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Good TVeets

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Bryan_Murphy Bryan Murphy 
The President missed a golden opportunity last night to plug the return of PARKS & RECREATION.

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
I want #FNL to turn into a 35 year old person so it can run for President and I can vote for it. #finalescreener #Texasforever

pourmecoffee pourmecoffee 
American Idol auditions tonight, followed by Michele Bachmann's response.

BorowitzReport Andy Borowitz 
Idea for cop show: one partner plays by the book, and so does the other. As a result, they solve many crimes.

stamos Annie Stamell 
Sometimes I just wish I was a Huxtable.

IMAO_ Frank J. Fleming 
What's the chance in Fringe that one day Walter will have a delusion of giant floating text telling him where he is?

danielletbd Danielle Turchiano 
.@dannypudi is SO MUCH better than Screech! RT @alisonbrie: Kelly Kapowski FTW!! RT @OfficiallyLJ: the New SBTB

corybarker Cory Barker 
No offense to Jeff Winger, but he's no Zack Morris.

alisonbrie Alison Brie 
Kelly Kapowski FTW!! RT @OfficiallyLJ: the New Saved By the Bell!

doreeshafrir Doree Shafrir 
Story idea: watch TLC for a month & discuss the degree to which it makes you want to kill yourself/move to Canada.

TVMcGee Ryan McGee 
Now I'm worried the cul-de-sac crew talks about me behind MY back. #CougarTown

EricOnMedia Eric Almendral 
"This is not my first mother/son rodeo." Sadly, not even the most incestuous line ever on #CougarTown

kbiegel kevinbiegel 
Tonight's new episode of #cougartown features a character saying "Buttnumbathon" , @headgeek666 . This is a highlight of my life thus far.

zhandlen Zack Handlen 
Len Cariou! Maybe he'll shave someone. #BlueBloods

BrianLynch Brian Lynch 
Awkward moment on AMERICAN IDOL when they rejected Schmaula Schabdul, who looked just like Paula Abdul with a mustache and sunglasses.

tbrick2 tierney bricker 
@DamianLovesTV Um, I'm still weeping. Nicholas Sparks is totally going to steal his story though.

elgray Ellen Gray 
If I'm crying, it's for how that poor girl was just exploited. # idol

DamianLovesTV damianholbrook 
i can't!! RT @HitFixDaniel: Stop crying, "American Idol" viewers. STOP CRYING. #ai10

HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg 
Stop crying, "American Idol" viewers. STOP CRYING. #ai10

zhandlen Zack Handlen 
Holy crap! CHASE is still on the air.

DamianLovesTV damianholbrook 
this needs to stop. i'm too gay not to weep. #idol

BobbyRiversTV Bobby Rivers 
Vernika is Ebonic for "Drama" #idol

BobbyRiversTV Bobby Rivers 
Steven Tyler needs to get his neck ironed. #idol

aperren alisa perren 
Please Steven Tyler. Just. Stop. #theyareminors #idol

HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg 
My only theory on the mediocre auditioners the judges are overpraising in Milwaukee: Pabst Blue Ribbon.

TVandDinners Carrie Raisler 
Milwaukee is making me uncomfortable. #AmericanIdol

MattMitovich Matt Mitovich 
Milwaukee has poor dentists. #IDOLthoughts

TVandDinners Carrie Raisler 
Before reality TV, this girl would have moved to the city, joined a band, and potentially become interesting. Instead, this. #AmericanIdol

MediaObsessed Blerg 
Heaven dream sequence? Oh show, you found a way to get worse! #criminalminds

kvanaren Kathryn VanArendonk 
Tyra Collette is a mass murderer on Criminal Minds. I should be upset about the murders, but mostly I'm worried she's making poor choices.

crsbecker Chris Becker 
I now recognize that I won't be able to handle #FNL coming to an end. It's time to start putting my affairs in order.

thesurfreport Surf Report Di 
Uh oh, the preview for next week #FNL made me cry. Help me.

mikeylikestv Michael O'Connell 
I wish you all could hear the sounds @stamos is making while watching last week's #FNL. It's like she's birthing emotions.

nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee 
People asking @billprady whether BBT audiences are told when to laugh underestimate by what margin a comedy writer would rather die.

