Thursday, March 31, 2011

Netflix Adds

Netflix Instant is adding a bunch of TV on April 1 (No fooling! At least I don't think so!), thanks to the CBS deal.

New MTV Shows

MTV has greenlit a number of new shows, including a remake of The Inbetweeners (because Skins went so well).

Facebook Fans

MTV and History have the most Facebook likes out of all the cable channels there.

Mad Men Agreement

Matthew Weiner and AMC have settled peacefully for two more seasons plus an option for a third (!). Brian Stelter has some deal details, including episode running time agreements, as does Alan Sepinwall, as does Joe Flint. Jaime Weinman gives his thoughts on the deal. Brian Stelter's updated article on the deal.

Hospital News Ethics

Blythe Bernhard reports on the ethics questions involving local TV news health segments sponsored by hospitals. (This with recent news of fines for local sponsored segments)

Premium VOD

DirecTV will launch a premium video-on-demand service in April that will make features available for $29.99 only sixty days after their theatrical release.

Top Chef Women

A Yahoo staffer reports on claims that women contestants find Top Chef to be an especially challenging environment.

TWC Pulls Channels

Responding to major media company demands, Time Warner Cable has pulled some channels from its iPad app. Joe Flint also reports. Elsewhere, a Turner exec defends TV Everywhere's rollout. And ESPN's issue with this is controlling blackouts.

Update: Now TWC has added some channels.

Prime-Time Ratings: Wednesday

Fast nationals: Idol's numbers look silly compared to the others. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Live Tweeting

NPR covers the practice of tweeting during live TV.

Murdoch in Waiting

James Murdoch seems likely to take over for his dad at News Corp.

Peabody Awards

This year's Peabody Award winners have been announced. The broadcast networks got only one: CBS for The Good Wife. Public TV and radio outlets won 18 of the 39 awards given out, with PBS leading all outlets with nine. No sitcoms were rewarded, but some great cable dramas were (Justified, Men of a Certain Age, The Pacific, Temple GrandinDegrassi). Peabody board member Maureen Ryan discusses the winners and the logic behind the choices.

Worldwide Success

Deadline has a list of what it dubs the "most commercial" new network shows, which boils down to which have sold the best worldwide. At the top? Blue Bloods. The bottom? Undercovers.

In Treatment Done (Maybe)

HBO doesn't plan to renew In Treatment, but a vaguely worded statement left open a possibility.

Local Struggles

Jonathan Storm assesses the struggles of local Philadelphia TV stations.

Good TVeets

The utterance of the word "Pepsi" might be the most punk rock thing to ever happen on Idol

TVGuideHanh TVGuideHanh
No. I refuse. "Bravo-lebrity" is NOT a word.
9 hours ago

JamesUrbaniak James Urbaniak 
This works better without "Show." RT @THR Charlie Sheen Sued for Allegedly Interfering With Reality Show

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Bravo Reality

Bravo will have eleven new reality shows coming along.

GH Stir

General Hospital has stirred up fans with a child's death plotline. Update: Ed Martin also covers this controversy and admonishes GH for poor story choices.

USA Dominance

USA Network continues to dominate cable ratings.

Bewkes Bonus

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes took home a lot of money last year.

The Game Disappoints

After flying out of the gate, BET's The Game has trended downward in both ratings and quality, says Mark O. Estes.

New TV Critics Org

The Broadcast Film Critics Association has birthed a parallel organization devoted to TV, the Broadcast Television Journalists Association, which will host an awards show a few days before Emmy nominations are due. We're supposed to call this BTJA for short, pronounced "betcha." Or we could just never talk about it again.

Survivor Tweeting

First Oprah, now Jeff Probst turning to Twitter to try and boost ratings.

iPad Dispute

News Corporation has asked Time Warner Cable to remove its channels from the company's TV Everywhere iPad service. A Turner exec insists that such disputes aren't slowing down their efforts.

Amazing Race & Othering

Jonathan Gray discusses the positives and negatives (but mostly the negatives) of The Amazing Race's depictions of global culture.

Mad Men Impasse

Deadline reports that a major obstacle to getting the Mad Men deal done is that AMC wants to implement cost-saving tactics, including product placement and dropping a few cast members. Mark O. Estes follows up with thoughts, as does James Poniewozik.

