Saturday, April 30, 2011


Law & Order: Criminal Intent is ending soon (maybe); Charlotte Howell proposes that it's been an outlier in the L&O franchise.

Prime-Time Ratings: Friday

Fast nationals: A decent night for CBS, while Fringe dropped in overall viewers but was steady in the demo. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Good Wife's Women

Jan Hoffman discusses the female characters in The Good Wife and its female co-showrunner, Michelle King.

Kids' TV & Smart TV

Todd VanDerWerff assess the Hub show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, and Dan Kois uses his 6-year-old daughter's Phineas and Ferb fandom to lead into a discussion of viewing sophisticated shows.

NBCU Synergy

The WSJ covers Comcast's attempts to exploit synergy with NBCU properties. (Note: article is behind a paywall)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bravo Best at Product Placement

According to Nielsen, Bravo does product placement better than any channel.

Animation Postponed

Fox is postponing til next year an animation crossover event planned for Sunday because the hurricane-themed episodes might be deemed inappropriate given the recent tornado disasters.

Female Writers

Pamela Ribon writes of her frustration as a female comedy writer, such as being told she should be grateful that she gets writing jobs because writers' rooms have to have one woman in there. Community's Dan Harmon offers thoughts on women comedy writers.

Social Rankings

A firm called SocialGuide has created a ranking of shows based on social media buzz.

Prime-Time Ratings: Thursday

Fast nationals: On the first night of May sweeps, Idol won as usual, Steve Carell's exit was a good boost for The Office, a lot of other shows had drops. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Local Tornado Coverage

Brian Stelter looks at how live local TV covered the devastating weather in the south this week. And Price Coleman covers how stations used multi-platform services to get coverage out.

HBO Expanding Access

HBO will make (or already has made) its programming available on mobile devices with its HBO Go app for phones and tablets. Will Richmond sees this as a necessary but insufficient step.

Royal Wedding Coverage

Matt Zoller Seitz reviews the mind-numbing display that was American coverage of the Royal Wedding, as does James Poniewozik. And Linda Holmes has a report from the scene. Somewhat more cheeky coverage from TWoP. As far as British TV's coverage, some are saying ITV outdid the BBC.

This could end up as one of the most-watched events in TV history.

Friday Fun

The Jeff/Shirley 'shipping montage that wasn't in last week's Community:

Friday Fun: Parks & Rec Style

Introducing the Ron Swanson Turkey Burger: A Fried Turkey Leg Inside a Grilled Hamburger

Tom Haverfoods (and see the clip that inspired this)

Nielsen Losses

Nielsen, which went public in January, reports first quarter losses.

British Reality

American Drew Grant turned on a TV in Britain and observed some interesting reality TV (check out the comments section for some British responses).


NCIS creator Donald Bellasario is suing CBS for spin-off money he says he's owed.

Local TV Up

Local TV stations enjoyed increased revenue in 2010 thanks especially to political advertising and rebounding national advertisers.

Good TVeets

Snark, snark, snark, snark, snark, snark, oh that's a pretty dress, snark. #myfeedthismorning

Queen_UK Elizabeth Windsor 
Feeling slightly awkward about Princess Beatrice's hat, to be honest.

nancyfranklin Nancy Franklin 
4 a.m. Matt Lauer says "fairy tale" within seconds of signing on. It's going to be a long day.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Apps to Come

TWC's CEO says the iPad app is only the beginning of the cable operator's plans to enable live TV streaming.

Google TV Limp

Google TV is not selling well.

Time Warner & Netflix

Time Warner CEo Jeff Bewkes insists, rather suddenly, that he's a big fan of Netflix's TV subscription service.

2.5 Men to Return?

Rumor is that Two and a Half Men will be back in the fall sans Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen has, um, responded.

Exec Moves

Mark Pedowitz has moved in as president of The CW, while VP Scott Landsman is moving out at Comedy Central.

Killing the Same

Daniel Walters argues that despite its AMC cred, The Killing isn't that different from conventional, gruesome network procedurals.

