Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Flow Issue

  • "The Myth of Amateur Crowds" by Daren Brabham: A more critical lens is held up to the concept of "crowdsourcing," dispelling several myths surrounding the role of the amateur in cultural and commercial production.
  • "Black Guy Corner: What the Upfront Photos Say about the State of TV, Part 2" by Cindy Conaway and Sheila Marie Aird: This article, the second in an ongoing series, offers a critical examination of race in television networks' "upfronts," the photographs distributed to promote new shows. Does the television industry reinforce hegemony through the images used to promote these shows?
  • "Wikileak' Lessons For Media Theory and Politics" by Jayson Harsin: The myriad controversies surrounding Wikileaks holds lessons about changing relations between new and old media forms and production; attention, circulation, media capital and celebrity' political economy and journalism' and even democracy and international relations.
  • "Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement in Burma" by Andrew King: An examination of the use of celebrity image in Burmese advertising.
  • "Zombie Gentrification" by Christopher Lockett: An appraisal of AMC's The Walking Dead and how the show participates in the zombie genre's shift from B-grade schlock to "Quality TV" and mainstream Hollywood.

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