Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Remotes

Ryan Lawler says upcoming TV remotes will be gesture-based, rather than menu-based.

Nixon Interview

The Chicago Tribune has a great interview with All My Children creator Agnes Nixon. In it, she reveals that AMC will end in a few weeks with a big cliffhanger to set up the apparent web series that will follow, that she will be a creative consultant on that series, and she asks of the show replacing AMC, "What are they chewing?" (Love. her.)

DWTS Controversy

Some viewers are objecting to Chaz Bono's casting on Dancing With the Stars.

DMA Rankings

Nielsen has released its DMA rankings for 2011-2012, specifying the number of TV homes in each city-market. RBR.Com gets some reactions from an investment banker.

Bloomberg's Argument

Bloomberg laid out to the FCC its case for why Comcast should group it among news channels on the cable lineup.

State of AMC

Josef Adalian offers a must-read analysis of what's up at AMC.

Comcast Suit Advances

Comcast is being sued by six plaintiffs for overcharging for service, and an appeals court just affirmed the viability of the case.

Real Exploitation

Stephen Galloway argues that the Real Housewives suicide exposes how exploitative reality TV is.

Campaign Youth

Jeremy W. Peters notes that news organizations are turning to rookie journalists to cover the election campaign grind in order to save money.

Comcast's Low-Cost Internet

Bob Fernandez describes Comcast's cheap internet service for low-income families, an outgrowth of a pledge made to allow the Comcast-NBCU merger to go through.

Spanish-Language Revenue

Spanish-language TV ad revenue grew at twice the rate of that for network TV last year.

10pm Battle

John Consoli outlines the competition at 10pm this fall.

Good TVeets

sports fans mock cosplay - then paint their bodies in team colors and put plastic cheese on their heads in hopes of being on television.

Watching Anderson Cooper. Formula seems to be: people being very upset about something for 8 minutes then on to next upsetting thing.

I bet Flo, the gal in the Progressive ads, is a serial killer who uses life insurance policies to assuage her guilt.

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Adapting to Reality

The Wrap has advice for writers shifting from scripted drama and sitcom to reality TV.

Telemundo Extends NFL

Telemundo is now set with the NFL through 2013.

CNN Adds iPad App

CNN has acquired an iPad newsreader app. Mashable interviews a few CNN execs to hear why.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sports Night's Women

Alyx Vesey offers an analysis of the female relationships in the comedy Sports Night.

UK Factual Ratings

Peter Hamilton's Documentary Television website has an intriguing list of the Top 40 rated Factual and Documentary programs in the UK thus far this year.

Inbetweeners Romps

Speaking of British sitcoms, the movie version of the sitcom The Inbetweeners set a UK record for the best opening week by a live-action comedy ever.

British Sitcom Appeal

The Independent highlights some upcoming British sitcoms and looks back upon the recent divergence between innovative and often dark single-cams that tend to have niche audiences and the handful of multi-cams that are viewed by many but scorned by critics. Jaime Weinman adds thoughts.

Social Media Giants

The New York Giants' media team is taking advantage of social media in multiple ways, including displaying tweets in the stadium.

Louie's Style

While most who have praised Louie focus on its narrative elements, Jaime Weinman finds the visual style as striking.

Yahoo Originals

Yahoo is planning to launch a set of original web-based programs, which Megan Angelo says could save the web series form.

Summer TV Elegy

Jeffrey Sconce says goodbye to summer TV in a way that only Jeffrey Sconce can: "Summer programming, as we have come to know it over the past few years, is like television’s feral cousin—recognizable as TV and yet unexpectedly “wild” in a way that the prestigious gloss of the autumn schedule would never abide. It’s like the dog you once rescued from traffic at the side of the Interstate: he’s cute enough that you grow a little attached to him as he lives in your basement for a few days while you put up posters; and yet he is deranged enough that you come to understand how he got left on the side of the freeway in the first place. You’re a little sad when the Humane Society finally comes to take him away, but not inconsolably so, much like the feeling you have when MTV breaks out the cattle prods to herd Ronnie and Sammi back into their enclosures until next season."

Ebersol Returns to NBC

Dick Ebersol is back at NBC as a consultant.

TV Prices Falling

TV sets are getting cheaper, yet not many people are planning to buy new ones in the next year.