Update: Brian Stelter confirms that we won't see Mad Men agaim until early 2012 and has Matthew Weiner's reaction. Weiner spoke more to Basket of Kisses. Also coverage from DeadlineJosef Adalian, Maureen RyanTim Goodman, Alan SepinwallJaime Weinman (and more Jaime Weinman), Sean O'Neal, and Brian Steinberg.


MTV just enjoyed its highest quarterly ratings in five years.

No GE on NBC

Bebeto Matthews questions why NBC News did not cover the widely circulated news about parent company General Electric not owing any federal taxes last year.

Gay Portrayals

A WGA panel discussion last night highlighted gay portrayals on TV, especially on Showtime series (because a number of the panelists work for Showtime series).

Charity Ads

The BBC is contemplating carrying ads for charities and community groups.

Univision Change

More management changes at Univision, with an exec who got a promotion last week now leaving.

Prime-Time Ratings: Tuesday

Fast nationals: ABC and CBS have the most to brag about, though The Good Wife's series low is a concern. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

WWE Homophobia

Kit MacFarlane finds considerable homophobia in WWE broadcasts and marketing.

Powell Letter

Kevin Powell, best known in the TV world for being on the first season of The Real World, has penned a heartfelt and compelling letter to singer Chris Brown. In the course of encouraging Brown to get his emotions together, Powell also discusses the power of mediated images of black men.

Broadband Bill

Mtthew Lasar highlights a North Carolina bill backed by cable that could limit broadband competition.

Oprah Tweets

Oprah turned to Twitter to help OWN ratings. Also, Piers Morgan did an hour on Twitter.

Viewing By Race

Nielsen has released a study on TV viewing trends organized by racial groupings. (Full report .pdf here)

British Comedy

The Guardian's series on the state of British TV moves on to comedy.

Good TVeets

Mad Men off air until 2012. If you want to see men in suits stuck in the past, you're stuck with GOP presidential field.
BREAKING: Obama declares Season 5 of Mad Men a "vital national interest," orders military intervention in AMC.
I vote Tim Kring as the new Mad Men showrunner. #Auteur

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Repeat Viewing

Nielsen will now count repeat DVR viewing of episodes (meaning if a Nielsen household viewer watches an episode once live and then again on the DVR, both will be counted, as long as the repeat happens before 3am same day).

Musical Episodes

With a Grey's musical episode on tap, Mary Elizabeth Williams wonders if it's time to retire the gimmick.

British Drama

The next installment in the Guardian's look at the state of British TV: drama. (Though one should note that many of the article's observations about American TV are pretty off)

That's My Bush

Drew Grant reflects back on the Parker/Stone satire That's My Bush.

Parenthood Struggles

USA Today laments how Parenthood hasn't caught on with many viewers on despite high quality.

Prime-Time Ratings: Monday

Fast nationals: ABC dominated. Univision in third! Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Community Writing

Splitsider presents an interview with Community writer Megan Ganz (who you can also follow on Twitter: @meganganz), which contains a good description of the writers' room process.

BitTorrent TV Series

A ongoing viewer-funded TV series called Pioneer One has been available at BitTorrent.

Profanity Appeals Pause

We'll be waiting even longer to see how the Fox and NYPD Blue profanity cases will end.

The Kennedys Debuts

Dave Itzkoff looks at the factors that raised controversy surrounding The Kennedys, which debuts on Sunday.

iPad Viewing

Brian Stelter assesses the battles brewing over making TV content available for viewing on iPads. More on iPad TV from Ryan Lawler.

Good TVeets

What ever happened to that guy we used to talk about here? Charlie something? Had some kind of blood that was different than ours?
emilynussbaum emilynussbaum 
Ruined by 15 minutes of Secret Life of the American Teenager. Cured by 15 minutes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.#tvantidotes
jeffeastin Jeff Eastin 
@ShawnRyanTV has won the Twar.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Internet TV Standards

The official standards organization for the web has made recommendations for Internet TV standards.

2.5 Men Promos

Drew Grant wonders if recent Two and a Half Men syndication promos are playing up Charlie Sheen's alleged substance abuse issues.

Praise for NHK

Washington Post's Chico Harlan praises Japanese broadcaster NHK's coverage of the earthquake and its aftermath.

Dexter's Lessons

Will Richmond identifies seven things that Dexter taught him about the future of TV.

