap Star Reflects

All My Children star Michael E. Knight (Tad) reflects on the struggles of soaps and his show coming to an end.

Al Jazeera Boss Resigns

The director of Al-Jazeera is stepping down. The AP reports: "Wadah Khanfar's resignation follows release of documents by Wikileaks, purporting to show he had close ties with the U.S. and agreed to remove some content in response to American objections." This has raised concerns about Al Jazeera's independence.

Netflix Bailers

The survey says...16% of Netflix subscribers say they're out.

Louis on Louie Part 2

The fantastic Louis CK breakdown of Louie at AV Club continues with Part Two.

Top Chef Transmedia

Toyota is sponsoring transmedia offerings from Top Chef, including a webisode series that will give ousted chefs the chance to return.

2.5 Men Ratings

Two and a Half Men scored huge numbers, including a 10.3 in 18-49. NBC's Playboy Club...not so much.

TV Everywhere Security

A BroadcastEngineering columnist assesses the hardware and software needs of TV Everywhere services.

Indie Girls

Meredith Blake analyzes the presence of hipster girls in fall programming.

Downton Breaks

ITV viewers have complained about an ad campaign aired during Downton Abbey that they feel clashed with the show.

College Payday

Pete Thamel discusses how TV money is affecting college football conference realignment.

Aussie Controversy

The airing of a controversial comedy scene, involving sex in the prime minister's office with the country's flag used as a sheet, has the Australian Broadcasting Company in trouble with the government.

C3 Problems

Many are concerned that C3 ratings figures, which help determine ad rates, disadvantage certain advertisers: "The basic problem with the C3 that the audience levels for the spots are based on average ratings for each break. As a result, the position of a commercial in the break, the length of the break and commercial length do not have any impact as far as calculating the numbers are concerned."

Sheen-Centric Reviews

If you're curious about how Two and a Half Men went without Charlie Sheen and how the roast went with him,  Ryan McGee has an insightful review of the latter, and James Poniewozik and Todd VanDerWerff say the former had trouble fitting Ashton Kutcher into the dark nihilism of the show.

Good TVeets

There is something about watching Nancy Grace do the cha-cha that makes Me regret creating eyes.

I don't think I'm ever going to watch #HIMYM. Even those of you who say you like it seem to really hate it.

The #SheenRoast is some sort of social media PTSD where flashbacks of all his horrible memes appear randomly on your twitter feed.

I think if we found out that Chuck Lorre was behind Qwikster, the Internet might finally be happy forever.

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Cablers Talking With Microsoft

John Paul Titlow reports on Comcast and Verizon courting Microsoft in order to offer pay TV subscriptions via Xbox: "Rather than sit idly by as Web content makes its way to television screens via set top boxes and smart TVs, companies like Comcast will instead try to position their traditional offerings alongside that streaming content. How? By adding it to set-top boxes."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Louis Discusses Louie

In another awesome showrunner interview, the AV Club has Louis CK take us through every episode of Louie's second season.

AMC Signings

Prospect Park has signed its first actors for the online All My Children.

Sheen Settlement

Joe Flint reports that Warner Bros. is close to paying Charlie Sheen $25 million.

Chinese Talent Show Dropped

The Chinese government has shut down a popular reality TV talent show: "Although government officials did not elaborate on the reasons behind the cancellation of “Super Girl,” television executives and cultural critics suggested the ruling Communist Party was unnerved by the runaway success of the show, whose producers have created a string of American-style reality shows that have proven more popular than the turgid fare of the state-run broadcaster CCTV."

Emmy Opening

Watch, or rewatch, the opening Emmy Awards bit:

Fall Trends

After watching 19 pilots in 48 hours (good lord, poor woman), June Thomas observes some fall trends.

News Diversity

NBC has instituted a program to foster greater diversity in O&O newsrooms.

Ad Plan Struggles

Claire Atkinson looks at why a plan for cable to get a bigger portion of TV ad dollars has fizzled.

Affluent Lifestyle Channel

Biran Stelter profiles Velocity Channel, which focuses on fancy toys for rich people.

Iranian Arrests

Iran has detained a group of filmmakers it accuses of working clandestinely for the BBC.

Targeting Hispanics

George Winslow delineates how pay TV providers are trying to target Hispanic viewers.

Sports Niche Problem

DirecTV's CFO expresses frustration with rising costs due to narrowcast sports channels. ESPN is also a problem, with its big NFL deal.

New In Media Res

The timeliest of topics: Fall TV

  • Monday September 19, 2011 – Jennifer Gillan (Bentley University) presents: Never Been Flown? Fall TV’s Paratexts 
  •  Tuesday September 20, 2011 – Sharon Marie Ross (Columbia College Chicago) presents: Fall Variations on Nostalgia 
  •  Wednesday September 21, 2011 – Megan Gwynne Mullen (University of Wisconsin-Parkside) presents: So Long, Kate Gosselin…And Cable Programming Too? 
  •  Thursday September 22, 2011 – Ethan Thompson (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi) presents: NBC Comedy, 2011-Style 
  •  Friday September 23, 2011 – Robert Cannon (California State University, Los Angeles) presents: Can TV See Class? Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Believe in the American Dream.

