Monday, March 21, 2011

New In Media Res

Theme: Race and TV

  • Monday March 21, 2011: Richard Newton (Claremont Graduate University) presents: Gleaning Alex Haley’s Scriptural "Roots"
  • Tuesday March 22, 2011: Kristen Warner (University of Alabama) presents: "’It’s Tough Being Different’": The Pitfalls of Colorblindness in CW’s The Vampire Diaries
  • Wednesday March 23, 2011: Alfred L. Martin, Jr. (University of Texas, Austin) presents: Hottentot Venus 2.0?: Still Gawking at the Black Woman’s Buttocks
  • Thursday March 24, 2011: Jane Chi Hyun Park (University of Sydney) presents: Yellow Voice and the Chinese International Student: Ricky Wong in "We Can Be Heroes"
  • Friday March 25, 2011: Shilpa DavĂ© (Brandeis University) presents: Calling the Working South Asian: American Accents and Outsourced

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