Comcast Siblings

Brian Steinberg looks at how Comcast outlets NBC News and E! are working together.

Real World Issue

Andy Dehnart reports on some behind-the-scenes reality at The Real World, a cast member's gay porn past, and how the show is dealing with it.

Discovery Profits

Discovery Communications is doing quite well, and will pump some of those profits into OWN.

Weather Channel Forecast

Weather Channel's CEO sees sunny skies ahead (sorry; I am fundamentally incapable of avoiding a pun in this situation).

MIT7 Agenda

You can check out the agenda for the upcoming Media in Transition conference, which includes brief summaries of each paper.

Rosenthal Interview

Alan Sepinwall interviews Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal about his documentary on the Russian adaptation of Raymond.

Media & Birtherism

Brian Stelter outlines how news media coverage helped to fan the flames of birtherism to this point.

Prime-Time Ratings: Wednesday

Fast nationals: Idol dominant but down from last week; Survivor hit a demo low. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

TV Adapts

Tech company CEO Ron Frankel outlines the ways that traditional TV needs to adapt to ongoing and oncoming changes.

BBC Worldwide Changes

BBC Worldwide, the BBC's international commercial arm, is undergoing strategy changes.

BSkyB Growth

BSkyB has outperformed analyst expectations recently, meaning Rupert Murdoch may have to sweeten his takeover offer.

Geordie Shore

MTV UK has announced the cast of its British version of Jersey Shore called Geordie Shore, which starts airing in a month and will provide competition for The Only Way is Essex, which is sort of Britain's version of The Hills.

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore has helped fuel Viacom profits.

Egypt's Jon Stewart

An Egyptian surgeon has fostered a new career as a TV news parodist.

RIP Teleprompter Guy

Hubert J. Schlafly Jr., who invented the teleprompter, has died.

Spectrum Plan Illegal

A collection of station owner groups argues that the FCC's plan to reclaim spectrum space is unnecessary and illegal. And CBS says it's keeping its space, though it doesn't oppose the general idea of the FCC's plans.

Upfront Windfall

John Consoli says the networks are expecting the ad money to flow generously at this year's upfronts.

TV Dramas

Todd VanDerWerff takes us back to the world of 1980s drama with an excellent overview. Also among the AV Club offerings is Noel Murray's "Very Special Episode" analysis of an early 1960s detective drama called Checkmate.

Good TVeets

There are Civil War re-enactments that are less staged than 'Real Housewives.'

realityblurred Andy Dehnart 
Real World fans Googling Dustin Zito's gay sex have taken down reality blurred. Porn is still the Internet's lifeblood.

pourmecoffee pourmecoffee 
This calls Trump's judgment into question. The Supreme Court should reopen the Gary Busey firing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BBC & US Shows

BBC1 head Danny Cohen says the channel won't be looking to import US shows.

Soap Items

Ed Martin blames creative bankruptcy on the part of the networks for soap cancellations, while ABC is being sued by the heirs of General Hospital's creators for revenue owed.

Saving the News

Eric Deggans shared ideas with NPR about saving network evening news.

British TV Crime

BBC1 chief Danny Cohen believes there's too much crime on TV, plus too many male detectives.

Best Roles for Women

IFC proclaims the 25 best TV roles for women (Buffy FTW!)

Favorite Channels

A media research firm surveyed what viewers' favorite cable channels are; the winners (Discovery, History & Food Network) don't match up with the highest Nielsen-rated channels.

American Family Online

All episodes of An American Family can now be found online, along with two follow-up extras.

Comcast Network VOD

Comcast will now offer current prime-time programming from all four major networks via video-on-demand.

Prime-Time Ratings: Tuesday

Fast nationals: The Voice came out of the gate strong, while Glee dropped. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

In other ratings news, the NBA playoffs have been doing well.

Playstation Impact

The Sony Playstation outage is affecting Netflix and Hulu too.

Obama & Trump

For the TV media perspective on the Obama birth certificate release and Donald Trump's (pathetic) role, see James Poniewozik and Eric Deggans.

