Friday, January 28, 2011

Good TVeets

nemalki Jeff Harris 
NBComcastrophe '11 continues to spread deeper and deeper.

weinmanj Jaime Weinman 
NBC Universal's new logo: My comment on it is as follows: it... seems theyzzzzzzzz

BastardMachine Tim Goodman 
"NBCUniversal: We Kick the CW's Ass Most Nights!" #newslogans.

tvoti Todd VanDerWerff 
New Year's resolution: Move to Dillon, Tex. Become much better looking. Grow more meaningful. Weep openly at EVERY DAMN THING THAT HAPPENS.

tvobservatory tv observatory 
Rob Lowe saying "Stop pooping." That is all. #Parks&Rec

kbiegel kevinbiegel 
Shoot, I didn't miss every other show: saw half of Parks and Rec. That half was great. Get a TV, Jesse Eisenberg. It's full of good stuff. The funniest thing in the world is on HBO 501 right now, Jesse Eisenberg. "Heartbeat of America." It's over, Jesse Eisenberg. You missed it. The Jackal just started on channel 516. Don't turn on channel 516.

mightytoycannon Ross McKeen 
Liz Lemon: "Actors are not people." She said it, not me.

aperren alisa perren 
How about 119 minutes early? RT @realityblurred: I'm going to start setting my DVR to stop recording #idol five minutes early.

kristenwarner kristenwarner 
#vampirediaries: after 9 weeks of hiatus-hell, all I have to show for it is a little no-shirt Stefan & another black man killed by a vamp.

ITveee Ilana 
New goal: make Slutty Janitor into the slutty costume of choice this Halloween. #ParksandRec

cassiebelek Cassie Belek 
Disappointed the Michael Scott-David Brent meeting did not lead to a dance off or a "Free Love on the Free Love Freeway" duet. #theoffice

mikeylikestv Michael O'Connell 
Resolved that watching the final FNL before air would be like opening presents before Christmas... the last Christmas that ever matters.

theonetruebix The One True b!X 
Does anyone have any idea if Steven Tyler *knows* he looks like Carly Simon?

realityblurred Andy Dehnart 
"The Real Transvestite Hoarders of Orange County Penitentiary": a show I wish was real. #30rock

weinmanj Jaime Weinman 
Scripted television: celebrating well over 30 years of taking totally identical cheap shots at reality TV. #30Rock

jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau 
The best part of having new #ParksandRec episodes to watch is having new #ParksandRec episodes to rewatch.

TVMcGee Ryan McGee 
Shane West has this great "I'm getting paid in cash, right?" look during these KIA #Nikita promos.

JustinFowler Justin Fowler 
Just turned to American Idol to hear Randy say "It doesn't matter what age." I hear Steven Tyler feels that way too.

JustinFowler Justin Fowler 
A sitcom starring Kyle Bornheimer and Christine Woods could be very good. But Perfect Couples is not that sitcom.

cpmckenna Chris McKenna 
That's all I wanted. RT “@danharmon: @cpmckenna fuck you poop face!”

danharmon Dan Harmon 
@cpmckenna fuck you poop face!

cpmckenna Chris McKenna 
Not feeling #community tonight. #callingitlikeIseeit

zhandlen Zack Handlen 
I'm quoted on the Wikipedia page for last week's episode of #Fringe! I mean, sure, Entertainment Weekly () got the longer pull quote. But I'm there. Suck it, haters. THE CAPE

evanier Mark Evanier 
Charlie Sheen has now achieved Michael Jackson status: Stick his name in any sentence and -- voila! -- you've written a joke.

DannyZuker Danny Zuker 
"Before throwing a hooker across a room, it's important to stretch ." Lessons learned from Charlie Sheen's hernia

sutterink kurt sutter 
please les and nina, shut it down before this guy is dead and you're living with the guilt of enabling that for 2 and 1/2 life times.

EricStangel Eric Stangel 
Charlie Sheen Partied w/ Porn Stars, Had Briefcase Full Of Cocaine, Went to Hospital for "Hernia." There's your sitcom!

writerchica MariaElena Fernandez 
Can't wait to see which one of u intrepid TV reporters gets to the bottom of what TV show Charlie Sheen was watching.

elgray Ellen Gray 
Does anyone know if Charlie Sheen's TV was even on at the time? Because he may see things the rest of us don't.