New Media Star

Gabriel Sherman uses Glenn Beck's move online to briefly consider the future of the TV personality.

Audiences Appreciate BBC

The BBC achieved high audience appreciation scores this summer, thanks to the Royal Wedding, news coverage, and documentaries.

News Corp & Scandals

Deadline's David Lieberman asks if News Corp can survive its scandal-plagued present.

Downton Crash

Not only did Downton Abbey have a big night in the US at the Emmys; its new series premiere helped to crash ITV's online player in Britain.

Nostalgia Convention

A group of classic TV fans are gathering for a nostalgia convention next weekend.

Freston in Afghanistan

Tom Freston, a former MTV exec, is in Afghanistan to help develop TV for the country.

Social TV Info

Simon Dumenco lists seven things you should know about social TV.

Netflix & Qwikster

In a statement to subscribers, Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings says the company will separate its DVD business and call it Qwikster. Mark Suster says Hastings should be applauded; Henry Blodget says this is bad for consumers; Linda Holmes reacts; Chuck Tryon reacts and has more reaction; Ryan Lawler predicts Qwikster's future; Tim Carmody lays out different perspectives; like many, Will Richmond is critical of Netflix's decisions. Venture capitalist Bill Gurley says Netflix's recent pricing move resulted from demands from content owners who can make more money from digital rights than DVD (thanks to the First Sale doctrine). Also, Netflix apparently didn't check or didn't care that someone already has Qwikster as a twitter handle, and he doesn't exactly fit the brand. Qwikster will also rent video games. In the comments section of his blog post, Hastings refers to DVDs as "old fogey discs." The Oatmeal tackles the split. Dan Frommer cites 10 things to remember about Netflix through this.

Good Emmy TVeets

This Emmys telecast is combining more good ideas and bad ideas than a Russell T Davies script.

 Let's all remember - it's not just important that MODERN FAMILY won, but that GLEE lost.

Report: Jon Hamm no longer upset about losing Emmy because he just remembered he's Jon Hamm. #Emmys

The commercial with people doing important things on their iPads makes me feel bad I'm just using mine to tweet about the Emmys.

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Alan Sepinwall has an Emmy Awards wrap-up. Though HBO took home plenty of statues, it wasn't the focus it usually is. Also, just in case you didn't hear it last night, Alec Baldwin pulled out of the opening bit because Fox nixed a News Corp hacking joke -- or did he?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunny in America

Jeffrey Sconce says It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is distinctly American: "Uninformed, narcissistic idiots constantly arguing at cross-purposes, standing in a dying business in a dying neighborhood, ceaselessly scheming their way toward greater class mobility and failing utterly, but protected from their unrelenting idiocy by the residual capital reserves of their putative father—what could be more American than that?"

Emmy Facts & Figures

Bone up on your Emmy Awards facts and figures courtesy of the an Emmys website pdf.

Terra Nova's Appeal

Brian Stelter looks at how Terra Nova is trying to appeal to a broad audience.

The Real South

Karen L. Cox discusses how the South is stereotyped in reality TV.

Emmy Value

The LA Times has a roundtable where Michelle Forbes, Walton Goggins, Josh Charles and Johnny Galecki talk about the meaning of winning an Emmy.

Good TVeets

I wish I was even half this gangsta RT @THR: Aaron Sorkin Breaks his Nose While Writing

Ira Glass is WASTED. Each week we choose a theme and this week's theme is slurryfaced. @bellhouseny

How to fix #CharliesAngels: 1) Fire all involved. 2) Cast Strahovski, Torres, Sackhoff. 3) Change show name. 4) Let them kick ass.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorkin Breaks Nose Writing

A slow pre-Emmy Saturday, so this news of the weird makes the cut: Aaron Sorkin broke his nose while working on dialogue by head-butting himself in a mirror (link has a post-break picture. But wait til you see the mirror! Thank you very much.).

Iranian TV Ban

Iranian TV has banned provocative love stories, such as love triangles, and images of shirtless men. (Bonus: the article has a totally hot pic of Matthew McConaughey. Long live shirtless men!)

Sheen Roast

Brian Stelter previews the Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen, which should be a big night for the channel.

Emmy Items

Robert David Sullivan gives us an awesome set of pie charts detailing the most Emmy winning shows by decade, and Matt Zoller Seitz proposes some alternative Emmys.

Title Analysis

Jonathan Gray analyses the titles of new shows for their effectiveness (or lack thereof).

Jersey Shore's Impact

AdAge considers how Jersey Shore has affected New Jersey's image.

Good TVeets

It's amazing how adding Louis CK to anything makes it awesomer.

 SWANSON COMIN'!!!! #ParksandWire

Does someone keep jumping out and scaring Zooey Deschanel right as her picture is taken?

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