Copyright Law in Question

Joe Flint highlights a copyright law that many of us (including me) never knew about that allows cable and satellite providers to pay a flat copyright fee to rights holders (like stations, studios, and sports leagues). He further notes that the Copyright Office would like to dump the rule, which would thus require pay TV providers to negotiate all those rights deals individually.

Cross-Ownership Ban

A former head of the FCC expects media companies to continue battling against the cross-ownership ban, which prevents them from owning a newspaper and a television station in the same market.

BBC1 Comedy Criticism

A producer of a popular panel show complains that BBC1's comedies have become bland and no longer take content risks.

Fox-UFC Upside

Anthony Crupi thinks advertisers will flood to the Fox-UFC package because of the favorable demographics of the target audience.

NBA Lockout

Earlier this year we saw tons of articles about how the NFL lockout could affect TV; get ready for a slew of them about how the NBA lockout could affect TV.

AMC Talk

AMC might launch a talk show that airs following their scripted dramas and discusses the episodes.

Good TVeets

The Internet is made of cats and anger. #truestorylookintoit

"I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer to take aspirin first so I don't get a headache." - 2nd Most Interesting Man In The World

If I get a cat, I'm naming it Wallace so I can say "Where's Wallace" every day.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

TiVo Loses More

TiVo keeps losing subscribers and is back down to circa 2004 numbers.

Grey's App

You can now "unlock extra content" about Grey's Anatomy via a smartphone app.

VMA's Big

The Video Music Awards turned out to MTV's most watched broadcast ever, and Anthony Bruno describes how it was spread across multiple screens.

Arts Losses

Bravo's channel in Canada is dropping two magazine-style shows that focus on the arts, and Jaime Weinman laments the loss of arts programming on cable.

Google & TV

Dan Sabbagh warns that Google might not be British TV's friend. Ryan Lawler says Google wants to change how we watch TV. Matt Rosoff describes Google's message to TV as adapt or die. And Google's chairman says he's committed to improving Google TV.

Fall Females

I almost refused to link to this article because it starts with the following annoying sentence: "Viewers, it's time to make way for girl power!" But I'm here to link, not judge. So make what you will of this article about the prominence of woman on fall shows.

Local After Oprah

The Chicago Tribune profiles local station general manager Emily Barr, who had to figure how to fill the scheduling hole left behind by Oprah's departure. Barr says, "I looked at it immediately as a tremendous opportunity for us to go back to doing live local television." Meanwhile, Mary McNamara offers advice to Oprah for fixing OWN.

AT&T Who Vignette

If you watched BBC America's broadcast of Doctor Who on Saturday, you saw a 60-second "motion comic sequence" extra that was sponsored by AT&T.

Hispanic Media Gains

The Pew Research Center finds that Spanish-language media continues to expand in the US, with Univision and Telemundo in particular competing ably with English-language networks.

Hulu's Performance

Will Richmond looks at Hulu's viewership and monetization over the past year: "It seems that Hulu has a loyal base of viewers who don't seem to mind more ads. However, it also seems like a key challenge for Hulu is expanding the number of viewers, with a related challenge of increasing their intensity of usage beyond the current range."

DA's Emmy Success

Jace Lacob digs into Downton Abbey's success at garnering Emmy nominations and broad popularity.

Comcast Likes Obama

Comcast is a top donor to President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign fund.

Weather Coverage

Brian Stelter stood strong through Irene on Nag's Head in order to analyze Weather Channel coverage, which drew strong ratings. Also, local NY1 garnered praise for its level-headed coverage. Most hurricane coverage went with limited ad breaks. The FCC and NAB have praised broadcasting for its coverage.

Aca-Fan Debate

More aca-fandom discussion at Henry Jenkins' blog, this time including Jonathan Gray, Matt Hills, and Alisa Perren.

SutterInk Challenge

Sons of Anarchy's Kurt Sutter has posted an intriguing challenge/prize for the premiere of season 4.

Telenovela Product Placement

Tanzina Vega reports that product placement is on the rise in telenovelas.

TV's Future Strong

In the wake of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, BBC News correspondent Torin Douglas insists that TV's future is strong.

Sony's Ambitions

Brooks Barnes outlines Sony's push into network TV, with Pan Am and Charlie's Angels as examples.

Vudu Success

Wal-Mart's online video service Vudu has caught on quickly.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative Arts Emmys

Tim Appelo explains why the Creative Arts Emmys, which you can watch on ReelzChannel the day before the Sept. 18 primary ceremony, are important

Hurricane Hype

Howard Kurtz criticizes the media for going overboard on Hurricane Irene hype. Jaime Weinman defends them. Matt Zoller Seitz says the hype is TV news' lifeblood. James Poniewozik adds thoughts.

