Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good TVeets

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stamos Annie Stamell 
Is he talking about #Lost now? RT @BarackObama: Get rid of the loopholes. #SOTU

TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam) 
"I missed Glee for THIS!" #WhatBidenIsThinking #SOTU

martingero Martin Gero 
Okay news people, start making me feel bad about America again.

nemalki Jeff Harris 
Go to bed, America, your government is at work. Nothing to panic about. What's Snooki up to? SportsCenter's on. So's Coco, Jon and Colbert.

mkhammer Mary Katharine Ham 
I refuse to watch CNN coverage with fewer than 24 pundits on set at any given time. #inadequate

realchriswilson Chris Wilson 
Michele Bachmann is using the teleprompter like Christopher Walken uses the cue cards on "SNL." #justabitoutside

EricStangel Eric Stangel 
Like the Olsen Twins used to do on Full House, Michele Bachmann appears to be staring right at her trainer #SOTU

theonetruebix The One True b!X 
I see it's not just me. I thought @MicheleBachmann was speaking to my cat on the couch over there.

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
In Bachmann's defense, if you look into the red light of the camera, it will steal your soul.

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
What are you looking at, Michele Bachmann? Is there someone behind me???

standupkid Mark Joyella 
CNN sure is giving @PiersMorgan a lot of time tonight. Eliot Spitzer's probably vandalizing Morgan's office right about now.

mikeylikestv Michael O'Connell 
Sorry I stopped tweeting #SOTU. I was too busy making you something awesome: Pictures of various sleepy politicos http://bit.ly/fJAIA2

Why is Jeff Probst delivering a monologue of republican talking points on all my channels?

ditzkoff Dave Itzkoff 
To others watching in HD: are Paul Ryan's eyes as bloodshot on your TV as they are on mine? (To others watching in SD: why?)

jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen 
Instead of the people who are always on, the networks should have smart people who are never on reacting to the speech.

biloon biloon 
They really should have cast somebody else to play Paul Ryan. #sotu

pourmecoffee pourmecoffee 
Paul Ryan calling for a Rally To Repeal Sanity.

delrayser delrayser 
Paul Ryan's uncanny resemblance to Gabe from The Office is FREAKING ME OUT.

WhatHappenedWas Alex Mizrahi 
Just watched the #sotu while running on a treadmill equipped with an HD TV. Just like our forefathers imagined.

jasonmustian Jason Mustian 
Guessing I can't catch the Republican rebuttal on BET? #SOTU

delrayser delrayser 
No fair, cable news. If you make me choose between Piers Morgan or Chris Matthews, I'm gonna go w/a stick in my eye every time.

42inchtv Christopher Rosen 
"Let's bring in Piers Morgan," says Wolf Blitzer, before running head first into the wall of TVs behind him. #cnn #sotu

TUSK81 gabriel ortíz  
Sadness. No Keith on the MSNBC panel. It's like when Ginger left the Spice Girls.

KayReindl Kay Reindl 
A better end: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz 
OVER AT LAST: Two more hours of that kind of boredom and you've got a Super Bowl. #SOTU

rcatlin Roger Catlin 
John Kerry and John McCain sitting together look like the two old guys in box seats on "The Muppets."

Aseroff Andrew Seroff 
And by democratic vote, we have now switched to Tosh.0. #ChangeWeCanBelieveIn

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
Kudos to guest WH speechwriter Jackie Mason for that smoked salmon joke. He's still got it!

42inchtv Christopher Rosen 
"If you think the salmon is difficult, try the veal!" -- Obama Youngman. #sotu

fymaxwell Max Dawson 
When the network needs to jack up the gain on the mics to register a titter, you know your smoked salmon joke fell flat. #SOTU

Aseroff Andrew Seroff 

BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz 
This speech is so long, Keith #Olbermann could have left three networks by now. Zing. #SOTU

calibadger cali badger 
New fave sitcom "biden & boehner." #sotu

realityblurred Andy Dehnart 
Aren't Rob and Russell taking Survivor jobs away from real people? Where's the #sotu outrage?

DannyZuker Danny Zuker 
I didn't appreciate Obama's cheap shot at Charlie Sheen and "The tourist" #SOTU

corybarker Cory Barker 
People not standing up are huge Matthew Bomer fans. Really want to get home for White Collar.

fymaxwell Max Dawson 
Biden keeps fiddling in his seat, looking at program, trying to figure out how much longer till he can go home and watch Biggest Loser. #SOTU

DamianLovesTV damianholbrook 
i wonder how many of these people Ryan Murphy will rope into a guest spot on #Glee at the #SOTU afterparty

realityblurred Andy Dehnart 
John McCain needs to talk to Ryan Seacrest about how to properly preserve oneself. (The secret is placenta! http://bit.ly/eR3Rc4#sotu

roryalbanese Rory Albanese 
I just turned on Fox to watch "Million Dollar Money Drop" and Obama is the contestant. He won't stop talking. Drop some money already!

okonh0wp O. Konheim 
#SOTU Glorify science fair winners w/ superbowl winners? I smell good reality TV show pitting Illinois science fair champ against Tom Brady

KayReindl Kay Reindl 
Christ. Another "personal story." Only acceptable if he talks about Dillon, Texas.

theTVaddict Daniel the TV Addict 
The President just called for the nation to turn off their TVs. I do not approve of that message. #sotu

paulscheer Paul Scheer 
Obama has mentioned Twitter and Facebook in his #SOTU so far, I think there might be a Vampire Diaries reference coming up. EXCITED!

djdjd04 JoLai Draper 
"Did I set my DVR for @BETTheGame at 10pm?" #WhatBidenIsThinking #SOTU

realityblurred Andy Dehnart 
Do you think the president will credit with reality TV with providing hundreds of jobs to people who otherwise have no skills? #sotu

KaseyAnderson Kasey Anderson 
Oprah looks weird and this secret is boring. #sotu

standupkid Mark Joyella 
#SOTU: Not the same since Simon Cowell left.