Sitcom Pieces

Joanna Weiss says we might have seen the rise and fall of the mean sitcom, while Jaime Weinman offers a defense of the multi-camera sitcom.

CNN's Problem

Brian Lowry points out CNN's ongoing challenge: keep viewers coming back once all the breaking disaster coverage has cleared. (Another one behind Variety's paywall.)

Targeting Young Women

Cynthia Littleton looks at how The CW and ABC Family have courted young female viewers, which has also resulted in new opportunities for female writers and producers. (Note: this is behind Variety's paywall. In a totally and completely unrelated tip, you should get to know how the "stop" button on your browser works. Just give it push, say, right after the Variety article loads up. Handy button, that one.)

Prime-Time Ratings: Sunday

Fast Nationals: A nice night for CBS, many shows up from last week. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

British News

A collection of items from Britain: ITV is boosting drama and sports investments; ITV's morning show hasn't worked; Sam Leith supports the idea of the BBC dropping overnight programming; and the Guardian launches a week-long look at the state of British TV, starting with reality entertainment television (I highly recommend following the link in there and watching the clip of Sing If You Can).

Black Antagonists

Ronald Laird looks back on what predecessors have led up to the black antagonist characters on The Good Wife and The Chicago Code.

Kids Upfront

Anthony Crupi previews the children's channels upfronts.

Budgets Strained

The challenge of covering dramatic overseas news is straining news budgets.

Telenovela Integration

Univision telenovela Eva Luna thoroughly integrates General Motors product placement into its setting (an ad agency) and storylines.

New Football Plays

Networks are making plans to work around NFL strife, while FX will carry college football games on Saturday nights next season, which Joe Flint says is part of the channel's push to up its subscriber fee for carriage.

Good TVeets

HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg 
Spoiler: On tonight's very special "Amazing Race," teams learn that India is a crowded country. Hilarity ensues.
TVMcGee Ryan McGee 
I feel like if I look directly into Gracie's eyes, she's going to eat my soul. #FNL #unnerved
markowitz Michael Markowitz 
I have a crush on an actress who's in 3 ads, and I despise another actress who's in 3 ads. Turning on the TV is like emotional roulette.

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Community & Fandom

Jeffrey Sconce offers a provocative reading of last week's Community and what it (or at least one segment) says about its own fanbase. A response from PJ Rodriguez. And a response from Sconce to the flaming responses.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mildred Pierce & Structure

In his review of HBO's Mildred Pierce, which launches tonight, Myles McNutt addresses issues of miniseries scheduling and the place of segmented short-form storytelling in a time-shifting world.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whither the Adult Network Drama?

BigTVFan wonders exactly that when looking at The Good Wife's ratings.

Prime-Time Ratings: Friday

Fast nationals: CBS had a good night with basketball; Fringe saw a slight renewal bump.

British Repeats

The Guardian's Mark Lawson discusses the role of reruns on British TV.

Fringe & DVRs

Robert Seidman tries to determine if DVR viewing had anything to do with Fringe's somewhat surprising renewal.

Korean Jersey Shore

MTV just can't commit to K-Town, a pilot version of Jersey Shore featuring Korean-Americans that may not get picked up.

ABC Summer

More reality TV on tap, as ABC releases its summer schedule.

News Fines

The FCC has fined two stations for not disclosing when news segments were supplied by corporate sponsors. More from James Rainey.

Good TVeets

Excited for #OprahLiveTweet this weekend. Wonder if she'll try and tweet 1,815 characters without stopping. #TCA
ComicBookGrrl Blake Northcott 
Christina Aguilera started Tweeting. So the order is: 1) personal meltdown, 2) drinking/drug problem, 3) Twitter account. Worked for Sheen.
sphollywood Sean Hollywood 
I've decided that the emoticon :/ should be called the Blais, named for @RichardBlais - 50% of the time he is making that face on #topchef

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Ratings Lament

Jaime Weinman calls for better analysis of TV ratings.

Affiliate Advice

Harry Jessell suggests to Fox affiliates that they take better advantage of their leverage over the network in terms of retrans revenue sharing.

WGA Deal Vote

The WGA deal with the studios now heads to a member vote.

Prime-Time Ratings: Thursday

Fast nationals: Idol yeah, but also lots of "up"s in TV By the Numbers' summary. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings: Jersey Shore dominated everything on TV in 18-49 except Idol.