BBC Cuts

The Guardian covers where the BBC is in terms of planning cuts to be declared in final proposals due in a few weeks.

Casting Reality

Craig Tomashoff discusses how difficult it was become to cast reality TV shows with ordinary people rather than people looking become reality TV celebrities.

Good TVeets

Pretty sure #irene has now been on CNN longer than Parker/Spitzer was.

That Hurricane streaker made today the 1st time in TV history the Weather Channel showed more dicks than C-Span.

Yelling over the wind is making every hurricane reporter sound like Larry David

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

ITV & BBC3 Win

At the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television festival today, ITV won best terrestrial channel, while BBC3 picked up best digital channel. Sherlock, The Inbetweeners and Misfits were show winners.

UK Product Placement Starts Slow

Deals are slow in coming for product placement on UK TV, legal only since February.

BBC Serving 50+

BBC1's controller says the outlet will do more to target older viewers.

Louie's Magic

Matt Zoller Seitz heaps yet more (deserved) praise onto FX's Louie. As does Alyssa Rosenberg in response to "Duckling." And Louis CK talks with Deadline about his unique production situation.

Too Much Weather

Erik Wemple weighs the possibility that The Weather Channel is overhyping Irene. Meanwhile, Time Warner Cable is gearing up to help its East Coast customers.

Hostless VMAs

Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards will air without a host.

Good TVeets

AM Report: Most injuries from #irene so far are seizures from watching CNN's flashing transition scare graphics.

Also try: The Whole Internet. MT @nytimes: As public service,@nytimes will allow free access to storm coverage on & mobile apps.

good thing they didn't book Kurt Sutter. “@Gawker: MSNBC Contributor: Hurricane Irene is a 'Total Bitch'

Am I the only one wishing for *more* hurricane coverage right now? I wish I had a meteorologist sitting on my lap, shouting in my face.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

MLB Innovations

Josh Catone checks out the innovative things Major League Baseball is doing with digital media, such as

Broadband Future

Ryan Lawler looks to broadband as the future of cable.

RIP iTunes TV Rentals

You can no longer rent TV shows on iTunes; Brian Stelter also reports. There's also news that iTunes might have a subscription service planned for the future, which would challenge cable, but Greg Sandoval says we shouldn't believe the rumors.

Gender & Ethnicity on Jersey Shore

Amanda Ann Klein shares a conference paper titled Performing Gender and Ethnicity on Jersey Shore.

Flipboard Wants TV

The iPad magazine app Flipboard wants to add TV and film into its mix.

Summer Viewing Up

Preliminary Nielsen figures show that summer TV viewing has been up over last year, though the Big Four networks combined were down. More from Wayne Friedman and Media Life. And USA has dominated cable this summer.

TV Ad Problems

Dave Morgan argues that television advertising is suffering from reach and frequency problems: "Twenty years ago, cable networks captured less than 10% of TV audiences. Today cable nets capture two-thirds of viewer time. For advertisers seeking big reach, buying broadcast network prime-time is still essential, but it's no longer enough; not even close."

ESPN on Xbox

Lost Remote shows us the new ESPN experience on Xbox.

Google TV in UK

Google TV will soon be available to British viewers.

Hurricane Effect

The Weather Channel is rather excited about Hurricane Irene, for both revenue and education, while the storm's path up the East Coast will significantly impact media departments.

Friday Fun

Wire Inspire posters

Good TVeets

It's so obvious The @WeatherChannel is pro hurricane. Fair and balanced my ass.

Do not go outside during a hurricane, unless you're a reporter whose job is to show what happens to morons who go outside during hurricanes.

Hurricane Irene has an amazing publicist.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Future Personalization

John Clancy insists that the future of TV is in personalization, especially via mobile video.

Cable Beating Telcos

More people are adding broadband via cable services rather than DSL.

Weinsteins Protest

The Weinstein Co. is complaining that ABC is refusing to run an ad for Our Idiot Brother due to objectionable content, which actually sounds like giving the Weinsteins exactly what they want, a marketable controversy. Update: The NY Post has details from the memo ABC sent to the film's producer detailing what they didn't like in the ad (drugs and urination).