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
All this "win the future" talk giving me X-FILES flashbacks. #sotu#fightthefuture

KayReindl Kay Reindl 
Biden has practiced his smizing. Miss Tyra would be proud. Boehner could take a page.

KaseyAnderson Kasey Anderson 
I hope this is the year the SOTU speech concludes with, "The Aristocrats!" #sotu

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel 
Watching State of the Union on CBS. He just said he knows who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother #SOTU

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
I love how @piersmorgan is suddenly a Serious Political Analyst on CNN. Will he have a big red light-up X in front of him?

They're announcing people as they enter. I would have so loved it if someone had dressed like Kaylee from Shindig! #SOTU #CSPAN#Firefly

TheOnion The Onion 
If you have an HDTV, we recommend going to 'Menu' and lowering your set's 'Saturation' values 15% to compensate for Boehner#SOTU

TVMcGee Ryan McGee 
All I want out tonight's #SOTU address: how will Obama incorporate the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness into his plan? #ParksandRec

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick 
Hey, Hulu, target your ads better. I'm watching anime and you're giving me a 2-minute Visa ad about the Super Bowl? REALLY?

corybarker Cory Barker 
Thank you President Obama. I really needed tonight off from television. Oh, and for other stuff too.

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel 
Since the President works for us can we tell him not to interrupt TV anymore. Maybe release the State of the Union as a podcast

ssigafoos Stephanie Sigafoos 
It's time to try reverse psychology for #LightsOutFX. Maybe if everyone says it sucks, people will actually watch.#newwaystosavegreatTV

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel 
Jersey Shore will be filming next season in Italy. I think this was all an elaborate plan to make them leave the country

barbhaynes Barbara Haynes 
Jersey Shore heads to Italy for Season Four. And the Tiber shall run orange with their sludge.

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREitaly Season Finale:The gang decides Jews are hot...fly to Israel and join a kibbutz.

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREitaly Episode6: The gang is amazed that they keep running into guys named Guido. Angelina achieves Sainthood.

ShowPatrol ShowPatrol 
As far as I am concerned, the PTC can suck it. Thanks for your time

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREitaly Episode5: Snooki and JWow get inventive with canoli. Deena invites Topo Gigio into the smush room.

TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam) 
Jersey Shore Heads to Italy for Season Four http://ow.ly/3K0tK How do you say "Herpes" in Italian? #jerseyshore

DamonLindelof Damon Lindelof 
Is it just me, or did yesterday's episode of Oprah feel like a backdoor pilot?

The_AV_Club The AV Club 
Tired of merely inspiring terrible reality TV, Kelsey Grammer to make his own. http://onion.com/dTIKVL

franklinavenue Michael Schneider 
Not sure if CW's "Catch VD" ads for Vampire Diaries is any better than last year's "Melrose Place Gives You Irritable Bowel Syndrome" spots

TheRealJethro Jethro Nededog 
Looking forward to learning a lot about Italian culture -- like will Snooki get one phone call when she’s arrested in Italy? #jerseyshore

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREitaly Episode4: Italy declares war on the United States.

mrtimlong Tim Long 
Watching old 'Charlie's Angels'. It makes more sense if you assume Charlie is always just offscreen, hiding in the bushes & masturbating.

Awl The Awl 
The World's Worst TV Lineup - http://www.theawl.com/?p=69321

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREITALY Episode3: The gang fist pumps with the Pope. The girls stop shaving.

brianstelter Brian Stelter 
Retweeted without comment. RT @DJPaulyD: Ohh I Love Italy This Time A Yeahhh !!!!!!

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREitaly Episode2:The genital herpes epidemic spreads to Venice. Sitch finds a real grenade and pulls the pin. Hilarity ensues.

diskopo Jason Chen 
Jersey Shore will have more seasons than Arrested Development. Hope you're proud of yourselves, humanity.

TVWithoutPity TVWithoutPity 
The Shore is a state of mind, not a place in a state. It goes where they go. RT @djkeng: How is it Jersey Shore if they're in Italy?

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
#JERSEYSHOREITALY Episode1:The gang spends the full hour trying to locate Italy on a globe. Sami and Ronnie break up.

marisaroffman Marisa Roffman 
Can they stay there? RT @Zap2itRick: "Jersey Shore" is filming s4 in Italy.On behalf of all Americans, let me apologize to Italy in advance.

Zap2itRick Rick Porter 
"Jersey Shore" is filming season 4 in Italy. On behalf of all Americans, let me apologize to Italy in advance.

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