The Killing, Original & Remake

Janet McCabe writes about the success of the Danish import The Killing on BBC4, part of a trend of European imports on the channel, while the US remake of the show is soon to air on AMC.

US Sitcoms Abroad

The Russian How I Met Your Mother promo made the viral rounds a few days ago; now Slate has a few more clips of foreign sitcom remakes.

Mobile Wants Space

David Lieberman reports on the looming spectrum tussle.

CBS & Couric

Joe Flint says the relationship between CBS and Katie Couric is ending with a whimper.

Real World Devotion

Amanda Ann Kelin explains why she just can't quit The Real World.

TWC Fight

Sam Schechner details the battle brewing between Time Warner Cable and major media players over the live streaming iPad app.

Friday Fun

The Wire as Victorian fiction

Good TVeets

So happy #Fringe got renewed. It's currently the only thing satisfying my need for the multiverse soap opera apocalypse genre.

marisaroffman Marisa Roffman 
I haven't stopped smiling. At some point I should probably start to get alarmed that I've lost control over my smile. #fringe

I go off twitter for a little while and come back to a #Fringe renewal. Awesome, if I go away for a week can #Terriers come back?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Election Ad Info

The Media Access Project wants the FCC to require more disclosure of funding behind election ads.

One Up, One Down

Fringe will be back next season; Lights Out won't. FX president John Landgraf on Light's Out.

Starz Delay for Netflix

Netflix Instant now won't get Starz originals until 90 days after they air. More from Joe Flint and Janko Roettgers.

Local Revenue Up

Local TV enjoyed significant ad revenue gains last year.

Addressable Ads on Weather Channel

Home Depot will begin running addressable ads customized by region during Weather Channel programming.

Hulu International

Hulu is finding international content rights a problem as it strives to develop global access.

Prime-Time Ratings: Wednesday

Fast nationals: Idol romped, mixed results everywhere else. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Broadcast Up, Cable Down

Nielsen ratings data shows that broadcast TV is down while cable viewing is up, and Fox is the 18-49 leader.

FBN Goes Nielsen

Fox Business Channel will now be tracked by Nielsen ratings.

Google TV Challenges

Google TV isn't doing so well, and Microsoft may be developing its own answer to Google TV.

Schur Interview

AV Club interviews Parks & Rec producer Mike Schur about the show's development, growth, and characters. Elsewhere, Willa Paskin says Parks & Rec displays the comedy of niceness.

GetGlue Partnering

The social media service GetGlue is partnering with Comcast for show promotion.

New Ad Model

Jack Neff reports on CBS's ideas for a new model of TV advertising, which involves a focus on viewer behavior and attitudes rather than demo info like age and sex.

Showtime Pulling From Netflix

Showtime has pulled most of its shows from Netflix streaming, mindful of the potential impact on channel subscriptions. Meg James and Ben Fritz have more on the move, and Will Richmond thinks Showtime might be making a mistake.

Good TVeets

Watching 'Glee' doesn't make kids gay, Victoria Jackson. It makes them gayER. Get it right.
20 hours ago

sportsguy33 Bill Simmons 
My son watches Wow Wow Wubbzy with the same intensity I had for the Wire. I wish 3 year-old @sepinwall wrote Wubbzy recaps.
fymaxwell Max Dawson 
The downside to #Survivor's budget cuts: more one challenge episodes. The upside: they had to lay off the staff psychologist. #gorilla #lion

Rebecca Black on Jay Leno: The ultimate meeting of the unintentionally hilarious and the unintentionally unhilarious.
16 hours ago

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Kent Gibbons outlines BBC America president Herb Scanlan's five-year plan for the channel.

Female Comedy Writers

Abigail Pesta interviews Conan O'Brien's lone female comedy writer and lists off the paltry number of female comedy writers on late night shows.

DVR Penetration

TV By the Numbers has the latest DVR household penetration percentages.

Big 4 Down 10%

Daniel Frankel reports on the ratings decline for the major networks over the past year.

BBC2 Cuts

BBC2 faces deep programming cuts.

More Real World

MTV is bringing us two more seasons of The Real World.

Judging Laughter

Daniel Walters proposes that canned laughter is better than real laughter.