Hulu Ads Doubly Effective

Hulu's VP of Sales claims that Hulu ads are twice as effective as TV ads, which is a pretty good sales pitch, so nice work, VP of Sales.

Retrans Dispute

Seems like it's been awhile since we had a good retrans dispute around here, so thanks to Mediacom and LIN Media for filling the gap.

Hulu Extended

In case you were still looking into your checking account balance, you now have til the end of the week to bid on Hulu. And Wayne Friedman says whether Hulu stays as is or is sold, its business partners will have something to be annoyed about.

Casting & Courting the Olds

Jaime Weinman notes that networks are increasingly casting older actors, as they realize that older viewers exist and can hep ratings.

Locke & Key Trailer

The trailer for Locke and Key, a pilot that many loved but Fox declined to pick up, has surfaced.

Caption Requirements

The FCC says within nine months, broadcast and cable operators will have to implement captioning on any online videos that are closed-captioned for TV.

College Cash

The WSJ dig into the TV money filling college football coffers. Wayne Friedman adds his thoughts.

Bravo's Social Media Efforts

Bravo is taking advantage of social media marketing for shows like Top Chef Just Desserts.

Cable CPMs

Media Life charts out the growing CPMs for cable over the past five years. (If you don't know the term, CPM refers to the cost to reach 1000 viewers, which determines ad rates.)

No Stars for Reality

The Hollywood Walk of Fame says it won't give stars to reality TV performers. (Yet David Spade is worthy?)

Libya Coverage

James Rainey describes CNN and Sky News coverage of Libyan events.

Web Contracts

A group of writer-producers who work in LA for CBS in television and radio news and promotions designed for the web signed a WGA-blessed contract.

British Timeshifting

A Delloite study on British viewing found timeshifting on the rise, and these stats especially intrigued me: "Compared with the average of 10% of overall BBC viewing timeshifted, BBC drama saw 26% timeshifting in May 2011."

LA Mayor Pledge

Los Angeles's Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to help keep more film and TV production in the city.

Brands Impacting Women

A group called Women at NBCU is studying brands that have had a major impact on women in order help advertisers better target women. (Would be nice if they'd instead study how to get women more jobs in TV.)

Jobs & TV

Joe Flint reflects on what Apple's Steve Jobs has done for TV.

Good TVeets

I propose an analogy: Ausiello is to TV critics/journalists what Robert Thompson is to TV scholars.

China and India may lead us in manufacturing and tech, but our celebrity sex tapes are the envy of the world. #USA

The "Big Brother" Zingbot is even funnier if you know it's Les Moonves in the suit. #FalseFacts

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Murdoch's Ways

Joe Flint delves into Rupert Murdoch's methods of operation: "Though Murdoch considers himself a political conservative, when it comes to his business dealings he is a pragmatist. He's willing to befriend a liberal democrat who can help his business agenda and he's not afraid to use his media properties as weapons to further his vast – and politically connected – empire."

News Corp Documents

Documents pertaining to News Corp.'s attempted BSkyB takeover bid have been released and reveal highly aggressive government lobbying.

Fox Defending Wall

In response to reports that Fox's authentication demands are driving viewers toward piracy, Fox is defending its policy. Mike Masnick says Fox isn't addressing the central issue with its response, though.

Breaking In Back

Deadline's Nellie Andreeva reports that Fox is resurrecting the previously-cancelled Breaking In, and Jaime Weinman explores Deadline's own efforts in helping Sony blitz Fox and the media to save the show. Update: It's official.

Cable Customer Service

Samantha Bookman looks at how cable companies are trying to improve customer service. (And also thanks to this article I learned that something called the Golden Poo award exists.)

Regulatory Fees

The FCC is reminding cable and TV station operators that regulatory fees are due soon.

TWC Uses Slingbox

Time Warner Cable says it will subsidize the cost of a Slingbox for subscribers who want TV Everywhere outside of their homes, which is a shot at cable programmers who want to restrict such options. Casey Johnston says this will definitely rankle networks, and Ryan Lawler notes TWC's aggressiveness here.

NFL Uncertainty Bonus

The uncertainty over the NFL lockout helped outlets sell most of their college football ad time.

Good TVeets

Y'all don't realize it yet, but Ryan Gosling just saved us from something much MUCH worse. #earthquake

Tonight our thoughts are with the brave NBC reporters who stepped out of 30-Rock to confirm that, yes, the ground shook a little bit.