brennawilliams Brenna Williams 
Minute to Win It makes me physically angry

JustinFowler Justin Fowler 
BREAKING: Humphrey Bogart's ghost to join The Office in season 8 as Steve Carell's replacement. #fakecastingspoilers

JustinFowler Justin Fowler 
BREAKING: Paul Rudd helping Will Ferrell exit The Office with four episode arc. #fakecastingspoilers

tbrick2 tierney bricker 
Text from my dad: "Hey. Buffy season 8 is out on a motion comic CD." Clearly we have nothing in common.

greeney28 Karen Petruska  
@noelrk That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick  
@greeney28 TV Guide says no new episode tonight. I'm kind of pissed because there's nothing else on. I may watch Off The Map live. LIVE!

greeney28 Karen Petruska  
@noelrk What?!?! That is what I was looking forward to all day! The day, heck, my week, is now ruined.

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick 
No Top Chef tonight! WTF? And, no, that isn't short for Why the Face or Win The Future.

jmittell Jason Mittell 
If silly stunt-casting on #TheOffice leads to ratings bumps for #ParksAndRec, then all is forgiven in my world!

jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau 
Hey, #TheOffice: Save some of this big, flashy, attention grabbing stuff for next season. Really. You're gonna need it.

TheOnion The Onion 
If @KeithOlbermann is looking for a news organization with more credibility than @MSNBC, we'd love to have him at The Onion

DWincl Dan Winclechter 
I now work on the lot where The Cape shoots. One step closer to dating Summer Glaucoma. … Best. Auto-correct. Ever?

poniewozik James Poniewozik 
4M viewers for TEEN MOM. Good to see MTV fans rejecting SKINS, rewarding a show that says sex has consequences: national fame.

kellyoxford kelly oxford 
Looks like 'Jersey Shore' is officially going to have more seasons than 'Arrested Development'. This is our Roman Empire collapsing.

DannyZuker Danny Zuker 
Watch 2nite's ep of Mod Fam (Flashmob) Yes it's a rerun but it's not like you're going 2 see anything new on American Idol either.

corybarker Cory Barker 
Is there any way we can just will Ryan Murphy out of the media landscape?

stayingin Vlada 
This Glee vs. Kings of Leon drama is ridiculous. Clearly, Glee makes everyone insane.

ErinHill2 Erin Hill 
So now we have to give Glee whatever it wants bc of arts education? I need a pony for my media literacy course. Why? Fuck You, Arts Haters.

TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam) 
Every time [Ryan Murphy] opens his mouth, the two other #Glee writers should taser him. Focus on the show that you're driving to the ground Murphy.

corybarker Cory Barker 
You guys I am just shocked that Ryan Murphy is acting like an immature ego-maniac. Cannot believe this.

TVWithoutPity TVWithoutPity 
He also prefers "has-been" to "irrelevant." RT @romenesko: Dan Rather: "I still prefer 'the press' [vs. media] where news in concerned."

ChelseyLora Chelsey Lora 
God damn it. They killed off the character on "Southland" who was central to my spec script. #DramaticWriterProblems

apresledeluge colleen 
Just watched all the Dan/Blair scenes from this week's Gossip Girl without having to sit through the rest of it. Thank God for the internet. … Now excuse me while I make incoherent flaily noises I didn't even know I was capable of.

tvoti Todd VanDerWerff 
Fans of USA/TNT programming: Why are you so angry? We mean only peace.

kristenwarner kristenwarner 
when you listen to simon baker's australian accent in concert with how he looks, it is easy to forget that he is the mentalist.

pattonoswalt Patton Oswalt  
@KayReindl ABC's picked up POE, period detective show w/ Edgar Allen Poe as the detective.// PLEASE cast Usher as his sidekick.

KayReindl Kay Reindl 
ABC has picked up Poe, a period detective show about Edgar Allan Poe. He's the period detective. I'm not shitting you here. ABC has also picked up a period show about PanAm stewardesses, because they like to be four years behind the curve.

VDOOZER Bill Lawrence 
Heard Jesse Eisenberg said he didn't know Oscar moms cause he doesn't own a tv. Am buying him one #whydosomehollywoodtypestakeprideinthis It's okay to watch television, people. It's tv, not a crack habit. And it's usually as good, if not better than most movies. If someone makes $ acting/writing tv, and says they "don't watch tv", you have my permission to open-handed slap them. Lawsuits on me.

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