Monday, March 14, 2011

New In Media Res

Topic: Primetime Animation, organized by Collin Coleman (Georgia State University)

  • Monday March 14, 2011: Lauren Bratslavsky (University of Oregon) presents: In Defense of the Crude: Why Bob’s Burgers Beats Out the Rest
  • Tuesday March 15, 2011: Gladys Santiago (New York University) presents: Artful Mockers: Brand Parodies Amplified Through Animation
  • Wednesday March 16, 2011: Benjamin Thevenin (University of Colorado, Boulder) presents: "All Your Subversion Are Belong to Culture Industry: (That Means You Too, Banksy!)”
  • Thursday March 17, 2011: Steve Pustay (Georgia State University) presents: The Paranoid Power Fantasies of Superjail!
  • Friday March 18, 2011: Carol Stabile (University of Oregon) presents: TBA

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