#Earthquake rated at 5.9, but we'll need to wait for Live+7DVR numbers to come in before we truly know the impact.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Twist Endings Problem

Willa Paskin criticizes the twist ending of the movie One Day and likens it to The Killing's season ender in pinpointing what's problematic about twists provided just to provoke audiences, as if that makes them less cheap than predictable endings.

Local News Success

An NBC affiliate in Indianapolis has committed itself to strong local investigative journalism and is reaping ratings rewards for it.

Tennis Trouble

The channel tier dispute between Cablevision and Tennis Channel continues as the US Open approaches.

Cult TV Movies

Cory Barker tells cult TV shows like Veronica Mars and Arrested Development that he doesn't want their stupid movies.

Nevins Interview

Alan Sepinwall talks with Showtime president David Nevins.

Shorter Seasons

Maureen Ryna highlights on oncoming trend: shorter episode orders for seasons: "Like it or not, 10 hours may be the new normal, and rather than give us half seasons of 9 or 10 episodes, we're getting 10 episodes total for a season, whether or not the the tale being told is too big or too slight to fit the available space. To reiterate, I don't necessarily think being flexible about the number of hours in a season is a bad thing. But isn't it true that the most memorable shows tend to have seasons that are longer than 10 hours?"

Hulu Advice

Peter Kakfa and Ryan Lawler both suggest Hulu shouldn't sell.

Ch 51 Frozen

If you were planning to start up a new network and put it on Channel 51, you'll have to delay your plans; the FCC has frozen that channel to consider issues of wireless interference, as it's at the upper limit of the broadcast spectrum band. Update: Deborah D. McAdams sees this move as a threat to the future of broadcasting, driven by the wireless industry.

NBCU Not Diverse

Continuing on the theme of diversity, NBCU is being criticized for its lack of ethnic diversity on-screen and off.

Fewer Women in TV

While there may be more women in Libya reporting, there are fewer writing and directing for TV, and even fewer female characters compared to the previous year. More from John Doyle.

Female Reporters in Libya

Women have been most prominent in coverage of events in Libya.

Good TVeets

Nothing is better than preseason football, but nothing isn't on right now.

Anti-Qaddafi rebels have stormed into Hollywood and found a really great project for Matthew Perry that's bound to be successful.

Y'know, internet, you don't HAVE to watch "Torchwood: Miracle Day." I only say that as it seems to make a lot of you mad.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Libya Coverage

Mediate breaks down how the cable news networks have covered the events in Libya (and how some didn't -- I'm looking at you, MSNBC).

Have Gun, Will Anchor

A news anchor in Libya held up a gun on air and said she'd defend her channel from rebels.

Don Draper, Graduation Speaker

Students at an advertising school want Don Draper (not Jon Hamm) as their graduation speaker and have created a video pitch for the idea.

Confusion Everywhere

Ryan Lawler reports that Fox's new authentication wall online is causing confusion. It's also reportedly causing more piracy.

Doctrine Gone

The FCC has officially removed the Fairness Doctrine from the books. Eric Deggans wonders if this will finally satisfy conservatives, but religious broadcasters say they're still wary.

New Flow Issue

Great new reads from Flow, including Kristen Warner with Reality TV as a Haven for Black Women's Affect, Stephen Boyer with Primetime Gametime, Lokeilani Kaimana with Thoughts on Dark Camp, and Alfred Martin Jr. with Toward a Theory of "Compound Otherness" on Television.

9/11 TV

The TV airwaves are soon to be filled with 9/11-related programming, which Brian Steinberg notes can be tricky territory for advertisers.

CW's Launch Plan

Andrea Morabito covers The CW's plan to reach broader audiences this fall. Said new CW president Mark Pedowitz: "Our bread and butter is women 18-34 and to deny that is a mistake. But what we do want to do, which Ringer and Hart of Dixie provide us the opportunity to do, is to invite more 18-34s in, plus allow other people and other age groups to come sample us."

Twitter & TV

Joanne Ostrow argues that Twitter is helping TV (and that the idea TV is killing us is bunk).

Google Loves TV

That's what Google chairman Ed Schmidt will reportedly tell TV execs in the UK this week.

Colbert's Super PAC

David Carr considers the possible real impact of Stephen Colbert's satirical Super PAC effort.

AJE Correspondent to NBC

One of Al Jazeera English's most prominent correspondents is leaving for NBC News.


For that special someone in your life who never leaves the couch: a 104-disc Law & Order set totaling 456 episodes.