3D Scam

Jason Hiner argues that 3D TV and movies are a misguided attempt to scam viewers out of money.

Good TVeets

Why don't Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have charm bracelets made of Emmys? #fnl

stuartenyt Stuart Elliott 
If you'd told me someday i'd watch Fox in primetime and a gay kid would sing a show tune, i'd have said, yeah, and there's a black president

fymaxwell Max Dawson 
If I could be allowed a food metaphor, HBO's Sunday lineup of Game of Thrones & Treme is like a supermarket sheet cake followed by raw kale.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reality Flashback

Drew Grant jumps back ten years to the early days of the reality TV boom.

CW Renewals

No surprises among The CW's announced renewals today; we await news on the bubble shows like Nikita.

Supernatural Fandom

Cory Barker offers up a conference paper on Supernatural, fandom and anti-fandom.

NAB Says No Crisis

The NAB doesn't buy that there's a shortage of spectrum space dictating the need for repurposing it for mobile broadband use.

More Tyler for TBS

TBS has ordered a third Tyler Perry-produced show, this one a single-cam comedy-drama called For Better or Worse.

Cord Cutters Day

NewTeeVee has declared it to be Cord Cutters Day.

Couric Officially Out

Katie Couric confirmed exclusively to People Magazine (?!) that she's leaving CBS Evening News. Bill Carter and James Poniewozik follow with thoughts.

Prime-Time Ratings: Monday

Fast nationals: ABC had a pretty good time of it against mostly repeats. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Yahoo Checks In

Yahoo has bought up a TV check-in app called IntoNow.

Fall Hopes

Comcast is hoping that a good fall will help boost NBC's image.

International Key for Soaps

Sara Bibel proposes that if Disney had put more effort into selling All My Children and One Life to Live internationally, they might not be expiring soon.

Multi-Platform Efforts

ESPN, Weather Channel, and Turner Sports receive the highest marks for multi-platform extension efforts.

Online Investment

Travel Channel has invested in the travel site, which Courtney Boyd Myers sees as a shrewd move.

Writers Room

Lee Goldberg describes his time in a comedy writers' room working on a pilot.

Harmon on Reddit

Community creator Dan Harmon took questions on Reddit and gave some great answers about writing and his show.

BAFTA Awards

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Television Awards nominations are out, and standouts include the drama Misfits and Doctor Who's Matt Smith (who becomes the first Doctor to be nominated). Listed separately are the craft nominations.

Good TVeets

Near as I can figure, The Voice is just like Idol, except the contestants sing directly into the judges' asses.

Choire Choire Sicha 
I can't make sense of Game of Thrones but basically decent textiles are hard to make and then everyone got puppies.

zhandlen Zack Handlen 
Jack Donaghy/Ron Swanson is the brother Ron Swanson/Jack Donaghy never talks about.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Parks & Rec Politics

Juliet Lapidos digs into politics as represented in Parks and Recreation.

BBCA Record

The Doctor Who premiere Saturday gave BBC America its highest-rated telecast ever.

Charter Selling LA

Continuing its reorganization, Charter Communications is putting up for sale its Los Angeles region cable systems, with Time Warner Cable pinpointed as the most logical buyer.

Maddow Profile

The Guardian profiles MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and her anchor image. Update: Maddow now clarifies a few of the comments she made about closeted gays in the news business.

Prime-Time Ratings: Sunday

Fast nationals: A ho-hum pre-sweeps night. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Global Subs Up

While cord cutting is nipping at subscriber numbers in the US, globally pay TV subscriptions have risen.

Inside The Stream

Jared Keller looks at Al Jazeera's social media-focused online news show The Stream.

Netflix News

Netflix has just released its latest earnings statement and now touts more subscribers than any other video service in North America, passing Comcast (though Robert Seidman thinks that's a flawed comparison). That makes it seem quite a challenge for Dish to potentially catch up as a competitor with its Blockbuster purchase. Netflix insists its about TV reruns, not cable competition.