Prime-Time Ratings: Tuesday

Fast nationals: CBS's NCIS twins romped; The CW barely existed. Broadcast finalsCable ratings.

Profanity Crusade

A former NBC exec is now president of the PTC and leading an anti-profanity crusade.

Reiser Problem

Matt Zoller Seitz has a revealing take on why NBC might actually be ok with The Paul Reiser Show, which premieres Thursday, failing.

Surnow on Kennedys

Producer Joel Surnow claims prejudice against his conservative political views explains why The Kennedys struggled to find an outlet. Dave Itzkoff also has a Surnow interview.

Twitter & TV

BBC News reports on the synthesis of tweeting and TV.

TV Everywhere Pass

Adobe has innovated a technology to help ease TV Everywhere log-ins. Will Richmond also reports.

CNN Advantage

CNN is enjoying ratings growth from its international coverage, which is helped by its international infrastructure and sustained focus on news more than politics.

Glee Censored

The Glee scene in which Kurt and Blaine kiss was cut out of a Philippines broadcast of the show, and now a petition is circulating to express objection.

Good TVeets

Did Obama accidentally order the bombing of @Netflix?

Rob Kutner 
CNN denies its reporters used as human shields. However, says nothing about rumors Wolf Blitzer used as human ShamWow.

kelly oxford 
FACT: The internet was invented to globalize complaining.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Channel

Brian Stelter reports that Glenn Beck might have his own cable channel in mind.

Netflix Idea

MG Siegler proposes an idea for Netflix: save cancelled cult hits like Firefly.

Bubble Watch

TV By the Numbers catches us up on renewal/cancellation odds for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and The CW.

Skins Ads

B&C has the final list of Skins sponsors who were there at the bitter end.

Mogul Salaries

The Wrap has a chart of media mogul salaries from 2010.

Fan Awareness

Jaime Weinman praises the writers of Community for their fan awareness.

Mad Men Uncertainty

Brian Stelter reports on negotiations for Mad Men's fifth season, which may not happen this year.

BBC Cuts

Details about possible BBC budget cuts are coming out, with overnight programming threatened, more repeats scheduled, and continued declines in soap funding.

Prime-Time Ratings: Monday

Fast nationals: DWTS was big (though well down from last year) and gave Castle a boost. Broadcast finals. Cable ratings.

Carey Profile

The LA Times looks at how News Corp. president Chase Carey is securing new media revenue streams for the corporation.

NBC Summer

NBC has released its reality TV-heavy summer schedule.

Women in News

An International Women's Media Foundation study found that women hold less than one-third of the decision-making positions in global news organizations.

Public Media Concerns

Jessica Clark fears that the fervor to defund public broadcasting will cripple public media's abilities to innovate new digital initiatives.

Digital Distribution Detail

Max Dawson defines a mysterious aspect of digital distribution, the content delivery network, also thus clarifying what the Comcast/Level 3/Netflix kerfuffle was about.

DirecTV Inserting Ads

DirecTV is launching new technology this year to insert addressable ads onto subscriber DVRs.

Competition for Kids

Multichannel News highlights the intense multichannel competition within kids' television and offers a downloadable guide to the primary players.

Bravo Upfront

Bravo plans for an elaborate multi-city upfront presentation incorporating Top Chef and getting ad execs on camera for live cut-ins during Bravo programming.

Kelley Interview

Josef Adalian interviews TV creator David E. Kelley about his career. Added link: June Thomas isn't a fan of Harry's Law, but at least appreciates that it acknowledges that poor people exist, unlike most of the rest of TV.

Sheen Rumors

Josef Adalian deconstructs the rumors that Charlie Sheen is returning to TV.

Good TVeets

Now that Lost and the Wire are over, my favorite TV show is Celebrity Apprentice.

GretchenMarg Gretchen Gavett
There is surely a dissertation to be written about tonight's Bethenny Ever After. I'm only 25% joking.
10 hours ago 

mattthomas Matt Thomas 
Now, whenever someone refers to “The Franco Regime,” I’m obligated to ask, “Francisco or James?”

Monday, March 21, 2011

NBC's Comedic Failures

Jaime Weinman looks at NBC's comedy troubles.

Community Formula

Will Hines claims to have pinpointed Community creator Dan Harmon's narrative formula.