Millennials Watch Online More

Wayne Friedman reports on a study of viewing habits which found -- shocker alert -- that youth audiences watch more TV online than other viewing groups do. Benny Evangelista considers the marketing impact of this data.

Hulu's Next Move

Sam Schechner ponders (behind a paywall) what's next for Hulu, with bids due Wednesday.

Local News Expanding

Brian Stelter reports on how local TV newscasts are expanding and some are innovating. Cory Bergman adds thoughts.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Follow on Twitter

Just reminder as the semester gets cranked up again that you can follow this blog on Twitter: @N4TVM.

True Crime TV

Bill Carter assesses the true crime focus of Dateline and 48 Hours Mysteries.

Regional Sports Networks

Richard Sandomir looks at lucrative regional sports networks. Will Richmond says such networks are becoming a problem for pay TV.

Future of HBO & Pay TV

The Economist digs into HBO's challenges in a highly competitive era and contemplates the future of pay TV and premium channels.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Comcast Drops Suit

Comcast has dropped its case against DirecTV for false advertising.

Fake TV Shows

During breaks at TCA, Linda Holmes came up with a suitably silly list of fake TV shows (and yet not one of them is too improbable).

Happy Birthday, Philo!

TVNewsCheck recognizes the 105th birthday of the late Philo T. Farnsworth.

Actor Suits

A growing number of actors are suing for profits owed to them from older films and TV shows.

State of Network TV

John Doyle insists network TV isn't dying.

Friday Fun

An Open Letter to TV Snobs

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ad Complications

The migration of TV to online sites like Hulu complicates decisions for ad buyers.

Fox Sports & UFC

Fox Sports has a deal with Ultimate Fighting Championship that will bring matches to Fox and FX.

Radio Times Status

BBC Worldwide is selling off its magazines, including the TV Guide-ish (only much better) Radio Times. Michael Leapman pleads for the new owner not to change a thing with Radio Times.

Don't Ruin Louie

Nick Campbell has some words of caution for those heaping overflowing praise onto Louie.

The Offices

Tood VanDerWerff compares the German and French versions of The Office pilot to the US one.

Conan Problem

Conan O'Brien's show on TBS isn't working out so great yet. Jaime Weinman adds some thoughts.

Hulu Questions

George Szalai outlines some of the questions surrounding the upcoming Hulu auction.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Save BBC4

Richard Vine makes a case for why BBC4 (a niche arts and culture outlet) deserves to be saved from budget axes.

Future Trends

Nick DeMartino discerns three future TV technology trends -- connected TV, social TV, and expanded TV -- and weighs their odds of success.

Cord Cutting Podcast

Will Richmond talks with a pay TV analyst about last quarter's subscriber losses, cord cutting, and Netflix.

No Arts on CBC

John Doyle laments the dearth of arts programming on CBC TV.

AC 360 Starts Slow

Anderson Cooper isn't drawing great ratings in his new time slot.

Endemol Going Scripted

Endemol USA will move beyond reality TV and into producing scripted shows in the US.

NFL on PS3

DirecTV will offer the NFL Sunday Ticket on Playstation 3 consoles.

Measuring iPad Viewing

Nielsen is working with cable providers to determine how to measure live viewing on iPad apps.

Absent Kids

Jaime Weinman notes Paul Lee's idea to revive TGIF at ABC and considers why shows with a significant leading presence of kids are largely absent on the networks.

Sutter on AMC

Kurt Sutter offers more detailed thoughts on AMC (and, of course, a journalist he doesn't care for).

Mute What You Don't Like

A new device lets you program your TV to mute any keywords you don't want to hear (like "Kardashian").

Most Added Shows & Stars

TV Guide keeps track of who's following what on social media and has lists of the most added shows and stars of the past week: NCIS and Jennifer Aniston top the lists.

SAG Member Earnings

Richard Verrier reports on last year's SAG member earnings, which show sliding dollars in TV revenue.

Solution: More Ads

Wayne Friedman suggests that if AMC is having money problems, it should sell more ad time.

Cartoon Complaints

The PTC is complaining that cartoons on TV are inappropriate for children.

Stars on Twitter

Rick Bentley discusses what TV stars are getting out of Twitter.

Real Tragedy

James Poniewozik reports on the suicide of a Real Housewives husband and its potential implications, the LA Times considers what role the show might have played, Matt Zoller Seitz has thoughts about the potential damage of reality TV, and Brian Stelter speculates on this as a game-changing "Jenny Jones moment" for reality TV.