New In Media Res

Theme: Globalization and Japanese Popular Culture

  • Monday April 25, 2011 – Ian Peters (Georgia State University) presents: "Genki Dama Saves the World": Japanese Popular Culture, Globalization, and Relief Efforts
  • Tuesday April 26, 2011 – Jake Tarbox (Arashi Productions) presents: The Death of Manga?
  • Wednesday April 27, 2011 – Alex Leavitt (University of Southern California) presents: The Global Cult(ure) of Hatsune Miku
  • Thursday April 28, 2011 – Kinko Ito (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) presents: Love and Sexual Fantasies of Adult Women in Japanese Ladies’ Comics
  • Friday April 29, 2011 – Laura Imaoka (University of California, Irvine) presents: The Ambassadors of Cute: Helping or Hurting Japan’s Global Image?

BBC Risks

The incoming head of the BBC Trust insists that the BBC needs to take more risks, and the head of Editorial Policy says he will dial down compliance demands to encourage more risk-taking.

Upfronts Optimism

The upfronts are expected to bring good news for TV ad time (note: WSJ article behind paywall), and Steve McClellan reports that entertainment cable networks are in an especially good position.

Royal Coverage

The networks are turning to on-air talent to help them stand out amidst a ton of royal wedding coverage all using the same video feed, and Simon Reynolds explores what image of Britain some Americans have thanks to TV and film imports.

DVR Ratings

Bill Carter reports that networks are paying greater attention to DVR ratings when weighing cancellations and renewals (see: Fringe), even over some advertiser objections.

Good TVeets

I feel wrong watching #ThKilling over #CelebrityApprentice. and then I feel wrong for feeling that. #TVshamespiral

movingsideways Chris Hauselt 
Tonight on AMC's "Who Killed Dat Girl?": Lady Sleepsalot and City Councilman Raspy Squarejaw grieflirt in the cereal aisle!

AlexSolak Alexander Solak 
#thekilling #spoileralert it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the gun.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Prime-Time Ratings: Saturday

Overnights: Moses dominated the night.

In UK ratings news, early results indicate Doctor Who's premiere was solid but down from last year's premiere. Ratings for the BBC America airing will arrive in a day or two.

TV & Online Audiences

Phil Napoli considers overlaps between TV and online audiences.

Belsat TV

The media in Belarus are tightly controlled by the government, so it's left to Belsat TV in Poland, which sends its satellite signal into Belarus, to provide independent coverage of the country's news.

Death on TV

Ending on The Killing, Justin Fowler considers the state of death on TV.

Good TVeets

Sometimes I wish I was an at-risk teenager just so Coach and Tami Taylor could inspire me.

Moses: From everlasting to everlasting. Translation: God, this movie is long. #tencommandments

I'm pretty sure Steven Moffat has given me more nightmares in my adult life than I ever had as a kid. #DoctorWho

Follow @GoodTVeets

Saturday, April 23, 2011

OVD Category

The FCC will now count online video distributors in their own category -- as OVDs -- when analyzing viewership trends. The other two categories are broadcast TV stations and MVPDs (or multichannel video programming distributors).

BBC Cuts

The NYT covers the BBC's efforts to cut costs amid many pressures.

Prime-Time Ratings: Friday

Fast nationals: Fringe hit a demo low; FNL was up a tick. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Blue Bloods Turmoil

Deadline reports that the creators of CBS's Blue Bloods have left the show due to creative differences with the network over how heavily procedural (versus character-based) the show should be.

Sherlock's Cliffhanger

Scott Higgins analyzes the cliffhanger that ends Sherlock's third episode.

Luck Troubles

Creative differences among big-name producers David Milch and Michael Mann are causing problems for HBO's Luck.

Community's Community

Ryan McGee, who has decided to stop watching Community, writes of the gruff he's gotten from Community fans for this decision and questions why some seem to feel threatened by other viewers' and critics' opinions and experiences of shows.