JBFlint Joe Flint 
Since Charlie Sheen seems to only "fall ill" when "Two and a Half Men" is on hiatus, perhaps CBS should increase episode order to 52.

FrankConniff Frank Conniff 
Surgery on Charlie Sheen's abdomen will be first time the phrase "side splitting" is associated with "Two & A Half Men."

KateAurthur Kate Aurthur 
I might laugh too hard about this Charlie Sheen report that he laughed too hard and that's why he ended up in Cedars. Call 911!

writerchica MariaElena Fernandez 
Ohhhhhh, that's what happened: Charlie Sheen told Extra he laughed too hard at the TV and ruptured a hernia. Ok.

Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel 
TMZ reports Charlie Sheen rushed to hospital. Sheen's rep says Sheen was sleeping in E.R. Is there a worse job than Sheen's rep? If you are Charlie Sheen's rep, you must say a lot, "No, he's not dead, and they weren't whores, they're adult film stars"

maskedscheduler masked scheduler 
OK COMCAST you offed the peacock, now whatta you gonna do about the fucking chimes?

aperren alisa perren 
Well, at least they spelled it right RT @nprmonkeysee: Wait, this is the new NBC logo? Did they make it w/Print Shop?

BastardMachine Tim Goodman 
"NBCUniversal: We also own Telemundo." #newslogans.

NateCosBOOM Nate Cosby 
You lost Conan. You greenlit #TheCape. Something called "Marriage Ref" still exists. You new logo's an MS Word font. What the fuck @NBC?

franklinavenue Michael Schneider 
The NBC Peacock disappears just as we learn that Taco Bell's taco meat isn't really beef. CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE.

nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee 
NBC Universal Unveils New Logo Designed To Thrill You Into Deep Relaxation.

BastardMachine Tim Goodman 
NBCUniversal new logo drops the NBC Peacock, makes it all one word on purple background. Let's hope their programming isn't that dull.

jlafayette Jon Lafayette 
Comcast stock given to NBC Universal staffers vests in 5 years, sometime between 1 o'clock and 4 in the afternoon.

pourmecoffee pourmecoffee 
Comcast formally takes over NBC Friday. Everybody in Lockup will get some cigarettes or yard privileges to celebrate.

steven_moffat Steven Moffat 
Writing stuff right now that MAY NOT BE SHIT. #bloodymiracle

tvdnews Vampire-Diaries-Net 
Stefan and Damon Salvatore (TV) = American idols since 1864. (Vampire Diaries)

julieplec julieplec 
#TVD And to the 26 million ppl who choose to watch Idol instead, fine. Be that way. You'll miss Stefan's abs and Damon's single perfect tear.

geoffberkshire Geoff Berkshire 
No offense but I'd be a lot more interested in Charlie's Angels if it was Adrianne Palicki joining the cast.

Deggans Eric Deggans 
"It's like Cirque du Soleil with violence." Fox Sports Media Group chair David Hill on the appeal of football (and their Super Bowl) on TV.

sepinwall Alan Sepinwall 
I know non-DirecTV viewers are irked they have to wait til summer for FNL s5, but I envy you guys. You still have 13 eps to see.

Please note. We cannot take credit for New York City’s record snowfall this January. @GameofThrones #gameofthrones #marketing

weinmanj Jaime Weinman 
Say what one will about "Two and a Half Men," it has one of the best titles ever. It's much better than their original choice, "Terriers."

MattMitovich Matt Mitovich 
And SAG collectively weeps... RT @THR#RealHousewives' LuAnn de Lesseps Lands #LawAndOrder Role

TheRealTBone Travis Bone 
The billboards around town say I'm supposed to "Catch VD" tonight. That's very irresponsible, I'm gonna stay home and watch Vampire Diaries.

EugeneMirman Eugene Mirman 
Wow, it snowed so much it made all the people on the news forget about war, new diets and dangerous things in our drinking water.

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