Situation Request

Abercrombie & Fitch has asked Jersey Shore's The Situation to stop wearing their clothes: “We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans." On Twitter, Peter Kafka pointed out that something akin to this happened already to Snooki.

Good TVeets

I hope at least one producer to whom "Mystic Pizza" was pitched said, "Wait: It's not about an actual mystic pizza? Get out of my office."

I keep hearing about the study that says TV viewing shortens life span. Doesn't this mean TV critics should get paid a hell of a lot more?

I still find it hard to believe that the Olsen twins are older than anyone.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

State of CBC

Kate Taylor has suggestions for improving the CBC.


Fox Business Network ran an ad critical of CNBC during the latter's own programming (in a ad slot sold by Time Warner Cable). Update: TWC has now pulled the ad.

Farewell, @Sutterink

Kurt Sutter has left Twitter; Myles McNutt considers what his Twitter saga tells us. Update: James Poniewozik chimes in on this.

Sitcom Promo Works

A Baltimore station credits an award-winning promo for boosting ratings for its animated sitcom block.

Fox Authentication Starts

Yesterday was the first day you had to prove you're a pay TV subscriber if you want to watch Fox shows on or Hulu right away. ABC is next. But right now the only pay TV provider with a deal for this is Dish Network, so Fox is urging users of other pay TV services to complain.

History of Failed Remakes

In the wake of news of a new Bewitched, Kevin Fallon outlines the history of failed TV remakes.

Good TVeets

"Kate Plus Eight" hath been cancelled. Thus have I answered the prayers of 88.89% of its cast.

Sorry HBO, you're going to have to air the Gloria Steinem documentary a few more times to make up for Entourage.

Jesse Pinkman for President. Of our hearts.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

TV: The Loud Killer

Australian researchers warn that TV viewing is bad for your health. Max Davidson offers a counterpoint: "Far from cutting hours off your life, watching television enriches the human experience."

TWC Thinking Broadband

Ryan Lawler discusses how Time Warner Cable is betting on broadband, not TV, as the service of the future.

End Date Debate

With Breaking Bad haven gotten one, Darren Franich asks: Are end dates good for TV shows?

Google Buys Motorola Mobility

Google has acquired Motorola Mobility, which has a huge set-top box business, which means this is big for Google TV. Peter Kafka says this also makes it much less likely Google will go after Hulu.

TWC Buys Insight

Time Warner Cable is expanding with the acquisition of Midwest cable operator Insight Communications. Stacey Higginbotham considers why.

Local Challenges

TVNewsCheck talks with a broadcast exec about challenges facing local stations.

Glee 3D Flops

The Glee movie opened with a whimper.

Cinemax, Porn & Apple

Ryan Lawler wonders if Cinemax's availability on iPads violates Apple's ban against porn.

UK Viewing Up

People are still quite happy with TV in the UK, at least, as the viewing amount average reached a new high in the first half of 2011, thanks to both increased live viewing and timeshifting.

Web Video Up, TV Declines

Sam Schechner reports (from behind the WSJ paywall) on how gains in web video viewing are translating into fewer youth watching TV.

CNBC Benefits

CNBC has gotten the biggest ratings boost among business networks from financial crisis coverage.

Good TVeets

A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to watch TV.

I think Brian Krakow grew up to be an extremely successful male runway model.

I would do anything--literally anything--to see Larry David on the "The Millionaire Matchmaker."

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Breaking Bad Renewed/Ending

AMC and Sony came to terms on a deal for 16 more Breaking Bad episodes, which will close out the series. Alan Sepinwall has more details. Eric Deggans considers what this means for AMC's image.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good TVeets

There are a lot of shows on tv now that are best described as "white trash Antiques Roadshow."

I don't watch wrestling but if the 10 seconds I get before #Haven starts is any indication, it's about naked dudes staring at each other.

Considering using network-swag bag as a carry-on. Think airport security will object to a backpack with "TNT" stitched on it?

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1977 Nielsen Pamphlet

A USA research exec (@TedonTV) has posted a fun and informative historical document: a 1977 Nielsen primer on how ratings work. As he notes, some might find it scary how not all that much has changed in the process since then.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good TVeets

I wish Lester Holt would introduce himself by yelling "Lester Holt!" with his fists up in the air.