Network Promotion

Steve Sternberg argues that fewer network shows would fail if they were advertised on the other networks.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cord Cutting

Yet another cord cutting study says it's no big thing, but a digital antenna retailer says it expects sales to double this year. And NewTeeVee has declared Tuesday to be Cord Cutters Day.

McCourt & Fox

You probably saw headlines that MLB has taken over the Dodgers; this follows owner Frank McCourt making a TV deal with Fox, as well as a personal loan deal, which may not hold up. Update: Joe Flint questions Fox's judgment in making the loan.

USA Formula

Amy Chozik profiles the USA Network's successful formula.

No Emmy Deal Yet

We still don't know what network the Emmys will air on in September.

3D Challenges

Cliff Edwards looks at challenges for 3D TV, including format battles.

Prime-Time Ratings: Thursday

Broadcast finals: After Fox, NBC did best in the key demo, CBS in total viewers. Also, The Paul Reiser Show did miserably and has already been cancelled. Cable ratings.

New Flow Issue

Hoover Impact

A Wharton post considers the possible impact of Hoover's soap-defending boycott of ABC.

Black News Coverage

A group of Pittsburgh local TV news directors may sign a pledge to cover the city's black community in more positive ways.

Oprah as Icon

A Yale researcher says Oprah Winfrey's popularity makes her akin to a religious icon.

Indecency Request

The White House has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate the FCC's indecency rules and fines, tossed out by a circuit court last year as unconstitutionally vague.

Spectrum Fight

Broadcasters are pitted against wireless companies in the spectrum battle, which the FCC has foreseen coming for more than a decade.

Friday Fun

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Al Jazeera Profile

American Journalism Review profiles the current state of Al Jazeera: "The Qatar-based channel’s extensive coverage of the Arab Spring underscores its emerging role as a major player. But controversy continues to swirl about its coverage."

BET Rebranding

BET's upfronts presentation reflected its ongoing rebranding effort to present a more family-oriented image.

Hulu In Australia

Australia is about to get Hulu.

Broadcasting Decline

A media analysts report says the broadcast networks are in decline.

News Corp v. TWC

Joe Flint notes that News Corporation and Time Warner Cable keep fighting over various issues.

Who's Back

Doctor Who returns to both UK and US television Saturday, with the day/date US release intended to combat piracy; a British sci-fi site has an excellent interview with showrunner Steven Moffatt.


BBC America has picked up the non-British Battlestar Galactica.

Backdoor Pilots

Jaime Weinman writes about the backdoor pilot circumstance, happening tonight with an episode of Bones, and Lee Goldberg follows with more thoughts.

Nurturing Needed

Wayne Friedman discusses the importance of nurturing a show, giving it time to grow, which unfortunately isn't happening as much these days.

Trends in TV Viewing

Nielsen's latest report is on TV audiences and viewing trends, including cool charts about online TV viewing and device usage by race

Lucy Writer Dies

Pioneering TV writer Madelyn Pugh Davis, who wrote for I Love Lucy, has passed away. The TV Academy's online archive has a video interview with her and writing partner Bob Carroll, Jr.

BBC News Proposals

The BBC is considering ways to cut the budget of BBC News.

Hashtag TV

Michael Schneider says you should prepare to see more Twitter hashtags appearing during TV shows.

Ad Reward

Pepsi has an iPhone app that lets you check in when you see a Pepsi ad on TV and thus earn a free beverage.

Comcast Sports Coverage

Comcast and NBC are taking advantage of corporate synergies by having a Comcast regional sports channel provide the sports coverage for an NBC affiliate in San Francisco.

Prime-Time Ratings: Wednesday

Fast nationals: Fox coasted; ABC's comedies were down. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Game of Thrones & Race

Some are asking if Game of Thrones is racist due to its depictions of the Dothraki.

Apps With Ads

Some have concerns about TV viewing apps that could place ads on top of content.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ABC Announcement

ABC has posted an official announcement about the cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live and also allowed viewer comments, which, as you can imagine, are not filled with happy thoughts. Michael Sciullo looks at how fan anger has spilled out on the internet.