Competitve Streaming

THR outlines the streaming media fray.

Outsourced Defended

Outsourced writer Geetika Tandon Lizardi defends the show against charges of racism.

Screen Madness

The NCAA tourney has been a multi-screen success so far. Also, some on-demand numbers from Multichannel.

AMC Pitching

Kay Reindl takes issue with an aspect of AMC's pitch process.

Affiliate Model Safe

One media analyst says that the network-affiliate model isn't going away anytime soon.

Web Shows

New York's public broadcaster WNET is launching a local news show on the web, with possible future rollout to TV. And Sam Schechner says web shows are looking more like TV shows in their ambitions (note: behind WSJ paywall).

Titanic Miniseries

A major international miniseries about the Titanic disaster is on tap for airing next year, on ABC in the US and ITV in Britain.

Glenn Beck Plans

Mediaite points to another clue that Glenn Beck will leave Fox News: he's apparently poaching a Fox News exec for his production company.

Prime-Time Ratings: Sunday

Fast nationals: CBS had a good night; Fox did well in the coveted demos. Broadcast finals.

Cancellation Factors

Rob Owen talked with a handful of network execs about what catalysts can cause show cancellation.

HBO's Challenges

Will Richmond says the Netflix deal highlights challenges ahead for HBO.

GLAAD Media Awards

GLAAD recognized True Blood and 30 Rock, among others, with awards that "honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives."

Foreign Coverage

Brian Stelter reports on how foreign news has become a top priority for American television news.

Daytime Trouble

Nellie Andreeva reports that All My Children might soon be cancelled.

New Contract

Hollywood writers and the major studios have agreed on a new contract.

New In Media Res

Theme: Race and TV

  • Monday March 21, 2011: Richard Newton (Claremont Graduate University) presents: Gleaning Alex Haley’s Scriptural "Roots"
  • Tuesday March 22, 2011: Kristen Warner (University of Alabama) presents: "’It’s Tough Being Different’": The Pitfalls of Colorblindness in CW’s The Vampire Diaries
  • Wednesday March 23, 2011: Alfred L. Martin, Jr. (University of Texas, Austin) presents: Hottentot Venus 2.0?: Still Gawking at the Black Woman’s Buttocks
  • Thursday March 24, 2011: Jane Chi Hyun Park (University of Sydney) presents: Yellow Voice and the Chinese International Student: Ricky Wong in "We Can Be Heroes"
  • Friday March 25, 2011: Shilpa DavĂ© (Brandeis University) presents: Calling the Working South Asian: American Accents and Outsourced

New Lear Needed

BigTVFan says what sitcoms need today is for the networks to court this generation's Norman Lear.

Anchorless News

The anchor-less news has premiered in Houston, and if the newscast featured on KIAH's website is really what it's going to be like, it's going to be terrible. It comes across as TMZ covering real news.

Good TVeets

Big Love finale predictions: the sister-wives wake up to discover that they've been married to Bill Pullman all along.
jennyjonesie Jennifer Lynn Jones 
You know you're a media scholar when you have to go rent a whole season of a tv show just to get some work done.
jasonmustian Jason Mustian 
Pretty sure people in those Progressive commercials are shopping for insurance in heaven.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sitcom Premises

Robert Lloyd says that sitcoms today often morph away from their starting premises quite quickly: "[I]t seems to me we've come to a time in which the disposability of the original concept is not only acknowledged but expected. Call it "post-premise comedy.""

Media Industry News

My Antenna media industry news links post has some entries of TV-related interest, like Netflix and the public broadcasting funding battle.

Mildred Pierce Profile

Dennis Lim digs into the backstory behind Mildred Pierce, the miniseries starring Kate Winslet that starts on HBO next Sunday.

Character Building

Brian Stelter looks at how Body of Proof producers and star Dana Delaney have formulated the medical drama's main character.

TWC Channel Shuffling

Time Warner Cable will completely rearrange its channel line-ups in April.

CNN Criticism

Andrea Morabito criticizes CNN for not covering President Obama's announcement of air strikes on Libya live.

Good TVeets

Yeah, yeah, the super moon is cool but still not as cool as the one that looked like Jackie Gleason.

Eric Stangel 
This Butler Pitt game was definitely manipulated by the Buffalo Wild Wings people... #NCAA

I wish Brandon Walsh was real.