Heather Locklear is engaged to Jack Wagner? Has anyone told them #MelrosePlace is cancelled? I'm worried they think it's Sweeps.

A shame. MTV clearly spent too much on that 5th season of Mad Men. RT @sethgs: Well, it's official. #RJBerger has been cancelled.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Univision Adds Sports Execs

As part of its push into sports programming, Univision has hired two new executives.

Friday Fun

The 12 Greatest DVR Descriptions

New Network Slogans

UK Jersey Shore

Alyssa Rosenberg checks out the UK's version of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, and finds it more real and sadder than the original.

Men TV

Marisa Guthrie and Lacey Rose discuss how much TV advertisers want to reach young men and highlight which shows rank highest in male viewership. (Lots of good ratings stats here, albeit men-only)

Drama Problems

Brian Steinberg fears the ad-supported TV drama is doomed by high costs and high stakes.

Fox's Debate

James Poniewozik praises Fox News for high-quality questions at last night's GOP debate.

Good TVeets

The best part of the debate is going to be the after-show hosted by Andy Cohen on Bravo. #tweetthepress

While the debate has been going on, Sarah Palin was voted back into the Big Brother house. #TweetThePress

[Candidate]'s line about [political topic] is so comically ignorant that [shoehorned Game Of Thrones reference]! #Hashtag #StockGOPLiveTweet

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hulu Bids Next Week

Initial bids for Hulu will reportedly be made late next week.

Praise for Louie

Chuck Klosterman really, really likes Louie. (As well he should)

Disney Paywall

Disney is planning to follow in Fox's footsteps and require pay TV subscriber authentication for access to its shows online.

Twitter & Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is integrating Twitter in programming and online starting today. Ben Popper also reports.

Roseanne Sitcom

Roseanne Barr has a new sitcom project in the works.

Midseason Boom

Tim Molloy says next season's schedule shows that networks have learned from cable in scheduling midseason shows.

AMC Earnings

Finally, a positive story about AMC and money: its first earnings report as a stand-alone company showed income up over last year. Also, James Poniewozik chimes in about AMC's budget issues.

Good TVeets

I wonder if I meet Katie Holmes, would she tell me I am strong and amazing? #SYTYCD

I wish the parents on Toddlers & Tiaras would sit down in their seats when they watch their kids perform. Also, die.

In the future, there will be software that will allow you to build your own Morgan Freeman narration for anything.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hulu in Japan

Hulu is planning to launch its service in Japan.

iPad Deal Settled

Cablevision and Viacom have come to unannounced terms over the latter's cable networks appearing on the former's iPad service.

No More Lopez

TBS has cancelled Lopez Tonight. Ben Grossman discusses why. Eric Deggans adds thoughts.

Haven Tweets

Syfy will integrate Twitter into a Haven plot arc starting this week. In vaguely related news, Fox was the most social of the networks in July.

Walking Dead Update

Kim Masters has more info on what was allegedly behind Frank Darabont's exit from The Walking Dead, and those following recent AMC news won't be surprised to hear it involves money. Some analysis from Jaime Weinman.

Aggressive Deals

Claire Atkinson says pay TV rivalries are leading to aggressive deals and promotions.

Business Nets Benefit

Business channels like CNBC and FBN are enjoying higher ratings through the current financial roller coaster.

CNNI Coverage

George Winslow talks with CNN International's managing director about covering recent global stories. In somewhat related news, Sky and BBC News are garnering record ratings from riot coverage.

Disney Earnings

Disney was helped last quarter by a boost in cable revenue.


NBC Sports has made a deal to carry Major League Soccer games.

The Philosophy of Louis CK

Nicholas Mancusi gets all existential in digging into the philosophy of Louis CK.

TCA Highlights & Lowlights

Daniel Fienberg wraps up TCA coverage with a gloss on the highlights and lowlights.

Steinem Calls For Boycott

Gloria Steinem has joined the chorus of voices objecting to NBC's The Playboy Club.

Comcast Loses

Comcast lost a temporary restraining order request against a DirecTV ad.

Famine Coverage

Brian Stelter says the networks are stepping up their coverage of the Somalian famine.

Tyler TV

Lionsgate is reportedly backing a venture to give Tyler Perry his own TV channel.

Good TVeets

Gordon Ramsay seems pissed tonight, but is doing his show anyway. Total pro.

This one guy on Downton Abbey is NOT good at being a rich dude! #classsystemfail

The Vampire Diaries: Where even the boom operators are hot.

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