Fox TV Interview

THR interviews Fox Television Studios president David Madden about how his company is tinkering with TV tradition, including with shows like AMC's The Killing.

Dish-TiVo Ruling

Dish Network lost an appeal against a ruling that some of its DVRs violate TiVo's patents, but the company vows to keep fighting.

TV Check-In Battle

Janko Roettgers charts out the TV check-in service battle for users.

Glee = South Park

Jaime Weinman says Glee most resembles South Park in certain ways.

X Factor Cleared

ITV's X Factor was just cleared by the media regulator Ofcom of charges that dances by Rihanna and Christina Aguilera violated broadcast decency rules.

Justified's Women

Lisa Rosen highlights the actresses currently killing it on Justified.

Game of Thrones Theory

Rowan Kaiser puts Game of Thrones in the narrative contexts of fantasy and quality TV.

American Family

Dennis Lim digs into the story behind An American Family as depicted in HBO's Cinema Verite; Richard Rushfield looks back on the original series; and Laurie Winer talks to the disgruntled creator of American Family. PBS will be rerunning the ground-breaking series, which isn't available on DVD, perhaps the most important TV series in history that isn't.

Update: All episodes of An American Family can now be found online, along with two follow-up extras.

Idol's Staying Power

The predicted drop in ratings supremacy for American Idol hasn't happened.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2.5 Men Downfall

Maria Elana Fernandez digs into what production on Two and a Half Men was like the past few years, as Charlie Sheen got worse.

Web Series Legitimacy

Jeremy Scott believes web TV series have reached a point of legitimacy.

Cable Ad Market

There's a sunny forecast for cable ad dollars in 2011.

HBO Everywhere

HBO will soon be available to subscribers via mobile apps.

ESPN Ethics

ESPN is pulling its poker programming in the wake of fraud allegations directed at its online poker sponsors, and ESPN has made public all of its announcer endorsement deals.


NBC Sports outbid ESPN for NHL rights.

Thrones Review

Gina Bellafante wrote a typically mediocre review of Game of Thrones, which made a particularly unfortunate claim that women don't like the fantasy genre. A backlash resulted; Bellafante has now responded. Alyssa Rosenberg also chimes in.

British Youth Viewing

An Ofcom survey found that British youth would rather give up their TVs than their mobile phones or the internet.

British Salaries

Televisual uncovers the average salaries for British TV industry personnel.

TV in 2020

Michael Stroud predicts what television will be like in 2020.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Stream

Al Jazeera's experiment in social media-centered news, otherwise known as a program called The Stream, launched today.

VH1 Makeover

VH1 is setting out to target women 25-35.

Xbox TV

There might be TV content coming to the Xbox soon; then again, maybe there won't be.

Ebersol War

Dick Ebersol wants to fight to keep the Olympics on NBC; Comcast may not back the all-out effort.

ABC Boycott

In an intriguing move, the Hoover vacuum company is backing frustrated soap opera fans by pulling its advertising from ABC (drumming some free publicity in exchange). Consumer Reports says this could help Hoover sales in the end.

British Soaps

With the impending demise of US soap operas, Gillian Reynolds considers the state of UK soaps. (Somehow Murder She Wrote comes up too.)

Apple TV Set

Marco Arment doesn't foresee Apple manufacturing a TV set (link fixed), but MG Siegler says the market is ripe for it. And Chris Dixon says it's possible, and Ryan Lawler considers what an Apple HDTV set would need in order to succeed.

Streaming Competition

Jemima Kiss outlines how streaming options are challenging traditional TV distribution.

Fox Evolution

Brian Steinberg traces the development of Fox network.

