Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good TVeets

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itsmikerock mike rock 
Sh*t My Ironic Seventy Dollar Faux-Vintage T-shirt Says #hipstersitcoms

joshjackson Josh Jackson 
Clarissa Doesn't Bother Explaining It...You Wouldn't Understand The Reference #HipsterSitcoms

morgan_murphy Morgan Murphy 
#Hashtag Steps: First I search & see if anyone already wrote "Soy Meats World." THEN I realize I still don't know what's going on in Egypt.

ElectricWolfman Electric Wolfman 
Wes Anderson's How I Met Your Mother #hipstersitcoms

domcoballe Dominic Coballe 
Murder She Wrote on Her Tumblr #hipstersitcoms

raypride Ray Pride 
Etsy Coat Junction #HipsterSitcoms

harranjo Andrew Harrison 
Dharma Initiative & Greg #hipstersitcoms

harranjo Andrew Harrison 
It's Always Cloudy in Seattle #hipstersitcoms

alexblagg Alex Blagg 
Two Guys a Girl and a Twitter Hashtag Game #hipstersitcoms

harranjo Andrew Harrison 
Everybody Hates Chris Martin #hipstersitcoms

Mxrk Mxrk 
I Don't Really Own a TV #hipstersitcoms

JamesUrbaniak James Urbaniak 
Emily's Reasons Why Sleater-Kinney Broke Up #hipstersitcoms

JamesUrbaniak James Urbaniak 
Two Guys, A Girl and a Rejection Letter From McSweeney's #hipstersitcoms

jmisulonas Joseph Misulonas 
Saved by the Belle and Sebastian #hipstersitcoms

erikawas Erika Was 
That's So Rave #HipsterSitcoms

annahyclak Anna Hyclak 
It kinda bothers me that 90% of the people playing this little #hipstersitcoms game don't know what a hipster OR a sitcom is. Sheesh, guys.

BlackCanseco Black Canseco 
Parks & Recreational Drug Use #hipstersitcoms

Crutnacker Crutnacker 
News Radiohead #hipstersitcoms

Curb Your Apathy #hipstersitcoms

douchebaggette D Baggette 
How I left your mother #hipstersitcoms

Jameslicious James Thomas 
How I Met Your Other Mother #hipstersitcoms

subdude662 subdude662 
3 isn't company #hipstersitcoms

moluvB Maura Barth 
Curb your Sense of Entitlement #hipstersitcoms

gideonevans gideonevans 
Bjork and Mindy #HipsterSitcoms

HeyMcGinty Donna 
Saved By the Bell: The Old Class Was Way Better Than The New Class #hipstersitcoms

StefComedy Stef 
Parenthoodies #hipstersitcoms

kittybubs Kitty Bubs Kennedy 
Two and a Half "Men" #hipstersitcoms

JoeyVapes Joseph Hergenroder 
Everybody "Loves" Raymond, Home "Improvement," and, because I'm an asshole, The Jeff Foxworthy "Show"#hipstersitcoms

EazyE68 Eric Scarcella 
30 Indie Rock #hipstersitcoms #tooeasy

davidgrinder David Grinstead 
Family Matters? #hipstersitcoms

NTH_1 Z Smith 
Suddenly Susan Sontag #hipstersitcoms

amandaaa27 Amanda Richey 
I'd name #hipstersitcoms but the ones I watch you probably haven't heard of.

wooduffin Ian Mackaye-ver 
Father Knows Brecht #hipstersitcoms

wcdixon Will Dixon 
Jimmy Boy Meet World #hipstersitcoms #igotnothing

mindykaling Mindy Kaling 
I'm loving the "Mork & Mindy Kaling" #hipstersitcom tweets

MikeRoyce Mike Royce 
Laverne and Surly #HipsterSitcoms

BadAdviceNurse BadAdviceNurse 
Curb Your Ennui #HipsterSitcoms

scottdagostino Scott Dagostino 
"The Fresh Brains of Bel-Air." There! #ZombieHipsterSitcomThemeSongs.

RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser 
The Office. But, you know, only the British original. Because their sense of humor is better. #hipstersitcoms #RememberBennyHill

Alejandrobot Alejandro A. Arbona 
#hipstersitcoms "The Food Was Awful and the Waiter Was Rude So I Only Tipped 18% Then Panned It on Yelp from my iPhone" #amidoingthisright

derekfhannan Derek Hannan 
According to Jim Jarmusch #hipstersitcoms

leehighmarmoset max magbee 
The Ironic Woman #hipstersitcoms

unicornrockstar unicornrockstar 

mindykaling Mindy Kaling 
*M*A*S*H*U*P* #hipstersitcoms

lawmonster13 Zombie, Esq. 
Silver Lake 90026 #hipstersitcoms

DasGreatGazoo Joseph Hendricks 
The "Dick" van "Dyke" show #hipstersitcoms

EricStangel Eric Stangel 
NPR In Cincinnati #hipstersitcoms

cheezitslut Shannon Hatch 
Married Without Children #hipstersitcoms

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt 
"Friends" #hipstersitcoms

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt 
"Happy" Days #hipstersitcoms

morgan_murphy Morgan Murphy 
Suddenly Susan feels too old to give a handjob on a futon #HipsterSitcoms

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt 
I "Love" Lucy #hipstersitcoms

sheigh sheigh 
Malcolm Gladwell In the Middle #HipsterSitcoms

scottdagostino Scott Dagostino 
Good lord, we've got #ZombieSongs and #HipsterSitcoms on the go. It's only a matter of seconds before #ZombieHipsterSitcomThemeSongs.

blainecapatch blaine capatch 
love, american apparel style #hipstersitcoms

HeyItsLiam Liam McEneaney 
Rent My Dad Pays #hipstersitcoms

EricStangel Eric Stangel 
Sanford and Mumford and Sons #HipsterSitcoms

evancutler Evan Cutler 
The Fresh Prince of Belle and Sebastian #HipsterSitcoms

JohnFugelsang John Fugelsang 
'Animal Hoarders' will make you feel something akin to the opposite of patriotism.

mattthomas Matt Thomas  
Idea for a 24/7 cable news network: All shows are anchored by closeted gay men: Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, et al. Those guys are great.

HartHanson Hart Hanson 
Just checked in with Mrs. Hanson. She is not quite ready to forgive me for the Gravedigger's exploding head. "That was NOT necessary."

Robloweprofile Rob Lowe 
Thanks for all the support for poor Chris T on #ParksAndRec. I am happy to say last nights ratings were great AND.. he has stopped pooping.

Thomas Roberts anchoring on MSNBC with reports by Richard Engel. Never has coverage of mid-east tension been so handsome & manly. #Egypt

pourmecoffee pourmecoffee 
Egypt situation confusing, but I'm comforted knowing Parker/Spitzer will sort it all out tonight.

franklinavenue Michael Schneider 
Overheard in Cairo: "Man, our government is messed up. But seriously, what's the deal with Charlie Sheen?"

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