New In Media Res

Theme: TV Failure
  • Monday April 18, 2011 – Jason Mittell (Middlebury College) presents: The Failure of Failure in Terriers
  • Tuesday April 19, 2011 – Ryan Bowles (University of California-Santa Barbara) presents: "It’s Not You…It’s Nielsen": Cancellation Heartbreak and Measurement Magic
  • Wednesday April 20, 2011 – Anne Moore (Tufts University) presents: Losing to Win: Twin Peaks and Serial Failure 
  • Thursday April 21, 2011 – Cory Barker (Bowling Green State University) presents: Stranger in a Strange Land: Quality Television’s Episodic Failures
  • Friday April 22, 2011 – Tom Hallaq (Idaho State University) presents: Dinner with Mavis: Reviewing The Tonight Show Conflict

Channels Return

A handful of Fox and Discovery channels have returned to TWC's iPad app.

Moonves Money

Les Moonves makes a lot of money.

Obscenities Rise

Brian Steinberg discusses the rise in obscenities and depictions of sex on TV.

Upfronts Cheat Sheet

Brian Steinberg analyzes how each major TV outlet is positioned going into the upfronts period.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality Rocks Convention

Jon Caramanica tells us what happened at the Reality Rocks Expo, a reality TV fan convention.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Online Commercials

Wayne Friedman expects that as ad time increases on online TV, especially the kind you can't skip through, viewers will return to old ways of ignoring them, but perhaps also turn to second screens until they're over.

BBC Comedy Slashed

In another cost-cutting move, the BBC has fired 25% of its comedy staff.

FCC Questions

Joe Flint says the FCC is asking Comcast the wrong questions in trying to determine how much independently-owned content it carries on its outlets.

Google Outdraws ITV

Google will earn more advertising money in the UK than ITV, the usually the biggest advertising earner in Britain.

Time Warner Shuffling

Time Warner Cable just dramatically reshuffled its channel line-up, and Aaron Barnhart thinks it may have been a backdoor rate hike.

Reality Over Docs

British director Kevin Macdonald claims reality TV has pushed out documentary films on British TV.

Thursday Worries

Matt Zoller Seitz sees a lot of problems with NBC's Thursday nights.

Netflix Regulation

Pay TV operators in Canada are pushing to have Netflix regulated like a traditional TV outlet.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I'm traveling out of town today and will be out and about for the next week, so posts will be sporadic here until I return.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eco Complaint

Environmental groups are accusing CBS of misleading consumers with its EcoAd marketing program.

New Broadcast Streamer

A new startup called Bamboom offers to stream live broadcast signals to connected devices, though its legality is still in question.

AMC & OLTL Cancelled

It is with great sadness that I report the impending demise of All My Children and One Life to Live. I refuse to write the ridiculous names of the shows replacing them. Entertainment labor unions are especially unhappy. The Wrap interviews ABC Daytime president Brain Frons, who says it's all about ratings.

Kay Reindl mourns more than just the demise of a genre. Sam Ford argues that soaps have fallen prey to an assumption of inevitable death and says too few are working on ways to save the genre; instead, the industry is looking to other types of programming. C. Lee Harrington looks at what we're losing.

Prime-Time Ratings: Wednesday

Fast nationals: CBS pulled in second behind the Idol train, while ABC's sitcoms hit lows. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Station Tumblr

A few local stations are adding Tumblrs to their internet presence.

Digital Ratings

Wayne Friedman considers how Nielsen's Extended Screen ratings that including viewing on digital platforms might have an impact.

Staffing Season

TV writer Daniel Thomsen lays out some realities of series staffing season and finding success as a writer.

ESPN Rules

ESPN has issues new product endorsement guidelines for announcers and on-air talent.

New Upscale Channel

Because rich men apparently don't have enough for them already on television, here comes a new cable channel: Discovery's Velocity, with sports and leisure content targeted at upscale males.

Good TVeets

American Idol judge: "You move me beyond tears." What's beyond tears? Cramps?

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt 
If a show called CAKE SHOW HOARDERS existed, the Food Network itself would be an eligible participant.

nightcamedown Erin K 
Oh, yes, I would watch a show all about Mags and helen. I would watch ten shows about Mags and Helen. #Justified

Wednesday, April 13, 2011